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10.06.30. Gyuri's Tweet

“He was one of my favorite actors…My condolences go out to Park Yong Ha… I ask myself, if his closest friends are saying they do not know the reason of his death, how hard would it have been for Park Yong Ha to hide his pain all along?… What we see isn’t everything. I hope everyone around, including myself, feels the happiness in life always by not forgetting how thankful we should be. I hope he’s free of burdens at where he is now… Ah, I’m getting tears”

ALL credits: Allkpop

What Gyuri wrote was so touching, she's always had a way with words. I've watched "On Air" before and he was such a good actor.

RIP Park Yong Ha.


1. SNSD - Oh!
2. 2am - I can't let you go even if I Die
3. 4men feat. Jang Hye Jin - Don't laugh, Don't cry
4. CNBlue - Love
5. KARA - Lupin
6. Tiara - I go crazy because of You
7. Hyuna feat. JunHyeong - Change
8. Lee Soo Young feat. Baek Chan - What love is
9. Jo Kwon and Gain - We fell in love
10. Seeya, Davichi and Tiara - Wonder Woman
11. Tiara - Like the first time
12. SNSD - Run Devil Run
13. 2am - I’m Sorry I Can’t Laugh For You
14. Tiara - Bo beep, Bo Beep
15. MC Mong feat. Seo In Young - Bubble love
16. Yim Jae Beom - Stigma (Chuno OST)
17. After School - With U
18. 2am - I did wrong
19. Min Kyung Hoon - It's love cause it's painful
20. BEAST - Shock

Nicole with her Bazooka?

  credit: as tagged.

It's from the same event as the one fans used for Jiyoung lol.

10.06.29. Nicole SUPER short clip for 'Mom, I’m Going Crazy Because of English'

credit: uploader + kara-t. fail on their part using Nicole's name to get news for that short clip?.. Since in the articles they actually mention Thunder's techniques, I guess his video was longer?.. But what's the use of Nicole here? XD

Nicole & Yoona FanVid

credit: uploader.

I wasn't a fan of Yoona but seeing how much Cole is close to her, I think she's cool lol. But yea, my fav moments of FO2 was Nicole & Yoona couple.. NiNa? hah Also, Gain with Nicole was cute too.

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Red Kitchen Fancam

Ahh. love youtube lol.

credit: uploader

10.06.27. Family Outing 2 Gifs







credit: as tagged + naver.

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Fanpics of Nicole's Handprint

credit: 세렌디 피티 @ Kara-t.

The fan also got Nicole's signed cushion from another auction. Die hard fan :D

10.06.27. Family Outing 2 (Nicole cut)


Nicole & Mblaq's Thunder will guest as English Mentors on 'Mom, I’m Going Crazy Because of English'

It's a new show and Nicole and Thunder will be English mentors to little kids (& the mom's?) on the show. The show will air on June 28th at Midnight or 12:00 AM June 29th.

Source: NAVER

Totally didn't expect this but this should be excited.. always great for Cole to speak in English and maybe she makes a new friend in Thunder? :D

Read more abt the show @ AllKpop

10.06.25. CCBB Special Stage Gifs

If i wasn't so lazy, I think i would make my own lol.









credit: as tagged + naver.

10.06.27. FO2 Nicole Review

Okay main points, Nicole got more screen time.. but not that great:

1. Morning Warm Up with Nicole doing Mister lol

2. Nicole cleaning intestines with Taec, conversing in English

3. Nicole singing her parts in Rock U, PG, Honey, Wanna, & Lupin. It totaled to 45secs, more than Yoona and Heechul's lol. But not fair assessment, they didn't count her raps :P

4. Nicole performs Mister for the old people and they have no interest. Cole was so embarrassed XD. The old people don't know Mister..come on.

Overall, more focus on Nicole. They involved her and she seem to have no problem cleaning out the intestines and performing her parts in the songs. Not bad, though Nicole's outfit during the latter part of the show WAS bad lol.

Nicole's Style on TV.

