Sunday, January 9, 2011

[Translations] Joowon & Nicole from ASK photoshoot

Joowon is the model/actor guy and in the video the interviewer asks who is his ideal type in Kara and his response:

Main point is "In this report, Juwon's ideal type of girl is pretty & tummy is a little bit bulging out". Nicole said "I ate a lot just now".

*t/n: This sentence: 배가(abs/tummy) 나온(shown,out/coming out) 여자(girl) altogether may mean: 1) girl that has a bit of tummy(a bit of baby fat)or 2)girl w/ choc abs. lol..each of them relates to why Nicole said she just ate a lot.

CR: Anky @ KH.

haha what an interesting way to point out he  picked Nicole.

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  1. I loved the way he looked behind at Cole when answering and Cole laughed out loud. Then when Cole was announced the 'winner', they even added fireworks on the screen ... kekeke

    Sorry for my overzealousness .. coz the 'ideal type' usually goes to other members like Hara or Jiyoung :)

    If u guys are interested, I spazzed on this pair on tumblr ... kekeke