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[News] 11.12.01. KARA will Open Kouhaku 2011

5 member girl goup Kara will be the opening stage act for the best, special Japanese show 'NHK Kouhaku'.

On the 1st, many Japnese media said that on December 31st '62nd NHK Kouhaku' which starts at 7:15 PM will feature Kara for the first time. They mentioned their opening stage as well.

SanK Sports said, "Kara, whom member Kang Jiyoung is still under-aged, will be performing with the youngest star to be on 'Kouhaku, baby star Ashida Mana, from 7:15 PM to 8 PM. They will both be guests together for 45 minutes and will set the fun mood through stage performances" and revealed that out of 55 teams, they will perform the opening stage.

In Japan, if a celebrity is still a minor, they are prohibited to make appearances on TV after 9PM.

SanK Sports said, "Kara's devoted fan Ashida Mana begged during the Guest List Press Conference on November 30th, 'I would like to dance with KARA', and Kara's leader Gyuri who was there replied, 'We want to perform with Ashida Mana too'".

Kara and Girls Generation did very well in Japan this year and they both made the guest list for 'Kouhaku' for the first time. They were put in to the red team. TVXQ, who have been on 'Kouhaku' for the 3rd time, including this year, was put in to the white team.
Source: Nate
Translated by: sysbittersweet @ KH

Hehe Ashida Mana has got to be the cutest fan ever. She wanted it so it was done. Yep. :D
The girls will do a great job hyping up the crowd, hope they sing GGS.. just amazing energy for this performance!!

[Pics] 11.11.30. Best Dressed Awards (Tokyo)


^^ lol Look at Hara and then the other two XD 
They should practice :P

[Pics] 11.11.30. Kouhaku Press Conference


Props to Cole for trying something new, well for her haha. 
I don't ever remember her wearing a long dress/gown before!

[Fan] Cole & Jing from Family Mart Chicken CM

cute lol. 

cr: as tagged

[Vid] 11.11.30. SBS Midnight Entertainment TV (HaNi cut)

[Info/News] KARA tops Oricon Weekly Chart!

In the weekly album's chart, KARA takes the 1st spot with no less than 275,206 copies of "Super Girl" sold, showing their high popularity in the country.

Weekly Albums Chart
01. KARA - Super Girl (11/23)
23. Girls' Generation - The Boys (10/21) Korean Release
40. Girls' Generation - Girls' Generation (06/01)
38. TVXQ - TONE (09/28)

Weekly Single Chart
12. After School - Diva (11/23)
19. Infinite - BTD (11/19)
21. ZE:A - Daily Daily (11/22)
47. 2PM - Ultra Lover (11/02)
50. KARA - Winter Magic (10/19)

Daily Album Chart
02. 2PM - REPUBLIC OF 2PM (11/30)
03. KARA - Super Girl (11/23)

Source: Singles (daily & weekly), Albums (daily & weekly)
CR: koreaboo

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

[Vid] 11.11.30. KARA @ Kouhaku Press Conference

Talk Portion:

represent girls !

SY & Jing have schedules XD

Part 1: 

Part 2:

 cr: withkara!

[Info/News] KARA really are CONFIRMED to attend Kouhako

Just saw Gyuri, Hara, and Colea the live press conference!

Cole's looking Elegant in a Black/White long dress: 


KARA listed on the Red Team posted at official site:

YAY .. oh SNSD are also on the Red Team as well.
lol noob here... Red Team aka Female Team haha..
This year Red Team is hosted by Mao Inoue !! & the White Team has "won" the past 6 Years!!
(acc to wiki)
Ashida Mana is there as well :D

[News] 11.11.30. KARA wins the Japanese ‘Best Dressed’ International Prize

KARA will receive the ‘Best Dressed’ International category prize at the ’2011 Best Dressed Awards’, which will be held on November 30 at 6:35 p.m. in Japan, run by the Japan Fashion Association.
Bae Yong Joon won the prize in 2004 and KARA will be the second Korean prize winner after 7 years.
KARA’s Han Seung Yeon and Kang Jiyoung will not able to attend the ceremony due to other scheduled events. Park Gyuri, Goo Hara, and Nicole will attend the ceremony.

The ceremony has been held since 1972 and it is well known for its authoritative and traditional prizes. Many popular Japanese singers, including Amuro Namie, Hamasaki Ayumi, and Hirai Ken, and many other celebrities have received the prize.

KARA’s Super Girl, which was released on November 23, ranked 1st on the Oricon December 5 weekly album chart recording 275,206 album sales.

