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[Interview] 11.01.10. Urakara Press Conference

Q: Please tell us your thoughts on acting, as well as some highlights.

Nicole: It's also my first time trying out this genre of drama. Because of that, I was really uncomfortable at first, and I felt as if I was carrying a huge burden. However, as I filmed, I began to feel okay. I feel like I'm getting used to the scenes and filming, and I can have more and more fun doing so.
And, in this drama, we members take up roles of characters that resemble our real selves. Therefore, I think that the way we act shows the way we appear in real life. I hope you watch us warmly!

Translated by cherrims @ KH

I am so waiting for Cole's episode!!

[Info] KARA quietly resuming activities

The girls met up on Jan 31st for a jacket photo shoot. The photo shoot was for the upcoming new song "Roller Coaster Love" to be released in March.


If and when I find translations, I'll post them up.

I'm glad everyone is being quiet right now.. just go back to working..let things settle down.

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[News] KARA Japanese Concert tickets sell out in 10 secs

The popularity in Japan of girl group KARA, currently overcoming a threat of a split, is seemingly becoming more grounded.
A concert event in Japan that KARA will be participating in on the coming 20th of March, sold out in 10 seconds after release. This ticket release, opened on the 29th of January, confirmed the popularity of KARA in Japan.
This concert event is the ‘2011 Universal Dream Live’ that will be held in the Universal Studio of Osaka, Japan. It is an event where celebrities belonging to the Universal company will be holding a concert from the 19th to the 21st of March. KARA will be standing on the stage on the 20th, as well as B2ST and G.NA, who are both planning to advance into the Japanese market.
As of this moment, KARA’s popularity in Japan is beyond conception. Local officials’ explanation is that KARA is the hotspot of issues and popularity in the Japanese music world.
On the other hand, the conflict between KARA’s company DSPMedia and the 3 members of KARA (Han Seungyeon, Jung Nicole, and Kang Jiyoung) has been partially worked out, with the compromise decided during the meeting on the 27th of January, that KARA’s previously scheduled events in Japan and Korea will be carried out with the whole group. The possibility of the team staying together as well as problems with the contract of the company will be discussed in the future.
Source: NewsEn via Daum

J-Kamilia <3!!!

[Info] Next week, KARA will officially become active again.

This coming week, Kara will travel to Japan to shoot for uraKARA. Filming is expected to resume early this week. However, temporary suspension of uraKARA broadcast within 1 week is unavoidable. TV Tokyo said, “We have decided to not air episode 4 of uraKARA and instead, we plan to broadcast a summary of episode 1 to episode 3 on February 4th.” They also revealed, "We have planned to broadcast episode 4 on February 11 after knowing that KARA would continue filming. And to achieve this plan, KARA certainly need to come to Japan and officially resume filming within next week.”

On January 27, the two sides discussed and agreed that KARA will continue working with all 5 members. However, specific schedule for the whole group has not yet been arranged. DSP is currently conducting discussions with the filming team in Japan's to arrange upcoming schedules for KARA. In addition, the schedule of each individual member has also not been discussed so Nicole did not participate in the latest filming of Heroes.

Source: Newsen and Nate
by Yoo + hasomy @karaholic
Also KARA will be leaving to Japan on the 3rd (Lunar New Year) and according to Jing's dad's tweet they plan to meet with DSP the day before.
Tip: donnyhuang @ KH

[News] Shoujo Jidai, BoA and KARA are three of the artists with some best dance performance.

It’s almost impossible to imagine a pop artist or group without considering their dance choreographies. For example, veteran J-pop group EXILE is known for their great dance performances, and recently their female protégés, “Happiness“, described themselves as a ‘dance unit’. KARA, BoA and Girl's Generation were able to make the list.

Considering this emphasis on dance in pop music, mobile portal site ‘NTT DoCoMo/goo‘ wanted to know which female solo artist or group delivers the best dance performances. The results are in, so check them out below!

Which female artist/group does the best dance performances?
#1 - Amuro Namie (26,247 votes)
#2 – KARA (6,310 votes)
#3 – Perfume (4,438 votes)
#4 – AKB48 (2,776 votes)
#5 – Koda Kumi (2,485 votes)
#6 – Shoujo Jidai (2,431 votes)
#7 – SPEED (2,275 votes)
#8 – BoA (1,461 votes)
#9 – MAX (1,395 votes)
#10 – Pink Lady (997 votes)


Mister dance? lol. 

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[Vid] Urakara EP 03 (RAW & Flipped)

Credit: Uploader.

[Info] Softsubs for EP 02 of Urakara are out

Click here

[Caps] Urakara EP 3: Nicole + Food =


Cole's SHOCKED reaction LOL:

[News] KARA to officially resume Japanese activities next week

It was recently announced that KARA will officially resume their Japanese activities as of next week.

All five members have been scheduled to board their flight to Japan to film an episode of their Japanese drama “URAKARA” that was originally scheduled for filming at the beginning of the week.

Japanese Yomiuri Newspaper revealed on January 28th, “TV Tokyo has decided to postpone the broadcasting of the fourth episode of URAKARA.” Instead, the cable TV show will air a condensed episode of the drama’s first three episodes this coming February 4th.

One representative stated, “As KARA is set to make a comeback, TV Tokyo will instead be broadcasting the 4th episode on February 11th. The group will need fly to Japan next week in order to resume their filming duties.”

Source: Newsen via Nate
Cr: Ak

Until we get the KH trans.. I'll leave this up. Honestly.. I bet it will be awkward.. how can it not be? XD But I'm wondering if Japanese fans will figure out their flight and maybe go to the airport to show their support.. so now Jing's episode will be episode 5 and Cole's will be episode 6.

[Caps + Gifs] KARAdise 2011 Welcome to Thai


[Caps] Urakara EP 03

Haven't seen this ep yet but seen some fan tweets talking about how Cole looked pretty with less eye liner lol.. I agree XD Since Jing's ep is next that means Cole's is the 5th.. and the girls are getting together to film the remaining of the 4th episode..

Credit: twitter & dcnc

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[Info] 2011.01.27 Pt 2

- Today The Korean Singers Association conducted a meeting to discuss issues of KARA. Tae Jinah, the chairman, expressed his thoughts, “Kara is currently leading the Hallyu wave so if this issue leads to disbandment, both the management company and all members are subject to damages and also harm the entire musical and cultural industry. Right now, resuming KARA’s activities is the most important.” He also added, “Our Association will consider the contents of KARA’s contract, and take it as core information to issues regarding the accusation of the singers’ disadvantages.”

