Tuesday, May 31, 2011

[Tweet] Replies to Cole's DC Pics (Hara & ChaeYeon)

HaNi Convo:
Hara : Mie mie mie where am i T.T 

Cole: You are so far from me T T It's such a regret but i can't take photo with you T T But you're so beautiful in that blue dress haha You You You 

Hara: Hohohoho What are you doing mah friend

Cole:   I have worked out earlier haha after 3 days eating too much...hahahahaha Japanese dish, Italian dish and then Korean dish, I ate all my favourite dishes without regret. And i also ate that very yummy macaroon. Daebak.. What are you doing ^^

Hara:  I'm feeding my babies hahaha you indeed ate too much haha Envy envy. Let me know some tasty restaurants hahahahaha 

ChaeYeon to Nicole:

C: I'm so mad.... YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!! so beautiful - - tsk

N: Unnie hahahahaha Unnie is so beautiful as well as sexy too! But your photo (DP) looks so pure hahaha I want myself to have that pure feeling too! 
Trans: KH @ Twitter!

[Tweet] Cole's pics from Dream Concert with other members

Love Love YeoNic one :P
Cole looks so good here

Monday, May 30, 2011

[Info] Kamila got largest number of seating for Dream Concert

the most ever for a girl group

Kamilia got 4,309 seats for this year.

Finkle got 3,500 in 2001.

SNSD got 3,100 in 2009.

wowzers.. can't wait to see the Pearl Peach ocean on screen..
the original person didn't say it record breaking but I saw a Kamilia tweet that DSP is breaking records haha 

[Tweet] Cole and her babies hanging out with Beige (Updated with Trans)


Beige: I'm chatting with Nicole till this time. We're lying on bed with Mocha Chino,, These cuties TT TT TT TT Nicole + Mocha + Chino I love you!!!

Eujung Replies:

Eunjung: Ah!!!! I said dont play together without me hahaha 

Beige : Hahahahaha merong (:p)! Cori was being chef cooking omelet toast, strawberry yogurt + ma for me too~ very tasty... She went to restroom now....... haha Send my happy birthday wish to your mommy!!

Cole to Eunjung & Beige: Hahaha I'm sorry unnie. We indeed talked so much hahahahahahahaha

Eunjung to Cole & Beige: These betrayers!! You planned, didnt you. You planned!!!

Cole to Eunjung & Beige: Noo TT hahaha Let's have a date together hahaha Unnie come with us too and at the morning i will make brunch for you with banana cinnamon French toast hahahaha 
Trans: KH @ Twitter

WOW how does Cole manage to keep up with all her friendships.. there's so many lol

[Fan] KARA on Vita 500 (Special Edition)

cr: kara-t.

Didn't know KARA had anything to do with Vita 500, it's in Korean as well.. possible new CF?

[Fan] KARA from HahaMongShow

Cole with her Eeyore 
cr: pixiv

[Fan] 11.05.28. 2011 Dream Concert K-Kamilia Cheering

the best.

cr: uploader.
tip off: ron @ twitter.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

[Tweet] 11.05.28. Jaejin (FT Island) & Cole

It was the day of Dream Concert, Cole shared her cookies with friends :)

saico011 @_911007
Nicole-ah, give me some cookie!!!!!!

_911007 @saico011
My cookie is tasty right? right right right"

saico011 @_911007
As of the moment, I have consumed three large ones keke

Engtrans By MsLee011@twitter.

Tip off: twinkystar @ KH 
Cole tweet trans: Yoo @ KH

Cute, I remember Jaejin liked Cole even before they became friends :P

[Pics] 11.05.28. 2011 Dream Concert at Press Conference by Karafamily.net

Karafamily.net is a KARA Chinese fan site: 

[Tweet] Cole with Kim Soooro


"Confirmation shot. This is Miss Ni who I adore so much. In the dressing room. Miss Ni brought cookies she made herself and our actors finished them in exactly 0.7 seconds. But I hid one box for myself! I’m going to eat them when I get home.

cr: kim sooro @ twitter.
trans: AK

Saturday, May 28, 2011

[Tweet] 11.05.29. Cole's Morning

Today cookie haha Euhaha The weather is so great that i'm wearing the pink shirt which i just wore only one time before hahahaha so great hahahahaha Today i have to eat something tasty hahahaha

In Japanese: 
 Hello! Today weather is really great! Therefore i'm wearing the pink shirt haha Should i go to eat something tasty?!! Though those cookie are my breakfast already but.. From tomorrow, i will work hard too

"Gift! Present!! For you!

Trans CR: YOO @ KH

[Fan] 11.05.28 Dream Concert 2011 Ending Fancam

so cute.. Gyul and Nicole holding onto SeungYeon :D

Cole & Nana too!!

