Sunday, September 30, 2012

[Vid] 12.10.01. Idol Wrestling Championships (FULL)

and Cole's cute here:

I caught most of it.. really wasn't much KARA.. they got reaction shots though!

[Vid] MBC Chuseok Special: Miss & Mr. Idol Korea Preview

ohh Cole playing basket ball sort of.. who is she playing against.. all I saw was hair lol.

[Vid] 12.09.30. Inkigayo Pandora Goodbye Stage

[Vid] 12.09.30. Quiz on Korea: Pandora

Saturday, September 29, 2012

[Vid] 2012 MBC Chuseok Specials Preview

Miss/Mr. Korea Idol Preview @ :47secs:

Gangnam Style in dresses!

Airs Oct 1 @ 5:35PM

[Tweet] Happy Chuseok!

Last performance together with Chuseok !! kkyau it was fun .. everyone have a nice chuseok and eat delicious foods ~~ don't be alone >_< me too at home ..^^

Translated by yooniqda_ 

[Vid] 12.09.29. Music Core: Pandora

Thursday, September 27, 2012

[Vid] 12.09.28. All The K-Pop Pt.2 (FULL)

Dance cut, Gyuri gone wild lol:

[Info] KARA's Stargraphy to air Oct 2!



kara's documentary will be airing on October 2nd on kbs. KARA is the first guest for this brand new show. 

The documentary show will show gyuri's attempt in many different things (voice actor, musical, dj) 

The documentary show will show Seungyeon on a date with her family, nicole's diet plan, hara's favorite places to shop  

the documentary show will also show kara having a 'Pajama party' where they will discuss their past & the future of kara 

Tweeted by seung_triplets

I mean.. how many times do we have to learn about Nicole's diet secrets.. it seems like she has way more interesting things to show to us lol.. XD

[Vid] Nicole & Key blows out the candles from their B-Day Celebration

cr | OfficialNancyLang

Yes that's Jonghyun, as far as it's been known seems Jonghyun and Gyuri were the only group members that attended the party.

[Vid] Electric Boy PV Teaser

[Tweet] Unfair

oh. my. God
Unfair.. how can this be like this.. ._. mental collapse

Translated by yooniqda_@ Twitter 


[Pics] 12.09.27. Mnet Countdown Nicole Pictures


looks tired.. XD

[Vid] 12.09.27. Mnet Countdown : Pandora

[Vid] 12.09.27. Mnet Wide KARA Cut

[Pics] Pictures from Nicole-Key's Birthday Celebration

From Shinee/Key's me2day account:


Nicole&Bum B'day Party.. It was really fun Let's do it bigger next year :-) Everyone, come and play

Translations by shineeINA

Pics from a friend who attended the party:


^^ Ms. Shirley taking a pic :)

From Beige:


From Nancy Lang:



From Hyosup (Key's Friend): 


SHINee's Kibum and KARA's Nicole bday party hehehe red eye kekekeke
KARA's Goo Hara, Nicole, Boa, Soshi's Seohyun, and more came
Onew came and Jonghyun came too.

Source: Hyosup's Facebook
Shared & translated by: kimchi hana @

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

[Sponsor] Nicole for DESCENTE


tip off: Kamihan1988

[Pic] 12.09.27. Mnet Countdown


[Vid] OnStyle Get It Beauty Preview

Airs Oct 3 @ 11:00PM

[News] SHINee’s Key and KARA’s Nicole celebrate their birthdays together



SHINee‘s Key and KARA‘s Nicole, well-known as good friends, celebrated their birthdays together, as pop artist Nancy Lang shared a new picture on her Twitter account.

Nancy Lang tweeted, “Today is SHINee Key’s birthday party~! Kibum-ah (Key’s real name) happy happy birthday~~ And it’s almost KARA’s Nicole’s birthday soon, so we’re celebrating together! Happy~ ^^ Love you all~~ Ang~~!”

In the two pictures, Key and Nicole look very friendly with Nancy Lang and are happily smiling for the camera.

Upon seeing the pictures, netizens commented, “Key and Nicole. I’ve heard they were close and now they’re celebrating their birthdays together,” and “Happy birthday!”