I don't get it. 

Might do a Nicole fashion post when KH's gallery gets back online. I find it fascinating lol.

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10.06.26. KBS Entertainment Weekly (Gyuri & Nicole cut)


Gyuri talks about how she and Shindong promised to dress up as Avatar characters if Korea gets into the top 8 in the world cup. Nicole was telling Gyuri what she thought the Korea vs. Uraguay score would be but I guess she was shocked because Gyuri mentioned how it was Nicole who was predicting the score not her lol. Sadly, Korea lost the game.

KARA fans being interviewed at Red Kitchen.


credit: karacle @ twitter.

The fan was interviewed at Red Kitchen today, so I guess they are doing another show that features Red Kitchen?

Mister Japanese Single to be released on August 4th?

According to Multi-Lemona's site, Mister Japanese Single will be released on August 8th, there will be more than 1 version. One will have a DVD as well. When I clicked on one of versions, the area where the cover picture should show says "Now Printing". Check out the website HERE.

Credits: Kara-T & dckara + naver.


10.06.25. Nicole/Hara fancam at the Ending Stage fro MuBank FanCam

credit: uploader.
Aww HaNi.. haven't seen them in awhile.. I figured Nicole was friends with Nana but wasn't sure until now..too bad we missed the whole hug (ahem).. still nice :D

10.06.25. Nicole Music Bank Fan Account

name: your fan
subject: Hello Kara I'm from the upper part

I came back from the Music Bank
While Kara members were performing Lupin, Nicole went to the front of the stage
In full dress
I was standing in front of the stage
During Kara rehearsal
Nicole, other fans, and I
Had a short conversation
We said "Nicole you are very beautiful~"
And Nicole said something
We didn't understand so we asked "what? what did you say? Could you repeat again?"
Then Nicole said that it's because of her makeup keke
Fans beside me kept asking her if she's a friend of Sulli
She said she is a friend of Sulli and they asked her to introduce them to many of her friends
She responded "I tried… haha"

There must have been a fan who is a friend with Kara fans
I cannot say who but the fan kept asking her if she knows a certain person
She said she doesn't know and so this fan said
That if she saw the face she'll know (I do not remember what the fan said before the line sorry T T)
Nicole once again replied "Who? XXX" and said a nonsense name
So when the name was repeated she said that she do know
And that she was almost in a a trouble kekeke

Fans kept asking question
But she replied with honesty
I felt so dry (*probably from talking too much)
Anyways I felt that Nicole is very kind

You could call this a Music Bank review or just a review
But if there's a problem please contact me
Good bye, hehe

Source: Bestiz
Translated by: holyknight@KARAholic.
Do not take without credits.

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Sponsor Photo: Nicole

10.06.25. Nicole fan pics from Mubank

the person said sorry to nicole about the picture above when he/she posted this up lol.

credit: dckara

10.06.25. Nicole's Tweet.

Kkya! It's been awhile since we're in music program... Everyone..How was it? Haha.. Thanks for coming here to cheer for us!^^

Translated by: aank1@Karaholic.

10.06.25. Music Bank Special Review

AWESOME NEWS!! Lupin was the third most sold(?) song this half of the year. Do you guys know HOW big of an accomplishment that is for KARA and for DSP?!! It's freaking amazing.. just looking back I remember when Rock U entered the charts at like 30 hah, so happy back then even :) Btw, what separated KARA from 2nd place was only 60 pts..

Fountain Laser Show using Lupin

credit: nate + kara-t.




Release Date: August 04
Contains: 3 DVD's:

1. KARA Bakery
2. Nicole's Campus Life
3. Mnet Countdown Performances of Wanna & Mister

Credits: DCKARA

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PIC SPAM from KMF 2010..


Random pictures from KMF that I don't think I've posted. I found them all over the internet and yep this is a messy post :D I've zipped the pictures, find the link after the credits!

Sweet Muse DVD Set, Japan Version


Apparently, the Japanese version is bigger than the Korean Version it's about the size of an A4 paper. Look at the size of the DVD next to the posters ..

