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[Vid] Checki ☆ Love - Puretty (Main Ver.)

Didn't expect Cole to feature in the MV lol

[Info] JiNi's Videos out on Monday!!

PV of Jiyoung's Wanna Do and Nicole's Lost will be released on MONDAY!!!! [C]: @spaceshowertv

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[Tweet] Blue Rain

It's raining so listening to Fin.K.L sunbaenim's "Blue Rain", it feels great>_< .. I shall listen to this and go to sleep

Translated by KamiliaVN

[Tweet] Eat and Live

Gyuri: I want to eat pizza... which is what I want to write but it seems that 80% of my recent tweets are about me wanting to eat so, I feel embarrassed myself...
Therefore, I definitely don't want to eat chicken! If I eat that I'd rather eat Papa John's twin pastry delight dipped in garlic sauce!... 
Nicole @ Gyuri:  Live to eat, unnie. Show us your appetite confidently!

translations by cherrims

[Vid] 12.08.31. Music Bank K-POP Festival

[Info] Information on LOST MV/PV


Lost by Nicole is about a one-time boyfriend that can't be forgotten, there's sadness and regrets. Jinwoon of 2AM born in 1991, a friend, participated in the chorus. Lee Jong Suk who stars opposite in the video made his debut in Secret Garden, is also a MC at Inkigayo. Flashback scenes were shot around a ranch in Seoul and depicts the lovely sight of two good friends. 

Scenes depicting a heartbreak were shot in mature atmosphere like a bar. 

Innocent romance as compared to a mature loneliness is superb.

source: karaboard

Did my best lol XD

Thursday, August 30, 2012

[Fan] 12.08.30. Lotte Card Moov In Concert KARA Fan Pic Preview by Toto

[Fan] 12.08.30.Lotte Card Moov In Concert Nicole Fan Pic Preview


cr | paldducks

[Fan] 12.08.30. Mnet Wide Open Studio Nicole Fan Pic Preview by wolfskins

[Fan] 12.08.28. Show Champion: Miss U Fan Pics by Charming_Girls


[Fan] 12.08.28. Show Champion: Pandora Fan Pics by Charming_Girls

[Fan] 12.08.29. SKY Festival Fan Pics by elcy

[Fan] 12.08.29. SKY Festival Fan Pics by EDIT


[Pics] Mnet Wide Open Studio (Nicole)


[Pics] Mnet Countdown Comeback (Nicole)



[Pics] Sky Festival Fan Pics: KARA & IU

cr | daum

[Tweet] Solo Support from Nicole

“@yuekim: #KARA HARA - SECRET LOVE JP version Teaser  @_sweethara #sweetune” cutesy girl's charm ^^

“@yuekim: #KARA JIYOUNG - WANNA DO JP version Teaser  @kkangjii #sweetune”
I almost cried watching this MV ㅜ

“@yuekim: #KARA GYURI - 白昼夢(DAYDREAM) JP version Teaser  @gyuri88 #sweetune” Real Yeoshin
“@yuekim: #KARA SEUNGYEON - GUILTY JP version Teaser  @fateflysy #sweetune”
A new side of seungyeon unnie! ^^

“@yuekim: #KARA NICOLE - LOST feat. JINWOON(2AM) JP version Teaser  @_911007 #sweetune”
hahahaha it's me!

Translated by seung_triplets

[Vid] 12.08.31. ZIP: More scenes from KARA's Solo MV's!!

wow @ Sy's filming !

[Vid] KARA's SOLO MV Teasers!!






Love them all from the previews !!

[Vid] 12.08.30. Wide News Open Studio (Full Cut)

[Vid] 12.08.30. Mnet Countdown

Mnet Countdown KARA Cam:
^^ ohh HaNi haha

[Tweet] Recommended Song

Kya.. woke up because I'm hungry then after breathing in the strong wind gonna sleep again ~~ Also i'm drowned in recommended song Someday - Nina which I'm listening to accidentally on rainy day ^^
Rainy days.. typo ㅠ


Hi ! see you on mnet wide entertainment news ^^

Translated by yooniqda_ @ twitter

[News] Kara Show Their Odd Girl Charms and Talk About Performing With Psy and Sexy Stage Costumes in “High Cut” Pictorial


On August, 30 a pictorial and interview featuring Kara members Seungyeon, Gyuri, Nicole, Hara, and Jiyoung who is making a comeback with provocative choreography and a sexy stage, in star style magazine “High Cut” has been publicized.

In this pictorial, the fresh-faced girls give off an air of autumn and femininity.  The concept of the pictorial was to show the girls’ odd girl charms running counter to their surprisingly sexy comeback image.  In one photograph,  Hara and Ji Young wear dresses but Hara wears a baseball cap and Ji Young wears running shoes.     Another photograph shows, Ji Young pairing a white mini-dress with sky-blue sneakers and a baseball cap with the brim turned up.

Excerpts from the interview were also released.

