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[Interview] 13.08.10. JILLIE Magazine

J: So out of the 11 songs, tell us your favorite song.

Hara: It’ll be “HANABI” for me. This is also a mature love song which describes the pain that the girl is experiencing. The lyrics are sad and heartbreaking. You’ll be able to hear each member’s voice clearly; everyone has beautiful voices.
Nicole: “HANABI” for me too. I feel that this song also relates to people who are single, including me. (laughs) Please listen to it as you spend your summer alone. 

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Translation: melllllly@tumblr / _breakit@twitter

Full Interview HERE

Cole emphasizing she's SINGLE haha.

[Pic] Fantastic Girls (Nicole)

cr | yutooo_kjel

[Fan] Nicole: The Queen Fan art


cr | takatakamaruko

[Info/Cap] Runaway Debuts @ #5 on K-POP Hot 100


[Vid] Music Bank Comeback Notice : Damaged Lady

[Interview] 13.08.28. TV LIFE - Gyuri

Q: If the members were animals, what would they be?

A: Jiyoung will be a dog. She has a dog-like face which makes her attractive. Nicole will be a bird. Her nickname was originally “Tweety”. (laughs) And she gives off the image of moving very fast at work so she’s like a bird. Since Hara is cute and has good reflexes, she’ll be a rabbit. I guess Seungyeon will be a chick. She’s small and cute and gives you the feeling that you have to protect her.

The memory of this summer that I spent with the KARA members will be the time when I went to Jeju Island with Hara and Nicole. Hara and I went actually there to film our short drama. Nicole came along even though she didn’t have any filming to do. The 3 of us went for a meal together. The most delicious item was the specialty; the pork belly of a black pig. We grilled the pork with shiokara (made from various marine animals that consists of small pieces of meat in a brown viscous paste of the animal’s heavily salted, fermented viscera) on a hot plate, wrapped it in lettuce and ate it. It was so delicious that it became a good memory!

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[Fan] 13.08.30. MBC Section TV Filming Fan Photos

[Instagram/Tweet] Hair Toss

hair toss ...just because i'm bored keke 
Translated by yooniqda_

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[Vid] CSI: KARA Damaged Lady Interview (Eng Subbed)


[Vid] Damaged Lady MV Teaser 3

OHHHH much better than the audio preview yesterday.

The mushroom wigs are staying haha.

[Vid] 13.08.29. Law of R

[Pics] KARA from KBS Hello Recording


^^ JiNi !!

more @ src

[Facebook] KARA's Coming Soon Interview by LOEN TV


KARA의 #ComingSoonInterview!
아고 이쁘다. 반가운 #카라,
내일 정오에 만나보실 수 있어요!
Love to see you back, Beautiful girls!
#KARA's #CSI right before the comeback
The video will be uploaded tomorrow!
#LOENTV #SneakPeek

[Translations] 13.08.29. Oristar Interview

O: The album “FANTASTIC GIRLS”, with the song “Thank You Summer Love” inside will go on sale on the 28th. You have challenged various styles of music that you haven’t tried in the past. Not only just pop but rock, electro and R&B, you managed to sing them well. KARA’s charm is jam-packed into 1 CD.
Seungyeon: I don’t want to do something similar to others. Even amongst ourselves, rather than sing the song in a similar fashion, we want to incorporate different styles. In this album, there are a variety of songs because the 5 of us carry the feeling of wanting to challenge new things. Even if we are unable to write songs, we will give positive opinions if we think it’s good.
Nicole: This time, we expressed ourselves fully through music. I would like to try a little in producing the songs next time. (!!!)
O: It has been 3 years since you started your activities in Japan. In what ways do you think the members have changed in maturity?

Nicole: Jiyoung has recently come to understand the meaning of being sexy. For example, during the song “Lupin”, she would raise her chin and give an intense look. But now, even by tilting her head a little, she’ll give off an amazing aura.
Jiyoung: Really? I’m glad! The hard worker in Nicole unnie hasn’t changed a bit but she feels more feminine and delicate now.

O: I see. In this album, there is a song called “Rescue Me”. Tell us about a time when you were rescued by the members.

Nicole: I can’t dress myself properly. I can’t tie a ribbon properly, button my clothes wrongly or my bangs would be in a mess. At those times, Jiyoung will definitely correct me by saying, “Nicole unnie, that looks weird.”.
Jiyoung: During interviews, the unnies will help me in their own way when I’m unable to answer correctly.