KARA for Mubank: 2 Special Stages + Lupin!

Okay the song list for the special came out and so this is confirmed!!

KARA will perform in 2 special stages:
1. KARA, SNSD, SJ, CNBlue, & 2AM

2. KARA, T-ara, f ( x ), and 4Minute performing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

3. Lupin

100606 DT Minstal/mincole Cut

credit: xXminidreamXx @ youtube.
Tip off: nerdxissa@Kh.
Oh Minho.. aww jealous :P It's great Nicole has so many oppas, it seems.. they'll look out for her and I suppose give her advice :D

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

KARA's only performing Lupin on MuBank Special?

According to THIS, yep!.. Hmm, but last year was different... maybe they'll have new outfits? lol. But fine, I'm happy to see them up on stage since it's been awhile on tv.

[Classic Nicole Clips] U-Go-Girl Dance on Idol Show

credit: uploader

I remember watching this part and I was grinning so much lol. I felt like REAL Nicole actually came out of her shell and did her thing :D During this time, Hara, Jiyoung,Seungyeon,and Gyuri (though it was about the dislike of her hair cut) were getting most of the attention and Nicole was tucked in the back ground but this was the first time she showed parts of her personality and character. I was peeved those SJ boys scooted in b/c Nicole rarely gets screen time and they bombarded her dance :(

Characteristics of a Popular Girl Group

Thought this was very interesting, parts where omitted that wasn't about KARA.

Characteristics of Popular Girl Groups
SNSD is made up of 9 members and they do dramas, variety programs, among other things and show how lovely they are. In “GEE” they showed their catchy dance which was a hot topic from kids to adults. KARA is walking in Fin.K.L’s footsteps as being the traditional idols, “Honey” was their big break, and “Mr.'s butt dance became a hot topic, both (SNSD & KARA) have become national idols.
In order to have hit songs in K-POP it’s almost a rule to have unique dance performances like Wonder Girls’ “Tell Me” and KARA’s butt dance. The dances become a popular topic of conversation (even in news programs) and fan’s also copy the choreography and fill up websites with their copied dance videos.

 Senpai Boy Groups co-star, bond and support their protégées
In 2009 this is how girl groups appeared (to the public). Already DBSK and BIGBANG have established their popularity in Japan and have rapidly increased recognition for K-POP. Coincidently, the popularity for girl groups from those boy groups’ companies has also increased.

There is a steady hierarchical relationship in Korea, Girl groups are in the position of younger sisters to Senpai groups (Note: Senpai is the same as sunbae), so it’s natural they appear together in their music programs, concerts, music videos, etc. 2NE1’s debut song “Lollipop” was a collaboration with BIGBANG. SNSD members have appeared in DBSK and SUPER JUNIOR’s music videos. KARA members have also frequently worked with their senpai’s SS501.

Korea’s Popular Girl Groups


ch- KARA (Dance; August 2010 Japanese debut): Park Guyi, Han Seungyeon, Nicole, Goo Hara, and Kang Jiyoung make up this 5 person idol group. They debuted in Korea in March 2007. In 2009 they released “Mr.” and the “butt dance” became very popular. In February 2010, they had their first Japanese showcase which was immediately sold out, and they quickly did other performances. In August they’ll debut in Japan.

 Credit: dkpopnews

Totally disagree with SS501 frequently working with KARA, helped established their popularity lol. I can only count a handful of times where both groups appeared on the same set/show, 4 actually lol. Though they do support KARA :D

Sweet Muse Japanese Edition Debuts on the Oricon Daily Charts!


credit: Baidu  + Oricon

The Sweet Muse DVD Japanese Version was released on the 23rd. But the date up there says 22nd.. not super sure but I see KARA there haha. According to baidu, the pre-orders were sold out even before the release!! Congrats girls and so awesome of Japanese Kamilia to show support so strong!! 

