Tuesday, June 30, 2015

[Schedule] Nicole's Updated Schedule


7.19 Olive Tv Maps - 11:00PM

7.27 MTVJP Love K-Pop - 7:30PM



7.22 haru*hana 


7.11 Love FM LOVE ☆ KOR! - 2:00PM

7.11  Love FM Kore“an”Night - 8:00PM

7.12 CBC Jamboree - 7:00AM

7.12 FM AICHI Oshi☆Men Fun Club - 6:00PM

8.8 Tokai Radio 井田勝也の年リク!- 2:00PM

[Info] Nicole's Something Special Single Ranks #8 on the Oricon Weekly Chart!

[Pic] Nicole From LOVE FM LOVE☆KOR!

[News] Nicole tops sales with Japanese debut album

K-pop singer Nicole Jung, a former member of girl group KARA, is enjoying solo success with her debut Japanese album “Something Special.”

“Something Special” was released in Japan last Wednesday and has since topped sales at retail music chain Tower Records across the country.

Nicole’s debut Japanese album and first solo studio album became the bestselling K-pop album at Tower Records stores nationwide, a week after its release, according to Japanese K-pop media website K-style.

Nicole had moderate success with her debut Korean solo EP “First Romance” last year.

The 23-year-old singer debuted with KARA in 2007. She parted ways with the girl group and its management when her contract expired last year.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Saturday, June 27, 2015

[Twitter/Instagram] Something Special Fanart

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Amazing !! Thank You very much !!

[Vid] Nicole For Madigi Tv

Just talking about her single release.

[Pics] 15.06.27. Tokyo High-Touch Photos by K-Plaza

 so cute and she even as a Nicole doll

cr | karalove2560

[Pics] 15.06.27. Tokyo High-Touch Event Photos by MPOST

[Pics] 15.06.27. Tokyo High-Touch Event Photos by Korepo

[Audio] 15.06.27. Nicole on CBC Radio ドラ魂ポーン!!!

[Pic] Nicole with Fans From Tokyo High-Touch Event Photo

[Pics] Nicole for Girl Pop Magazine

[Pic] Nicole with ドラ魂ポーン! Host

[Fan] 15.06.27. Nicole Hight-Touch Event Fancams (Tokyo)

[Photos] Nicole's High-Touch Event Photos (Tokyo)

[Twitter/Instagram] Nicole @ Tokyo High-Touch Event in Tokyo Photo

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great to see all the fans turn out to see Nicole :)

Friday, June 26, 2015

[Twitter] Nicole @ Fukuoka with Pancakes

[Twitter] Nicole @ Nagoya Hanshake Event Photo

[Twitter/Instagram] Friend Egg in Nagoya

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She's dressing really cute in Japan :)

Thursday, June 25, 2015

[News] Nicole’s Japanese Debut Single Enters Oricon’s Top 10 On The Day Of Its Release

Nicole finally released her Japanese debut single "Something Special" and entered Oricon chart's top 10. This is Nicole's first Japanese solo single since she left KARA at the beginning of 2014.

"Something Special" was ranked 9th on Oricon's daily single chart on the day of its release on June 24. Nicole enjoyed great popularity as a KARA member, and this proved that she had secured her status as a powerful vocalist and could succeed as a solo artist.

"Something Special" is a dance track that expresses fluttering feelings of first love. 
Nicole also went to Japan on June 22 to actively promote "Something Special."

src| kpopstarz

[Scans] Nylon Magazine (June 2015) Scans

[Pics] Nicole for Hanako Magazine (Japan)

cr |leon_karalove

[Fan] 15.06.24. Nicole @ tvK Filming Fancam

[Fan] 15.06.25. Nicole Entering Cross FM Studio Fancams


[Fan] 15.06.24. Nicole Cafe Event Fancam

[Pic] Nicole @ Fukuoka Handshake Event Photo

[Audio] 15.06.25. Cross FM SWITCH!

[Pics] Nicole Photos From Gee Bee Filming

Airs July 2!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

[Twitter/Instagram] TVk & Fan Photos

It looks like I'm going to work out..
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Translated by yooniqda_

[Info] Nicole's #1 on Daily Ranking Tower Records Shibuya

[Pics] Nicole's Interview with Woman Insight

Three things that give Nicole motivation are her friends, dogs, and sake (lol). Then she says her car.

A good stress reliever is talking with friends, the dogs are there so her house won't be lonely, and her car because she practices singing. It's like her own practice space.

She has 3 big dogs because she wanted to feel they would protect her  but instead she protects them because they get frightened even with a little noise.

She was so stressed prior to MAMA promos that she had to be hospitalized for a week in the ICU. 

She has since changed her thinking and has the feeling of working hard again. 

[Pics] Nicole's Photos from Pia Interview

[Instagram] 15.6.23. BTS Videos with Nicole From redhair_hee

[Pics] Nicole From Nicole TV & Kstyle Photos

[Twitter/Instagram] Thanks Fans!

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