- In the afternoon of January 27, a chief of DSP Media and the 3 members’ side met together and discussed. The conference lasted for 6 hours from 3 pm to 9 pm and the final result was revealed, “All 5 members will continue their scheduled activities.”

- The 3 members’ side announced, “We have reached 2 conclusions. The first one is that the two sides will work together to complete the planned schedules. The second conclusion is that both sides have agreed that KARA, with all 5 members, will continue to operate.” Lawyer Hong further added, “We discussed a lot today, we expressed all the problems of the two sides and listened to the opponent's stance. The atmosphere of today's discussion was also quite good. However, we decided to keep the contents of today's conference confidential until the next conference when the two parties officially meet again. Today we only discussed the main ideas of the issue, we expect to meet later to discuss further."

- DSP said, "We still need to meet to discuss more about when to resume KARA’s activities. Currently, we do not have scheduled domestic activities but we have activities that have been scheduled in Japan, we will consult about re-starting activities in Japan first.” DSP also revealed, “We have planned to re-operate in Japan, but the two sides still have some disagreed points of view. Also the issue regarding the 3 members to return to the company is still undecided. But the biggest highlight is that KARA will continue to work with five members; that is still our top priority.”

Collected from various sources
by Yoo + hasomy @karaholic

[News] Finally an update and progress!!

Jing's dad tweeted:

Halfway there and its a success~ KARA will remain as 5 and will continue their activities~ The rest will be decided on Wed~ Hopefully, we will reach an agreement that is best for all! Thank you for all your concerns^^  cr: coffeebeanie @ twitter

Thanks for all of you~KARA will go on every schedule they should and maintain their position^^We have covered half the distance^^

I know i should be relieved.. i still feel uneasy lol

[Info] Update 3 & 01/26-27 Pt.1

This can be really confusing but I believed an Informed fan is the best:

2011.01.25 (Part 3)

- KEPA stated "KARA is no longer a group owned by a company or an individual, but they are now a national group. So this issue is very important and it involves people in the whole country of the Republic of Korea. Therefore we will publish some documents to reconcile two sides of the issue.” SportsToday announced that this content could include materials received from Universal Japan.

- KEPA also announced the investigation results about the division of profits between the DSP and KARA in Japan after verification with Universal. “It is true that DSP is currently paying KARA at the rate of 1.6 ~ 1.8%. We have verified that this rate truly is higher than normal rate of 0.5 ~ 1% for the rookies in Japan.”

- KEPA also revealed a personal message that Mr. J, who is rumored to be the one standing behind KARA, sent to some of the members. They claimed that "All luring actions from outside party will be prevented.”

- In the meeting with DSP on 01.25, the 3 members sent two written requests. One is “Demands from 3 members” (already translated) and the 2nd document is “Request of collaboration in overseas activities” The contents of the 2nd request as follows:
01)Have the right to contact and choose manager for future overseas activities of the members.

02)The time to resume schedules in Japan will be discussed and decided by the two sides, together with collecting the opinions of the members through communication with the manager mentioned in article 1.

03)Have the right to appoint a guardian (parents of the members or a person appointed by the members) to follow during future activities in foreign countries and to help with important decision making.

04)CEO of DSP Japan will coordinate/collaborate with the members while working in Japan.

- The 3 members’ side said that they were dissatisfied with the responses from DSP. The lawyer, Mr. Hong, revealed more detail "We got answers from DSP via e-mail. They totally did not answer specifically to any content except approved our request to meet with former president Lee Hoyeon and continuing activities of the five members. They do not think that the trust of the members in the management company has been broken but think that there is someone behind, persuading the members to break the contract unreasonably. We have confirmed the responses and insincere attitude of DSP. Admittedly there is large difference between the two sides in trying to solve the problem. We are planning to further push for more specific answers from DSP representative.

- On the issue of shortening the contract, the 3 members’ side said, “This is not what requested by the 3 members first, but it was mentioned by DSP. They unofficially talked with a member not too long ago about shortening the contract beforehand. However, in their reply today, they changed what they have said earlier which makes us very confused.”

Collected from various sources

by Yoo + hasomy @karaholic


- Explanation about Mr.J (here called Mr.A), the 3 members’ side said “In an urgent situation, the parents of the members had to find a close friend, Mr. A, to ask for advices. But Mr.A had no experience in singer management so he introduced the parents to Mr. B, who is the CEO of another management company. Mr.B, after knowing the story of the members, has agreed to help. That's why Mr. A has sent messages to the members about things they need and who can help them in the present time.”

- Mr.J, whose full name is Jo Hyun-Gil, has officially said today, “I helped KARA with good intentions, but I was thought to be the underground force behind KARA. The three members current do not even have cars to move around, they also do not have manager to inform about specific agenda. In such conditions can they not even get the most basic concern/care? The rumor of being the underground force behind KARA has done serious damage to my reputation, so from now I would rather help them publicly, and left everything else for you own judge.” It is known that the messages, which were previously revealed by KEPA, were voluntarily provided by Mr. J.

- The 3 members’ representative, lawyer Hong, has answered Starnews, "Because of the future of KARA, we are still doing what we can to continue the discussion. In case that we cannot reach an agreement, we might conduct a legal process (suing), but currently we do not plan to do it”

- Conditions that DSP has met for the 3 members’ side after the meeting on 01.25.2011:

+ We will work together to implement KARA’s schedules in the present time.

+ We agree with the members, who would like to confirm the current situation of President Lee Hoyeon.

+ We are currently looking for an appropriate plan for the company's management issues.

+ In case the lawyers/representatives or those related wanted to provide skilled employees who are fluent in Japanese, we will support KARA for them to actively control the paperwork issues.

+ We are discussing plans to have a representative of the parents or each parents to confirm and seal the contracts and financial documents related to KARA.

+ On the issue of shortening the contracts, we can discuss more about this issue after the members return to the company.

Collected from various sources

by Yoo + hasomy @karaholic
2011.01.27 (Part 01)

- January 26, through Starnews, DSP said "Currently the 2 KARA’s members on our side, Park Gyuri and Goo Hara said that uraKARA filming is behind schedule. So they will head to Japan at beginning of February. In this direction, beginning of February, the two sides will continue to work together for uraKARA fliming. However, this does not mean that the 3 members will be working again with our side. Japanese side also requested resume uraKARA filming first to catch up with the schedule as planned. We are now thinking of sending managers not only to Gyuri or Hara but to the other three members as well. However we still do not know how the 3 members will go to Japan and who will go with them.”