From what I remember, DSP will release another DVD collection called KARAful in August for Japanese fans. This DVD will include Kara Bakery and Nicole Goes to College episodes all subbed in Japanese. Lucky fans.. hopefully they will buy them up as well. More exposure for Nicole too, since fans who didn't understand her show will hopefully now :D

Sweet Muse DVD Display in Tower Records in Shibuya

KARA performing @ The Burning Day concert

2010.08.20.(E) Brand New Concert: The Burning Day - 7:00 PM

Other performers: BEG, 2AM,T-ara, & Beast.

10.06.16. All About You: Which Ukiss members want to be friends with Nicole?

@ 1:12 :)

credit: uploader.

Surprised Nicole hasn't gotten friendly with them..same age and English too.. Haha knew about the Gyuri/Alexander friendship from tweeting but first time he's mentioned her so clearly :D

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

10.06.23. Nicole's Tweet

Iyaaaaaaaahh!!!!!!^^ Indeed ! Our Taegeuk Warriors are the best !!!! Huhut !

Translated by aank1@Karaholic.

Monday, June 21, 2010

KARA's outfits for Mister MV?..

Thanks to my hawk eyes lol, I think the girls unintentionally showed us part of their outfits for the Mister MV :)

KARA's Schedule: 2010.06.21. - 2010.06.27.

2010.06.23. (E) Samsung World Cup Cheer: Korea vs. Nigeria Game - 12:00 AM

2010.06.25. (T) KBS Music Bank Annual Half-Year Special - 5:50 PM

2010.06.27. (T) SBS FO2 - 6:00 PM (Nicole)

10.06.14. Nicole's Selca from SGB Recording


credit: naver.

Nicole with her dorky poses, I have feeling she has tons of selcas in her phone.. unlike the other members she doesn't share XD

10.06.22. Nicole's Tweet

Woohuhut. I want to see movie~Into the Gunfire..Wanna see it. Keke It sure is good/interesting

Translated by aank1@KH

Oh, the movie with TOP...

Nicole's past selca exposed.

The first 3 pictures were old selfcas in which she was still maknae <3!!.. Hence she looked younger and cuter? lol.. Since she doesn't have the maknae role anymore, Nicole's image pretty much started over. But I think her role and identity now in the group is stronger and clearer than ever. It's more edgier/sexier/dorkier? haha. 

Anyways, remember that horrible capture of Nicole not too long ago, I guess these pictures were posted to "prove" that she looks (surprise) PRETTY without make up :P.. Even though, she has shown her no make up face tons of times XD. Better late than never.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

KARA's Manager tweets Pics from Mister (Japan vers.) MV set

Oh gosh.. how exciting..looks like a military inspired concept?.. and doesn't the first picture look like Nicole's silhouette :D.. so exciting.

+ Bonus!
KARA's Other manager taking a break during the MV recording lol

10.06.20. Nicole's Tweet

Looking For Me

10.06.18. Nicole's Cellphone Message

Subject: [Nicole] Hellooooooooooo


[Nicole] Hellooooooo! Hi~ it’s been awhile yeah? Missed us so much right? Kekeke.. me too.. Miss u all so much~ lately we’ve been busy preparing for this and that! Especially we’ve been working hard to learn’s a bit difficult but TT TT… Now that the weather has changed a lot, it’d be nice if you go out somewhere hangout with friends and enjoy the sunshine ~ summer is gonna be fun right? Kekeke.. Always Smile ‘▽’.. Thanks.
Translated by aank1 @ Karaholic.

10.06.19. SGB Review

All in all, KARA's screen time was good. I mean SJ were there XD. 

But a total Classic KARA moment happened lol. So in the row, it's Gyuri, Nicole, Jiyoung, & Hara. Hara was giving out a clue and each member would have to guess a syllable, in the end being the answer to Hara's clue. Hara's clue was 'A very pretty girl'. Gyuri goes 'Gyu', Nicole says 'Ri', Jiyoung says 'Yo', and Hara finishes it off with 'Shin'! Haha, their answer was "Goddes Gyuri" lol.. Loved it. At first, Gyuri picked Nicole as the clue giver but.. the members didn't get her clues lol. 

