Sunday, September 29, 2013

[Tweet/Instagram] Cheesecake from 91 Line

91 friends prepared a birthday cake at late night ♥ when i'm looking for you you suddenly disappeared, I almost feel disappointed. . . you guys are the best !! >  _  <

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[Vid] 13.09.29. KBS Open Concert Damaged Lady

[Fan] 13.09.28. K-POP Festival in Gangwon 2013 Fan Photos by Tail


[Fan] 13.09.29. Inkigayo Fancam (KARA Leaving)

Cole's kiss!

[Tweet/Instagram] Nicole with Jaejin & Amber Backstage at Ft Island Concert


FT concert everyone looks tired.., keke

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From Amber's Instagram:


Ft island concert was dope! @saico0111 재진오빠 수고해쏘! ... 글구 니콜언니 ㅋㅋ @_911007nicole

[Fan] 13.09.28. K-POP Festival in Gangwon 2013 Fan Photos by studio-g HAMDING


[Vid] 13.09.29. SBS Inkigayo

well, it was short but fun.

here comes the tour :)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

[News] JYJ, Kara, Yoon Eun Hye and More Lead the Halfway Results for the “Korean Entertainment 10th Anniversary Awards in Japan”

The “Korean Entertainment 10th Anniversary Awards in Japan” will be held on October 19 in Chiba prefecture, Japan to celebrate 10 years of Hallyu in the Land of the Rising Sun.

To award the top players of Hallyu in Japan, public voting is proceeding at the Korean Entertainment Awards homepage ( The halfway results are in, and the top artists will be no surprise for those familiar with Hallyu.

For the top awards in music, JYJ, Jaejoong, Kara, and BoA are leading in the various categories. JYJ leads the best male group category, JYJ member Jaejoong in the best male solo, Kara in the best female group, and BoA leads the best female solo.

For the top awards in drama, whose voting started on June 22, “Winter Sonata” is leading the drama category, while its lead Bae Yong Joon heads the best male actor, and Yoon Eun Hye leads the best female actor category.

cr | soompi

[Vid] Pandora Showcase Making

tip off | christine

Cole @ 6:34

[Fan] 13.09.28. K-POP Festival in Gangwon 2013 Fancams

[News] [Exclusive★Selca] Charms of the ‘Damaged Lady’ KARA

“KARA are finishing their activity of 1 month and will leave Korea soon. It's because the Japan Tour that will start on October. We prepared this for all of you that feel sad. You can see for yourself ‘one between the two’. KARA's love or their sincerity. Hahaha don't miss today's last stage of KARA's 'Damaged Lady'~ hahaha”   

The 44th target is KARA.  Doing their domestic activity after 1 year, they are upgraded from goddesses to queens.  Recently they unfolded a head-banging performance to commemorate 1st place on a certain music program.  Even with that, they are still sexy.  The KARA who used to be lively and cute when they debuted has matured into ladies that exude charisma. 

Park Gyuri who boasting slim waist line since debut, Jung Nicole with her crazy connections while leading the 91 line, Han Seungyeon who solve her stress with emptying the rice while maintaining her figure even wanted to be a gourmet, Goo Hara who always become a hot topic even while shopping and eating with friends, Maknae Kang Jiyoung who has grown up this year to 20 y.o with superior visual, we will reveal their every activities. right now~ go go go!


Nicole “I'm very happy since it's a domestic activity after a long time. Now it's ‘Damaged Lady’ last stageㅜㅜ

“This is Nicole who can't stand hunger. Rice~ will you come fast? haha”
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[Instagram] NicoleStar Bucks


NicoleStar Bucks

[Vid] 13.08.29. R No Housuku (Eng Subbed) by steprider001

[Vid[ 13.09.07. KBS Entertainment Weekly KARA (Eng Subbed) by steprider001

[Pics] 13.09.28. K-POP Festival in Gangwon 2013 Photos



[News] Mir says he'd stay just friends with Nicole even if they were marooned on a deserted island


MBLAQ's Mir's  talked about his close friendship with KARA's Nicole!

The 28th's episode of MBC's 'Quiz to Change the World' talked about the topic of 'My boyfriend/girlfriend's opposite-sex friend'. The panel discussed the topic, and Mir said that he'd just accept it.

