Tuesday, August 31, 2010

[Vid] Me2 MV (English Subbed)

Credit: Uploader

[blab] Suddenly..

I have this urge to want Nicole to sing a whole song in English.. that would be the best!! Until then, here's hoping :)

[Gifs] Heroes EP 7.

Thought I'd make some gifs of Cole's parts.. enjoy!

Cole's got an arm for throwing lol.. Poor IU ..she did not know what she was in for...

Inna and Sooah congratulating Cole!

Really the first time Cole and Inyoung had a skinship interaction.. seems like Inyoung was heading towards Cole anyways..

YaY!! let me get the food first..

Credit: ournikori

[Info] KARA History being Made.

KARA has officially just sold 50,000 + Mister singles in Japan!!..

Just amazing accomplishment for KARA. All the hard work paid off and the Japanese are showing their love. It's going to be fun when the girls go back to Japan.

*Something has been itching me, I guess some KARA fans might get carried away and boast about KARA (though we do have a right too, we are proud of KARA) but just be careful not to start stuff that doesn't need to be started. Btw, KARA's competition is KARA it's not another girl group. What KARA members do is not defined by another group.

Monday, August 30, 2010

[Info] Jay is looking at KARA!

From Jay's fan meet in Korea:
At the question which girl group he has his eyes on, the fans said not to do this one but the MC kept calming(?) them and asked it.
It was Kara. He said he thinks their skills are increasing more and more~ he did the butt shaking dance for us~

Translated by: jjyh22 @ soompi.
Tip off: nerdxissa @ Kh.

I always liked Jay, he just seemed different than the other members ..even before his situation blew up.. but his recognition of KARA is awesome, not many people recognize KARA's improvements and mentions it in public. So is he a Kamilia?.. btw.. I'm glad he didn't choose the obvious group his former group would have chosen XD

[blab] There are very few things that bug me..

about Nicole.. one of the major ones is that she seems very timid. Like if someone were to suggest something to her and she doesn't necessarily like it.. she'll do it anyways. Or maybe she'll be talked into it, I know she worries a lot but I wonder if she knows to protect her image. She is an idol. Some things have happened and I've questioned if she really pays much attention to things that might not really mean THAT much at the end of the day but can hurt her as an idol. No one else will care about her image, if she doesn't care about it herself. Sometimes, I just want to let her know that it's okay to disagree because she is the one being sent on tv and has to stand on that stage. I know she's young but hopefully she learns to be more outspoken about what she likes and wants....

I hate feeling bad for her.. XD

[Pics] Me2 We Online OST pics


[Fan] Nicole from Suwon World Cup Perf.

Aww Nicole got a new nickname from this pic, Agei Cole = Baby Cole :D

[Vid] Kiss Me Touch Me MV ( We Online OST)

I approve :)

Credit: aceham5 @ youtube.

Cole's solo line is so smooth and her perfect English.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

[Info] Syabekuri 007 Notice

[Info] 10.08.28. Oricon Daily Chart

Um look at who KARA ranks above:

[Cap] Nicole & Lee Jin Couple

 Credit: DCKARA

So cute.. Lee Jin is really sweet too :)

[Vid] Bouquet Preview (No Nicole)

Credit: Uploader.

LOL Gyuri is bringing the Goddess and I'm excited. Nicole was taping for Heroes, as expected :(

Saturday, August 28, 2010

[Tweet] Can't wait until Autum too!

It's constantly raining these days... I wish autumn would come quickly. ㅜㅜ

Translated by izAkly @ twitter.

[Cap] Nicole & Jessica

This cute.. from Seoul Music Awards last year.. I want to see this video if there is one..


[Vid] Mister on SGB

Credit: uploader.

LOL this is flattering i guess

[Pics] Nicole's new 'do" revealed at Suwon World Cup Game

Friday, August 27, 2010

[Tweet] Nicole & Seungho (Mblaq)

Seungho tweeted first to Nicole:
Jung Nicole nicole
Nicole responded:
 Hello oppa! ^^ I've eaten already~~ ke ke ke really full now! Ke ke" :D

Credit: 3Sdenise @ twitter

[Info] KARA's Weekend Schedule

10.08.28. Samsung Fabrizo Suwon World Cup Stadium @ half-time show - 7:30 PM

* Heard Cole's ultimate fan is going.. fan cams guaranteed? XD

10.08.29. Incheon Korean Wave Concert - 7:OO PM

[Fanrant] # 1

So you guys I know have my moments of ranting.. LOL but I love reading others especially when it comes to Nicole.. cause I know I'm not the only one (& i'm not like insane.. XD) .. Here is one I discovered recently:

[?] Anyone know where this picture was posted at?

