Friday, July 18, 2014

[Audio] Secret Love OST: My Angel & Into The World

My Angel:

Into The World:

KARA did a couple of songs for Secret Love OST. I think these are the last songs from the KARA with Nicole & Jiyoung.

Autographed Secret Love from Nicole and Kwangsoo


Sunday, July 6, 2014

[Nicole-as] 14.07.06. Nicole-as Update: Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!
It's been a while! How are you?
I am fine

Recently... Well, it's the same ww
But I've big news! Drum roll please ww

Duke's little brother! I got him too!ww Everyday at home, it feels like the whole time, Duke's looking at me... and I thought he looked sad... I thought about it for a month... If I get a friend for him, responsibility comes with it.. But compared to a different breed, one that's the same is better, they say. Therefore, if it's his brother, then it's the best! So I called the breeder. I asked whether Duke's brother is still there. I thought that I will leave it to fate.
But he's still there! So I got him then and there... I think Duke also knew they're brothers. Duke is a very jealous dog. Especially if I play with or touch another dog other than him. But now, he's not jealous at all. Ah, that's right. The new puppy's name is Jasper. His eyes are really unique. I want to give them a special name. If you look properly, the left eye is blue, but the right is brown and blue. Isn't it amazing? He has a different appeal from Duke.ww I think Jasper will become more cute in 2 or 3 weeks. After Jasper's arrival, Duke has become more mature. Although he's only 3 months old w Although it's getting better, we have to keep Jasper's crying in check. Jasper is still looking for his mom.. he's a bit of a... mama's boy... This habit, we're going to do our best to fix it. But since he's a mama's boy... he remembers orders quickly. He already knows sit, down, and wait.. Duke is a bit better at it. They're alike, aren't they? ww

Soon, I plan to teach him how to walk properly. Although he doesn't run.. he walks to the left, to the back, to the right - always changing... it's a bit frustrating

I am worried that the two will fight
But we'll do our best to have them get along with each other.

During the weekend, friends from Japan arrived.
It's been a while since we've seen each other, so we ate together and walked together without giving the dogs a bath w
We went to eat at Mama Miya again.ww
Ah, that's right.
I wanted to go and eat, but my friend told me not to forget to take photos.
It's a pork dish called Bolgeta. I uploaded this last time too!
Also, we had tiramisu
It's so good, my friend was speechless

Duke and Jasper also went! Aren't they cute? They're slowly getting bigger! Duke is probably already 10kg. Jasper is smaller than Duke.

When we got home after, I gave them a bath.
Duke and Jasper... I'm not sure whether they like bathing, but they don't seem to hate it.
Duke's expressions are funny. While Jasper is taking a bath, my friend was drying Duke, so we don't have a photo of Jasper. It was difficult, but we both had fun.

Original Src | nicole-as
Translated by mellificent

Pictures + Video!



Notice the bruise on her leg? XD

[blab] Why is Nicole Taking Sooo Long to Debut?

I know, it's frustrating not getting detailed or constant updates about Nicole's pending solo debut.

I'd like to think Nicole's taking her time because she wants to do a good job. There's a lot of pressure for her to do well, from the fans and especially from herself. Nicole doesn't have an awaiting group to go back to if her solo doesn't take off immediately. So if she's taking time to work on her skills and to properly choose a company, it's a positive thing.

Keep in mind that she only left KARA in late January and came back from the US three months ago. It has not been a very long time. She has mentioned working on her vocals in one of her updates at her fansite and is keeping herself in shape while exercising and practicing.

Until then, even if it's just many pictures of her dogs, food, or selcas; be happy that she's updating us at all :)

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The post said Nicole had a natural cute 4-d charm and they would miss her.