[Fan] Nicole from Urakara fan art

[Pics] 11.05.28. Dream Concert : YeoNic :D!!

YeoNic:  I'm DYING.. soo sweeettt!!

cr: as tagged

[Tweets] After the Dream Concert

Cole Pre Tweet:
It'll start soon, right? Everyone, i like it to death too!!! hahaha Thank you T T Enjoy it together later !! ^^

(Cole is referring to her banner at the Dream Concert:  I love you to death Nicole ah!)

[Pics] Dream Concert Pics


Cole's HAIR!!!

[Pic] KARA with some VIP's at the Dream Concert 2011

cr: qwerty @ twitter

Friday, May 27, 2011

[Tweet] 11.05.28 G.NA to Cole

"Baby girl! Can't wait to see you tonite~ it's been TOO LONG! lol Let's be strong and do well ㅋㅋ u look n sound great ♥ see u laterrrr!! HWAITING!"

Trans Cr: RoyalG_tweets

aww sweet!

[Tweet] Chocolate Cookies

Cookies!!! Made them right now

cr: Cole's twitter.

ohh.. do you think she'll be sharing them at the DC today?!!

Jing replied:  Woowa unnie!!!! me me me gimme gimme!!!! (· ◇ ·)/

Cole replied back: Wait for me!! I have 2 boxs haha Every box with about 30 pieces.. haha But my oven seems to turn not good little by little T T hahaha 

Trans: Kh @ Twitter

[Gifs] Kamilia!!






cr: as tagged

[News] KARA to release new Japanese single in june, Korean new album in September

Idol group KARA is going to comeback this autumn.

On the 26th, the associates of KARA’s management announced that KARA is going to release a new album and meet theirs fans this september and they are going to get ready for their comeback after their Japanese promotion.

Right now, KARA is busy preparing for their activities in both Japan and Korea. KARA will promote their upcoming Japanese single(that is going to be release at the end of june)for approximately 2 weeks and then they will be back to prepare for their Korea comeback.

According to KARA: " We are going to be back better and currently we are in the process of choosing songs that are going to be in the upcoming album. We are hoping to work with more song producers.

KARA is going to mark their return with the participation of the 2011 Dream Concert that is going to be held at Seoul world Cup stadium on the 28th of May. This is the first time since 4 months that KARA is going to be back at the national stage after the KARA crisis.

Translated by: Caly/dreamgal_91 @karaholic (take out with credit)
Taken from: Starnews/yinyuetai

SUPER glad they are going outside of their comfort zone and working with different PD's 

[Tweet] After the Rehersal

Rehearsal is over! Doogeun doogeunn (*thump thump) I feel like the butterflies are flying inside me ha See you tomorrow everyone ! Pearl peach^^ My mood is really great!!! Jaaaaaaaang

Trans: Yoo @ KH

Peach Pearl will be out full force :D

[Tweet] Cole tweeting to G.NA

Cole & G.NA:

Cole's:  Unnie! I miss you haha We will meet tomorrow rite?!! see you tomorrow !!!

G.NA: baby girl~~ cant wait to see u !!! Call u soon my dear!!!♥ we must talk~~

Cole's Tweet trans: Yoo @ KH.

[Pics] More pictures of KARA's Banners at Dream Concert 2011

[Pics] KARA Banners @ Dream Concert 2011

I love you to death Nicole ah!
(They used this same one last year :P) 

[Info] 2011 Dream Concert Performance

 [INFO] KARA will sing Jumping and Mister at tomorrow Dream Concert!! Hey kogi kogi MIster, jumping jumping jumping UP!!!

[INFO] Korea Kamilias have prepared 10 banners for KARA at 2011 Dream Concert. Want to take a glance at those awesome banners? Check it now! 

cr: karaholic twitter.

eh Mister again?! XD

[Tweet] Pre Dream Concert Tweets

It's been a long time so let's meet tomorrow everyone ? hehe Our Kamilia~~~~?^^

Aigoo keke we'll meet ain't it!!.. it turned out wrong keke blame this finger of mine being (typing) too fast kekeke But still you guys understand my heart right? keke *merong* byongbyong*

*merong means =P
*byonbyong means a cute way of saying byebye. 

Translated by: karaholic @ twitter!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

[Tweets] Puppies & Interview

We did an interview on KARAtv! Angie Pangie Kingkangie Boshirie Chino 


Where my Mocha went away then? hahahaha 

Mocha was behind Chino.. but she refused the interview and Puri had been confined at home by her mommy so i guess my interview has failed... haha

Puri was kept by her mommy and Mocha was really acting like a princess hahaha

*Puri is SeungYeon's puppy.