Seungyeon: “When I was little, when I watched TV, I thought when girls reached an age over 20 years old, they would become like Jeon Ji Hyeon [beautiful actress known for odd girl comedy "My Sassy Girl" and dreamy time-traveling romance "Il Mare"]. But, even when I look at myself, even though I am 25 years old, that sort of feeling seems very far.  I think because I still wear short pants and T-shirts or hoodies, but my friends wear skirts, blouses, handbags, and heels.  When I get into my late twenties or thirty, I wonder will it be weird.”

Gyuri: “Even though I cannot carelessly say Kara forever, I know it is when the five of us, are all together as Kara, we shine the most and receive love.  Just by knowing that, isn’t that enough?  I say this because there are many people who don’t know that.”

Nicole: “It is not that I am close, but I once drank tea with Nakatomo Yuto [Japanese footballer playing for Italian club Internazionale].  After coming back from Italy, [Nakamoto] came to Japan, it was the last part of his vacation, [Nakamoto] said that he was a fan of Kara.  He said he had even bought Kara’s album.  Later, through an acquaintance, we were told he wanted to come see our performance, so we gave him tickets.”

Hara: “Because I asked my senior Psy if I could appear on his stage just once, this is something that started, a writer said let’s just all go together on stage and it became a bigger thing. … In front of us, my senior Psy simply told us that we did a good job and acted cool and as if it was not a big deal, but they said that when he went back to the waiting room he was really happy.  They said he spent the whole day laughing.”

Jiyoung: “Our stage costumes tend to be very strong [image wise], so, we were worried that our fans would think they were too short and ask couldn’t we cover up.”

Kara made their comeback on August 22 with the release of their music video for new single “Pandora” and showcase performance at the W Seoul Walkerhill Hotel.  

Taken from SOOMPI

Awww @ what Gyuri said and that was a great idea Hara !

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

[Pic] KARA from MBC Music Show Champion


[Tweet] Nicole Bringing the Sexiness!


KARA's Nicole is bringing back the charm and sexiness! 

source | mnet global

[Pics] KARA for HIGHCUT (Vol 84)


There are more pics, according to Viktoriya (she bought the issue) the order of the pictures:
Gyul, goojing, ham, cole, goocolejing, gyulham, jing, goo, jing 

[Pics] 12.08.30. KARA with Shindong at Shimshimtapa

[Tweet] IU tweets to HaNi

@_911007 Unnie~~ I felt like I was part of Kara today keke Thank you for taking good care of me ㅜㅜ Although you have a deadly schedule, I hope you'll be energetic and go through all of it!!! Thank you so~~~ much!

@_sweethara I think I would have been really lonely without you guys ㅜㅜㅜㅜ Thank you for treating me as if I was your memeber. Let's see each other at Inkigayo on Sunday after your Shimshimtapa, Mcountdown and the Busan Music Core! Good work unnie~

Translation: -Hope @ weheartiu
Source: IU's twitter

Cole's tweet to IU:
@lily199iu I'm taking care of iu right?!!!   always beside me ! kekeke be careful on ur way home ! rest well and see youuuuuu on sunday !!!

Translated by yooniqda_ @ twitter

[Tweet] KARA with SohnPD of SSTP

With KARA who I love the most ^^ Love you guys so much!! 

Translated by seung_triplets 

He got the roses for KARA :D

[Tweet] Great Day & Retweet

Kya it's a great day^^ I'll wake up after 2 hours (but) i will feel great! kk Our Kamilias let's meet later^^ Sweet dream!

Translated by KamiliaVN @ twitter


[Vid] 12.08.30. SSTP Radio with KARA! (Full Cut)

KARA Gangam Style: 

Hyper Cole:  

[Tweet] Hiccup Attack

Hiccup attack ㅜ please save meㅠ euheok ㅜㅜㅜ

Translated by yooniqda_ @ twitter

[Pics] 12.08.28. Nicole from Show Champion



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[Info] Lost Song Credits

Lost (featuring Jinwoon of 2AM)
Lyrics: Song Su-yun, Emyli
Composer: Han Jae-Ho, Kim SeungSoo On Jun-Sung
Arrangement: On Jun-Sung

Source: karaboard

Knew it.. when I first heard Lost.. I didn't think that was "Nicole". The song sounded very simple as opposed to something a bit more upbeat? lol  which was what I had expected XD

Gyuri, SeungYeon, and Hara participated with the lyrics for their songs. 

[News] KARA ranks first on Show Champion with “Pandora”

Hallyu girl group KARA, who recently released their fifth Korean EP, ranked first on a music program with their new song “Pandora.”

The group performed the song on the August 28 live episode of MBC Music’s Show Champion and received the title Champion Song for the last week of August. They ranked first for the first time after returning to performing.

KARA passionately sang the title song “Pandora” and then followed up with their song “Miss U”.
They showed off their mature and sexy looks through the song “Pandora” and their cute and lovely looks through “Miss U.”

