Tuesday, January 31, 2012

[Tweet] Rice cooker

 Need to buy a new rice container today!!! uaaaaaaah!!!

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[Fan] 12.01.31. MBC Music Festival Fan Pic (Nicole)

[Vid] 12.01.29. SBS Inkigayo MC cut (Eng Subbed)

(H)ara: How come you still don't have a girlfriend?

(B)rian: ......

B: I don't know.

H: Honestly...

H: Out of the three of us, who is the closest to your ideal type?

B: Although all of you are pretty and lively, I choose Nicole since I'll be able to talk to her easily.

(N)icole: hahaha (all happy)

H & IU: OK. Go out! Go out!

N: We'll handle that our own.

N: Should we quickly introduce the next performance?

H & IU: Ohhhh ohhhh

LOL @ Hara saying that Nicole's dress is a maxi dress that only people in the US wears :P

[Fan] 12.01.23. MBC Music Festival Fan cam : STEP

butt/hip slap again lol

her bangs are way long, can't see her eyes XD
her extensions look better cause her natural length is longer

[Fan] KARA Forever Five Fan Art by radeonactive

[Pic] 12.01.31. MBC Music Festival Performance Pictures (Nicole)


I guess KARA skipped the snowy white carpet ... but it looked so pretty with the snow falling..

[blab] Nicole & Jaekyung: Outfit Twins


Nicole @ the Golden Disk Awards the other week


Jaekyung today @ the MBC Music Festival

This actually isn't the first time they've worn basically the same outfit lol:


Jaekyung wore this @ the 2011 SBS Gayo 

then Nicole wore this outfit on Inkigayo:

Monday, January 30, 2012

[News] 112.01.30. DSP Media to simultaneously debut new girl group ‘DSP Girls’ in Korea & Japan

DSP Media, the home to hit girl groups KARA and Rainbow, has announced that they will be debuting their next girl group simultaneously in Korea and Japan!

The five member girl group is temporarily nicknamed ‘DSP Girls‘ and will be making their debut through an animation series titled, ‘Pretty Rhythm, Dear My Future‘. They’ll be attending the production conference in Tokyo on January 31st, and this will mark the first girl group debut through an animation show in both Korea and Japan.

The group is comprised of Haein (18), Shiyoon, Chaekyung, Somin (all 16), and Jae Eun (14). Despite still being in the debut preparation stage, they have been receiving CF casting offers from Nintendo and Whisper. At the production conference, the ladies will be performing their own cover of KARA’s “Pretty Girl“.

‘Pretty Rhythm’ is an animation and comic series detailing the debut process of girl group trainees. The members will be unveiled one by one before their debut, and their debut single itself will be released within the animation show.

The girls will be competing against avex’s girl group Prism, and also have a collaboration down the line once they both make their debuts. Prism will also be making an appearance in the animation show.

‘Pretty Rhythm’ will air on TV Tokyo starting April, and their Japanese debut single is scheduled for release in July.

Taken from: Tokyo Hive

Okay got my thoughts in order lol

1. What?! Where did these girls come from lol, I didn't hear anything about them and I do look around... XD

2. Hm.. they are pretty young, they seem to be leaning towards the fresh and cute image

3. OMG, what does this mean for KARA? What is the direction of KARA in the future?

4. So what about DSP's boy group?

5. I wonder if KARA knows any of the members

[Fan] KARA @ High1 Seoul Music Awards Fan Art


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Sunday, January 29, 2012

[Fan] Nicole's Autograph @ Mango Six


cr: Kuuga_KARA

This was signed when she had her fan signing, they put a plastic cover of it :D

[Info] KARA will have 2 songs in Strangers 6 drama!


We heard about Prayer but I guess there's another song called Sweetune.. by Sweetune.. lol XD

[Gif] 12.01.29. SBS Inkigayo MC Nicole

[Cap] 12.01.29. SBS Inkigayo MC Nicole

[Vid] 12.01.29. SBS Inkigayo MC Cuts

wizards to day :D

hm what were talking about that Brian mentions Nicole.. I have idea but not sure lol

Thursday, January 26, 2012

[News] 12.01.26. Which K-Pop Star and K-Drama Are Japan's Favorite?

What is Japan’s favorite Korean Drama? That would be “Winter Sonata.”

And who is Japan’s favorite Korean artists? The answer would be Kara.

Younghoon David Kim, the chairman of the Korean Cultural Industry Exchange Foundation, has been researching the effects of the Hallyu Wave in Japan. His latest analysis of the Hallyu Wave in Japan has been made public through the fourth series entitled, “Forever Wave: An Original."

According to the book, 2,000 men and women aged fifteen and older, living in Tokyo and Osaka, were targeted for a Hallyu craze survey. “Winter Sonata” is still the number one favorite show with the Japanese, according to those who participated in the poll. They were also asked “Who is the most talented Korean actor?” Coming in first place was Bae Yong Joon, followed by Choi Ji Woo in second place, two of the main leads for "Winter Sonata."

As for favorite artists, Kara proved to be the most admired performers in Japan. The ladies came in first 34.8% of the votes. They held on to a lead of 17.8% over their next competitor.
The book also looked at the rate of import and export status in Japan, while focusing on the Korean Wave’s effects on international trade with Japan. It is clear that it has had an effect as the numbers have gone up there as well.

Taken from SOOMPI

[Vid] KARAdise 2012 in Paris Photo shoot filming

[Pics] 12.01.26. Nicole @ Gimpo Airport


^^ look what book she's reading :)

The girls are heading to Tokyo for the Korean International Style Show !!