Trans: Karaholic @ twitter

um KARA TV!!?? New show :D

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

[Info] Updated: The full fan seating chart for Dream Concert 2011

Feel soo proud of the girls!! They got 2 sections at their first year and now look at them :) 
That whole space all to Kamilia!!! 

credit: radeonactive

I wonder where Rainbow fans are being seated though...
Kamilia will turn out.. right? haha

[Gifs] 11.05.17 Strong Heart (Nicole) Pt. 2






cr: as tagged

[Tweet] Spaghetti!!

Today we eat spaghetti which i wanted to eat some days ago together ^^ wooroorooroo^^

cr: KH @ twitter.

Cole stopped tweeting in English :(

[Pic] Nicole & SeungYeon in Gaon Magazine (June 2011)

[Info] KARA mentioned twice in CNN's 50 Reasons why Seoul is the Greatest City

Reason 14:  A bang for every occasion

Few people party like work-hard, play-hard Seoulites. Local bang (literally meaning "room") culture provides the like-minded a place to gather and obsess over their favorite activities. Show off your hottest Kara butt dance at norae bang (karaoke lounge), watch movies in a DVD bang, play poker at a board game bang or slay all comers in Starcraft at a PC bang (internet café).

Reason 32:  Girl group domination

From TV and billboards to ramen packages and water filters, dancing, baby-faced and short-shorted girl groups are everywhere in Seoul. Armed with innocent (sort of) side braids and mesmerizing legs, they’re now going global, with the Wonder Girls infiltrating New York and the U.S. fashion scene, 2NE1 dominating Sandara Park’s native Philippines and Kara and Girls Generation battling it out for supremacy on Japan’s Oricon charts.

Source: CNN

[News] KARA reveals their plans for 2011

KARA will be returning to the Korean music scene in the fall.

According to DSP Media, KARA plans to greet their Korean fans in September with a new album. If the album is released as scheduled, it will be their first Korean album in 10 months, following after their 4th mini album, "Jumping".

On May 24th, a DSP representative revealed,

"Though it might change due to album activities in Japan, we plan to release an album in September or October. In order to repay fans for having made them worry, KARA will return with an upgraded image. Currently, the members are continuing to receive vocal lessons and dance practice in order to improve themselves, even amidst their solo schedules. In particular, KARA has matured due to their experiences during their Japanese activities."

Meanwhile, KARA will be performing at the "2011 Dream Concert". This will mark their first Korean performance together since their lawsuit controversy from January. A DSP Media representative stated,

"In order to prepare a special performance, they’ve made a new remix of their song and have changed the choreography as well. They are preparing for the ‘Dream Concert’ performance with nervousness and excitement."

KARA will be releasing their 3rd Japanese single in late June and will be leaving for previously-arranged promotions in early June. Filming for the music video have already been filming Korea and Thailand.

Source: DongA

yay.. vocal lessons ! I am expecting improvement and this upgraded word DSP always uses to describe KARA comebacks meh.. lets's see.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

[Tweet] Cole's autograph for Bucella's CEO

Cole mentioned Bucella in An An Magazine:




I got a signed CD from KARA's sweet heart Nicole hahahaha If it's about idol cd nowadays I have to pay and order from the first days...but anyway, it's all because I'm a Nicole fan!!!

cr: bucellano twitter
trans: yoo @ KH.

[Tweet] Cole and Dongwoon's Full Twitter Convo

credit: nayoung@yowhatseob 
tip off: Ruki @ kh.

ohhhh they will be meeting at the DC :) I want pics?!!
I'm imagining Cole greeting him with their foot work dance haha.

[Info] Kamilia's Dream Concert Seating

Kamilia will get 3800 seats err I see on Bestiz that KARA actually gets 4300 seats: 

souce: kamilia070329 @ twitter. 

Update of the actual seating with the stage:

[Tweet] Cole's new profile picture from Phuket


[Vid] Best 5 Kpop Artists with large social network


Monday, May 23, 2011

[blab] The incredible things that happened after

I'm posting this because it seems like it needs to posted... it's amazing:

1. LG Phone CF (KARA's never had a phone CF )

2. Large scale fan meeting ( their largest ever!!)

3. About the upcoming Dream Concert: "About the song to sing on that day, then the costumes and choreography, the members control every single thing themselves.

All these things happened after the lawsuit.

Fans can't say it seems like things haven't changed for the better and this whole issue was for nothing.

[Scans] KARA in Cutie Magazine (June 2011)

true scans. been looking for these everywhere XD

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
credit: as tagged.