Photo credits: Kogoro@karaboard

Translation: melllllly@tumblr / _breakit@twitter

For the Full Interview: [2013.08.29] Oristar

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[Info/News] KARA Will Perform Runaway

DSP posted a notice at KARA's daum cafe stating that KARA will be performing Runaway this Sunday at the Incheon Korean Music Wave!

src | Dejuanholic


[Pic] Full Bloom Album Cover + Tracklist



cr | twitter

[Vid] Full Bloom Album Preview

[Translations] 13.08.27. 韓 Fun Magazine Interview Translations

F: So, in relation to “Thank You Summer Love”, what would you like to do in summer?

Nicole: I made plans with Hara to go Hawaii but we ended up not going because of work… That’s why I want to go to Hawaii.

Translation: melllllly@tumblr / _breakit@twitter

 Full Interview HERE

[Caps] Damaged Lady Teaser 2 : Nicole Captures


cr | karaboard

I keep looking at these ^^

Been hearing that Nicole is really good with giving that look haha.

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[Tweet/Instagram] Rodericck Bookstore

A relaxing afternoon @ rodericck bookstore

Translated by yooniqda_

So I don't know that Nicole has other schedules today lol XD

[News] Kara Sits at the Throne for ‘Damaged Lady’ Teaser #2

Appearing as queens, the Kara members pierced the cameras for the second video teaser for Damaged Lady.

On August 28, DSP Media unveiled another video teaser for Kara’s upcoming song Damaged Lady. In the video, the members sit at the throne, appearing as royalty, dressed in black and gold dresses while fiddling with jewels.

The highlights of Kara’s fourth album, Full Bloom, will be released on August 29, followed by the main teaser for the music video on August 30 and finally the full album on September 2. The group will also hold a showcase on the same day. 

src | mwave

[Info] GyulCole are busy, no Radio Star Recording

On August 28, MBC announced that Park Jin Young, Goo Hara, Han Seung Yeon, and Kang JI Young will participated in the filming of Radio Star. Nicole and Park Gyuri were unfortunately unable to go to the recording due to prior schedules.

src | mwave


[Tweet] Teaser 2

": [Teaser]KARA의 [숙녀가 못 돼] 두 번째 티져 공개! 아름다운 그녀들의 모습을 확인해보세요~^^ ▶"

Go Go Sing Sing ~ !

[Vid] Damaged Lady MV: Teaser 2

whoa.. its nice.

They look soo rich, I love it!

[Audio] Fantastic Girls Album (NEW Songs)



Endless Night:

Itiban Ni Watasi Wo Dakisimete ( Please Embrace Me First ):

[News]  KARA Prepares Fans For Japan And Korea Album Releases

K-Pop girl group KARA is getting fans excited for their comebacks - a Japanese album Fantastic Girls on August 28 and a Korean album Full Bloom a week later on September 2.

On Sunday the ladies revealed the sexy teaser video for "Damaged Lady," the promo track for their upcoming Korean release.

Last week they pre-released "Runway" to give everyone a taste of what can be expected for the seven track and two instrumental Full Bloom album.

There has been a lot of talk about the new release since July when the plans were first made public. The group is set to take on several different concepts for the new songs and their September 2 showcase as seen by the variety of teaser photos revealed in the last couple weeks.

The first set showed the KARA members in androgynous suits then, about a week later, they were shown in feminine dresses. Finally, August 23, a photo album was uploaded to the group's official Facebook page titled 'Queens' and in the pictures the ladies donning royal attire and tiaras.

With a group of talented composers behind them who have a lot of experience working with KARA already, KARA and their agency are ready to take the charts by storm.

Additionally KARA's new Japanese album, their fourth, has already had success with the release of two singles earlier in the year.

"Bye Bye Happy Days" was officially released back in late March and the song debuted at number three on Japan's Oricon daily singles chart. It also made its first appearance on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 in second place.

The second single, "Thank You Summer Love," came out late last month and KARA achieved their highest first day sales for the song, selling 48,479 copies.

"Thank You Summer Love" debuted at number one on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 and number two on the Oricon daily singles chart making it another big success for KARA in Japan.

In the meantime, attention is focused on the "Damaged Lady" teaser video that hints the song is going to be full of funky club beats and charismatic swag.

cr | kpopstarz

[Vid] 13.08.11. Live Monster (English Subbed)

[News] KARA ranks #1 on Tower Records' pre-order chart with 'Full Bloom'


Ahead of its release on September 2, KARA's 4th Korean album 'Full Bloom' crossed overseas to Japan where it rose to #1 on Tower Records' pre-order chart. As if they don't have enough on their plate already with their upcoming domestic comeback, KARA will also release their 4th full-length Japanese album 'Fantastic Girls' on the 28th.