Taken from Allkpop


[Fan] 12.09.09. Brave Guys Charity Concert Fan Photos by Wolfskins


[Fan] 12.09.01. Cultwo Radio Show Nicole Fan Photos by HARRY

[Fan] 12.09.25. Regional Development Concert Nicole Fan Photo by paldducks

[Tweet] Nicole with her Pilates Teacher Juhee Selca

[Fan] 12.08.27. KARA Guerilla Date Fancam

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

[Fan] 12.09.09. Brave Guys Charity Concert Pandora Fan Pics (Nicole) by Toto


[Pic] All The Kpop Pictures Pt. 2

[Fan] 12.09.25. Regional Development Concert Nicole Fan Pic Preview by Toto

[Tweet] Anticipating Today

Today is really a day I'm anticipating for ! Happy happy since morning ~~~~~ ^~^ ㅋㅋㅋ

Translated by KamiliaVN @ Twitter 

What is she excited for?
There's nothing posted on KARA's schedule.. but Cole's been super Happy these days! :D

[Tweet] After 4 years & With Boa Unni

Ate fried vegetables sundae intestine after 4 years . Kyau it seems my tastes have changed a lot there was even pizza besides it I  only see rice and kimchi.


Together with boa onnie at changwon ~~ I'll be there forever like now ... kekeke 

Translated by yooniqda_ @ twitter

Monday, September 24, 2012

[Fan] 12.09.23. 2012 Hallyu Concert Fan Pics by nicole-ing


[News] Chuseok Special 'Miss and Mister Idol Korea' to feature 16 groups

This Chuseok, MBC will be airing a new special, ‘Miss and Mister Idol Korea‘ on October 1st, featuring members of 8 girl groups including KARA, 4minute, SECRET, Orange Caramel, A Pink, and more, as well as members of 8 boy groups including 2PM, INFINITE, MBLAQ, ZE:A, and others.

The preliminary rounds will feature the idols in formal dresses and suits, and the idols themselves twill decide on who continues into the next round by voting themselves on the program. The girls dazzled in their beautiful dresses, and the boys impressed with their clean-cut suits, as all of the idols participated in dance performances and sweet “proposals” to capture each other’s hearts.

An interesting aspect of the show is that it features individual rounds and competition, as opposed to the usual group efforts. 2PM’s Taecyeon and MBLAQ’s G.O are said to have gone into a competitive “clothes-ripping battle” to see who could rip off the other’s clothes faster.

The girls also participated in a “no-rule” game of basketball, allowing them to use whatever fouls they could. ‘Reply 1997‘ star and A Pink member Eunji also battled it out with After School‘s Lizzy in satoori (dialect), as the two are both from Busan.

Translations by AllKPOP

[Info] Sunhwa reveals Nicole was wanted as Kwanghee's wife instead

In her latest interview with Mydaily, SECRET‘s Sunhwa dished on what it was like leading up to becoming a new virtual couple with ZE:A‘s Kwanghee on MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘.

She confessed, “Honestly speaking, Kwanghee’s father said that he had hoped for KARA‘s Nicole instead of me.” As a special message to his father, she added, “Father, please don’t be too upset. I may not resemble Nicole or even rap like her, but I’ll work hard alongside Kwanghee to make him shine.”

Taken from AllKpop

Lol, what a couple they would have been!

[News] Sangchu Reveals Friendship with KARA Nicole-Park Gyuri... Shy Face + Manner Hands


Mighty Mouth's Sangchu revealed his friendship with KARA's Nicole and Park Gyuri.

Today, Sangchu posted on his Twitter, "Shy because I'm next to KARA goddesses. To be honest, they're really pretty. I can't stop looking at them", along with a picture.

In the picture, Sangchu and KARA's Nicole and Park Gyuri are posing at the camera. He looks shy, and blush effect is added onto the picture, arousing laughter. 

Sangchu also showed manner hands by making V's around their shoulders.

Translated by Kpopstarz

[Pic] Nicole, Hara, & SeungYeon @ Mr./Miss. Idol

Airing on Oct 1 on KBS at 5:35PM

I'm kind of surprised Cole was in this tbh lol, can't wait to see!

Some info about the show via seung_triplets:

i think miss/mr idol show was the one where the general public voted for the best member in each group  

and then so only the top 3 of the group gets to come out. and i think within those idols they fight against each other for the 1st place

[Fan] 12.09.23. 2012 Hallyu Concert Fan Pics by Toto Pt. 1

[Vid] 12.09.24. Help for Residents Typhoon, KARA Cut

[Tweet] Great ^^

Great ^^

Translated by yooniqda_ @ Twitter

[Fan] 12.09.23. 2012 Hallyu Concert Nicole Fancam

YAY! Another fancam :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

[Tweet] Lipstick, 3 Convos

I keep wanting to put up my lipstick (lyrics from orange caramel's new song)... ummuhummuh!!! hehehehehe 

Nicole & Raina (Orange Caramel & Afterschool):

