Sunday, June 21, 2015

[Nicole_as] 15.06.19. Nicole Update @ Nicole Always Smile

Good evening, Colling!
How are you?

Today, you might've already seen it on Instagram but my dogs went swimming!
Amazing, isn't it?
IT's Duke and Jasper's second time, but it's Melly's first!
But... as expected the youngest is the best ww
Although Jasper got better in the end, Duke was scared until the end.   
Being a dog is more trouble than I thought www
Because they exercised more than usual, they slept and rested as soon as we got back.. so chill ww
I really got tired www
But I plan on bringing them along a lot this summer www

I'll be going to Japan soon!ww
It'll be my first promotion as a solo artist!
I'll be going to Nagoya, Fukuoka, and even Osaka. I'm so happy!
You've always been telling me, right? You want me to come ww
Although it's only a day, please look forward to it!
If you have the time, please come and see me!! ww
Hitsumabushi... wwwwwww

Has everyone seen the Something Special MV?
What do you think?
On GYAO! It reached number one, and I'm so surpirsed!
I'm really happy!
I saw it on Twitter while I'm in a restaurant so I wasn't able to dance ww I endured
Everyone, although I know that you want to see my purple hair... the reason it's not purple is...
When I sweat, my ears, neck, and even my clothes become purple.
If I get my nails done, my nails will also be colored.
And so, before the PV shoot, I didn't touch my hair that much..
In my dance theme, **髪を津金くれましたww
I also have purple nails.. it's also in my instagram! w
It's not fake! ww
And so, my hair color will be changed before I get to Japan. It won't be purple.
I'm sorry... Please understand..
Even my pillow cover has turned a bit purple...
I also can't wear the clothes I want recklessly w

Although Something Special is good, please also listen to Fantasy! And, of course, Love, too!

Because I'm a bit tired today, I plan on sleeping early ww
Duke, Jasper, Melly and I are all tired ww

Please continue to wait for me! I'll be there soon! ww

Always Smile

Thanks @_mellificent for translation

**maybe nicole meant 髪を掴んでくれました。。。( same pronunciation ) to grab hair ~ thanks @Purisona

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