It was said to be posted at Karaholic.. but it wasn't at the couple thread..

Anyways.. the circled picture is Jing, Key, and Nicole..

[GOD] 10.08.27. Gif Of Day

miss maknae Cole.

[Vid] 10.08.28. MTV ZUSHI FES 10 Mister.

Credit: Uploader.

I spot Jing's Goth fan.. I don't know his name XD..

[Scans] KARA's Mister Scans from Version B


[Tweet] JiNi tweets

Nicole starts off with:
Looking outside through the window while listening to music, it's a good night
Oh snap!! Unnie.. I'm listening to If U leave right now!!
kekkeke I'm listening to I'm in Love now. Kekekeke 
Translated by aank1 @ KH.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

[Vid] KARA's Intro on MTV ZUSHI FES 10

Couldn't embed video.

Aww Cole's broken Japanese.. she talks in the same manner no matter the language XD JiNi moment too.

[Pics] KARA for WE Online


[GOD] 10.08.26. Gif Of the Day

Nicole gets aggravated peeved on 3 conditions I've noticed:

1. You forget your OWN song lyrics (like the one I posted above)

2. You don't know the dance steps

3. If someone were forcefully acting cute ( lol, SY and Hara victims of Cole's ugh face XD)

[blab] I want the best...

Okay at first glace, of course it would be nice if every member were to have equal popularity, talent, and looks. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

[Outtakes] Nicole outtakes from Starhwabo

This was from the end of last year, I wished Cole's hair didn't look like a helmet XD.

[Tweet] Nicole's new guy friend?

 He is a 91'er....

[Rumor] So word around KARA fans..

Is that KARA recorded for the MBC show Flower Bouquet. But it was not on the schedule and also that show is for mostly rookies, so what are KARA's butts doing there? lol. But i've seen clips of the show and format seems entertaining enough.

[blab] Rainbow's on SSTP

Okay their live with only the 3 members was good and then I thought.. KARA 4 used to do this XD All the harmonies and such. Now I'm just like dying for GyulHamCole to give it a try. I know there should be potential there because they are good vocalists alone. But why haven't they ever sung together..only the 3 of them? My patience is running low with DSP... I think KARA is secure enough for the 3 of them to do a solo song.. I'm dying for KARA to get some credibility back.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

[Tweet] Nicole tweets

I Feel like walking with my eyes closed..

Translated by aank1 @ KH

A different version:

Feeling like I'm walking blindfolded... 

Translated by izAkly @ Twitter.
Hope she's okay... the second translation scares me..

[Vid] Kiss Me Touch Me Teaser for We Online

Sounds great!

Credit: uploader.

Loving how they introduce KARA!

[Info] KARA going to New York?

In the video, it mentions KARA will be attending the New York Chuseok Festival!! 

Hmm are there Kamilia on the East Coast? XD This is exciting.. the girl's first time in NY.. I think.

[Response] Kamilia JJANG!

I decided to write this from this post about how Kamilia isn't recognized as much as other fanclubs.

Monday, August 23, 2010

[Vid] 10.08.20. Key mentions Cole again.

starting @ 7:48:
Credt: Uploader.

DJ: (Asking Key) who do you normally chat with on the phone?
Key: I'm close to my same age friends
DJ: Who in particular are you close with?
Key: Nicori, Kara's Nicole and 2am's Jinwoon
DJ: Ohh.. Since Nicole is a girl, do you feel any burden?
Key: Nicole belongs to the American style
DJ: You mean she's the cool and carefree type
Key: Yes 
Credit: KeiRa01@ KH.

Look at Minho's reaction.. well it was definitely a reaction when Cole was mentioned XD. So it really is like a Key Cole Jinwoon triangle friendship lol.

[Pic] Gyuri's look.. KARA's new concept hint?

