Thursday, June 30, 2011

[Gifs] Cole from Mezamashi


^^ never tire of that face LOL



JiNi love:


^ Cole wasn't paying attention most of the time, she was immersed with her surroundings :P

^ it's so easy for them to hold hands now :D

[Info] Cole's Kuki Six Pricing

meh slow day, it's affordable haha.


Coconut, Double Chocolate Cookies &Chocolate Chip cookies = 1,300 won/$1.21
Early Grey White Chocolate Muffin & Orange Cream Cheese Muffin = 3,000 won/$2.78
Brownies = 3,500 won/$3.25

* There seems to be interests from fans, I see them on twitter :D

[Pic] KARA at Disney Sea in Tokyo

whee HaNi lives !!

cr: twitter.

[Pic] Nicole's adverts and products at KuKi Six


cr: No_61519 @ twitter

wow Cole's own lounge area

cr: seungbagi @ twitter 


credit: 승바기 @ dckara

[Pic] 11.07.01. KARA back in Seoul: Airport Pics

[Vid] GGS Piano Cover

[Pic] Kuki Six Advert

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

[random] Quote from Winnie the Pooh

"Promise me you will always remember; you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think"
- Christopher Robin to Winnie the Pooh

I thought of Cole when I read this and she totally <3's Winnie the Pooh!

[Info] KuKi Six Launch Location

wow it's so pretty, the location Nicole will be at on July 5th! 


pop up notice of the launch:

So Nicole will be ACTIVELY participating in the promotions! whee more to come :)

[Ottakes] Cole's solo photos from GGS by Yahoo Japan

err not scans and no pink which is my fav XD

cr: bestiz

[Translations] KARA on Mezamashi

Dude: After their hunger was satisfied, I asked them some questions about their private lives.
Do you guys have anything that you’re into right now?
KARA: Our dogs!
Seung Yeon: We own a total of 10 dogs between the 5 of us. Ji Young has 4.
Dude: What? Why?
Ji Young: I love dogs. 1 is big. A beagle. (Green box: Beagle, Toy Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese)
Dude: Ah, Beagle. What about the rest of you?
Nicole: 2 Toy Poodles.

Nicole: What are your dreams for your future?
Kid: Marriage and… becoming a pastry chef.
Nicole: Same as me.
Dude: Oh, Nicole, you wanted to be a pastry chef as well?
Nicole: Yes, I’m really interested in that stuff.
Dude: Oh, you’re still interested?
Nicole: Yes, I bake a lot.

Translated by : Superior Music @ tumblr

So Dubu is gone?!! err she really should give us an explanation.. just sayin.. XD

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

[Cap] Cole on Sukkiri

omo Cole looking so feminine these days.. her blue headband!!

[Vid] 11.06.29. KARA on Sukkiri

[Gifs + Cap] Cole looks adorable here!!

I love her jumpsuit and the usagi headband..aww so cute & girly!!

[News] KARA’s Nicole partners up with “Mango Six” for her new bakery line, “KUKI SIX”

KARA’s Nicole recently linked hands with dessert cafe, “Mango Six”, to collaborate for an enterprise with the cafe’s new product line, “KUKI SIX”.

Nicole’s “KUKI SIX” boasts a new line-up of six bakery goods, including the ‘Choco Cookie’, ‘Chocolate Chip Cookie’, ‘Coconut Cookie’, ‘Earl Grey White Choco Muffin’, ‘Orange Cream Cheese Muffin’, and the ‘Choco Brownie’.

It was reported that Nicole was directly involved with the planning and development of the recipes, as well as marketing and promotional methods for her upcoming bakery line.
As such, Nicole became the first celebrity to engage in the food service industry by providing input into a particular recipe.

Director Kang Hoon of Mango Six stated, “Using books and the internet, Nicole researched at least 100 cookie recipes. Through this, Nicole was able to carefully select a menu that suited well with Mango Six’s concept and unique taste.It was revealed that Director Kang is actually a close friend of Nicole’s, and personally made the business proposition to the idol.

Director Kang added, “Nicole has always been interested in cookies and bakeries in general, and had always either shared baked goods with her friends or uploaded pictures onto her Twitter. At first I thought she was just at a hobbyest level, but her knowledge in cookies is actually quite profound and many find her food to be delicious, which is why I thought she had some potential in the bakery business.”

Nicole unveiled her own thoughts about creating a bakery line under her name, “I always used to make cookies just in my leisure time, but people around me always said how delicious they were and asked me to make more for them. I used to make various bakery goods during days I didn’t have a schedule, and this has now turned into an opportunity for me to continue developing my baking skills.”

Nicole will be participating in her first promotional event for her new line on July 5th, where she will be directly involved in hand-making these cookies at the Mango Six cafe in Apgujeong for customer sampling.

“KUKI SIX” is set for nationwide sale come July 5th, followed by overseas advancements into various Asian countries next year including Japan and China.

YAY so proud of by BB lol.. I don't usually use that but that's how feel lol.. Cole using her own connections YEP!

[Tweets] Cole's alone

Nicole - I woke up early.. and ate breakfast alone again.. ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(; ̄◇ ̄)┘ ϵ( ‘Θ’ )϶«These are cute lol

Trans: SuperiorMusic @ tumblr
Tip off: kara4life@kh

Hmm Cole has been mentioning how she wakes up alone.. where are the other girls? XD or do they have their own rooms..

