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[Pic] KARA Best Clips DVD magazine insert

cr: tumblr

[Info] Fun fact: Cole's New Nickname give by Korean fans

MusicCole or MusiCole

haha get it? well they started calling her that after her Urakara Episode aired :D

[Vote] Vote for KARA as your favorite K-POP artist/group at CDJapan


[Translations] KARA Best Clips DVD Talking Segment

Rock U MV

- Rock U MV was shot very hurriedly.
- This MV is also the first MV that Jiyoung and Hara to be involved in so they did not know what to do. Both of them just followed what director said, playing and dancing around.
- Seungyeon also said that KARA had a very strict diet at that time. Only Seungyeon and Hara actually ate the food that they bought.
- Rock U dance really requires a lot of energy and it is really tiring to jump so hard. Therefore, during the next performances, KARA just pretended to put their hands high but did not jump with much effort to make it less tiring.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

[Fan] KARA Memoirs & KARA Pocket Books


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So basically the KARA Memoirs chronicle KARA's debut until recently.. like an autobiography I guess of sorts.. Pocket KARA is a pocket sized photo album.

[blab] So now that Nicole's episode of Urakara finally aired...

[Gifs] Urakara EP 07: Nicole's Adventures Part II

Cole has the BEST facial expressions.. soo kooky :)

[Caps] Cole sporting her D&G Sunglasses from Kamilia

KARA-T fans gave her the sunglasses for her B-Day last year:

Cole this past Saturday:

Tip off: Christine & her eagle eyes :P

Wonder if Korean Kamilia have noticed this..

[Pic] KARA on the cover of K- POP Love (March 2011 Ed)


Cr: dckara.

I heard KARA has a 30 PAGE SPREAD in this magazine including an interview so hopefully we can get some scans ..

Saturday, February 26, 2011

[Fan] Wanna Nicole fan art by LuccoLa

[Vid] 11.02.26. KBS Entertainment News - KARA

[Update] KH's update on KARA situation 02/19-02/25

- After Seungyeon alone went to Japan on 02/16 and the four members went to Japan on 02/17, it was announced that Kara would stay in Japan for about 20 days, until mid-March. They decided to stay in Japan longer than usual because they intended to finish off the filming for uraKARA.

[blab] (Some) Korean Kamilia feel disappointed in KARA

This article.

Again, how do we know these are legit fans but I can see why all of this would cause a disappointment. What is funny is that they are complaining about NOT seeing KARA in Korea and at the same time pointing fingers at Sy, Cole, and Jing's side when they actually said Korean Promos were being neglected (in favor of Japanese promos) lol.

[Gifs] Urakara EP 07: Nicole's Adventures


[Pics] 11.02.26. KARA comes back to Korea

Friday, February 25, 2011

[Info] Urakara EP 06: Infiltration of KARA's Hostel Soft subs


[Pics] Urakara EP 07 : Nicole's Adventures



Cr: Urakara Site

[News] Japanese companies take sides on the Kara matter

As the Kara incident keeps getting prolonged, many large Japanese companies are starting to take sides.

The producer of NHK, Ishihara Shin, said, "Japanese run on music companies, and Koreans run on entertainment companies. If Korean singers want to do well in Japan, they need to understand that difference. Japanese fans are starting to view Korean entertainment companies as a bother."

A veteran writer Matsumoto Yoshiko said, "I think it was better when the parents were not involved. If the three Kara girls leave, the company might be annoyed for a bit. But the pool of applicants who want the spot is huge. There are many new idols that can take their place. None of the five girls will profit from the three girls leaving. It's like cutting the stomach of the goose that lays golden eggs."

As of now, Universal Music has yet to speak up on the issue.

CR: Koreaboo.

Of course tons of girls would want to "take" their place. Not that I'm thinking that would happen, would they be successful is the question. KARA is so much about the members of the group, the girls that make up KARA.

[Vid] KARA's Best Clips

[Audio] Jet Coaster Love (Radio Recorded LQ)

love it :)

[Vid] Urakara EP 07 : Nicole

Thursday, February 24, 2011

[News] KARA fans split in half: Dismantle vs Forever

Despite having resumed their activities, the fandom seems to have split. Fans on Agora have already started a petition requesting for the disbandment of KARA. The petition's goal was for 1,000 and had reached 920. However, another petition has started for the request for KARA to stay together forever, with a goal of 10,000. The fans are taking a divided stance because even though KARA had assured fans that they would stay together, a few days later the three members had filed a lawsuit against DSP Media.