- This morning, lawyers Hong answered the phone from SportsToday. He stated, “In the second conference later today, we are planning to discuss more about our previous requests. And this time, DSP also has appointed a senior officer who is more capable of making decisions to discuss at the conference. Through the meeting today, we will surely solve all the problems. "

- KEPA is standing on DSP’s side and they hope that the two sides can solve all the problems, the 3 members will return to DSP and KARA with 5 members continue to work together to contribute to the expanding of the Hallyu Wave.

- TV Tokyo, the broadcast channel of uraKARA, said, “Because of KARA’s current situation, we fall into very a difficult situationIf we are still unable to arrange a specific filming schedule, then on February 4, we will have to prepare another program to replace episode 04.” TV Tokyo has already scheduled to broadcast episode 03 on the upcoming 28th, but some scenes of episode 4 is still not completed. These scenes should have been filmed on Jan 26th. A manager from TV Tokyo said, “If we want to broadcast episode 4 as planned, we have to finish all the scenes by the end of this week. Currently, we have already prepared plans for worst-case scenario."

Collected from various sources

by Yoo + hasomy @karaholic


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[Pic] Cole with G.NA & Min

Cr: tumblr

First time I'd ever seen this.. :)
Oh totally discovered a Jay connection with this picture LOL.. Cole and Jay has to have met before :P

[Vid] tvN KARA's Double Life (URAKARA) Promo

Credit: Uploader

OMG Cole's hair <3!!! Oh she reminds me of the 2008 days.. when she had really light hair and side bangs :) Hara's hair is back to black.. this must have been pretty recent..or i'm losing my mind lol

Source: tumblr

[News] Sunghee's getting married!!

“Women Chosun” has reported that a former member of KARA, Kim Sung Hee, will be getting married Yang Won Joon (31), the eldest son of voice actor Yang Ji Woon. The two have been dating for about a year, and they plan to tie the knot on May 7th at a small wedding hall in Kyungkido, Paju.

The two first met approximately 2 years ago through their religious community, and grew close while attending various musical activities around the world. It’s been confirmed that the parents of the lovers met a year into their relationship, and agreed to set a wedding date.

Reflecting on his approval over his son’s choice, Yang Ji Woon said, “People can’t guess how cute our future daughter-in-law is when she does things. My wife is absolutely taken by her charms. Long ago, my son has gone through some hard times, but I look forward to him creating an ideal family by meeting a good wife.”

Yang Won Joon has spent time in jail for refusing to fulfill his military duties for religious reasons in June of 2009.

Turning back to Kim Sung Hee, the former KARA member shocked the music industry in 2008 when she announced that she was going to officially withdraw from the group. There were various rumors floating around as to why she decided to quit, but the most prominent was how her idol group activities were ‘interfering with her religious life.’ Currently, she works as a vocal instructor for aspiring singers.

Source: Chosun News

Wow! what a shocker.. seriously in 2007..never could've  imagine what these 4 girls would be going through in 2011.. actually I didn't even think that far.. but Congrats to Sunghee..she's really started a new life :)

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[News] KARA’s new CF for TBC to air as scheduled this February

Credit: Uploader

A new Japanese CF featuring all five members of KARA will continue to broadcast on the airwaves as planned.

According to a report by Sankei Sports on January 26th, KARA was chosen as the new models for one of Japan’s biggest aesthetic companies, ‘Aesthetic TBC‘. The girls recorded a CF for the company, but due to their current controversy, the company debated over whether or not to air it.

Sankei Sports revealed, “With the five-membered Korean girl group KARA going through a dispute, news of their contract with Aesthetic TBC has been revealed on the 25th. Advertisements will begin running on February 1st, followed by the airing of their television CFs on the 2nd. All five members will be appearing.”

They continued, “The recording took place before the controversy broke out, leading many to wonder whether the CF would go on as planned, but representatives of Aesthetic TBC revealed, ‘In consideration of KARA’s future, now is the time to support KARA,’ which led to their decision of airing the CF.”

In support of KARA, Aesthetic TBC will be putting up advertisements with an additional statement, “Find strength, KARA!” in 200 different locations in seven cities.

Source: Star News via Nate

[News] Details of the requests/demands of the 3 members 2011.01.25 from Han Seungyeon, Jung Nicole, Kang Jiyoung


Details of the requests/demands of the 3 members (Han Seungyeon, Jung Nicole, Kang Jiyoung)

2011. 01. 25

1.(1) KARA with the 5 members to continue their activities.
._(2) Both parties to work together to complete the pre-determined schedules (based on the forensic results on the contract)

2.(1) The trust between the members and DSP has been seriously damaged.
._(2) We arrange the specific plan for DSP to resolve the problems as follows
By January 27, please kindly present to the members. Content include the following terms.
a. The members believe in President Lee Hoyeon rather than DSP.
We want to meet President Lee Hoyeon directly to confirm his current condition.
b. Plans to close the gap/void in the business until President Lee Hoyeon returns.
c. Plans to recruit additional professional managers who are qualified and reliable.
d. A care plan to improve the organizational structure of Kara's Management Team
e. Clear plan to achieve a more transparent paperwork system as promised
f. Explaining the relationship between DSP Media and DSP Japan

-_(3) Transfers of all notices and contracts signed before.
Present specific working schedule.
-_(4) Provide all financial documents to be verified.

3. Contracts of the members to end in late 08.2012. (along with the end of the contract with Universal Japan)

NOTE: Previous news articles said that the members demanded their contract to end in 07.2011. But it's actually 08.2011 on official paper!

[c]: newsen
by Yoo + hasomy @karaholic

[Fancam] KARA's 1st Fan Meeting

Credit: Daum + Ournikorii @ youtube.


[Info] Updates after the meeting

- January 24, Seungyeon’s parents, Nicole’s mother and Jiyoung’s father have met reporters from Hankooki at a hotel in Kangnam, Seoul; and said about the plans for KARA to resume their activities in both domestic and overseas, especially in Japan. All three parents emphasized, “Above all, we cannot betray the loves of fans for the kids.”

- In this interview, the 3 parents also emphasized, “We did NOT meet to ask for a raise in the ratio of profit distribution to 5/5 or 6/4 or anything like that. We have never asked for extra money. The meeting was to discuss the future activities of the kids.”

- On the same day, DSP also expressed, “The most important thing right now is to maintain KARA.” In the interview with Hankooki, DSP Media stated, “At 10 am tomorrow morning, we will have a meeting with the three members and parents. And based on the results of this meeting, we will decide how for the members to return. Nothing is as important as the 5 members of KARA continue to work together at the moment.”

- Since this case arose, all schedules are canceled. Only the drama uraKARA is arranged so that the members can still participate in filming. January 22 was actually scheduled for uraKARA filming but it got canceled. In this week, if they cannot resume the filming, they will not be able to continue to broadcast the film.