[Vid] Go Go Summer PV (Dance vers) + Making Of

[Audio] Girls, Be Ambitious (Full)

love this song.. vocals are nice :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

[Tweet] Cole & Dongwoon make plans

C: Dongwoonie is too muchhhhhh

C: No. It isnt that Dongwoonie is too much. I wasn't lucky yesterday ㅜㅜㅜ

D: Let's meet soon at Korea. At the place we always meet! hehe

C: Alright. I miss you!!! hehehe We must definitely meet ^^

D: Okey. Phone me when you're back to Korea~~~ 

cr: Karaholic @ twitter
hehe they have a place they ALWAYS meet at huh?.. how come no one has spotted them lol

[Fan] Cole at Harajuku


kazaki3947 @ twitter
tip off: kara4life @ kh 

Shopping? :)

[Info] Nicole will have her own cookie line to be sold at Mango Six Cafes


Her cookie brand will be called "Cookie Six" and will start selling in July. This started as hobby but she brought up it to the owners of Mango Six and they loved the idea. They are selling six items including her Earl Grey White Chocolate muffins. Her cookies will expand to China and Japan to sell next year! Mango Six representative said they are aiming for globalization and having KARA's Nicole with the Hallyu wave will be enjoyed by many people around the world. Meanwhile on July 5th Nicole will help open a Mango Six cafe in Apujung to launch her cookie line and a tasting!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

[Info] KARA will appear on Music Japan next week

KARA will perform JCL :)

oh Shinee will be there too :D

[Fan] KARA's Display at Olympic Hall


credit: 디귿디귿 @ dckara

[Vid] 11.06.26. Music Lovers (LQ)

[Vid] 11.06.26. Music Japan Talk + GGS

[Tweet] Cole has long hair?!

How about my long hair^^


Hara :
 Hahahahahahahahhaha... hahahahahahaahahahah.. *laugh*

Cole: My mood is up looking at it!!!!! hahahahaha 

cr: karaholic @ twitter. 

Gotta give credit to Cole, she's soo much better at fan service these days :P 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

[Pics] 11.06.25. LG Optimus Bright Hand Shake Event


I  was reading a tweet from a J-Kamilia and he said Cole's throat condition wasn't good.. 
though Cole did demonstrate the KARAPARA for all the fans there, this handshake was ONLY for fan club members!

Friday, June 24, 2011

[Tweet] HaNi love


Hara sleeps well anywhere

I'm still pressed under (her) properly hahahaha

The person under is me.... *smile*

Cr: Karaholic @ twitter.

cuties! I hope Cole can breathe lol

[News] AKB48’s Maeda Atsuko bonds with KARA at Music Station

All of the artists were nice. Since I was by myself, even during the live broadcast Nishino-san and everyone in KARA talked to me a lot… Nicole held my hand the whole time… <3

cr: AK

Cole and her new BFF:

^^ he he cuties.. look how surprised Cole is when Maeda is doing the same thing as her :D

cr: kara4life @ KH

[Pic] KARA with Astuko Maeda from Music Station


credit: Maeda's Blog

She mentioned how she and Cole held hands during the show :D

[Vid] 11.06.24. Music Station: Talk + Go Go Summer


Cole's Trans, asked Words from man can make you happy:

Nicole, no matter what you do, Nicole is so cute

cr: Yoo @ KH

^^ @ 3:42 Cole is holding hands with Atsuko Maeda!! She's a fangirl of KARA's btw :)

Go Go Summer

Thursday, June 23, 2011

[Info] KARA filming at Tokyo DisneySea?

Got this from bestiz:

KARA is filming at Tokyo DisneySea. Mr. Terry Ito was mentioned as well.

Here's what gojapan has written about DisneySea:
Tokyo DisneySea opened next to Tokyo Disneyland in September, 2001. The amusement park consists of seven theme ports, presenting stories of the ocean for the guests. There are fun rides, entertainment shows, restaurants, and shops in each area. Since Tokyo DisneySea is targeting adults as well as children, alcohol drinks are available at Tokyo DisneySea unlike Tokyo Disneyland. Also, the illuminated park is romantic in the evening.

Pics! Pics!.. I'm pretty sure they will be recognized especially with cameras around. Google for pics.. that place looks really nice.. I wanna go..

[Fan] KARA filming for Mezamashi at Harajuku

^^ Cole & SY!! 

I don't think I've ever seen SY being such a player with HaNi lol.. 

So much HaNi, HaYeon, YeoNic coupling these days :D

[Tweet] Surprise Selca!

Uhahaha gonna go to sleep right away for tomorrow..
It's a self-ca that I took when we were shopping hehe
Don't I look a lil' feminine..? kekeke
Trans: Karaholic @ twitter.

Yay! Cole is posting up pics but her selcas still need work :P
the sunglasses are cutting off XD but  she seemed to have fun shopping..
and Cole, you totally should embrace being a girl LOL.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

[Tweets] KARA's Day off in Japan

Cole's tweets:
Woke up alone early~ and now I'm eating aloneㅜㅜ what should I do (after)...

kekeke I came out to buy some gifts for the members, now on the way back kekeke it's freaking hot!ㅜㅜ
Photos that we took yesterday while shooting! ~~~~^____^
I took yesterday! All of us were prettyyyyyy


It's been a long time since we went shopping together, and today we also ate out~

Translated: Karaholic @ twitter