In the midst of all this, Japanese Kamilia have also started a petition with a goal of 1,000,000 fans, titling it "KARA, please don't ever disband!" Yukki, the fan who started it, said, "Our goal is to keep KARA together as 5 members. I hope KARA understands Japanese fans' hopes with this petition. We're going to present this to DSP Media as well as Universal Music."

As of the 25th, 1,425 fans have signed the petition. The end of the petition is April 1st, and 0.1% of the goal has been set. Japanese Kamilia have been using their Twitters to spread the word, and Korean Kamilia have been helping them by blogging about it.

cr: koreaboo

One question. how do they know those people claiming to be fans aren't antis?..

[News] KARA dominates itunes + KARA will finish Urkara filming


KARA is completely dominating Japan's iTunes Music Video chart, taking 7 spots on the Top 10 list.

Spots #1 through #4 were dominated by their Korean music videos for "Lupin," "Mister," "Wanna," and "Pretty Girl." The Korean version and Japanese version of "Jumping" took spots #8 and #9 respectively. Finishing the list at #10 is "Honey."

On February 23rd, KARA also released their DVD, "KARA's Best Clips," which= topped the Oricon DVD charts for two consecutive days.

Despite the KARA situation, it looks like their popularity in Japan continues to overwhelm fans. 
cr: koreaboo

AMAZING yet once again :)

[Info] KARA ranked in favorite artists poll in Japan + Japanese Kamilia start Petition for KARA to stay together.

In a recent survey, 3 - 12 year old girls  were asked who were their favorite celebrities and KARA got 10th place and were the only Korean girl group!


Japanese Kamilia started a petition to show their support for KARA. They started with 7 signatures but  this petition is being passed through various online communities and they are aiming for 1 million signatures.


[Vid] BTS of TBC CM Filming

cr: tbc youtube.

Japanese fans loving Cole's look here lol.. as compared to other fans' reaction to her clothes XD

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

[Update] KH's update on KARA situation from 02/14 - 02/18


- According to The Seoul Central Court, the three member’ party has filed a lawsuit against DSP because of unreasonableness of the contract. “From January to June 2010, DSP’s revenue was 410 million won from the album, but they announced that the total cost of promotion was 390 million won, this amount of cost is clearly abnormal. While at the same time of Lupin promotion, KARA’s most popular time, DSP only paid to each member 860,000 won/6 months, equivalent to 140,000 won per month.”

Monday, February 21, 2011

[Fan] Various Nicole Fan art from Japanese fans

[Update] Looks like it's getting better..

Via benbenkr @ twitter:
tae jin ah says - "the lawyers have layed down everything in order to ease the situation, it's now up to DSP to agree with it"

[News] Will KARA's lawsuit impact the Hallyu Wave?

Ever since KARA’s dispute broke out earlier this year, the music industry has been focusing on the possible negative effects it might have on the Hallyu wave.

Fortunately, the majority of industry representatives have assured that the issue has not in any way directly impacted their personal success, nor has it affected the Hallyu wave overseas.

OSEN spoke with an anonymous representative who had recently interviewed Japanese reporters and revealed, “The Japanese staff and reporters do not directly ask about uncomfortable situations. The same goes for the KARA controversy. The reporters did not directly ask about it, but did show interest when the issue was mentioned amidst general discussions on agencies.”

Another representative who recently returned from visiting Japan added, “Nothing has changed regarding the direction of the girls’ promotions, as well as their contractual relationships. The KARA controversy gained a bigger response than predicted, but that won’t change or get in the way of other artists advancing into Japan.”

Despite the positive assurances, some did express that the controversy would inevitably lead to side effects. A representative working with artists preparing for Japanese advancement commented, “Regardless, it’s definite that this controversy gave some new material for those who have been trying to bring down the Hallyu wave. Negative news reports about KARA were aired on TV daily, and I’m sure there were many people who were exposed to KARA only through such news, and not through their music.”