The girls will then go on their second 'KARASIA' arena tour starting off on October 8 at Yokohama, where they'll perform in front of 140,000 fans in 7 cities across Japan. 

cr | ak


[Tweet/Instagram] Secret Selca

Took a selca secretly 

Translated by _karatweets

[Blab] No Schedule Cole... so far.

DSP has just updated KARA's calendar with 3 new schedules and Nicole isn't included in any recordings. The other members have recorded 2 shows already without Nicole.

 Hello and Quiz on Korea are only the 2 shows Nicole has or will record for.

I'm not placing blame on anyone, just that we don't even know what's going to happen to KARA after this year. If we can see all of them more on Korean shows, it'll be the best.

Hopefully, we'll see Nicole besides performances.

[Info/Rumor] Damaged Lady's Possible Sound?

According to someone who has listened to 'damaged lady' song, it doesn't sounds like a dance track but it sounds like a band song.. it has powerful drum, synthesizer, electric guitar sounds.

숙녀가못대 음원 들어보신분에 의하면 댄스곡같지 않고 밴드음악 같답니다.. 드럼,신디사이저,일렉기타의 사운드가 강력하데요.....  

src | gidalim1

translated by yooniqda_

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[Vid] The Color of K-POP: Making of Dazzling Red Preview

There's a DVD out on the 28th...

[Scan] EXILE Magazine (October 2013 ed)

src |karaboard

[Info] Surprising composer for Happy Happy Love


src | ChaChaAOM

So that happened. 
He's a really good friend of Jay Park's and his producing partner I think.
I did think it was odd Jay started following Hara and Jing on instagram and so yea so it makes sense now lol.

[Info] Damaged Lady MV Director

The director for Kara's new MV for "Damaged Lady"

Cho, Soo-hyun  (directed Mirotic, Gangnam Style, EXO's Growl, etc. plus Shinhwa's title "This Love")

src | instiz 

tip off | ultraman88

Oh.. interesting...

[Fan] Nicole Damaged Lady Fan art by Raden_92

[Pics] BTS of KSWISS Fall/Winter Photoshoot

src | poossong

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[Pics] KARA for Kan FUN



more photos @ src | sanspo

There's an interview there too.. but it's in Japanese XD

[News] Kara is a Group of Damaged Ladies in New Teaser Video


Contrary to their new song title, the Kara members appeared like strong independent ladies in their latest video teaser for Damaged Lady.

The teaser was released on August 26, showing the members dressed up in dark suits while strutting down the runway, posing confidently and peering into the camera from all angles.

In the clip, they whisper the lyrics, “I can’t be a lady,” which is the song title in Korean.

Kara will be returning with its fourth album, Full Bloom on September 2.

src | mwave

[Instagram] teaser 1


teaser 1

[Tweet] Go Go Sing !!!

: [Teaser] KARA 의 4번 째 앨범의 새 타이틀곡 [숙녀가 못 돼] 첫 번째 티져가 공개되었습니다~^^ 바로 확인해보세요! ▶ "

 Go Go Sing !!!

[Vid] Damaged Lady MV Teaser 1

ooh loving the new looks  :)

The 2nd teaser will be released on the 28th!!

[Pic] Kamilia School Fan Meeting 2013

cr |NicKARAole

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[Instagram/Tweet] Summer Dress/Practice

  I wear a one piece ~~~kekekekekekekekeke summer dress  


JiNi's cute and Cole's Hair looks normal :) haha
Well it looks shorter and a bit more red/dark?

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

[News] Kara Become Royal Queens for ‘Full Bloom’


From men to princesses, Kara is undergoing several transformations, this time becoming queens for its upcoming fourth album, Full Bloom.

The new teaser photos were released on August 22 through Kara′s official Facebook page. Each Kara member dressed up in elegant black and gold dresses fit for royalty with tiaras and crowns on their heads.

DSP Media stated, “The princess concept represents when Kara first debuted. The return of the queen is Kara now.” The agency stated that the new album will include a 50-page pictorial that will show Kara’s growth since the beginning."

Kara will be releasing its first video teaser for I Can’t Become a Lady on August 26 and will make a comeback on September 2.

cr | mwave

[Info] Damaged Lady MV Teaser

The  MV teaser for Damaged Lady ( I guess this is the English title now) will be released on August 26th!

src | enews24


Love It!

All their dresses and jewelry are decked out haha.