A spokesperson for KARA says, “The album ranked first on the Oricon weekly chart. Their Korean album and their first album Girl Talk ranked 2nd during the first week of the album’s release. 480 thousand copies have been  sold so far and we are expecting more album sales later.”
Source: TV Report
CR: en.korea
They did dress way better (& cuter) in Japan :)

[Info] Nicole's role in My Way

from this tweet by Aceham on twitter,

Cole's a person who passes out flyers & her line is "Are you okay" in the movie.

Trans: iamme_yoon @ twitter.
Also saw fans post that Ms. Shirley is friends with the director which is how Nicole managed to get a role in such a big time movie. 

Go Ms. Shirley !!

Honestly.. its kind of interesting when Nicole and her mom seem to have such a broader roster of contacts compared to ... XD

[Fan] KARA on the Cover of Popteen Magazine (Jan 2012)


cr: otsuraluv @ twitter

just like the anan cover :)

[Vid] 11.11.29. Kayou Surprise

Monday, November 28, 2011

[Fan] Fan Gift to Nicole @ Kuki Six Fan Sign

cr: ㅇㅍ @ dcnc

is it paint or print on canvas, can't tell..  and it looks huge
(click for original size of pic)
how nice.

[News] 11.11.28. SNSD, Kara, and TVXQ to appear on NHK’s ‘Red and White Song Battle’

With their successful Japanese promo under their belt this year, SNSD and Kara have been invited to appear on Japan‘s most celebrated year end music special, ‘Red and White Song Battle’. Both groups were invited for the first time ever and this year they’ll be joined by ‘Red and White Song Battle’ regulars, group TVXQ.
Sankei Sports along with other Japanese media outlets have reported on the 29th, “SNSD and Kara are confirmed to appear on NHK‘s ‘Red and White Song Battle’” and “TVXQ returns for their 3rd ‘Red and White Song Battle’ appearance”.
Announcing the news of their invitation a newspaper wrote, “The Korean Powers will decend on ‘Red and White Song Battle’”.
‘Red and White Song Battle’ invites singers that have actively promoted on the respective year and that have been widely loved by the fans. 50 some odd singers and groups are invited, then they are divided into red and white teams to showcase their performance. It is considered to be the highest honor for any Japanese artist to be invited and it is also one of highest rated show year in year out among the end of the year specials.
SNSD and Kara were considered for their appearance last year as well, but their brilliant Oricon chart rankings were not enough to get them on the list. With this year’s invitation they have truly reached the superstar status in Japan.
In a related news, Sankei sports reported, “Jang Geun Suk, Chosinsung, 2PM, and SHINee were also on the prospective roster, but in the end only SNSD, Kara, and TVXQ had made the list”.
Source: Money Today via Nate

Taken from KPOPFEVER

[Fan] Nicole the SchoolGirl from KARA 2012 Calendar

cr: Purisona 

click for full size!

[News] 11.11.28. KARA tops the Oricon Weekly Album Charts, breaks 30-year record

Korean girl group KARA released their 2nd album, “Super Girl“, on November 23rd, and, after debuting at #1, topped the Oricon Weekly Album Ranking by selling 275,000 in its first week!

This is KARA’s second time to top the charts, as their 3rd single, “Jet Coaster Love” reached first back in April. With this achievement, KARA has become the newest foreign female group to dominate both the single and album rankings.

The record was previously set over 30 years ago by The Nolans with their single, “I’m in the Mood for Dancing“, and the LP, “Gotta Pull Myself Together“.

Until now, the highest position that KARA claimed with their albums was 2nd place with “KARA BEST 2007-2010” and “Girl Talk“.

Additionally, the girls have set a new record for their first week sales, and has become the top selling foreign female group. Their sales have surpassed Shoujo Jidai’s “GIRL’S GENERATION” of 232,000 copies.

KARA’s album, “Super Girls”, features a total of 13 songs including “Jet Coaster Love”, “GO GO Summer!“, and “Winter Magic“.

Source: Oricon


whee!! hee!!

yay :D

[Gifs] Dorky Nicole at Family Mart CM making

cr: as tagged!

[Vid] 11.11.29. Sukkiri on the set of KARA's Family Mart Chicken CM

[Pic] 11.11.28. Nicole signing the wall @ Mango Six


cr: Mango Six Facebook

[Info/Notice] Nicole & Hara will show how they get their amazing waist/abs


Nicole and Hara will show simple ways to keep management of the body on SBS Midnight TV Entertainment.

Hara and her tiny waist and Nicole with her sexy 11 character abs lol

Will air on Nov 30th @ 8:50 PM!