Korean celebrities such as Won Bin (and more recently, SNSD at their “E-ma“ press conference) also received questions from the Japanese media about their thoughts on the KARA controversy. One Hallyu representative commented, “For now, KARA has been working as five members, so the interest from the Japanese about this issue has been settled somewhat. I don’t predict any further issues arising, and they will not be asking about KARA anymore.”

Source + Photos: OSEN via Daum
Cr: AK
For such a long time.. KARA really only mattered to the fans .. now that they've become "Hallyu Stars".. I guess they ask about these things..

[Vid] 11.02.22. Best Clips Preview

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[News] KARA's Jumping and Mister achieve Platinum and Double Platinum in Japan

Despite the current controversy between the girls of KARA and DSP Media, it is indisputable that the group has achieved great success during their Japan promotions, receiving praise from various Japanese celebrities and ranking on Oricon's Top 10 DVD Weekly Chart.

Since the group's issues with DSP Media were revealed on January 19, KARA's sales in Japan have risen. Most recently, their hit songs "Jumping" and "Mister" have received acclaim.

According to the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ), the association responsible for certifying gold and platinum albums and singles in Japan, "Mister" has achieved double platinum under the category "Chaku-Uta", Japan's master ringtone download service. This double platinum certification designates "Mister" as a master ringtone that has exceeded 500,000 sales.

"Jumping" has reached platinum certification--250,000 sales--for "Chaku-Uta Full", the download of full-length songs to mobile phones. "Mister" has also received a double platinum for "Chaku-Uta Full".

Congratulations to KARA on their newest accomplishment!

Source: RIAJ
Cr: koreaboo

[News] KARA to stay in Japan until March 10th

KARA was recently revealed to be staying in Japan for another 20 days in order to fulfill their Japanese schedules amidst their ongoing lawsuit.
On February 21st, a representative of the girls commented that all five members will be staying in Japan until March 10th. Seungyeon left for Japan a day earlier than the rest on February 16th, followed by the remaining members on the 17th.

The girls decided to prolong their stay in order to wrap up their TV Tokyo drama, “URAKARA.”

Tae Jin Ah, president of the KSA, recently predicted successful arbitration between the trio and DSP Media as well.
Star News+AKP

[Info] Rating for Urakara Special

It went down a bit from Jing's episode of 3.8 % to 3.2 %. Hope fans turn out for Cole's episode.. even so the show is still doing well :)


[Info] KARA's songs on RIAJ Chart (Jan 2011)

Double Platinum - Mr.

Ringtones (Full):

Double Platinum - Mr.
Platinum - Jumpin



Gold - Jumpin


* Not quite sure what the second category means, does it mean the FULL song?.. XD

Glad to see KARA still doing well amidst everything and Jumpin finally hit Gold!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

[Tweet] Hara changed her Twitter Profile Pic

don't need words to understand.
glad she did this.

[Fans] Japanese Fan tweets out TBC Ads from Subway

Credit: Haragoo @ twitter.

I can Never get use to this.. that's OUR KARA :D

[Info] KARA's Upcoming Releases + Schedules

Since the girls are focusing promotions primarily in Japan, all the schedules have to do with Japanese activities.


2/23 - KARA Best Clips DVD Release
2/23 - Rock U, Pretty Girl, Pretty Girl (Special Edition), Revolution, Lupin, Jumping *These are Japanese editions of past Korean releases


3/20 - Universal Dream Live Concert (Japan)
3/23 - Jet Coaster Love Single Released


4/06 - Urakara Vol. 1 ( Eps 1-3) DVD Release
Source: xichigo @ KH.

[Fan] Jet Coaster Love fanmade Vid

I was wondering how this seems like the full song, made out of ringtones.. what a smartie!
Cr: Uploader.

I Really love the beginning..starts off slow and pretty plus Cole gets to start the song :) Anyways with the depressing news lately, I've been listening to this and it's helped haha. I'm looking forward to the release on March 23rd :)

btw... KARA's voices are PERFECT for POP Music :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

[Vid] 11.02.18. URAKARA

[Fan] 11.02.18. KARA @ Haneda Airport

Cr: uploader

[Update] KARA and Tae Jinah situation

via benbenkr@twitter:
Tae Jin Ah "I can't reveal the full results of the meeting yet, but trust me... just wait a lil' longer, things are looking very good now".

Tae Jin Ah - "Negotiations continues tomorow, everything's goving very well now. Both sides of lawyers are being positive."
looking good..