Nicole's complex, she said  that she always moves her head forward, kind of like a turtle? She didn't say a duck, but the head movements? lol. So Donghae was like.. yea she does do that and imitated her saying Hi while moving her head forward and back and bowing lol.. and Shindong  imitated her while lifting weights lol. Cole was SOOO embarrassed she was fanning her face cause it got so hot and covering her face with her blanket XD

It was alright, the little french/korean girl was nowhere has hysterical as Cole was :P

Friday, June 18, 2010

KARA films Mister MV for Japanese debut

KARA has been filming an official music video for their hit song Mister which will be used for their debut in Japan this August. The video is being created solely for their Japanese debut.
On the 19th, an official from the music video set said, “We’ve been filming the music video since the early morning. We hope fans will enjoy the hard work put into this video!”
Back in February, KARA held a successful showcase in Japan with thousands of fans attending. Just last month, the girls went to Tokyo to make their Japanese fanclub offical. With everything turning out successful, there’s no doubt that KARA will be conquering Japan as they have been in Korea
 The Japanese version of Mister is scheduled to be released on July 8th, and the music video’s release date is yet to be known.

Credit: AK

Who's EXCITED?!!! I AM :) Curious to hear how the Japanese version sounds like as well as how much effort are the putting in the MV. Gyuri said on SSTP that the girls will be showing skin so she was working out lol.

2010.06.17. KARA @ Megbox COEX Fan Pics Part 2

10.06.17. Challenge! 1000 Songs 2AM does Lupin

Can't embed for some reason so click here: 2AM - Lupin

Junsu cracked me up, trying to do the exit dance with a broken leg :)

KARA filming for Mister MV today!!

According to KH's resident Translator aank1's tweet:

KARA will be filming the MV for Mister (Jap. Version) today ^_^

Hm, Cole with extensions or no?... hope so XD

10.06.14. Star Golden Bell Fan Pic+ Bonus Find


First, yay for Cole being the 2nd row :).. She was always in the 3rd row before.

Bonus (notice the similarity?)

 This is a picture of Jiyoung from Karaya.. so KARA self sponsored for SGB lol. 

All credits to DCKARA.

KARA scheduled for Music Bank Next Week

10.06.25. KBS Music Bank - 5:50 PM

Other guests: SNSD, 2AM, 2PM, Hyori, Super Junior, T-ara, CNBlue, & 4minute. Special stage anyone?

It's the annual half year special, KARA participated for this last year as well.

Catch KARA's "To My Boyfriend" Performance from last year's special:

10.06.19. Nicole's Tweet

Mom had a birthday Party.^^ hehehe Today's cheesecake is (also) a success ~

Aww.. she baked a cheesecake for her precious :) would be nice if she took a picture XD.. lol I was checking tweets to Nicole and someone was like Happy Birthday to your mom it's 46th birthday right?.. How does the person know? o_o

Thursday, June 17, 2010

KARA’s Jiyoung has a generation gap with…

Cute girl group KARA’s youngest member Kang Jiyoung has confessed recently that she felt a generation gap between herself and the other members.

On an episode of KBS variety show Star Golden Bell which will air on the 19th, KARA were guest members who showed different charms of themselves during the program. In addition to capturing the hearts of many audience members, KARA members also revealed their ability to talk well.

When MC Ji Suk Jin asked youngest member Jiyoung whether she felt a generation gap between herself and the other members, the cute singer confessed, “During dance practice, I would continue practicing but the other members would lie down on the sofa and massage their legs, so I feel a generation gap.” There was great laughter along with Jiyoung’s reply, and fellow member Nicole added, “I wasn’t like this before, but recently even if I practice just a little, I feel muscle pain.” 

To this response, the MC then cleverly asked, “As the girl who felt muscle pain, what year were you born in again Nicole?” and Nicole immediately replied in a bright manner, “The year 1991!” causing the entire studio to laugh at the situation.