- Universal Japan said that they were having confusion and difficulties in arranging the schedule for KARA. No matter what problem KARA has with the management company, KARA is under Universal in Japan, so the company hopes that KARA will comply with the planed schedules (this is the reason why KARA continue the filming of uraKARA)

- DSP said the location of today’s meeting was not disclosed and they are trying to find the best results. A large crowd of both Korean and Japanese journalists ha stood in front of the DSP’s headquarters since early morning.

- Lawyers representing the 3 members said that the two parties will meet in Kangnam, and the 3 members’ side will make requests to DSP. He further revealed, “This time the conditions/requests are no longer given through me. These conditions include the three parents want to change the highest executive of DSP, the wife of the former CEO Lee Hoyeon, and replace the management system.”

- According to Mydaily, participants of the conference include the 3 members, the 3 parents, their lawyers and DSP representatives. The meeting lasted an hour.

- Lawyers said, “Representatives of the DSP after listening to the requests immediately said 'I do not have the authority to handle this. We will further think about this 'and said they would provide answers to the 3 members’ party at 6pm today.” He also announced “The meeting today officially was for the 3 members to make their requests, however, they also wanted to hear the stance of DSP on this case. Within today, we are planning to announce what the two parties have consulted.”

- DSP expressed, “We have received the conditions/requests, now we are in time for consideration and discussion within the company.”

Collected from various sources
by Yoo + hasomy @karaholic

2011.01.25 (cont.)

- 6:10 pm this afternoon, DSP responded back to the 3 members’ requests. However, the details of these responses have not been revealed at the moment.

- Beside all the revealed requests/conditions from the meeting this morning, Joinsmsn reported that the 3 members have requested to shorten their contracts from 3~4 remaining years to end in July of next year, as they would like to end their contract at the same time their contract with Universal Japan ends. They have also requested DSP to have a transparent accounting system and contract system.

- DSP representative revealed his thoughts, “Isn’t the demand to shorten the contract and to change the executive management system a bit too much?” However, they further revealed, “We have discussed and well received part of the demands for the members to return through reinforcing the management team and making a transparent accounting and contract system.”

- According to Starnews, “In the worst case, if an agreement cannot be reached, KARA would be like DBSK and JYJ. Currently, the representative the 3rd party - Bae Hooseol has appeared.” But they also said members expressed strong desires to continue to work together therefore the possibility to reach an agreement is really high/positive. Currently the two sides are taking that aspect as a core to solve the problem.

- DSP especially said, “Because of the precious KARA’s fans and all of the KARA members, we believe that Kara will return and continue working together. Before things go out of reach, the two sides are trying hard to solve the problem.”

- According to information that was confirmed by TV report, the registration to trademark the name of KARA from DSP can hardly be accepted. The reason is because they do not have parental consent from the member Kang Jiyoung, inherently still a minor. Under Korean law, those related to minors must be approved by the minors’ legal representatives. That means if Jiyoung’s family does not approve this, the members can still use the name KARA even when they separate from DSP.

Collected from various sources
by Yoo + hasomy @karaholic


Monday, January 24, 2011

[Info] KARA releasing new Japanese song?

Release on March 16, song is called Jet Coaster Love

SO freakin relived that Nicole's mom met with DSP officials too..

[Interview] Summary of 110123 – Seungyeon & Jiyoung’s Fathers talking about KARA on MBC Section TV


Q: When will all the members officially come back?
Manager (from DSP): I am not really sure.

001 - KARA’s Dorm
Reporters checked KARA’s mail box and saw letter sent to Hara laying inside, unopened.
They even rang the doorbell of KARA’s dorm but nobody answered.

They then asked the neighbors.
A: The members have already moved their stuffs to their houses.
Q: Did you really see the scene of them moving?
A: Even Park Gyuri’s father was here with her, it seems like they have moved out completely.

Department manager: They have moved out couple days ago. I asked the moving helpers and they said that the members have moved back to their own houses.

002 - Restaurant of Nicole’s mother – aura the GRILL

Q: Is Nicole’s mother here?
A1: No, but she was here yesterday.
A2: We do not know anything about the issue. Please come back later because the owner is not here right now.


001 – Reporters came to the sword making workshop run by Seungyeon’s father.

Ham’s Appa: I am not entirely sure about everything. However, I will still meet up with Jiyoungie’s appa to figure It out

Q: Have Han Seungyeon ever mentioned about her getting tired (or things that she is tired of)?
A: She only mentioned about still receiving helps from the management company. Of course, who doesn’t have dissatisfactions? It is impossible for one to live with 100% satisfactions. That’s just what we call life.

Q: How do you think about the disbandment of the group?
A: It has to consist all 5 members to be KARA. It will no longer be KARA with one missing. Having the members to work independently/separately is also an impossible thing. The kids must work together as KARA…

Q: How is Seungyeon doing now?
A: I talked to her on the phone yesterday, and she was crying a lot. News and articles kept being posted on the internet so that she seemed to be panic/shocked.

002- Reporter called DSP and received some answers (already featured in previous news)


001 – Press conference, representative of HamColeJing gave 3 statements/conditions to DSP (have already posted in Karaholic Newsbox)

002 – News about Mr. J, who is thought to be the one standing behind KARA

003 – Interview through the phone with Jiyoung’s father

Q: When/What the contract issues emerge from?
A: When the parents gathered together and the kids told us many things.

Q: Who is Mr. J, who is thought to be the person standing behind KARA?
A: I could reveal his name, but that’s a person that we have known for a long time, he is a friend of Nicole’s mother. He works for an entertainment company so we came to him just to ask for suggestions, but the media made a big deal out of it.

Q: Is there a possibility for the members to reunite?
A: Of course, we must do that for the kids. But we are still not clear how. We will negotiate with DSP and both sides would make concessions little by little through discussion.

Q: What is the current situation of the KARA members?
A: There are many articles mentioning about the problems among the kids, but it’s definitely not the case. The KARA kids have worked really hard to get to their Hallyu Idol position today, how could they make everything vanish just like soap bubbles at this moment? They are really determining and always saying that “We cannot separate from each other no matter what”

Source: translated directly from the MBC Section TV, which can be found in Mediabox
Translated by Yoo + hasomy @karaholic

[News] Update

DSP Media has revealed that they will be trying their absolute best in reaching a compromise with the three estranged KARA members on January 25th.

Representatives reported on the 24th, “We received notice that they will be meeting on the 25th at 10 AM.  We have yet to receive a location.”