[Pic] Urakara EP 07: Nicole

source: tvtokyo

Cole's guy is named Takeda Kazuma and her story has something to do with the paparazzi.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

[Vid] 11.02.18. KARA arrives in Japan

@ :40 secs

The girls were smiling and waving.. super different from the chaos at Gimpo Airport.. the Japanese reporters aren't trying to attack them for one...

[News] KARA's SeungYeon, Jiyoung, and Nicole leave Landmark

Just three days ago Seungyeon, Jiyoung, and Nicole filed a formal lawsuit against their agency, DSP Media. To battle the lawsuit, DSP Media chose a lawyer from the Sejong Law Firm, named Im Sang Hyuk.

KARA originally started off working with Landmark to represent them legally, however, it was revealed today that the three members had a meeting with a new firm. The members met with Hankyul law firm, and chose Kim Jin Wook. The three KARA members supported their decision with the fact the Kim Jin Wook previously worked with Hangeng in his lawsuit against SM Entertainment.

Since DSP Media chose Im Sang Hyuk who is the current representative of JYJ in their case against SM Entertainment as well, representatives of the industry are predicting an active fight from both sides of the case.

Meanwhile, both Jiyoung and Seungyeon's fathers are receiving heat right now from their answers about KARA's "problems".

Source: Sports Chosun
cr: koreaboo 

[Vid] KARA leaving for Japan

SY left the day before.

The girls left for Japan hand in hand with each other. "The friendship between us members has NEVER changed." - benbenkr @ twitter.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

[News] Nicole, Idol with best Hip line

Hyun Bin wins poll for best apple hip

With the help of the ‘Ju Won syndrome’, actor Hyun Bin recently ranked 1st as the ‘apple hip’ star.

The term ‘apple hip’ refers to the perfect hip curvature, similar to terms like ‘apple face.’ Through the Apple Hip (a company that helps customers maintain a perfect hip line) homepage, voters showed why Hyun Bin is considered ‘This generation’s best ulzzang star.’ Beating all other female nominees, Hyun Bin proudly ranked 1st with 32.9% of the votes.

Part of the poll was to choose the celebrity with the “best hip line.” Usually, a female celebrity would place 1st for polls in this category. However, with Hyun Bin coming in first, fans were once again able to feel the “Secret Garden” fever.

The runner ups ranked, respectively, Shin Min Ah, Ha Ji Won, KARA’s Nicole, SNSD’s Yuri, 2NE1’s Park Bom, 2PM’s Taecyeon, Rain, Song Jong Ki, and B2ST’s Yoon Do Joon.

Source + Picture: TV Report via Naver
cr: allkpop

Tip off: kara4life @ KH.

Butt dance JJANG!

[Info] TOP 16 best dancing Idols

Found this list on KARA's Baidu thread,so wanna share with you guys here,the top 16 kpop dancing idols are:

1. JaeBeom (4365)
2. TVXQ-Yunho (3949)
3. Super Junior-EunHyuk(1668)
4. SS501-Kim Hyun Joong (1578)
5. Beast-GiKwang (1125)
6. Kara-Nicole(1108)
7. SHINee-TaeMin (919)
8. 4Minute-HyunAh (839)
9. After School-Kahi (818)
10. BigBang-TaeYang (670)
11、SNSD-Hyeo Yeon (666)
12. f(x)-Victoria(630)
13.2Ne1-Minzy (616)
14. SNSD- Yuri (563)
15. Beast-Hyun Seung (423)
16. After School-UEE (391)

Source:KRMTV @ KARA Baidu thread
Translated by Kacey @ DKPOPNEWs.NET

EEk go Cole Go!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

[News] KARA Updates

From my understanding and Just reading from AK (cause KH hasn't updated the situation yet):

1. A law suit was filed on Feb 14th asking for confirmation of their contracts being invalid.
2. Reasons stated was money distribution.
3. There will be a press conference at the 15th or 16th, SY, Cole, & Jing's side will state their stand.
4. No confirmation if SY, Nicole, or Jing will appear.
5. The girls are suppose to depart for Japan on the 17th.