Meanwhile, aside from Jiyoung’s generation gap confession, the KARA members also talked about their individual complexes.

Credit: AK
EEkk.. I'm excited, seems like the girls actually get to talk.. Also the new format seems pretty fun too :)

Though Nicole might feel muscle pain faster because she works out for 2 hours every morning + practice...

KARA's New Dorm Stalker Cam(?)

The person who uploaded this titled it KARA's accommodation and you see the Haha Mong Show card at the end, so we should expect to see their dorm when the show airs. I have to watch it more, but it definitely seems bigger than their previous dorm :)


credit: NATE

2010.06.17. KARA @ Megbox COEX Fan Pics + Fancams


Gyuri and Shindong share some juicy secrets on Star Golden Bell

On Star Golden Bell, Super Junior’s Shindong and KARA’s Gyuri unleashed several interesting episodes of one another.
Shindong and Gyuri are currently DJs for a radio station together and they’ve become good friends. Ji Suk Jin, the MC of Star Golden Bell, asked them, “How are you guys getting along through the radio program?” in order for them to reveal some of their funny episodes.

Gyuri answered, “At first, it was a bit awkward. In order for us to become closer, we started sharing secrets. Shindong told me information along the lines of who was dating who.”

Shindong made everyone laugh by exposing, “All of that information belongs to Leeteuk!”
Gyuri didn’t stop there.

She was asked to share another secret and she revealed, “I once looked through Shindong’s phone when we were still in the awkward stage, and I opened up one strange folder where there were many pictures of people not wearing a lot of clothes…” leaving everyone on the set laughing.

Credit: AK

Oh who doesn't love that girl lol. I just want to see SJ's faces when Gyuri talks about pics of people with no clothes on haha. Oh from the comments at AK... they don't get Gyuri's wicked sense of humor? lol.. She's TOTALLY kidding...XD

2010.06.17. KARA @ Megbox COEX: Pics from News


Schedule News: Star Golden Bell Airing

10.06.19. KBS Star Golden Bell Class A Grade 1 - 5:05 PM

(They changed the format and title of the show it seems lol)

Okay! Confirmation from DCKARA:

ALL KARA members were present for the recording.

Gyuri will talk about being a  Shim Shim TaPa DJ.

They asked Jiyoung when she feels the generation gap the most and she said when they are practicing. The other members will tire before her and lay on the couch. Nicole said she wasn't as tired before and but now her muscles ache, the MC asked what year student she was and  she was and she replied I am a 91'er and everyone laughed :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Version of KARA's USB

KARA's Schedule: 2010.06.14. - 2010.06.20.

10.06.14. (V) KBS Star Golden Bell

10.06.14. (V) SBS Star King World Cup Special

(The schedule doesn't list certain members but I remember SGB and Star King record at the same time, so we'll see.)

10.06.17. (E) Samsung World Cup Cheering Korea vs. Argentina 

10.06.20. (T) SBS Family Outing 2 (Nicole) - 6:00 PM

(Wonder if Nicole will even appear XD)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nicole's Past Solo Works Post

Nicole's actually been pretty active on the performance scene besides KARA activities, she has also been a guest performer for Sunha and Mighty Mouse, done covers, sung solo for radio activities as well as a duet song with Kang Kyung Sung called "Happy...And". Pretty talented right? Looking forward to more activities :)


Happy...And - Kang Kyung Sung & Nicole

Duet with Hanbyul (formerly of Ast'1 now MondyKidz)

Ben - Nicole & Ryeowok (Super Junior)

Guest Performances:

String - Sunha Ft. Nicole

Love Lecture - Mighty Mouth ft. Nicole

Solo Songs/Covers:

Secret (Orginally by Lena Park)

Time and Tears Flow (Orginally by T)

Lucky (Originally by Jason Mraz & Colbie Calliet) - Nicole & Just

Credit: Uploaders.

Lupin on Channel V Thailand's Asian Chart


credit: dckara.