While he was talking, MC Lee Hwi Jae asked, "If you were marooned on a deserted island with Nicole, will the two of you still be just friends?". Mir admitted, "Actually, I've had this talk with Nicole before. We're just friends even if that happens."

When singer Kim Heung Gook heard this, he made everyone laugh by commenting, "Are you a eunuch?".
 watch here: dckara
or karaboard

haha. googled eunuch XD

honestly, like Cole would want to be anything other than friends... lol

[Tweet] Walnut Cake

Walnut cake. . .it's really delicious ♥

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[Vid]13.09.28. MBC Music Core Damaged Lady Goodbye Stage

Nicole and Soyu :)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

[Fan] 13.09.15. Full Bloom Fan Sign Fan Photos Pt. 2 by wolfskins




[Fan] 13.09.15. Full Bloom Fan Sign Fan Photos by wolfskins



[Nicole-ing] 13.09.26. Nicole's Message at Nicole-ing: It's Really Been a Long Time!


Nicole-inging ~~~ Hello everyone ! It's really been a long time hasn't it??
Actually. . . .every time I've tried to access I couldn't do itㅜㅜ Also I keep on forgetting my password. . so it's like this. . .
I'm sorry. . . you must be. . .sad right??
I'll come more often ! So I can also access this site using the phone . . .euhuhuhuhuhuhu. . . . ㅠㅅㅠ

This week is our last stages. . .you must feel some pity don't you? We feel that tooㅜㅜhuk. . . .
I feel thankful just to be able to see you again but. . . can't help to feel pity and wanting for more.
However let's have fun for the last 3 days ! Spend our days happily to the utmost ♥

My favorite, Autumn is slowly coming ! Kkya
It's starting to get cold at night. Be careful not to get cold because of the changing of the seasons and wear warm clothes.

. . . you know how I feel right. . .?
I hope you do. .

It's a selca I took last week. . .lately I don't take selca often. .ㅜ

Tip off | RON
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[Instagram] Cake


[Instagram/Tweet] Nicole's Birthday Ad


thank you ♥

* Some of Nicole's Korean and Japanese fans had this ad put up at Hongik University subway station to celebrate Nicole's birthday!

This made news too :) 

[Fan] 13.09.15. Full Bloom Album Fan Sign Photos by _llTOPll_

[Fan] 13.09.25. Show Champion Head Bang Fancam (Jing Biased)

Cole headbanging @ 1:03

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

[Tweet/Instagram] Stretching


Argh. . .stretching in the practice room . . . let's run ~~ let's go !!!!

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Monday, September 23, 2013

[Fan] 13.09.15. Full Bloom Fan Sign Ending Fancam by panic

Remember those fan pictures of Nicole and JiYoung from the fan sign on the 15th? 
There's more to the story...

[Vid] 13.09.21. SBS Star King KARA Cut

[News] KARA belatedly announced as #1 for the 2nd week of September on 'Music Bank's 'K-Chart'

KARA has been belatedly announced as the winner of 'Music Bank' for the week of September 13!

'Music Bank' wasn't able to air its regular broadcast due to its 'Music Bank in Istanbul' special on the 13th, leaving fans curious about who the winner was for that week. According to 'Music Bank's 'K-Chart' for the 2nd week of September which has been revealed today, KARA's "Damaged Lady" came in at #1 with a total of 6,350 points consisting of 2574 digital points, 3040 album sales points, and 736 broadcast points.

Congrats to KARA!
 cr | ak

Oh yay!

Too bad KARA weren't there or available to give their speech. Hopefully, we get some funny video soon haha

[Vid] Let's Dance: KARA - Damaged Lady

Cole teacher :)

[Fan] 13.09.12. KBS Open Concert Fan Photos by Toto




[Fan] 13.09.14. KARA @ Gimpo Airport Depature Fan Photo by Toto


[Fan] 13.08.31. Quiz on Korea Fan Photos by Toto


[Fan] 13.09.01. Incheon Korean Music Wave Fan Photos by wildtakky37


[Fan] 13.09.01. Incheon Korean Music Wave Ending Fan Photos by wildtakky37