Ugh.. I felt better for awhile there then all this happened. DSP and almost everyone has been blaming the parents and I just want to know that Seungyeon, Nicole, and Jiyoung are behind this too so I know how to feel about this. Right now it's lawyers and officials talking but I feel like somehow it'd be better for the fans if the girls said something just make clear where they stand.

[Caps] Nicole got hit @ Gimpo Airport

Cr: kara-t.

I was trying not to overreact to this yesterday.. but this is wrong. When was pushing someone required in the name of journalism? I hope Nicole isn't too shaken up by what happened.. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

[News] KARA returns to Korea amist airport chaos

On the evening of February 13th, all five KARA members returned to Korea via Kimpo Airport after filming in Japan for their new drama, “URAKARA“.

Their schedule had eased up for a little while, so they decided to come back to Korea for 2-3 days before heading back to Japan. Unfortunately, the girls were immediately ambushed by the media as soon as they appeared in the arrival hall; it’s said that there was much pushing and shoving before the girls safely reached their vehicle.

Because of the high media interest revolving around the girls’ unresolved controversy, it seems that their agency, DSP Media, opted to keep KARA’s activities low-key for now. According to the agency’s representative, KARA’s domestic schedules for the next 2-3 days are still being coordinated.

The representative revealed, “No schedule has been confirmed as of yet, but I am not sure how the domestic schedules will be organized.”

Cr: AK

total chaos....

[Vid] SSTV KARA coming back to Korea

Cr: uploader.

@ 0:36 sec, Cole as pushed :(.. these are girls.. I don't know why they are pushing them..

Saturday, February 12, 2011

[News] Girl's Talk #1 on Oricon daily charts

Back in November, Korean girl group KARA released their first Japanese original album “Girl’s Talk” and the album was quite popular, topping the Oricon daily and weekly charts and selling over 107,000 copies in the first week.

Since then, the album received a platinum certification from RIAJ, and the album has sold over 300,000 copies to date. The last foreign female group to surpass 300,000 sales was Destiny’s Child with “#1’s” over 5 years ago in 2005.

Despite the recent turmoil with DSP over their contracts, the girls are still quite popular in Japan as earlier today the Oricon daily album chart revealed that KARA’s “Girl’s Talk” was back on top after being released nearly 12 weeks ago! The girls took first place by selling 2,249 units which is quite impressive after being released so long ago, congratulations to the girls.
Cr: AK

Finally :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

[Fan] KARA TBC Billboard spotted @ JR Shinjuku Station

all the way at the end:

[Fan] Jumping Poster (Nicole)

[Scans] BTS of Urakara (Japanese Magazine)

I think this is super recent, AHH Cole's bangs!?!

[BTS] Hara, Jiyoung, & Nicole from Urakara EP 05


eek! Jing's Episode tomorrow.

[News] Gyuri answers questions about KARA at “Alpha and Omega” conference

On February 10th, KARA’s Park Gyuri attended the press conference for “Alpha and Omega“, and addressed the inevitable questions about her group’s controversy.

She began by stating, “No matter how difficult it became, I felt that I could withstand anything as long as I believed in myself and people continued to love and believe in me. I’m really apologetic towards the people who worried so much, and I’ll be repaying that by working harder to show an improved image.”

Gyuri continued, “I’m planning to promote extra hard as all five, and because our fans believe in us so much, I promise to not disappoint you. For now, I’m just so very sorry to the people who worried.  So, so very sorry, and repaying that is my priority. We promise to become a KARA that works hard.”

Gyuri was asked when KARA would officially return to their Korean activities, to which she replied, “If the fans want it, we will return whenever.”

She also addressed the rumors of discord when a reporter brought it up. “Honestly, there are no problems between us members, so we do not pay attention to the discord rumors. All of us have good relationships.”

Moving on to her actual dubbing role for “Alpha and Omega,” Gyuri revealed, “I was once a child actress, so I acted first before I became a singer. I’ve always wanted to try acting if the opportunity should arise. Whether it’s a drama, or just dubbing, acting itself is so charming to me. Even as a singer, I go on stage thinking that I will be acting.”

“Alpha and Omega” will be released on February 24th.

Cr: AK

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

[Info] Jewelry's Eunjung Talks about Nicole/KARA's recent situation

"It's more saddening since I'm close to Nicole. But I deliberately didn't ask anything. I believed it would be solved. I know she's in tough situation and it doesn't seem right/polite to ask as well." "I'm sure she would come and talk when she's having a hard time and needs someone to lean on. I believe Kara will be able to solve it."