[Fan/Info] 11.11.28. Nicole asked about My Way @ Kuki Six Fan Sign

So during the fan signing yesterday, a fan asked her about My Way:

    Me: Hello, I'm from nicole-ing
    Nicole: (signing) ah, I do keep my eye on it
    Me: I heard your gonna be in a movie? My way
    Nicole: Yep, that's right :P
    Me: What role do you play?
    Nicole: wouldn't be interesting if I tell you ^^ Have to watch it
    Me: hehe. Can I shake your hand just once? hehe
    Nicole: Yes^^
    Me: (shakes) Thank You. hehe

Source: nicole-ing
Tip off: Lupang @ KH 
Translated by Anky !

In another fan acct, she was asked again what role is she playing and she said have to go watch the movie, she's hiding in there LOL

keeping us all in suspense I see haha.

[News] Kara Hopes to Focus on Acting Next Year

It goes without saying that Kara has risen as one of the biggest power players when it comes to girl groups in the K-Pop market. They've spent a busy four years building their reputation, and now they're topping charts in both Korea and Japan.

"This year was an extremely happy year for us. We earned a lot of love in Japan and set records we never thought we'd reach. In Korea, we received so much love for our third studio album, 'Step,' which we're very grateful for. This just makes us want to work harder," Kara said.

With Hallyu growing bigger by the day, Asia seems like a small market for all of the budding artists taking a piece of the pie. As such, Kara is expanding into the North American and European market next year.

"We hope to perform in not only Asia, but in the States and Europe as well. We recently visited Australia and found more supportive fans than we had thought. We'd also like to hold our very own concert," Hara said.

Seungyeon added, "We released our 'Step' album in China and received an overwhelming response. It was moving to be so loved by so many people. We'd love to be able to formally advance into China and show what we're about."

Kara's success lies in their ability to take on any image and transform it into something all their own. A Japanese record label CEO said, "They're a girl group that turned mothers and aunts into fans along with teens."

Touching on the topic, Nicole commented, "I think Kara's girl-next-door charm works to our advantage more than anything. There is the pressure of having to show something new with each new album but I think that people generally receive us well. Through various albums, we've tried cute and sexy concepts, but I think to our fans, our cuter image is still the strongest. Kara's charm lies in our ability to pull off each new album's concept."

The reason for Kara's longevity comes from their multi-talented members. Each of the members is a multi-entertainer who can take on roles including acting in musicals, as a radio DJ, and a TV show MC on top of her singing career. Kara plans to expand on their acting careers next year.

The girls revealed, "2011 was a year where we could earn the title of 'singer,' 'radio DJ,' and 'musical actress.' In 2012, we want to work on our acting title. We were able to delve into acting a bit this year, but next year, we hope to branch out more on that."

Asked to give advice to their juniors, the group said, "We're lacking in various aspects still, but the most important thing is that we never gave up in the middle. If you work hard with one heart, we guarantee that you'll be met with positive results."


Proud of them <3!! 

[Fan] 11.11.28. Kuki Six Fan Sign fan pic Pic by Kansai

[Info] Day 6: Super Girl Album Sales



Total Sales: 259,602


* I think I got yesterday's total wrong lol XD 



[Fan] 11.11.28. Kuki Six Fan cam by by 콜갤 (Find)酒군 +

links to 2 other fancams here, won't embed: EVERKARA

[Fan] 11.11.28. Kuki Six Fan Sign fan pic Preview by Elcy

[Pics] 11.11.28. Kuki Six Fan Sign by Mango Six Facebook

[Vid] KARA Family Mart Chicken CM & Making

so cute !!

[Info/Pic] KARA's newest Japanese CM

KARA Japan CF! Family Mart "Fried Chicken" will be on-air in November 29. 2011
cr: kamilia070329

some caps from the CM shoot:  

cr: Zephyrean & amaikara

Sunday, November 27, 2011

[Tweet] On my way !

Wait a little longer~~~ On our/my way >< haha

CR: _karatweets

[Vid] 11.11.14. Boken Tutorial (Eng Sub) Pt. 1

[Fan] 11.11.28. Nicole Fan Sign Notice/Banners etc



cr: takuan, saltiano, woteki & hiropin1484 @ twitter

It's today !!

[Info/News] Nicole will make big screen debut in the movie "My Way" !!!!

Movie will be out Dec 22nd !!

I thought this might be prank edit by the fans but NOPE! 

Click on the movie poster and zoom in and Nicole's name is there :)

Movie stars Jang Donggun and Joe Odagiri !!

No word on what role she will be playing as of yet.
Fans speculate she will play a foreigner..
Such an interesting choice ..

Eckssited!! Cole's so hush hush about everything lol.. We get shocked a lot haha.

