Wednesday, June 17, 2015

[Interview] 15.06.15. "Sexy Nicole is the type to gain power from love" (Part 1)

Nicole, who debuted as a solo artist in Korea last year, will be debuting in Japan with her new song "Something Special" on June 24. She answered all the interview questions in Japanese, showing how excited she is with her Japan debut.

"Do they still remember me?" is her worry.

-It's almost your Japanese debut. how are you feeling?

"It's almost here!" I'm excited. Of course, I'm a bit anxious but I want to sing in front of my Japanese fans soon. The release fate feels far away. I have Japanese fans who have been there for me all the way. So for the fans, I'd like to do my utmost best.

-Nicole as a solo artist had her first performance at the Saitama Super Arena last April 22nd for the KCON2014 JapanxM COUNTDOWN event. A lot of your fans came.

It's been a long time since I performed in Japan, so I was worried "Do they still remember me?" But a lot of people came to support me, so I was really happy. Although I was nervous, it all went away with the voices of the fans... From the stage, I saw a lot of my fans. I thought: I should do my best in Japan too! I felt supported.

-On this day, you announced your June debut and also performed "Something Special" for this first time. How was the fans' reaction?

I also want to know what they thought of it. I wanted to hear their voice. So I took off my ear monitors. They were cheering so loudly I was relieved and happy. I was nervous for nothing (laugh).

2nd part coming soon.

Thanks @_mellificent for the translation.

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