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[Vid] Y-Star Special Day KARA (Nicole's B-Day cut) Subbed

Credit: uploader

[Caps] Nicole with SNSD girls from Inki

Nicole & Jessica


Nicole & Yuri


Nicole & Hyoyeon

[News] KARA, First Asian girls group to break 100k in album sales in the first week in six years and nine months

Korea's five-membered girls group, KARA's first original Japanese album, "Girl's Talk," released on the 24th, sold 107k copies in the first week and debuted on the December 6th Oricon Weekly Album Chart on the No.2 spot. This marks the first time an Asian girls group (excluding Japan) has managed to sell 100k copies in the first week since Twelve Girls Band's album, "Kikou - Shining Energy," from six years and nine months ago.

"Girl's Talk" includes KARA's Japanese debut single, "Mister," and second single, "Jumping," as well as KARA's Korean hit, "Lupin," for a total of ten Japanese tracks. KARA has broken their own highest first week sales record of 51k, which was set by their Korean best album, "KARA BEST 2007-2010," released in September. "KARA BEST 2007-2010" has obtained the highest Oricon position of No.2 and has sold 109k since then.

Translated by: xichigo@Karaholic
Source: Oricon

I bet the girls died a little when they heard this !!

Hmm this just gives me more reason to think KARA will have their first concert in Japan rather than Korea XD...

[Vid] 10.11.29. Tokyo Friend Park II

Best show ever!!

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

[Cap +Gif] SeoCole Couple at Inki

Credits: tumblr

Love them.. so cute.. actually i'd call them the sweet potato couple :P

[Ad] KARA for Bear Paw

[Twee] Jini

Nicole: I am exercising now...somehow i fell asleep here! I ate a lot during breakfast...even now I'm still full!!
Jiyoung: Exercising at this time of the day!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
Nicole: ka ka ka ka what are you doing? You woke up early!
Nicole: I want to sleep here...but it'll be weird if i do...hehehe...(*Korean words*)
Jiyoung: Woke up early for school!!! Meet up soon sister(unni)~^^ 

CR: laxeon @ KH.

Good Morning! Today, for a long time, i ate Nicole unnie's cooking / i ate foods which Nicole unnie cooked for. It's not breakfast or dinner, i dont know what it is . anyway, it's damn delicious unnie~ ♥
Cole @ Jing: Jiyoung ah T T T unnie got burned T T T T woohuhuahahawoo

Cr: Yoo @ KH.

Cole going all out to cook for the members..

Saturday, November 27, 2010

[Vid] Preview of KARA on Tokyo Friend Park II

Credit: uploaders
Tip off from KH.

Airs on the 29th :)

[Vid] Making of Jumping & Girls Talk Photoshoot

Credit: uploader

[Update] KARA's perf being cut off at Blue Dragon Awards

Part II: Fans pissed at PDs zooming out to some random building during climax (aka buttpopping) of Kara's performance
Kara performed at the 31st Blue Dragon Awards, but their congratulatory performance was cut short. The director of the show explained it was because the award winners spoke for more than expected, and their broadcast time ran out. This resulted in Kara's closing stage being cut off in the middle and the 2nd half of the award ceremony broadcasting right away.

Kamilia (KARA's fanclub) were extremely disappointed at this, because the girls performed Jumping, a song they haven't seen many times in Korean. They called the producers unprofessional and demanded to know why they couldn't lengthen the time by a minute or two so the Kara girls could finish their performance.


Yea I figured this was the bigger issue for fans then the cameras zooming in on the actor's faces...

[Tweet] Cole & Dongwoon..

Nicole: i wanna cry~~~

Dongwoon: whyyyy~~

Nicole: somebody please take away my dark circles...T
Cr: heyhey52 @ twitter.

hmm is this fishy? lol... 

[Vid] 10.11.27. Meringue no Kimochi

Credit: Uploader

 KARA gave a tour of the new offices at DSP!! Must watch.. use the CC caption.. it helps.

Friday, November 26, 2010

[Vid] 10.11.26. KARA on Ontama plus Trans.

KARA on Ontama (2010.11.26) Ques-pong segment. The girls are supposed to hit the ping pong ball as they answer each question~

Q: Favourite food?
A: [Gyuri] Donburi
[SY] Tonkatsu (deep-fried pork)
[Nicole] Sushi

Q: Least favourite food?
A: [Hara] None!

Q: What do you want to eat now?
A: [Jiyoung] Curry!

Q: Favourite Japanese phrase/word?
A: [Gyuri] Mamoru (to protect)
[SY] &@^$(@)#$?

Q: What Japanese phrase/word did you learn first?
A: [Nicole] Eel!

Q: What do you like about yourself?
A: [Hara] Eyes!

Q: What do you dislike about yourself?
A: [Jiyoung] ... none.

Q: What's your ideal type?
A: [Gyuri] All.
[SY] Fair-skinned!
[Nicole] None!
[Hara] Anyone will do.