[Tweet] Cole and Spaghetti

I was hungry, actually yesterday I was suddenly so hungry that I ate spaghetti.. for no special reason at all! However after thinking over it.. I told the other members about the spaghetti today too☻ While waiting for the morning.. I'm having trouble thinking what to eat.. 
trans: karaholic

Sunday, May 22, 2011

[blab] Made it easier for comments!

I really only know the basics with blogger.. lol

anyways i made it easier to comment XD.. i didn't know it was so hard to comment before haha.

[Fan] 11.05.20 Nicole spotted at Testing Location (Update with 2nd Part)

I just have time to post now.

The day before yesterday, I went to take an exam and I saw Nicole at exam location ^0^
She was reaaalllyy skinny TT TT As soon as i saw her, immediately feel ashamed about my body TT TT
She was coming while greeting the proctor. She was indeed polite and courteous / elegant TT TT
I just could look at her from back behind but she was seriously skinny TT
Kamilia should give her more food hahahahahahahaha
I checked the paper in candidate list and saw it was writen "Nicole, Jung"
and i know i got the right person hahahahahaha 

Second Part:
KARA Nicole also came!!!!!!!! she took a GED... it seemed she was thinking about studying at unviversity.
In the candidate list, i saw "Nicole, Jung" and i thought it might be her.
My examination was over and while i were waiting for my next, from far, a very skinny girl came in TT TT TT
Omg i must say she was daebak skinny (though i just saw her from back behind) but i heard the proctor called her KARA Nicole hahahahahaaha
I've meet celebrity hahaha

source: Daum
translated by Yoo @ karaholic


Awesome that Cole seems to be taking steps towards school as well.. she has been really busy and never really had time to finish school so I'm glad for her. I hope she is going to attend a University like her unni's .. perhaps an International one? I don't think it hurts that Hara started school as well.. it's motivation :D

thanks Yoo!! (I know I can be a pain haha)

[Tweet] Nicole & Dongwoon being cute haha.

[Nicole Tweet] Son Dongwoon ~~~~~~ You were really awesome kekekekekekekeke Melongg

[Dongwoon Tweet] Did you see it Coley??

CR: b2stlytweets @ twitter.

There's more just not translated yet but will post. It looks like they are making plans to hang out :) 

[Vid] 11.05.21. Japanese show visting Aura The Grill

credit: uploader

Saturday, May 21, 2011

[Tweet] HaNi scheduling a play date

[Hara.t] to Nicole: Kekeke... I see! I want to see Mocha and Chino! Will you bring them to practice? 

[Hara.t] to Nicole: Ang-chan and Pang-chan?!

[Cole.t]toHara I'll bring them!!! But will they become friends...!! Mocha is a bit naughty... and Chino is not interested. 
Trans: Karaholic twitter.

How cute are they :D
Hope they take pics.. as SeungYeon said.. it really seems like their new puppies mark a new beginning with all their friendships.

Friday, May 20, 2011

[Fan] Nicole's mom on TBS Televison doing the Butt dance

haha kinda epic.. Cole's mom doing the butt dance lol.
TBS is in Japan.. saw some tweets mentioning to Cole about her mom being on tv from Japanese Kamilia:

credit: nakeri09 @ twitter.

Oh I hope this was recorded .. it looks like Aura The Grill there. Ms. Shirley coming back to TV huh? lol

[Tweet] Cole's babies with her at the Gym

While working out...

Trans: karaholic twitter.

I hadn't realize how small MochaChino were..

[Tweet] The Girls tweets Happy B-day to the one and only Goddess Gyuri

Please give lots of birthday wishes Goddess Gyuri unni! kekeke unni happi birthdayy


Gyuri unni, happy birthday *kisses*

Trans: Karaholic twitter.


Today is Gyuri unnie's Birthday(o^^o) Happy Birthday Unnie!!!

Trans: aank1 @ twitter.

[Fan] 11.05.20 Nicole spotted at Testing Location

I just have time to post now.

The day before yesterday, I went to take an exam and I saw Nicole at exam location ^0^
She was reaaalllyy skinny TT TT As soon as i saw her, immediately feel ashamed about my body TT TT
She was coming while greeting the proctor. She was indeed polite and courteous / elegant TT TT
I just could look at her from back behind but she was seriously skinny TT
Kamilia should give her more food hahahahahahahaha
I checked the paper in candidate list and saw it was writen "Nicole, Jung"
and i know i got the right person hahahahahaha

source: Daum
translated by Yoo @ karaholic


* Expect more info.There is another fan acct from this person, it will be posted up soon. 

[Gifs] Nicole describing her Ramen technique from SH







cr: 날으는돌 @ dcnc

weird.. I  haven't seen many gifs at all from KARA's appearance at SH.