[LINE] Arena Goods


Taking photos for our Arena tour goods. ☆ Please look forward to it! 

cr | _KARAtweets

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

[Info] Full Bloom Tracklist

1. 1+1

2. 2Night

3. Follow Me

4. In The Game

5. Smoothie

6. Runaway

7. Can't Be A Lady/Damaged Lady

Looks like Can't Be A Lady/Damaged Lady and Runaway will have Instrumental Versions.


KARA's 4th Album will be called "Full Bloom" 


Tweet from yooniqda_ 

in addition to the manly kara and the ice princess, a new concept photo will be revealed on 23rd at naver music

[Vid] 13.08.10. Music Dragon (English Subbed)

cr | steprider001

[News] KARA pre-releases "Runaway", announcing their comeback

K-pop girl group KARA pre-released new song "Runaway", written by JYP Entertainment’s composer.

On August 21, their new single "Runaway" was released to online music sites. The song is written by Shim Eun Ji, who is a contracted song writer for JYP Entertainment. Shim has been writing for JYP Entertainment’s artists including 2AM, 2PM, and 15&. Recently, she participated in other K-pop artists such as f(x) and Infinite. Shim is well known for ballad songs and songs in medium tempo.

For the music video of the song, highlight video clip from their special drama ‘Secret Love’ was used causing a buzz among K-pop fans.

KARA announced their comeback on September 2 from their showcase. They will unveil their new song "Can’t Be A Lady". Their comeback showcase will be broadcast live through Naver Music. (photo by DSP Entertainment) 

src | bnt news

[Audio] (LQ) Fantastic Girls Preview

[Audio] Runaway [Male Version]

I like it :)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

[Instagram] Runaway MV One of Two Runaway

[Vid] Runaway (Full Song) English Subbed

[Translations] Kara – Runaway (둘 중에 하나) English Translations


Where are you? When’re you coming? Again today, it’s me who is waiting
No, it’s alright, I’m sorry for tactlessly pushing you

I wasn’t strong enough so I couldn’t let you go
I know it’s my foolish greed
But I’m erasing my tears and swallowing my words, I can’t watch myself anymore, I can’t watch

You’d better walk away, I’m all alone, what to do?
Of the two of us, I’m the only one who can’t live without you
But what more is there to do? Now I’ll let you go
There are so many girls like me in this world

Let go of my hand, look, your heart and my heart are so different
Now I finally realized, I’m sorry it’s so late

I wasn’t strong enough so I couldn’t let you go
I know it’s my foolish greed
Though it’s a fake love, I swallow it because it’s sweet but I can’t take it anymore, I can’t do this

You’d better walk away, I’m all alone, what to do?
Of the two of us, I’m the only one who can’t live without you
But what more is there to do? Now I’ll let you go
There are so many girls like me in this world

Oh oh oh oh oh (x3)
Just go, it’s not too late
Love will make you run away

I can’t let go or hold onto you
My lips dry up and tears keep flowing
Just one way but wrong way, it’s already ruined
What is love that it ties me up? Why?
Back then, when you looked at me, back then, just for one minute, one second, you shoulda stop that
I only knew you, I didn’t know the beginning or end
I’m so pathetic for horribly falling for you without fear

Don’t you say my name
Please don’t tell me that you loved me
What’s so great about love?
I don’t wanna do it anymore

You’d better walk away, I’m all alone, what to do?
Of the two of us, I’m the only one who can’t live without you
But what more is there to do? Now I’ll let you go
Forget a girl like me and live well

Oh oh oh oh oh (x3)
Just go, it’s not too late
Love will make you run away
src | popgasa

[Pic] New Photo for Can't Be A Lady

[Info] Buy Runaway On Itunes!!

BUY HERE:  Runaway


I did!!

[MV] Runaway MV (Eng Subbed)

from Loen

[Tweet] What Goes Around

what goes around comes around . . 
sooner or later .

[MV] Runaway MV

OMG! I love it!!

[Instagram/Tweet] Wonderful Recommendation

Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.

Wonderful recommendation by my little cousin. finished reading it in one day★ love you sweetie (:

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[Tweet/Instagram] Pain


Pain; it demands to be felt

[Info] MBC Korean Music Wave in Singapore

#KMWsg lineup: SHINee, EXO, 2PM, 2AM, FT Island, B1A4, TeenTop, BAP, Kara, Sistar, Miss A, IU & 4Minute + mystery MCs.

 src| xinmsn_en
 MBC Korean Music Wave in Singapore will be held on 16 Nov at Gardens By The Bay.
src | musicwave sg

It'd be awesome if Nicole gets to host !!

[Instagram] The Fault In Our Stars