When asked how they would respond to request of a management shuffle, which became an issue earlier on, they responded, “They would not bring such unrealistic requests to the table.  We believe that as much as the three have expressed a desire in maintaining KARA, they will be realistic in their plan.  KARA is the most important right now, and protecting the team is our highest priority.  We believe that their opinions aren’t much more different than ours.

They concluded, “Our stance is still the same as well.  The only way to solve a misunderstanding is through conversation and compromise.  The reason we haven’t been taking any other type of action is to prevent the issue from exacerbating and to promote conversation.  This is the best we can do, and we will continue to do our best in protecting KARA, so please refrain from further creating distorted rumors or speculations.
Source: Newsen via Nate + AK

More info take from KH :


- Representative said that KARA has planned to go to Japan for the filming on January 25 of their drama UraKARA. However, date of departure has not been set for any member.

- 4pm KST, Jiyoung’s father and Nicole’s mother came to Landmark’s office to discuss. No one from Seungyeon’s side was present. However, they did not make any new decision.

- Parents of the three members will have a meeting with DSP representative at 10am KST on January 25 to continue the negotiation.

- Currently, there is another character introduced into the issue, Mr. A. He is a former staff of DSP, KARA’s former manager since their rookie (beginning) days. He has stopped working for DSP and has opened his own company. One of the 5 members said that she completely trusted Mr. A and could assign everything to him (to take care of).

- Through a talk with Newsen, Mr. A stated, “The 3 members have contacted and talked to me. About how to remain in DSP and still solve the problems, I might be able to help with that. However, there are things that I cannot help because I am no longer in DSP. Anyway, the relationship between me and KARA are very deep, so I hope good results will come.”

Hmm looking good, glad to hear Cole's mom was there.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

[News] SoftBank founder & CEO Masayoshi Son roots for Kara to stay united

If reports of Kara’s members, their parents & composer being determined to keep the pop quintet united aren’t enough, fans from a variety of backgrounds are voicing their support and encouragement for Kara to stay together as five – and that includes one of Japan’s richest men.

Masayoshi Son (孫正義/손정의), the billionaire founder and CEO of SoftBank Capital who happens to be a third-generation Korean living in Japan, recently posted a Twitter message regarding Kara that has gained many fans’ attention. “Kara is good! This shouldn’t dissolve,” he tweeted.

SoftBank is Japan’s largest conglomerate and, with his influence, fans are hoping that Masayoshi’s message will reach his 750,000+ followers and garner more support for Kara’s current plight.



Friday, January 21, 2011

[News] Nicole's mother speaks up about KARA's situation

Many fans believe that Nicole's mother is the problem behind Kara's current issue.

She has posted messages about the issue on her Twitter but had deleted them shortly afterward when they became too much of an issue. She was interviewed over the phone on the 21st. At first she said, "I have nothing to say. I'm only talking through my lawyer," and tried to hang up. However, when she was asked about the rumors of her friend of taking out millions worth of money from the Kara members, she said, "I'll explain that part. It's completely wrong."

She explained, "If you have a friend that is in trade and a friend that owns a hospital, which one would you go to if you get sick? The one that owns the hospital, correct? I've known the person in the entertainment business since I was 19. Of course, I'd talk to him about something like this. We haven't taken out millions worth of money from them. I want to move right now but we can't cause we lack the money, so that's just ridiculous."

She said, "If the problem gets solved, then the members have a possibility of going back to the company." However, she never specified what the problem was. She explained, "I was told not to say anything until the press conference, especially nothing that will provoke DSP Media. That's why I'm not saying anything concrete. I will reveal everything when I can talk more comfortably."

Source: Sports Chosun
CR: Koreaboo

These are the real translations without sensationalism.

ALLKPOP is SOOO fail.. XD.. making Cole's mom sound like some deranged person... XD

Awaiting for the press conference where we hear from their mouths.
"You all will still be by my side in 2011 won't you?!!"

- Nicole's New Year Message...


feeling soo anxious.. can't watch anything with KARA or listen to their music without feeling sad..

[News] Interview - Landmark’s press conference (Jan 21, 3KST)

Q: Right now, is it possible for the members to return back to the company?

It is possible. Like what I have said before, if the company can resolved all the issues that the members’ parents have mentioned, then having the three members returned back is totally possible.

Q: What is the reason for Hara to return back to the company?

According to what I know, it was because she wanted to emphasize that KARA must be a group of five and also because of teamwork.

Q: In profit distribution, is it true that there is only 1% of the total profit received? (did not specified the subject of the question – the whole group or each member)

This is something I cannot verify because I do not have the exact document.

Q: What is your thought about Nicole’s mom has emerged as the core of this issue?

Because an agreement could not be reached during the negotiation between the daughters and the management company, not only Nicole’s mother but also other members’ mothers are receiving legal supports from our company.

Q: What are examples for DSP’s lack of professionalism?

We will bring those up later. I personally can only say that letting things to reach this state is already a problem on their end.

Q: Did the 3 members agree to all of these ideas/statements?

Of course, they all confirmed those statements yesterday.

Q: For future activities in Japan such as filming for their drama, will they continue?

We are in the process of discussion.

If the issues that we have brought up and legal problems regarded the contract are resolved, everything may well continue as before.


Translated by Yoo + hasomy

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Major Headache.

Don't know.

Over with please.

[News] KARA’s Seungyeon’s father believes all five should remain together

The father of KARA’s Han Seungyeon revealed that he didn’t want his daughter’s group to disband through an interview on January 20th.

Reporters of TV Report visited his home in order to hear his side of the story, and although he refused the interview at first, he later agreed and stated, “First of all, although I knew that talks regarding their contracts were going on, I did not think that the issue would escalate to this level.  Seungyeon has told me from time to time that she was tired, but I didn’t think much of it.”

He continued, “I received a phone call from Seungyeon on the 19th and all she did was cry.  I think it was because things weren’t developing the way she had thought at first, and now that the issue is out of her hands, she was afraid to find a way to overcome it.”

When asked what he thought the members’ biggest problems were with DSP Media, he responded,There’s a lot, but I think the main is that there’s no order.  As much as KARA is being acknowledged for their efforts, the support isn’t following through.

He further explained that the company would spontaneously schedule a B-level activity, and give up an A-level activity in order to fulfill their appearance on the B-level activity.
He also stated that the lawsuit is not because of ‘money problems’ or the rumors regarding a new agency offering them better contracts.  Han explained, “I don’t want to discuss monetary issues right now, as it isn’t even the proper time for that.  If DSP is unjust, I’d rather they just end their contract as opposed to move to another agency.  It’s something that cannot happen.
Han expressed his concerns for Kamilias, KARA’s fanbase, by stating, How can a singer exist without fans.  What’s most disappointing is that the members think importantly of their fans, but they’re receiving criticisms from their fans saying that they’ve lost their loyalty.  I am unsure as to how to clarify that.