[Vid] 12.01.23. MSNJapan KARA Interview Golden Disk Awards (Eng Subbed)

[Pic] Nicole @ Photo shoot for Clothing Endorsement



The person who posted this up said this was last week for a clothing ad shooting with Nicole & 2AM.  

Notice the brand is covered on Cole's jacket? haha XD

Said Nicole was pretty too :)

WHEEE!! Can't wait for more news :D

Source: Naver
Tip off: Kamihan1988 <3!!!

JinCole fans must be Ekscited, hoping for couple pics haha

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

[Tweet] Nicole @ BangMir

Mir: I was feeling tired and had a slight fever so I wanted to have a hot choco and go to bed so I went out to Tom & Tom*.. I said “One hot choco please” and the cashier said “Would you like your hot choco to be hot or cold?” so I was like “0_0…..?” and the cashier was like “I’m joking Mir..^^”.. And while I was waiting for my hot choco ‘This Is war’ was on.. what a cashier with a good sense..

*a coffee shop in Korea

Cole @ Mir: Cute  ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

SOURCE: Mir’s Twitter
TRANSLATION: bcrystal89 @ Twitter

[News] 12.01.24 IU receives advice from Kara's Nicole about her Japan debut

Korea's "Nation's Little Sister", popular singer IU, held a premium live showcase in Tokyo on February 24. Her debut single, 'Good Day', is scheduled to be released in Japan on March 21st.

During an interview after the showcase, IU displayed confidence as she expressed, "I am happy to meet all my fans and I'm feeling optimistic." Last year, girl groups such as Kara and SNSD stood out in the Japanese market, but currently IU is taking on the challenge as a solo singer.

When asked "Don't you feel pressured?", IU answered, "I think it's fine to enjoy myself and not aspire too much." KARA's Nicole also gave her some advice. She said, "Nicole-unni advised me to improve my Japanese and be cute, so I told her I would work even hard on my Japanese." Also, in response to the question about which Japanese idol she looks up to, she said, "I would like to meet Utada Hikaru. Yui Arakagi is pretty too and I really admire her."

Translation: squishyblob @ weheartiu
Source: http://news.tv-asahi...120124_260.html

BS Made in Japan, where IU talks about Nicole's advice:

Aww loving the Cole and IU relationship <3!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

[Tweet] Cole & G.NA

Cole: Eat and sleep, eat and sleep. There was time so today, I made some curry. Besides curry, I had eggs too .. kekee

G.NA @ Cole: Baby ㅋ I keep eating and sleeping as well... Aigoo Happy new year !!! See you soon !! ^^

Cole @ G.NA: ㅋㅋ Unnie gain [some weight] !!! ㅋㅋ Eat and sleep more ㅋㅋㅋ And I miss you, let's brunch together soon

Trans: RoyalGNA_ Tweets

[Tweet] Feast

Cole: Eat and sleep, eat and sleep.
There was time so today, I made some curry..
Besides curry, I had eggs too .. kekee


Jing: OMG! i wanna eat!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Saturday, January 21, 2012

[Vid] KARA Vacation 2: Nicole gives up? (Eng Subbed)

 Leo Dicaprio and Taira? LOL

[Tweet] Nicole & her Mom's New Year's Brunch


Nicole's mom tweeted that she and Nicole are having brunch, it had been a long time.

Cole tweeted this afterwards: My stomach's bursting....
cr: Cherrims @ Twitter

looks soo delicious!

[Fan] 12.01.19. High1 Seoul Music Awards Red Carpet by Head_Up

[Fan] 12.01.18. Asia Model Awards Fan Pic (Nicole) by Diabolique

[Fan] 12.01.18. Asia Model Awards Red Carpet Fan Pic (Nicole) by FIRST SIGHT

[Fan] 12.01.18. Asia Model Awards Fan Pic (Nicole) by FIRST SIGHT


[Fan] 12.01.18. Asia Model Awards Red Carpet Fan Pic (Nicole) by Charming_Girls


^^ Cole's always a sweetie helping out Seungyeon :D

[Vid] 12,01.19. KARASIA in JAPAN Ce Matin (Eng Subbed)


Mr. Mori is going haha.

[Pics] KARA Je t'aime Photo Book Pics (HQ)


cr: dckara
tip off: Zephyrean @ twitter

Click for FULL Sizes!

[Tweet] Longest MV & Chocolate

Today we filmed our longest music video!! You're curious, aren't you? ^^ Please look out for it! I ate so much chocolate, what should I do...!!! I like it so much, it's impossible to refuse!!!! >_<

CR: _karatweets

She should really treat herself though.. it's just chocolate XD

Friday, January 20, 2012

[Vid] 12.01.21. Music Core KARA Happy New Year Clip

[Info/blab] KARA New Japanese PV Round Up


This picture was tweeted an hour ago by one of KARA's dancers

then Gyuri tweeted that she was done filming the MV.


This is Jing's set pic tweeted by their stylist.

The set pics from Hara's B-Day:


then going back to Jan 8th when their stylist tweeted this pic of Nicole and SeungYeon where Nicole tweeted they were having a "filming session after so long":


then this pictured turned up on dckara in which you can see Nicole is wearing the same blue dress from the picture above:

KARAStaff tweeted this today: 

Please give strength to the members who filmed MV for their Japanese single until this morning.. strength! strength!

trans credit: iamme_yoon @ twitter!
So this is for their new Japanese Single!!

*KARAStaff are insider Korean fans :D

[Fan] KARA Official Fanclub Card (Korean)

 cr: parkseungcole @ twitter 

I like the font/logo and the peach color on the card.