Gyuri's look from SSTP on 8.23:

Now I'm not sure but I was checking up on DCKARA and KARA-T and Gyuri mentioned on radio she would be shooting the photo jacket (for KARA's mini album) .. I 'm guessing this is her look.. and if this is true.. I'm soo looking forward to what Cole looks like.. you know cause of her hair lol.. and the eyelashes look really long..longer than usual.. fans were thinking the avant - garde look or even warrior.. hey warrior would be interesting.. like female empowerment lol.. really different.. i know this is not cute.. so yay lol

[News] Kara's Gyuri was shockingly surprised to see Japan reaction

Girl Group Kara's Leader Park Gyuri revealed her after promotions feelings. They just came back from Japan for their debut single release promotion from 8 August onwards for 8 days and 7 nights. On 19 August at one broadcaster waiting room they were asked several questions about their promotions in Japan.

Park Gyuri said,"I thought it was a joke when I first heard about us at Oricon Weekly Chart. Actually even now I(we) still cannot believe it. We are not even Japanese group but yet we are able to receive such love which also worries us at the same time. Of course we are happy and proud. However, just like how we're so shocked at the same time we are confused too.

Gyuri responded to questions asked about their popularity in Japan. She said, "Rather than expressing how we felt, it seems like we are more of shocked and surprised." When asked about factors that make them so well received and popular in Japan, Gyuri said " Many said that they can't find any other groups that look like us. We've also heard people like us because they feel like we are just like their sisters or friends next door. Looks like we have to work harder to show our very best and prettily no matter which stage performance we are in. Gyuri added, "We are glad and happy to have fans from another(foreign) place to love us but we have yet to work even harder just as much as how much we are being loved. We will do our very best and definitely will not let down both our Korean and Japanese fans for our upcoming album in September."

Kara's single debut in Japan "Mister" was ranked at #5 on Oricon weekly chart(Based on 17 August). Kara is the first foreign girl group to be on Oricon weekly Chart top 5 with their debut single.

Thanks anne for the tip
Source: Hankooki
Translated by aank1 @karaholic.com 

[Vid] KARA Preview of Shabekuri

Credit: jpkamilia
tip off: Christine!

Nicole said "eel" XD the ending is hilarious!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

[Fan] Nicole Fancams from Burning Day Concert

This fan is awesome!

Tip off: Christine, thanks!

Love Nicole's fancams, always entertaining! More fancams can bee seen at the user's account. I figured out Nicole fans aren't active in fansites etc, they take independent vids and pics..so it's much harder to find them.

[Info] KARA's Best Of Album Rankings at Tower Online

1st August 15 (Pre Order Made Avaliable)
1st August 16
1st August 17
2nd August 18
1st August 19
1st August 20
1st August 21
1st August 22

I see KARA Vacation making its way up there too! I expect a nice debut rank :D More YAY!

[Fan] KARA Mr. in Polymer form


[Caps] Cole in Preview of EP 7 of Heroes


[Ad] Another pic for ASK + BTS

^^ Cole was put in with the boys.. want to see more pics.

Credit: NAVER

Saturday, August 21, 2010

[Cap] Nicole's Ranking on Yahoo Japan search!


1. Mister

3. Nicole <3!!

7. Hara

14. Jiyoung

16. SeungYeon

18. Gyuri

Credit: tms @ soompi
Tip off from KH: kara4life @ KH.

Cole once again proving the masses wrong :)

[Vid] Big Bang doing the butt dance.

starts @ 7:35:
Credit: uploader

[blab] Tweet to Cole.

If you guys read my other post, Nicole wasn't at the ending of the Burning Day Concert. 

Found a pic, Cole was there.. the one on the left.. poor girl.. but in the other pics and fancams.. I didn't see her..she must have left some time during that last stage. According to fans, they say it was because Nicole was sick. So everyone tweet her to make her feel better :)

But she is such a trooper, in 2007 around Cole's bday they had to perform and Nicole was soo sick but she performed without incident but it was sad, she was clearly ill but she just kept drinking water and still performed.

Friday, August 20, 2010

[Fan] Pics + Video from Burning Day Concert by fan taken


[News] Nicole @ Buring Day Concert

Cole wasn't there at the end when all the artists gathered...


