Friday, November 30, 2012

[Tweet] Brown Eyes - Destiny's Child

Ufufu, with month number 12, I can feel the cold getting harsher. Hence, am I able to feel warmer when listening to this song? Brown Eyes - Destiny's Child, recommended at dawn. Yawn~~~
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[News] South Korean Girl Pop Group Kara Gets Own Animated Show


Closer look at Nicole's scenes:

 Whoa haha.

The five-member South Korean girl pop group Kara will get their own animated adaptation that will air in Japan next spring. The tentatively titled Kara The Animation television series will consist of five episodes, and each episode will focus on one of the band's members. The fictional stories will feature each of the members in a different career: Gyuri as a police officer, Seungyeon as an astronaut, Nicole as a passenger boat captain, Hara as security police for the Monaco royal family, and Jiyoung as a sexy and spirited firefighter.
Each group member will provide the voices for the animated versions of themselves, and so the series will air with Korean dialogue and will have Japanese subtitles. The series will mark each members' voice-acting debut, and the group will also provide the show's theme song.

The reason for the new series is to provide a way for Kara to reach out to fans in Japan, even though the members do not get many chances to visit Japan. Gyuri herself is a well-known fan of manga such as One Piece and anime. Her own mother was a voice actress, so she said that she and her mother were overjoyed at her first opportunity to voice-act.

An advanced preview of the show will premiere during the group's first performance at the Tokyo Dome stadium on January 6. The show will air in both South Korea and Japan. It is not yet announced if the show will be produced by a Japanese or a South Korean animation studio.

Source: Sports Nippon via Yaraon!

Taken from : animenewsnetwork

SeungYeon uploaded a twitter pic not too long ago, it was a picture of her laptop and a mic.. might it be this?

[Vid] SoyCarat XMAS CM

[Pics] 12.11.30. 2012 MAMA Red Carpet (Nicole)

[Fan] 12.11.30. 2012 MAMA Red Carpet KARA Fancam

[Vid] 12.11.30. 2012 MAMA Best Global Female Group: KARA


[Vid] 12.11.30. 2012 MAMA Red Carpet


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

[Pic] Jing,Cole, and Gyuri @ Vietnam Airport


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[Translations] Lost MV Translations (Korean Vers)

Lost Translations (Korean Version): 
Outside the window, the lights turn off one by one
At some point, I’ve grown used to the darkness
I hold onto you in the memories that I can’t throw away
Again today, I am fighting with my tears

Everywhere I walk, I see you
Your traces, your scent, that touch of yours
It comes to me faintly and thickly spreads
Just like when I first saw you

* I’m still the same
There’s so much that you gave to me
Anywhere I go, memories are there
I think I miss you
I’m still not used to being alone
So I look for you

At some point, one day, two days pass
I am holding onto the time in my small room
I don’t know since when but I trap myself here
For all this time, I have stopped here alone

Everywhere I look, you are standing next to me
Those times, that image, just like back then
I’m scared it might disappear so I bury them in my memories
Still, like a fool

* Repeat

One shot two shot
I remember those eyes
I guess we went different ways, please tell me why
One shot two shot
Fates pulling the lines
Lies flashback
I remember those eyes

I guess that’s how it is
There’s so much I couldn’t do for you
So I have this lingering attachment to you
I guess it calls to me
I try to fill myself up with you like this
So I look for you

Source | popgasa

[Photos] Nicole's Photos from KARA Solo Collection Album

^^ the hair makes her look different

Find rest of the other member's photos HERE

[Fan] 12.11.28. Nicole & Hara at Incheon Airport Departing


"She shook hands with NC! wow!" 
^^ The person who took this pic which was tweeted by KamiliAsanama
cr | @maimaimecky
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At first I didn't recognize Cole haha XD

[Vid] Lost MV (Korean Version)

new scenes! :D

[Vid] Star Interview (Eng Subbed)

[Fan] Nicole's Photos from Girls Forever Albums




cr | nezo @ nicole-ing

[News] Kara to Receive a Best Dresser Award in Japan

Kara is being recognized for its style and fashion in Japan.

The International Jewelry Tokyo 2013 – Japan’s largest and international jewelry trade show- set to kick off on January 23 in Tokyo’s Odaiba.

On the show’s second day, the international jewelry and accessory show will kick off an event in which Kara will appear along with Japanese celebrities such as London Matsushima Nanako, Goriki Ayeme, Nagasaku Hiromi and London Olympics gymnastics gold medalist Uchimura Kohei where they will be the recipients of the show’s ‘Jewelry Best Dresser’ award.