He continued, “I once told Seungyeon to give up the chaotic entertainment industry and to just go back to studying.  Whatever path is right, and whatever decision is the best, I just hope that the issue is resolved with wisdom.”

When asked what he thought the ‘right path’ was, he answered, “Doesn’t everyone know what the right path is?  It’s for all five members to remain together.  A lot of people compare the case to TVXQ, but KARA is still a beginner.  Whether they stay together or leave, I don’t think it’s right to promote as separate groups.  Whatever the case, I believe that they should remain together.

Han concluded, “I think the priority right now is to figure out what exactly is the problem, and whether it’s something that can be fixed.  I need to meet with the other parents to hear what they think.  No matter what someone does, bringing something to a successful conclusion is a must, and as a parent, that is what’s most disappointing.”
Source: TV Report

So sad.. how can people pick sides?.. there's ALWAYS more to the situation.. life isn't that cut and dry...

I remember when SS501's contracts were ending and during that time they appeared on a show, the MC asked If you guys were to sign with DSP again, what would you wanted added onto the new contract? All they said was a better practice room (cause DSP's practice room at the time was a dingy basement) and more managers. They don't have enough staff to help with their artists. This was said last year way before this stuff started.

The point that most people are forgetting is that there are some major issues within DSP.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

[News] DSP Media addresses Kamilia

Yesterday, KARA’s Seungyeon, Hara, Jiyoung and Nicole released a statement regarding their decision to leave their management company, DSP Media. DSP Media released an official statement responding to the issue, in which they argued against some of the four members’ points.

On January 20th, DSP Media released a second statement, but instead of providing yet another round of clarifications, the statement was a mere request for patience from fans.

The document reads:

    “Hello, this is DSP Media.

    We believe that there must be a lot of people currently feeling confused over the reports being made by the media regarding the termination of KARA’s exclusive contracts.

    First of all, we would like to deeply apologize for creating such confusion and concerns.

    About five years have passed since KARA first began promoting themselves and met with their fanclub, Kamilia. We will be working our hardest in order to make sure that the absolute support and love that Kamilias share with KARA, through all the joys and hardships, do not go waste.

    We request that you extend your love and support once more to the five members of KARA, who are undergoing more difficulties through this ordeal than anyone else.

    Thank you.”

Source: KARA’s Official Website

Source: KARA’s Official Website

Hmm so is there still hope that this can all be fixed?.. since they don't seem bitter about SY, Cole, and Jing..

[News] KARA cancels appearances, “URAKARA” to air as scheduled

Due to the contract terminations filed by KARA’s Seungyeon, Nicole, and Jiyoung, DSP Media will be halting all of their scheduled appearances.

Seungyeon, Nicole, and Jiyoung’s lawyers, Landmark, reported on January 19th that DSP Media will no longer be managing the three girls, and thus suspended their KARA schedules.

KARA will not be making an appearance at the “Seoul Music Awards“, scheduled for January 20th.  Leader Gyuri will also be temporarily halting her appearances on her radio program with Super Junior’s Shindong.

Representatives of DSP Media stated,”Gyuri was put in a state of shock after receiving notice of the contract terminations, and expressed that she could not take part in the live recording for her radio show on the morning of the 20th.”

Their Japanese drama, “URAKARA,” will continue to be aired as scheduled.  Representatives of Nihon TV spoke with Star News on the 20th and stated, “We are planning to air the episodes of ‘URAKARA’ according to schedule.  Rumors of KARA’s disbandment are worrying their Japanese fans.  Because their drama completed all the necessary filming, it will air without any problems.”

Source: Star News via Nate

[News] There were no dispute between the KARA members

During the current dispute about Kara's contract, it was found out that there were no dispute within Kara members.

According to an acquaintance, "When a group goes through situations like this, it is very common that members fight or argue with each other. However this wasn't the case for Kara."

They added "The members have different personalities and it did clash often around the time of debut. But as they worked together, their trust in each other grew and especially friendship grew."

"Also, each 5 members had different thoughts about the contract issue but they never fought about it. Rather, they respected each other's decisions."

Translated by

Hope it stays that way..

[tweet] Cole's mom tweets

“There is no parent who would gamble with their child’s life over money. There is no parent who would destroy what her child has been working for through blood, sweat, and tears.
“Our children were able to achieve their dreams through extremely hard work. Now that we’ve looked back on the blood, sweat, and tears, we had no choice but to go this route. There are many more hills to climb in the future. Even though we knew this would happen, we still chose to do it. Because we love our daughters.”

“We will show exactly what is there. We will say exactly what is there. We will not submit to lies.”


Someone who is close to Cole's family tweeted this to Cole:

hey. Keep your chin up. Let them say what they say. You've got friends who love and support you.

ugh.. so sad TT

[Tweet] PD JaeHo tweets about KARA

It’s been a tiring day.  Last year, it was so fun and joyous being able to watch them go up step-by-step; each day was so full of energy. This year, we’re off to a rocky start. Just like how something good happens after something bad, something bad must happen after something good.
For me, I don’t believe the issue to be as severe as reports are making it out to be.  I believe that KARA will not be disbanding under any reason, and it’s so apparent that those five kids want to stick together.  Why must such reports be made?
Just a day ago, the members of KARA were working hard and having fun – they were all doing fine.  The ‘mass comm’ likes picking fights… Vigorous articles are flooding it now.
I believe that KARA isn’t KARA without five members.  If it’s not with all five, I refuse to work with anything regarding KARA.
I hope that today ends as a bad dream for something bigger and better, and I hope that we can dream of rising up once more, just like yesterday.”

CR:AK & JaeHo's twitter

[News] DSP Media releases official statement, Goo Hara cancels contract termination

After the four members of KARA previously announced that they filed to terminate their contracts with DSP Media, representatives of the agency have finally released an official statement on January 19th.

It reads:

    “DSP Media will be making an official statement regarding the contract terminations reported by Jung Nicole, Han Seungyeon, Kang Jiyoung, and Goo Hara of KARA. We received a one-sided declaration from their lawyers, Landmark, on January 18th, but Goo Hara has decided not to join the others in terminating her contract.

    According to their claims, the 10-month hospitalization of CEO Lee Hoyeon caused the management to become inefficient in planning and promoting the group’s activities, but that is not the truth, as the CEO’s wife ran administration in place of the CEO. KARA’s explosive popularity with the Hallyu wave in Japan testifies to these efforts, further proving that the management did not mishandle their activities.