Raina @ Nicole: Wow >_< I'll give you a lipstick put it up!!!! haha thanks for promoting our song~ 

Nicole @ Raina: Hahahaha no problem. Whenever I'm on the road I'm always like uhmuh uhmuh these days hahaha whenever the song is on hahaha 

 Nicole & Lizzy (Orange Caramel & Afterschool): 

Lizzy @ Nicole: Unnie! it's me Lizzy!! hahaha we are not following each other ^ㅠ^

Nicole @ Lizzy: Lizzyyyy cutie hahaha follow me~ 

Nicole & Yue Kim (From Sweetune):

Yue @ Nicole: On who's collarbone are you going to stain (with the lipstick)

Nicole @ Yue: Well first on a clean white shirt... I'm going to stain it and run away.. kkya!!

All translations by seung_triplets @ twitter

Cole's so active on twitter these days.. awesome! 

[Fan] Nicole "Lost" Fan Art by wooz


More @ Everkara

[Vid] 12.09.23. 2012 Hallyu Dream Concert Fancam

[Pics] 2012 Hallyu Dream Concert


[Pic] 12.09.23. KARA with Hotchicks dancer


cr | hotchicksbyj

I think this was for camera rehearsals @ Inkigayo. Guess Jing was busy.

[Vid] 12.09.23. God of Victory Pt. 2 (FULL)

[Vid] 12.09.22. SBS Inkigayo: Pandora

[Vid] 12.09.23. KBS Open Concert : Pandora

[Tweet] I see you

kya ! Recharged with cookie tiramisu americano now I feel like going crazy !!!! Why do I think about chocolate macaroon ..?! Uhahaha full of energy .. right now I'm looking at our Kamilia but you can't see me right ?! Merong !!!!

Translated by yooniqda_@twitter

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012


[News] Hara’s older brother reveals his favorite KARA member


Recently, MBC‘s ‘God of Victory‘ visited a military base for its filming. As mentioned earlier, girl groups KARA and SECRET were guests on the show, and Hara‘s older brother made a surprise appearance.

On the upcoming episode, he showed off variety skills that were on par with his little sister. Even though Hara cried out of happiness at seeing her older brother, when MC Kim Yong Man asked, “Who is your favorite KARA member?" he hesitated at first but answered honestly, “I like Nicole the best.”

When Hara heard, rather than looking surprised, she only nodded as if she expected it, showing that this wasn’t the first time her brother had chosen Nicole.

Catch the full episode and the continuation of the two girl groups’ battle on September 23rd!

Source + Image: My Daily via Nate
Taken from AllKpop

Sister in-law Cole? lol

[Vid] SoyCarat NEW CM

15 secs ver:

30 sec ver:

Making of:

So cute! Everyone eating Gyuri's food haah

[Vid] 12.09.21. KBS Music Bank: Pandora

[Tweet] Sleeping Well

Kya it's been a long time since I did pilates, now I'm home..I can sleep well now>_

Translated by KamiliaVN

[Vid] 12.09.21. All The K-POP Part 1. (FULL)


[Pic] God of Victory Photos Pt. 2


^^ Hara's brother in the uniform. He was asked who was the best in KARA and he said Nicole :) lol.

Hara's look at Cole :P

Thursday, September 20, 2012

[Info/Pics] KARA's new Single Electric Boy to be Released Oct 17

Version A: (CD + DVD) 


1. Electric Boy
2. Orion
3. Electric Boy Instrumental
4. Orion Instrumental 

1. Electric Boy MV
2. Electric Boy Close-Up MV
3. Electric Boy MV (Making of)

Version B: (CD + 28 Page Photo Booklet)  

1. Electric Boy
2. Orion
3. Electric Boy Instrumental
4. Orion Instrumental 

28 Page Photo Booklet

Version C: (CD + Bonus Track)  

1. Electric Boy
2. Orion
3. Electric Boy Instrumental
4. Orion Instrumental
5. Pandora (Korean)

Other Photos:


[Fan] 12.09.01. Cultwo Show Nicole Fancams by Kanasi


[Fan] 12.08.29. Sky Festival Nicole Fancams by Kanasi



[Pic] 12.09.14. KBS Music Bank Stage Rehearsal


cr | kbs_exclusive

[Vid] 12.09.16. Secret vs. KARA God Of Victory Pt. 1 (Eng Subbed)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

[Tweet] It's Autum

Today start ! It's fresh ~~ be careful of cold ~~~ anyhow.. It's Autumun ! kkyau !!! >_< 

Translated by yooniqda_ @ twitter

[Pic] Nicole while filming for KFood


cr | karaboard