Monday, November 21, 2011

[Vid] 11.11.21. Sukkiri (KARA goes Bowling)

yay, hanging out with Mr. Ito and Eiji again :D


  1. I think we can officially say Mr. Ito and Eiji are kamilias. Im proud to be a kamilia hahaa.

  2. Mr. Ito is totally a Kamilia lol, remember how freaking amazing his statement about KARA was earlier this year? He really vouched for them :) Eiji seems to enjoy KARA as well, he even bought them those teddy bear phone straps before.

  3. hahaha . .
    totally right !

    i think MCs who appear in KARA's tv program (i think it's the opposite=MCs who hosted KARA in their tv program :D)couldn't help but fall in love with them.


  4. Don't forget that show 'Ametalk'.. all those 7 passionate fanboys are definitely Kamilias! :)

    and i love how Eiji seems to be very cosy w/ our girls.. :)