[News] Kara already flooded with Japanese CF love calls

With successful in Japan, Kara immediately received a lof of CF offers. Last 15 August Kara have returned home from promotion in Japan for their first debut single 'Mister', Kara is currently on the plan to make a comeback at the end of September with new album. Recording is underway and there are also upcoming plans for Jacket album shooting as well as music video shooting.

In addition, Kara's out of expectation CF love calls have been flooding in. Rather than from Korea, but CF shooting request from Japan. As soon as they (Kara) came back to Korea, proposals keep coming from Japan side in request for CF filming which makes the agency surprised. Already there have been contacts from apparels, cosmetics and beverages.

The agency reps revealed on 20 August, "As soon as we're back to Korea, there have been proposals from Japan side" "Be it images or activities/other promotions, we'll carefully think and take that into consideration". He added,"Kara's awareness in Japan is way more than our expectation. We didn't think it is possible for such a sudden rise."

Meanwhile KARA's first single 'Mister' was up at #5 on Japan's Oricon Weekly Chart. About 30,000 copies were sold which is Korean artist highest figure sales in Japan after BOA and TVXQ. In addition, on largest music site, Kara's Mister topping the iTunes Chart at #2 and maintained position 2-4,which made Japan's officials surprised.

Source: Newsen
Translated by aank1 @ Karaholic.
Do Not take without credits.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

[Info] KARA Love Calls for CFs from Japan

YAY! Well I guess this isn't surprising given the success that have just had over there, says 3-4 contracts with clothing, cosmetics, and beverages. Also KARA's already in the middle of recording, shooting the jacket photos and are filming the MV for their comeback! KARA's side says they are looking at the proposals carefully. I'll post up an actual article when it gets translated but i'm excited!! 

BTW, I am worried about KARA's Korean activities..not only b/c of the back and forth from and to Japan, but the big time artists are coming back.. so I hate to say this but I wouldn't be surprised if their Korean activities take a hit XD. Though I will be looking for more hair on Nicole's head! Must look out for sponsor photos.

Here is the source if you guys want to take a look NEWSEN

[Caps] Nicole & IU from EP 4 of Heroes

Aww that's cute, but IU and Nicole never really are that close when Nicole IS actually on the show XD

Credit: DCKARA

[Outtakes] Nicole from Rock U Era

Since this is a Cole based blog and she has the least pictures, decided to post all of them here:





Credit: DCKARA

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

[Pics] Nicole at the Optometrist

Credit: naver.

Some pics I've never seen before.

[Vid] 10.08.18. KARA on Sakigake! Eight (Japanese Show)

starts at 3:12 basically:

Credit: Uploader.

They asked the fans about KARA and I think I heard cute, girl next door type. And LOL at Cole talking about what else.. but Cheesecake :D

[Tweet] Hot

It's so hot ㅜㅜ I think can even fry an egg on the street ㅜㅜㅜ

Translated by aank1 @ KH.

[News]10.08.18. Kara thanks their Japanese fans

Girl idol group Kara, who achieved great popularity in Japan after their official debut on the 11th, held a hand shake event at Tokyo’s Shinkiba Studio Coast.

Japanese online media YomiWoori introduced the event with a picture of the girls kneeling down and posing with fans. On this day, member Gyuri revealed a surprising behind-the-scenes story during their stay in Japan. In Japanese, the singer said, “Jiyoung and I were walking in Harajuku eating crepes when we were suddenly scouted (streetcasted). A magazine reporter asked to take pictures of us, but we said, ‘Sorry. Japanese is very hard for us,’ and escaped.”

In addition to talking about the occurrence, Kara did not forget to thank their fans. Each member expressed their thanks to fans and revealed their future plans. The youngest member, Jiyoung, expressed, “From now on, let’s not be apart and meet frequently.” Nicole said, “We won’t lose sight of our goals and always work hard so please cheer for us.” ‘Goddess’ Gyuri, “Thank you for coming out to see us at such a hot weather. Please enjoy the event”. Lastly, Seungyeon, “We didn’t think that we could come this far. Please take care of us.”

Credit: AK

[Fan] 10.08.18. Nicole at Heroes Recording

Is she holding a pizza ? lol. She's back on the popular team too! Aww SooAh all over Cole, I see Inna and Inyoung too.



Credit: dckara + nate.