Tuesday, July 28, 2015

[Schedule] Nicole's Updated Schedule


7.29. MTV Japan TV Love Love K-POP - 7:30PM


8.8 Tokai Radio 井田勝也の年リク!- 2:00PM

[Twitter/Instagram] Dog Dates & HamCole Reunited @ Cafe Lazy Dog

Puri and Nubi tried swimming for the first time... aigoo.. you've worked hard (:

Translated by yooniqda_

 Nicole posted this photo on her Instagram, even named her dogs in the caption and tagged SeungYeon.

She wanted everyone to know they were together!! :)

Feels ~

[Pics] SKY TV Guide Magazine Photos (Japan)

Sky TV Guide BS+CS:

Saturday, July 25, 2015

[Nicole_as] 15.07.24. Nicole's Update @ Nicole Always Smile

Are you well?

Me.. because of the weather, I'm a bit under..
I don't want to do anything..
Even pilates is difficult..
Recently I've also started dieting.
I won't drink alcohol either! wwwww
Is it okay to write this wwww
But since I have to start preparing, I would not drink. ww
If I drink, I'll just drink one glass? ww
It's been almost a week since I last drank
To all of the adults, you understand how this is an amazing thing, right? wwwww
I'm sorry

Continuing after grapefruit!
The thing that I'm into now!!
It's avocado!
Although I've liked it since before...
Because I've decided to go on a diet...
I've suddenly taken an interest as to the taste of avocado toast..
Scrambled egg and cheese and avocado what does it taste like
I tried making it.. What to do, I'm addicted.
On my instagram photos, on the left is the food that I always make and eat.
On top of the mozarella cheese and avocado is pepper, and I add it truffle oil. It's so delicious..
I love truffle oil wwww
But even if you don't have this, please try the avocado toast!
On the right!
Mixed to the avocado is salt, pepper, and a bit of lemon juice.
On top of the bread, I placed cream cheese and ricotta cheese, then the avocado mixture.
On top of that, red pepper!!!
For four consevutive days, I've been eating only avocado w

Before this, during Something Special's promotions, I am glad to have been able to see everyone ^^
Have you listened to it?
Although it might have been a trouble, thank you for coming to see me.
Even though during the handshake event, it was so hot outside...
But I had fun seeing everyone, greeting everyone, and even talking to everyone!
This time, to show you more sides of me, I'm doing my best.
I'll be coming again this year, okay? ww
Before I return to Japan, I'll be having some activities in Korea. Please watch over me >_ I'll be doing my best w

Soon, I have a small...
A really small present for you w


original src| Nicole-as

translated by _mellificent

Monday, July 20, 2015

[Vid] 15.07.21. Nicole on MXTV Fondue!

She also sang Who Let The Dogs Out haha

Sunday, July 19, 2015

[Vid] 15.07.19. O'live Tv MAPS EP. 4 (Nicole Cut)

[Twitter/Instagram] Smart Melly

Smart #njMelly smart girl. waiting for the "eat" command
#australianshepherd #australianshepherdsofinstagram #aussielove #redaussie #redtriAussie #australianshepherdpuppy #ilovemydog


Saturday, July 18, 2015

[Twitter] Ciara + Girly Mood + SeoYoon's B-Day Celebration

Woman woman ~~ girlygirly #monobabie #모노바비

Cranberry bingsu #cafebingbingbing #카페빙빙빙  #organicdessertcafe #organic 

translated by _karatweets

Friday, July 17, 2015

[Twitter/Instagram] Drinks with SeoYoon & Manager

[Twitter/Instagram] Time with Jasper

#njJasper #australianshepherdsofinstagram #australianshepherd #bluemerleaussie #bluemerle #aussielove

 Oh I spy Nicole's ankle tattoo :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

[Twitter/Instagram] Diet Food & Date with Duke

 nyam nyam delicious >_< I have strength
to do diet now !
Thank you Yoonjae oppa and Youngman oppa >_<
#StarGym23 #FoodnLiving #Quinoa #ChickenBreast #diet #fnlChickenBreast

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

[Schedule] Nicole's Updated Schedule


7.19 Olive Tv Maps - 11:00PM

7.27 MTVJP Love K-Pop - 7:30PM


7.20 ch FILES (Kyushu Edition)

7.22 haru*hana

           Hallyu Pia


8.8 Tokai Radio 井田勝也の年リク!- 2:00PM

[Twitter/Instagram] Carpem Jewelry + Selca with Seoyoon

힝 #carpemjewelry #carpem #카르펨 #카르펨쥬얼리

[Twitter] Support Hara's Solo

Please give your support to Hara's first solo Choco Chip Cookie !!!
fighting ~~~ !

Translated by yooniqda_

I think that says it all ^^

Thursday, July 9, 2015

[Translations] Something Special Single English Translations

Something Special:

that day I didn't understand the meaning of that story I heard love love
Now I think I understand it a little

Yes, a fluttering heartbeat, when our eyes meet my cheeks get hot
There's a throbbing in my heart, hey, is this love?

something special now
This is the first time I felt this in my chest*
something special now
My pure white heart is (deep red) dyed red, the power of love

Mom said "What's happened lately?" I hid it from her love love
Perhaps it's your fault I'm always absent-minded

Indeed, I want to talk to you, yet when our eyes meet I can't speak
In high spirits, depressed, love really is not so easy

something special now
When I see you I swell up
something special now
I want to tell you my feelings (right now) that's the power of love

Sweeter than chocolate, like cotton candy
Seems I can fly to you, the magic of love

something special now
The starlight pours down
something special now
The dazzling spark scatters (sparkling) that's the power of love
something special now
My pure white heart is (deep red) dyed red, the power of love

*I really couldn't think of how to phrase this better without being wordy or losing the actual meaning of the Japanese line... >.>;;

[Pics] Behind the Scenes of Something Special PV + Tower Records Event

[Instagram] Nicole @ Park Kyung's Bday Party Photo

 Nicole's on the right side.

[Twitter/Instagram] Melly's Snack

자기꺼라고 뼈 보호하는 #njMelly
protecting her snack in her crate
#australianshepherd #australianshepherdpuppy #australiansheperdsofinstagram #aussielove #redtri #redaussie

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Monday, July 6, 2015

[Twitter/Instagram] 1 day 1 burdock

#1일1우엉 #배드마퍼스 #BadFarmers #건강 #healthy

Sunday, July 5, 2015

[Vid] 15.06.27. Tokyo High-Touch Event by Mpost

[Vid] Something Special Played on PON! Weather Segment

[Info] Something Special Weekly Singles Ranking on CDTV & Japan Countdown


cr | ydnk5

[Nicole_as] 15.06.28. Thankful


During the past four days, a lot of people came ~~! !
I'm really thankful. I got a lot of energy from you~~ I'm so happy!!

Translated by _mellificient

[Twitter/Instagram] Jaewon Oppa

@jinjaewon 오빠다!!! 

*Jaewon is the one right, he was one of Nicole's back up dancers for MAMA :)