After they ranked first, the members said, “We are really happy to received this first place trophy for the first time after we started performing in Korea. We will do our best whenever we perform on stage.” The five members held the trophy in turn while they are giving an encore.

Besides KARA, many idol groups, including, B2ST, B.A.P, VIXX, Tasty, Phantom, Two X, F.Cuz, SKARF, Lumi L, E7, and D-Unit appeared on the show to give amazing performances.
The show will be rearranged in September and it will air even more enjoyable performances starting on September 4.
 Credit to

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

[Fan] 12.08.25. 14th Korea-China Festival Fan Pics by Diabolique

[Fan] 12.08.25. 14th Korea-China Festival Fan Pics by WolfSkins

[News]KARA to become worldwide promoters of Korean food

Korean female idols KARA will serve as the worldwide promoters of Korean food, their agency DSP Media said Wednesday.

KARA will not only be promoting Korean music but Korean food as well, as they have been assigned by the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to be the new face of the "K-Food" campaign.

Co-hosted by aT Korea Argo-Fisheries & Food Trade Corp., the campaign is going in hands with the popular K-pop group from September to increase the interest in Korean food, the officials said.

The quartet will shoot a campaign video clip and a pictorial for K-Food, which will later be distributed in Japan, China and other Southeast Asian countries.

KARA will kick off their promotional activities by holding a one-day event with music distribution website Naver Music, where they will cook and serve select fans on September 3. The officials noted this will become available on the website on a later date.
Meanwhile, the girls will also take part in a Korean food exhibition and appointment ceremony that will take place later this month.
Composed of Gu Hara, Han Seung-yeon, Park Gyu-lee, Kang Ji-young and Nicole, KARA is currently promoting their fifth mini-album "PANDORA," which went on sale in the country on August 22.

Taken from kstar10

Perfect Match no? :D

[Pics] 12.08.28. Show Champion Miss U Nicole Pictures


[Pic] 12.08.28. Show Champion Pandora Pictures (Nicole)

[Pics] 12.08.24. Music Bank BTS of Nicole for Miss U

[Pic] KARA posing with their Trophy from Show Champion

[Vid] 12.08.28. MBC Music Show Champion


Monday, August 27, 2012

[News] Kara Under Fire for Parking Their Vehicles in Handicapped Spots

A photo of Kara’s vehicles is today’s hottest trending photo on several internet portals. Kara’s two black and grey vehicles were seen parked in the handicapped parking spots on August 25 around 5PM at Chungnam GongJoo Jungahn’s Rest Stop. Reportedly, the cars were parked in the reserved area for approximately 15-20 minutes. Kara was on their way to record the “14th Annual Korea China Music Show” at the Yeosu World Exhibition Venue.

A witness accounted, “On that day, there were no parking spaces available. The parking administrator tried to block them, but the two vehicles pushed through and parked in the handicap spots. We found out that the vehicles belonged to Kara as they were in the cars. Even though the administrator kept telling them to remove their cars, they ignored him and waited to finish their business before leaving.” He continued, “Goo Hara and the other members were busy eating a hotdog and going to the restroom. They appeared very nonchalant. There were cars waiting to park in that [handicapped] spot. They waited and waited before turning back to leave. It was uncomfortable watching them [Kara] and the way they were enjoying such special treatment because they were celebrities.”

A representative of the Chungnam GongJoo Jungahn’s Rest Stop confirmed, “We received several complaints and went out to check the area. We saw two vehicles and Kara parked in the handicapped parking area.”

In related news, Kara made their long-awaited comeback this past weekend with their new title track “Pandora.”


Taken from Soompi

DSP posted an apology: 

Hello. It's DSP media.

We are making an announcement relating to today's issue about Kara's car being parked at a handicap place in the rest stop.

We checked with the manager that was there
and it has been confirmed that the car that had KARA and other staffs in it visited the Jungan rest stop on the 25th. And the two cars parked and stayed for about 15 minutes.

We, DSP media, apologize for those who we affected at the parking lot that day and to those who all care for KARA. In the future, we'll make sure it doesn't happen again.

Thank you.   

Translated by seng_triplets

Apparently the "reporter" who brought this up was the same one who asked KARA at their press conference about the Dokdo Island Issue. So someone seems to have it out for KARA.

Even with DSP's apology, I think the girls should apologize too. There isn't a valid excuse for this to happen, they must have known when they came back to the car as well. Even if they weren't driving the car or were sleepy, it's the group's reputation that is getting blasted not the staff members who parked there. Pretty sure they are feeling horrible right now..

[Scans] PANDORA Album Scans by arkilaw

[Fan] 12.08.27. KARA filming for Guerilla Date


[Caps] Nicole's Lost MV Caps Preview

caps from tumblr

These were posted at KARA's Vevo Channel but taken down, luckily some fans got caps before

.. that guy DOES look like Jong Suk :( XD 
I wanted Jinwoon lol .. but the rest of the video looks promising.
 Actually SeungYeon and Gyuri's look really amazing from the caps.