Wednesday, January 19, 2011

[Tweet] PD JaeHo tweets about KARA

It’s been a tiring day.  Last year, it was so fun and joyous being able to watch them go up step-by-step; each day was so full of energy. This year, we’re off to a rocky start. Just like how something good happens after something bad, something bad must happen after something good.
For me, I don’t believe the issue to be as severe as reports are making it out to be.  I believe that KARA will not be disbanding under any reason, and it’s so apparent that those five kids want to stick together.  Why must such reports be made?
Just a day ago, the members of KARA were working hard and having fun – they were all doing fine.  The ‘mass comm’ likes picking fights… Vigorous articles are flooding it now.
I believe that KARA isn’t KARA without five members.  If it’s not with all five, I refuse to work with anything regarding KARA.
I hope that today ends as a bad dream for something bigger and better, and I hope that we can dream of rising up once more, just like yesterday.”

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