Kara joins a selective list of other Korean stars who have been the recipient of the award in the past including Lee Byung Hun, Won Bin and SNSD.

src| enewsworld

[News]KARA’s Album “Girls Forever” Ranks 2nd Place on Oricon Chart


According to the Japanese major music chart Oricon, girl group KARA’s album “Girls Forever” has ranked in 2nd place. Released on November 14, the album has up until now sold 73,000 of its copies.

That’s not all. KARA is the number of foreign singer to have sold the most number of DVDs to the Japanese public. Every single DVD, such as the “KARASIA” that was recently released, the “KARA Best Clips” released last February, and the “KARA Best Clips 2” released this February, were all placed in the top number one place.

On December 4, KARA will be releasing a new album in which solo tracks of each member can be heard.

Recently, it was revealed that KARA will be holding a concert at the Tokyo Dome in January of next year, which makes the group the first female Korean singer group to hold a concert at this particular venue.

src | soompi

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Monday, November 26, 2012

[News] KARA announce release of solo collection album in Korea


KARA will soon be releasing a special album soon, made up of the member's solo tracks.

According to DSP Media, the solo tracks of the KARA members will be released on November 28th and 30th, along with their respective music videos.

Nicole and Goo Hara's solo tracks will be the first to be released beginning on the 28th, which will be followed by Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon and Kang Jiyoung's solo tracks o the 30th.

The regular and limited edition of the solo collection album itself will be available in stores on December 4th.

KARA worked with composers G-HIGH, Lee Joohyung, Han Jaeho and Kim Seungsoo for their solo tracks.

DSP Media also added that this is the first time that KARA members had participated in the creation of their tracks, giving their input on the lyrics in an attempt to give the track their distinct color and personalities. The members also made input into their music videos.

KARA first revealed their solo tracks through their Asia tour "KARASIA," and released their solo collection album in Japan in September, which took 4th place on the Oricon Charts.

Taken from koreaboo


[Pic] KARA Solo Collection Album Cover


Album will be released on December 5th!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

[News] KARA's Nicole Shows Off Her Lovely Eyes in a Recent Selca

On her Twitter in the afternoon of November 25, Kara’s Nicole released a photo along with a message, “To celebrate our return to a music show, I have uploaded a selca. What do you think of my hair? I’m sure you’ll all check us out on TV.”

In the picture is Nicole with her signature smile that reaches her beautiful eyes. With her smoky eye makeup and wavy hair, Nicole gazes into the camera and looks lovely.

Netizens who saw this selca admired, “She is so lovely,” “She looks so pretty when she smiles,” “Will you be on ‘Inkigayo’?” “So feminine,” “The camera must be way above her,” and “So cute.”

Meanwhile, Kara has completed their album promotion in Korea and Japan, and each member is now working individually.

Source: Soompi

[Tweet] Good Night!

It was a great and long day.. I have lots of worries but will sort out everything when I wake up.. my bed I missed youㅜㅜ yaung~~~+_+ good night everyone!! 

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[News] Kara Members Let their Individual Colors Shine

Kara′s members, Goo Hara, Han Seung Yeon, Nicole, Park Gyuri, and Kang Ji Young all graced the cover of Dazed & Confused Korea magazine.


The photo shoot took place in Gangnam, where the Kara members were each assigned a special concept.

Park Gyuri showed charisma, Han Seung Yeon was a bold femme fatale, while Goo Hara potrayed an ice queen. In contracst, Nicole conveyed an adorable devil, while while Kang Ji Young became a mature and sophisticated lady.


Despite the tiredness of their busy schedules, the member carried out the photo shoot with the right expressions and poses, earning compliments from the working staff.

More photos of the five different colors of the Kara members will be included in the December issue of Dazed & Confused Korea.

Photo Credit: Dazed & Confused Korea
Source: enewsworld

Saturday, November 24, 2012

[Vid] 12.11.25. SBS Inkigayo Pandora

might be taken off youtube soon so watch now!

The girls were great and Cole with her new HAIR !! :D

[Tweet] New Twitter DP


Keke selca after a while just like music program go go ssing!! kekekeke How does my hair look everyone will come to the recording right^-^?! 


Beside me Nicole ask me to take pictures so me to selca keke I changed my hair from brown to gold but in the picture it looks similar ㅜㅜ see you at Inkigayo soon..ヾ(^-^)

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GyulCole !!!