[Info] Nicole's living on her own

Nicole lives by herself in an apartment not too far from her mom and Hara (who also lives by herself).

- from a reliable source, I trust the info so that's why I put it up here.

I was shocked!

All this time we thought she lived with her mom lol. Nicole's so private though, too bad they never showed her apartment on KARA Live even though they showed her kitchen in the preview XD All the fun get-togethers she must have with her friends!!

I wanna see it some day lol XD

[Fan] KARA for NYLON fan pics (Jan 2012)


cr: minjoo @ twitter!

aww really like the JiNi  love pic .. HaYeon there too!

[Info] Day 5: Super Girl Album Sales

250,000 is SO close!!  

cr: tumblr

185, 746 + 37, 357 = 223, 103 !!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

[Vid] 11.11.27. Inkigayo MC cuts


They look tired..

[Cap] Day 4: Super Girl Album Sales


cap: tumblr

Sales went up !!

Total sales = 185,746

[Fan] Nicole Fan art: Face exercise & Pink Top


cr: as tagged!

lol I did see fans talking about her top when she was on this show...

Friday, November 25, 2011

[Info]GDA Cast (KARA Included)

So is this verified or?...

The Golden Disk Awards, Cast Schedule

January 11th, 2012 (Wed)

Super Junior
A pink


KARA's never been, so I'm not too familiar with this awards show.. XD

Only that you need to be there to accept an award..??

[News/Info] KARA nominated in two cateogries for The Golden Disk Awards 2011

The Golden Disk Awards (better known as the Korean equivalent of the Grammys) will soon be entering its 26th year, and organizers have just announced its list of nominees.
Separated into ‘Digital’ and ‘Album’ awards, the Golden Disk is known for selecting winners based on sales figures over the year. For this year’s nominees, the committee considered albums released from January 1st, 2011 to November 30th, 2011.
The 26th Golden Disk Awards will be held in Osaka, Japan on January 11th and 12, 2012 at the Kyocera Dome.
Check out the categories and nominees below:
< Album Award >
[ Presented to the most popular artist based on album sales figures for the year and ratings from judges ]
- 2PM (Hands Up)
- 4minute (4MINUTES Left)
- Leessang (Asura Balbalta)
- Jay Park (Take a Deeper Look)
- Brown Eyed Girls (Sixth Sense)
- Sung Si Kyung (The First)
- Super Junior (Mr. Simple)
- SNSD (The Boys)
- Wonder Girls (Wonder World)
- After School (Virgin)
- Lee Seung Gi (Tonight)
- Jang Gi Ha and the Faces (Jang Gi Ha and the Faces)
- B2ST (Fiction & Fact)
- CNBLUE (First Step)
- F.T. Island (Return)
- f(x) (Pinocchio)
- INFINITE (Over the Top)
- KARA (Step)
- MBLAQ (BLAQ Style)
- miss A (A Class)

< Most Popular Artist Award >
[Presented to the most popular artist after tallying results from popularity vote and ratings from judges]
- 2NE1 (Lonely)
- 2PM (Hands Up)
- 4men (Once in Your Life)
- 4minute (Mirror Mirror)
- Leessang (You’re the Answer to a Guy Like Me)
- Park Bom (Don’t Cry)
- Brown Eyed Girls (Sixth Sense)
- Sung Si Kyung (I Like It)
- Super Junior (Mr. Simple)
- SNSD (The Boys)
- IU (The Story I Didn’t Know)
- Wonder Girls (Be My Baby)
- After School (Virgin)
- Lee Seung Gi (Tonight)
- Jang Gi Ha and the Faces (Just Another Relationship)
- Wheesung (Heart-aching Story)
- B2ST (Fiction)
- CNBLUE (Intuition)
- F.T. Island (Hello Hello)
- f(x) (Pinocchio)
- G.NA (Black & White)
- INFINITE (Be Mine)
- KARA (Step)
- K.Will (Be Mine)
- MBLAQ (Stay)
- miss A (Goodbye Baby)
- SECRET (Starlight Moonlight)
- SISTAR (How Dare You)
Source: GDA official homepage

first, yay.

Hm in terms of album sales for STEP, it did really well but the boy groups totally got KARA beat and SNSD as well XD I hope they win something please!! My hope of them winning is a little higher just b/c it'll be held in Osaka... haha

[Vid] 11.11.20. Inkigayo MC Eng Sub (IU cuts)

IU cuts but HaNi there also:

[Scans] KARA for JELLY (Dec 2011)


cr: as tagged + twitter + tumblr

I really like the vibe and feel of this photo shoot!!