Source: TV DAILY

Translated By: aank1 @  Karaholic.

[Info] KARA's Schedule this week.

Gyuri is appearing for the "Alpha & Omega" premiere on the 10th, said she will at the press conference. The rest of the members will stay and film Urakara and will be back in Korea on the 13th.

[News] KARA to release "Jet Coaster Love" in March

KARA will be releasing the new single on March 23rd and the coupling song for the single will be, “Ima、Okuritai 「Arigatou」” which is a theme song for the drama URAKARA. KARA’s new single will be released in three different editions, 1 regular edition and 2 limited editions. The regular edition will feature a bonus track, “S.O.S(Army Slick’s 2011 bavtronic mix)” which is used as the opening song for URAKARA and a Lotte Ghana Milk Chocolate commercial. The Limited Edition A will come with a DVD with the upcoming “Jet Coaster Love” promotional video and the Limited Edition B will come with a photo book. Additionally, KARA will be releasing a video clip collection titled “KARA BEST CLIPS” on February 23rd.

Regular Edition [CD]

Release Date: 03/23/11

Price: 1980 yen (Approximately 15.00USD)

01. Jet Coaster Love
02. Ima、Okuritai 「Arigatou」
03. Jet Coaster Love (Instrumental)
04. Ima、Okuritai 「Arigatou」(Instrumental)
05. S.O.S(Army Slick’s 2011 bavtronic mix)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

[News] 10.02.09 News of the Day

 Kang Jiyoung's father explains Kara's plane seating controversy
After the Kara members revealed that they would stay as a 5 member group and left a message of thanks on their official Japanese fansite, Kamilias all over the world sighed in relief.

However, as soon as the girls returned to Japan, another controversy broke out. A Japanese TV station revealed KARA's seating on the plane: Gyuri was seated a few rows in front of the other four members, worrying fans once again.

On February 8th, Kang Jiyoung's father stated on a Japanese segment called "Super News" that he regards all 5 members as his daughters and that there is no conflict between the members. He also said, "The rumors that say the members' parents caused this problem out of greed and money is absolutely not true. The biggest problem was the agency's incompetence."

He ended his comments by saying, "Kara thanks their fans and will forever continue their activities as the 5-membered Kara that fans want."

 I wasn't freaking about the plane seating thing.. did anyone think they booked the flight last minute so those were the seats they sat in?.. XD Gyuri being bullied by those girls... NEVER.

[Fan] A Kamilia supporting Nicole for Heroes Recording

This is from 2 weeks ago but 죽어도카라 just posted this up at KARA-T by:

So here she is from the show:

then a picture with Cole:
how sweet <3!!

[Vid] 10.12.20 KARA Behind story of last X-MAS

cr: uploader

"Nicole has the magic power to attract people no matter who they are" 

Yep, speak the truth lol.
Nicole mentioned that Jinwoon and Key were her precious friends :P

[News] KARA to revive Korean Activities

On February 8th, a representative confirmed, “Gyuri will be attending the interview at the press conference on the 10th.“  The girls will also be participating in fan signings, CF recordings, and many other activities over the coming weeks.

Via AK

I think the fan signing must be for ASK (Spring Season) and looking forward to their activities. But noticed they have kept mum about how this came about.. though I doubt fans want to hear anymore besides this good news.

[Vid] 11.02.08. Fuji TV SuperNews Jing's Dad Interview

CR: uploader

from ben via twitter:
From Jing's dad: "Of course Kara will remain as 5 in the future, definitely"

And also Jing's dad said on regarding Gyul being an outcast: "Absolutely not true, no way."

melukia @ KH: 
Hara's my daughter. Gyuri's my daughter. Nicole's my daughter. Seungyeon's my daughter. And Jiyoung is my daughter. That's what Jing's appa said xDDDDD

[Vid] ASK Spring Photoshoot (Eng Subbed)

Credit: kbs world + uploader

Monday, February 7, 2011

[Info + blab] Urakara Ratings so far..

EP. 01 - 4.3%

EP. 02 - 1.7%%

EP. 03 - 2.5%

EP. 04 - 4.1%
Source: donnyhuang @ KH

whoa..totally jumped! EP 4 was summary of Episodes 1-3, so I hope those viewers keep watching..

