Tuesday, June 30, 2015

[Info] Nicole's Something Special Single Ranks #8 on the Oricon Weekly Chart!

Nicole should be really happy and proud :) 

She hustled hard last week and from the fan tweets, she was always happy and friendly in the high-touch events. Hopefully, all this good news from these promotions will give her more confidence in her next projects! 

Can't wait to see what is up next !


  1. Wow, #8 does look quite great for a kpop soloist in Japan!
    But, hoping she can reach 5 or 3, (that number seems really hard to beat)

    1. She did pretty well considering her promotions were nowhere as public as KARA's were when she was in the group. It seems many Japanese fans are trying to get Nicole to be able to perform at the big network stations by requesting at the station's message boards.

    2. Aw that's really great of the fans to do. Japanese fans rock. Hope it works.