    CEO Lee Hoyeon was not able to run the company himself beginning March of 2010, and KARA’s Japanese achievements were made five months later in August. DSP Media has done all they can in supporting and preparing KARA’s Japanese advancement.

    Regarding the income distribution claims made by Nicole’s mother and their lawyers, the information they revealed was distorted and is a complete misunderstanding. Income was distributed in a manner that was most profitable to the KARA members, and unlike what they claimed, every employee was paid at the same time the moment profits were received.

    They also claimed that DSP used its stature to force unwanted schedules and activities, but this is also a baseless claim. This is a claim that only defames the company employees who have worked their hardest to raise KARA as one of Korea’s top groups and leaders of the Hallyu wave.

    And regarding speculations from another report about a competing agency attempting to persuade their parents and lawyers to terminate the girls’ contract with DSP, we ask that they stop such actions immediately. Should such requests be made repeatedly, we will make sure that they are met with legal consequences.

    As the company that has poured their sweat and effort into creating who KARA is today, we hope that such issues are no longer exaggerated. Should there be issues between both parties, adjustments and reconciliation should be the appropriate step in continuing to promote themselves as a representative girl group of Korea.”

Regarding news of Hara staying with DSP Media, representatives continued, “Hara has decided not to comply with the terminations she submitted earlier today with the other members.” The possibility of further changes in the remaining three contracts is now at center stage.

As for their Japanese drama, “URAKARA” which is now facing an uncertain future, they stated, “They’ve already filmed four episodes before this so we have about three weeks of time left. We are looking forward to drawing a positive decision with the KARA members before then.”

Source: Newsen #1, #2 via Nate

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

[News] TV Report uncovers details on the story behind KARA’s contracts

Further details regarding KARA’s decision to terminate their exclusive contracts with DSP Media have been revealed through TV Report, Park Gyuri’s mother, and representatives of DSP Media.
TV Report claimed that industry representatives were aware of the issues surrounding KARA and their agency since December 2010.  Representatives of DSP Media and Park Gyuri allege that the reason for the four members’ terminations was “eventually because of money.”
According to another industry representative, KARA brought in a total of $18 million USD in income from their Japanese promotions, but as of December 2010, the group was only paid $3,000 USD per person.
The members were also only paid for album sales for August and September of 2010, excluding CF and event appearances.  The girls are said to have been paid in a greater amount for their activities aside from album and digital sales, which are all going to be paid without problems.  The reason the girls are paid less for their album sales is said to be because of specific clauses in DSP’s contract with their Japanese distribution company.
Income made from the girls’ Japanese albums are calculated three months after its initial release, and 85% of the profits go to the distribution company, leaving DSP with the remaining 15%.   The representative mentioned that the numbers are similar for any Korean artist advancing into the Japanese market.
Especially with DSP Media’s CEO, Lee Hoyeon, currently hospitalized, all artists under the agency were ordered to be kept under tight control.   Around this time, another entertainment agency approached KARA and offered them to join their agency.  The agency went as far as to offer to pay the penalties the girls would have to deal with for breaching their contracts should they take the offer.
The representative was said to have met with one of the members’ mothers to present a contract with fairer terms and a promotion plan that would instantly earn KARA enough fame to rival that of SNSD’s popularity.
The representative first met with Gyuri’s mother, but discussions did not run smoothly.  In an interview with TV Report, her mother stated, “I could not betray DSP, who worked their hardest in creating who KARA is now.  I have no problems with the contracts, and I trust DSP.”
Representatives of DSP further added, “There were mothers that brought up problems, so we made sure to make all related documents as transparent as possible to them.  We used accountants that they chose, but in the end, they could not trust even that.
Another representative also revealed that DSP Media met with KARA’s mothers on January 18th and almost reached a compromise to reform the income distribution regarding their Japanese albums.  The next day, KARA’s lawyers from Trademark announced their contract terminations.
Is there a possibility for them to reach a compromise?  The industry is already speculating them to be the ’second TVXQ‘ due to the complex underlying issues.
There are definitely various problems with both parties, but the ultimate issue is the competition in trying to scout KARA, and money.  The reality of these disputes with TVXQ and KARA is quite disappointing,” said one representative.
DSP Media has reasoned that they have no option left but to take legal action, predicting yet another legal battle in the industry.
Source: SPN, TV Report via Nate


ugh.. why XD Being a fan for as long as I have.. it's  a very sad day. Feels like the rug has slipped under all of us.. so Support KARA right now... we are having a hard time.. but they are going through it worst... it's their life here..

[News] DSP Media files to trademark KARA’s name

With the industry still trying to make sense of KARA’s Seungyeon, Nicole, Hara, and Jiyoung filing to terminate their exclusive contracts with their agency, DSP Media, it was hit with another astounding blow, as reporters revealed that DSP Media has applied for trademark rights over the ‘KARA’ name.

According to information revealed by a patent browser on January 19th, DSP Media requested to trademark 85 different clauses regarding KARA on December 7th, 2010. Because it is still only an application, DSP Media does not have rights over the name yet, but should it become finalized, the members will need special permission from DSP in order to continue under the name of ‘KARA’.

Such recent developments have raised speculations over whether DSP Media predicted KARA’s move and attempted to take advantage of the situation by submitting the patent.

Trademark rights have always been a central issue whenever artists move onto different agencies, as the original agency is reluctant to allow those artists to promote under the same name once they leave. A similar case lies with JYJ, as they were unable to continue under the name of ‘TVXQ‘, since the ‘TVXQ’ name belongs to SM Entertainment.

The four girls were asked whether they would be open to compromising with DSP Media, in regards to their lawsuit against them. Hong Myungho of Trademark spoke through Star News and replied, “Before we reported the news to the public, we discussed with the parents of the four members and considered everyones’ opinions. Nobody has expressed a desire to continue moving forward with DSP Media. We will have to come to an agreement on various outstanding issues with DSP Media, in order to move on with the termination.”

When asked why Park Gyuri was excluded from their report, Hong replied, “We are working only for the four members, so we are not sure of Gyuri’s position. We’ve been in discussion with the members’ parents since two months ago.  At the time, they attempted several times to reach a compromise with their agency, but because they could not reach one, they decided to terminate their contracts instead.”

Source: Star News #1, #2 via Nate

Cr: AK

[blab] what the heck is going on...

I don't know what is going on anymore...

gosh turning out like a drama.. Xd

[News] KARA’s Gyuri didn’t know about the contract terminations

After KARA’s Seungyeon, Nicole, Hara, and Jiyoung declared that they were filing a lawsuit to terminate their exclusive contracts with DSP Media, leader Gyuri revealed her thoughts on the situation through Star News.