[News] KARA's latest album "Girl's Talk" ranked Top 5 on Oricon Chart

Korean girl group KARA’s latest album “Girl’s Talk” (Released November 24, 2010), has jumped to rank #2 on Oricon’s Weekly Album Chart this week, after being at #4 last week. This is the 11th week the album has been on sale and it is currently the same rank as it was during it’s week of release, KARA’s best yet. KARA’s album has spent 5 consecutive weeks in the TOP5 and the last foreign artist to do this was 3 member boy group O-ZONE 5 years and 5 months ago with their album “DISCO-ZONE ~Koi no MAIAHI~” (Released March 2005).

KARA has been going through a break up crisis and began working again as 5 members on the 4th, even through all of their problems their sales have continued to stay strong. The foreign artist with the record of sales is “Michael Jackson THIS IS IT” (released October 2009), which sold 453,000 copies, it has been 1 year and 2 months. For a foreign group, O-ZONE still has the most copies sold as of now, with 859,000, it has been 5 years and 5 months.

As of this week, “Girl’s Talk” has sold a total of 313,000 copies (16,000 copies this week alone). The last foreign female group to pass 300,000 copies sold was Destiny’s Child in 2005 with “Number 1’s”, it has been 5 years and 3 months.

“Girl’s Talk” is KARA’s first original album. It has 10 songs, including their Japanese debut single “Mister” and their 2nd single “Jumping”. KARA arrived in Japan on the 3rd to film for their drama “URAKARA”. They resumed work on the 4th. 

Translated by: [info]gator_yoong
Source: Oricon

Still going strong <3!! I wonder if these are new fans buying.. 

[Fan] Hara & Nicole Recording for Mnet Show ('08 or '09)

this is old but just saw the pics:

[blab] ugh..

Seems like the korean press is digging up every "bad" thing about the KARA members' past to get clicks. Just leave them alone.

[Interview] MSN Entertainment - Valentine's Special



Nicole's character
Surface personality... KARA's bundle of energy. She is an oddball who is prone to speaking and acting in wild outbursts, which baffles the people around her. On stage, she fully exudes her sexy and cute charm.

Hidden personality... A little devil who loves playing pranks. She is bold and a girl of quick action, but is also immature, the type who loves falling in love. "I want to fall in love!" she thinks. She is also sensitive to fashion trends.

An example of a love phrase she would say to make a boy crazy for her

"Right now, boyfriends are wanted - !"

If you give the impression that the other party has a chance, there is a huge possibility that he will become a contender for your love! Look properly into the eyes of the other party and try to entice him. This is a really important step, so don't forget it.

I can use this!
Makeup and fashion pointers for capturing a boy's heart

Your battle gear shall be a "gentle & swaying, attractive & cute" A-line one-piece. And its color? Definitely a pink tone! For makeup, the emphasis is on long, pretty and drooping eye corners, which somehow gives you a cute appeal from that listless look! The winning move is wide eyeliner applied in Maetel's (Galaxy Express 999) style, connecting the top and bottom corners of the eyes. Appealing with a bare forehead hairstyle and unguarded innocence radiating from within, you can mutilate all boys!

Message from Nicole
"For the drama, I act with vigor and energy at full blast! The secret to being beautiful is to work hard to prevent swelling! My favorite type of boys are the ones that have a nice-looking smile, the ones who can protect me. Liars are a big no-no!

Nicole's love techniques that we learnt from the drama >>

Utilizing the magic of "Attractive & Cute" is a must!

Flutter the hem of your one-piece, turn round with upturned eyes, and seizing boys' hearts will be OK! Saying "Your collar is crooked!", using a caring and concerned approach on him, as well as casual body nudges will ensure a complete KO. At some point of time, reveal your hand-made dishes, and at others, spread good cheer with a silly pose.

Credits: cherrims @ KH
Tip off: Maslov 

Read the rest HERE

Sunday, February 6, 2011

[News] SS501 Kim KyuJong Advices, "Kara Stay United! Cannot Disperse!"

SS501 Kim KyuJong gave an advice to his agency junior Kara, “Stay united. Definitely cannot disperse!”. 

He was still under the same company of DSP Media with Kara until last year, said to us in an interview, “I should give Kara dongsaeng a punch when I see them. They have been doing well for awhile now, it is really a pity that they are into such a situation. Whichever company they may go to, Kara must still be united as one. They must not ever forget this fact.” He adviced, showing his affection towards them.

He added, “I saw Kara since they were still trainees. Whenever they went to Japan, I felt that Kara has matured and I am proud of them. Finally now they have the outcome of their hardships, it is really a pity. It is a really important time now, I hope they can resolve this before the problem gets any bigger. Don’t let what others say change your mind, it is most important that 5 members remains as one.”

Kim KyuJong moved over to B2M Entertainment with Heo YoungSaeng last year. B2M Entertainment is an agency founded by managers previously from DSP Media. After Kim HyunJoong, Kim KyuJong is currently under preparations to become an actor.
Credits : + SS601 + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Lol it's like a brotherly advice.. but he should know it's not as simple as it seems.. 
I think it's difficult to think outside of your parents/adults around them especially for Hara, Nicole, and Jiyoung.. they are at that crucial point of still figuring out how to speak up for themselves but at the same time not really old enough to make confident decisions..well that's what I think.

[Vid] KARA on Kangin's Radio ('07)

For the newbie fans who haven't seen this.. Cole was so cute as the maknae, she was so young back then and her super broken Korean haha plus Kangin was sorta crushing on Cole (which is sort of inappropriate if you think about it since she was totally a minor lol) but it was innocent... XD

part 1:

[Vid] 11.02.06. Heroes (Nicole English Cut)

Cute :)

[Gifs] 11.02.06. Heroes


Saturday, February 5, 2011

[Info] SMAP's Kusanagi Tsuyoshi talks about KARA

Kusanagi Tsuyoshi said "It was very good to hear Kara begins Japan activities again. I like KARA very much. It would be great if they work hard.Up until now,songs that they release in Japan aren't that many yet, but they would if they are more active."
cr: aank1 @ twitter

another translation:

"It's good KARA is coming back. I really like KARA. I want them to keep the steam up and hope to see them more often since KARA doesn't have many Japanese songs yet."
 cr: koreangossipgirl

It's really great to see Public support from such well known celebs. Japan has really embraced KARA, kind of adopted them and i'm sure the members are grateful for the support.

Hm surprised none of the bigger blogs/news sites have translated this story.. it's all over the korean news O_O

[blab] Rainbow is under Universal?

I saw that Rainbow were added onto the list of performers for the Universal Live Concert, they are performing the same day as KARA..hmm is DSP co-promoting now?...


[Gifs] From Urakara EP4, Cole's message to J-Kamilia

 adorable! how can someone not love this:


Friday, February 4, 2011

[blab] so false

 Some would argue that KARA was the idol group who first kicked off this vigorous promotion cycle back during 2009’s Chuseok, when they earned the nickname ‘bolts of energy‘ thanks to Goo Hara’s efforts. By winning a variety of contests, she established the foundations for the rest of her group members to rise up on, resulting in KARA being one of Korea’s top girl groups.

Please tell me this was not a direct translation LOL.. this is super offensive to the other members especially SeungYeon and Nicole who were "established" already...

[News] KARA unveils new song through Japan's TBC CF

Despite the troubles KARA has been facing over the past few weeks, the group’s new CF has finally made its way onto the Japanese airwaves!

KARA has teamed up with Japanese aesthetics company TBC to headline the campaign, “Kirei wa, TBC kara” (“Beauty comes from TBC”). The word “Kara”, which also means “from”, was cleverly incorporated into the slogan in order to further promote the group’s position as spokespersons.

In the new CF, these five gorgeous ladies dazzle the viewers with a sparkling, energetic dance. The song featured in the CF, “Jet Coaster Love“, is an upbeat tune which urges the listener to “fall in love”.

Source: tokyohive

[Pic] KARA Best Clips DVD Cover

[Vid] 11.02.04. Urakara EP 4 (Message + BTS)

Credit: Uploader

[Cap] KARA's seating arrangement on the plane to Japan


Video Here:

Thursday, February 3, 2011

[Vid] KARA on Fuji TV SuperNews

Credit: as tagged

they meet with some fans at the airport..

[Caps] GyulCole @ Haneda Airport

GyulCole. <3!!
Cr: kara4life @ KH