On January 19th, she stated, “I heard only just now that my dongsengs were terminating their contracts with our agency.  I am not sure of the situation right now, I have to call the other members and our agency.”

She continued, “I saw the articles just now as well. I will find out.  I’ve been alone since last night because my radio program ended late, but all I want to do is be with the KARA members right now. That is the proper path.  I’ll be talking with them after I understand precisely what is going on.”

Source: Star News via Nate

Cr: AK

[News] KARA’s Seungyeon, Nicole, Hara, & Jiyoung to split from DSP Media

Reports of KARA splitting from their agency, DSP Media Entertainment, has sent shockwaves throughout the music industry.  The members of KARA, excluding leader Gyuri, reasoned that they had lost their confidence in their relationship with DSP Media Entertainment, and that it could never be regained again.
Landmark, KARA’s lawyers, reported on January 19th:
Despite KARA receiving much love from their activities in both Korea and Japan, the members have experienced inexplicable pain that brought them to this decision.  They’ve held it in for a long time, but in order to protect their rights and their future, the members have decided to part ways from their company.

KARA has tried their absolute best in compromising with their company prior to their decision, but their agency used their power in forcing the members to fulfill schedules that they did not want, and continuously added activities on top of a loaded schedule without prior consent or discussion.  The psychological damages that the members were forced to endure cannot be explained in words, and their efforts have gone to waste.  Their misery is severe, and they can no longer remain under such a company, which is why they decided to declare their withdrawal.
Trust is the most important aspect of a relationship between an agency and its artist, but the agency has been using KARA as a way to make money.  A variety of issues that have not been stated are still present.  The agency has decided the majority of the girls’ celebrity activities without any sort of discussion or meeting, and has rejected requests asking for explanations or for proper documents.  Their relationship has been destroyed to the point that it could never be restored again.
Representatives of DSP Media commented, “This is ridiculous, we are not sure what went wrong.  We have yet to understand the situation.  We’ll be releasing an official statement soon.”
Source + Photos: Star Today, Star News

[News] KARA’s Kang Jiyoung celebrates her 17th birthday

KARA’s maknae, Kang Jiyoung, celebrated her 17th birthday on January 18th!
Jiyoung will become a high school senior this year, a year earlier than her friends because of her early birthday.  Thankfully though, she was able to enjoy a peaceful birthday without interruptions from her Japanese and Korean schedules.

One representative revealed, “Kang Jiyoung will be celebrating her birthday by resting with her family, as there is no special schedule lined up.

Unfortuantely, she won’t be able to throw a party with her KARA members, as SeungyeonHara are in Thailand for a special program, while Nicole is in Jeju Island filming for a “Heroes” episode.  Leader Gyuri is also DJing for her radio show that day. and

Although KARA won’t be grouping together for her birthday, representatives revealed that they have already celebrated ‘the day of the birth of maknae’ through phone calls.
Source: Newsen via Nate
Cr: AK

Well although they couldn't all be together at least Jing got to spend time with her family.. I know the girls are all busy but when they schedule is laid out like that...every member has something to do and then also filming at the same time in Japan .. XD

Monday, January 17, 2011

[News] “Heroes” members produce their own smartphone movie

The members of SBS’s variety program, “Heroes“, were handed a fun mission to complete, in which they had to film their own movies with only smartphones.

The 12 members divided into two teams and were asked to come up with the movie scenario, filming, lighting, arts, and even the acting for their smartphone-produced film. The overall process took a total of two days, and the members were each taught various tricks in shooting and editing footage.

Both teams came up with a 10-minute long film. The team led by director Lee Jin and screen writer Hong Sua produced “Up to the Sky,” while the team led by director Narsha and screen writer Yoo In Na produced “Uninvited Guest.”

About 50 film majors took part in the event, and the winner will be decided by their votes. The winning film will be submitted for the “1st Olleh & Lotte Smart Phone Film Festival.”

This “Heroes” project will be divided into two episodes, broadcasted on January 23rd and 30th respectively.

Source: Asia Today via Nate
cr : allkpop

Oh sounds interesting..

[Fan] 09.10.17. Kara @ Kim Manduk Festival (Nicole)


[Pics] 11.01.13. ASK Fan Sign

[Fan] 11.01.17. Nicole, IU, & Yoo InAh @ Buffet (Heroes recording)

It was originally like this.. not tech savvy enough ... XD

Credit: dckara

[News] KARA are Nominees for "McDonalds Tokio Hot 100 Award"


•  KE$HA
•  ROX
Source & Image: BARKS + J-WAVE
Tip: elisac0
cr: AK

It's weird to see KARA's fellow nominees alongside KARA.. but that's proof of how much success they've had in Japan.

[News] Urakara finds Success!

Following KARA’s successful start to their new Japanese drama, ‘URAKARA‘, on January 14th, it was recently announced that the drama will soon be aired on Korean cable tv this January 28th.
Cable channel tvN will begin KARA’s 12-episode drama broadcast on the 28th at 8:30 PM KST under the name, “KARA’s Double Life”.
“KARA’s Double Life” illustrates a story about the girls transforming into spies, and they are given missions involving both virtual and reality dating. The members think of ways to catch the heart of a man, through which they gradually learn about true love and become perfect and charismatic top stars.
The first episode of “URAKARA” on January 14th received a viewer rating of 4% despite being broadcast at midnight. According to a representative in the Japanese TV industry, even receiving a 2% viewer rating at this time slot is a magnificent achievement in itself.
Source: Star News viaNate

It was 4.2% really lol.. I hope the ratings are stable.. pretty good news.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

[Fan +] 11.01.17. Cole filming for Heroes

While SeungYeon and Hara are enjoying Thailand.. Cole is suffering in Korea lol (j/k) but she looks super cold and her new perm hair style.. mm yea.. why 8th place XD


[Pic] K - POP Idols Schedule 01/17 - 01/18

SeungYeon and Hara have safely arrived :)

Source: dc kara via 2pm fan (LOL)

[Info] Soft SUBS are out for Urakara

If you guys can't wait for the hard subbed version from our wonderful team at KH, the subs for Urakara are out visit HERE.

1. You should already have the raw video or should download the raw.

2. Use VLC to watch the show with subs.

3. How to use: Video > Subtitle Track > Open > Click on the .srt file

Happy Viewing!

LOL I think I'll write up a review.. since soo many didn't seem to love it exactly :P

[Gifs] 11.01.16. Heroes (Nicole )

made these quicklyXD

 Cole's FAN !!

dancing with the grandma:

Cole & IU <3

Credit: ournikori