Q: Who's the cute Korean girls group that debuted in Japan this year? (Answer this question with a smash!)
A: [Gyuri] KARA! (She was all worked up for a spectacular smash but missed lol)


Credit: xichigo's twitter

[Fan] Y-Star Special Day KARA fan subbed

Credit: uploader


[News] KARA’s Nicole ranked as the #1 idol with the most celebrity friendships

KARA’s Nicole was chosen as the #1  idol with the most personal connections to other celebrities on the November 25th broadcast of SBS’s “One Night of TV Entertainment.
The episode ranked idol members according to their range of networks and placed Nicole as first, due to her friendships with SNSD’s Seohyun, Sunny, and Hyoyeon, 2AM’s Jo Kwon and Changmin, SS501′s Heo Young Saeng, Hwang Bo, Shin Hye Sung, and Jo Hye Ryeon. Her expansive network demonstrates that there were no gender or age restrictions in order to be her friend.
Super Junior’s Kim Hee Chul landed in second place for his friendships with Jung Jun Ha, Kim Jung Eun, Hwang Shin Hye, and even Lee Soo Man.
Kim Hee Chul commented, “I think they had a good impression of me. I’d like to say that all of this is attributed to one’s character.
Source + Photos: Asia Today via Nate

Cr: AK

Actually I agree with some points being made about how having these many connections can take a person really far especially in the industry.. and this will be very very useful b/c KARA's in DSP XD.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

[Pic] Heroes Cast

Credit: dckara

[Vid] 10.11.25. SBS TV Entertainmnet (Nicole cut)

Credit: Uploader

Talks about Nicole's contacts and LOL at the testimony from Changmin and Jinwoon :P

[Fan] 10.11.25. Mnet Super Concert Fancams

Credit: uploader

[Trans] KARA member's messages on SSTP

Jiyoungs msg - How am I supposed to start.. Hmm.. Everyone is so busy, so all the members are tired and having a hard time. But because of times like these.. The 5 of us become more closer and do better.. Whatever happens, I hope we will give strength to each other.. And lets do well! (Ah, this is so embarrassing!)

Hara's msg
- Now we are promoting in both Korea and Japan, and I know that the members are having a hard time.. We just dont talk about it with each other, but everyone is tired and exhausted. And still, I see everyone giving their best in Korea, and so I think to myself that I also have to do my best, and also to take care of our members.. So I hope that we continue caring for each other more and more, so we would be able to show a better KARA.

Nicoles msg
- I think our KARA has come a long way.. I think this year has been the busiest and most fruitful. I know we still have a long way to go.. This year, the 5 members, by supporting each other, I feel like we have become a lot closer.. Everyone (Nicole cries ㅠㅠ).. is tired but still smiling with each other, so that was so good to see.. And I also see that everyone is making an effort to stay happy and energized for each other, and that was so touching. Ever since coming back to Korea, everyone has been smiling and getting along and staying strong.. Im just so thankful. We have a long way ahead of us, so I hope everyone would stay strong until the end.

Seungyeons msg
- Is there a need to say more.. Everyone in their places inside KARA, are doing so well. Without saying much, right now, this way, I am so thankful.. For the members being who they are now, I am really so thankful. With our busy and tiring promotions.. Well, there has been happy and grateful moments, but there were also disappointing and irritating moments as well. But the members have gotten through it, and stayed strong, so I am very thankful. If there was one thing that I could ask.. A little.. Till the end, everyone is accident free and healthy. Now, when I think of KARA, instead of tears, I am filled with happiness. And the time has come that a smile comes to my face first. I hope everyone looks after us till the end.

Gyuris msg
- Since we are very busy with promotions, everyone is tired, both mentally and physically. But never has anyone fainted.. Even though the members are tired, they are always smiling and showing their best during promotions.. So I am thankful.. I am so proud of our members.. I feel like.. With these members, we can do anything. We can do anything, and we have done everything well up to this point. I think that we are an admirable group because we have admirable members. I hope everyone takes care of their health, both mental and emotional. And I hope we remain that kind of healthy KARA. I love you.

credit to
@_coffeebeanie on twitter for the translations

KARA's the best!! You guys can download the audio cut @ Kh

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[Pics] Happy Together 3 (KARA & 2AM)


Wonder what this was about.. maknaes picking SY and unni's picking Cole

[Vid] 10.11.24. KARA on PIRAMEKINO

Credit: Uploader

[Pics] B.L.T. & TV magazine


Credit: kumakichi @ twitter..

No scans XD

[Vid]10.11.24. KARA on Ontama

Credit: uploader.

I spot JiNi <3!! and Cole finally talked lol

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

[Pic] Cole from SBS Heroes Charity Event


Source: dckara.

Oh so pretty. 

Lizzy tweeted about this:
SBS hereoes charity event only today. come today to eat the food the Heroes members made *Gahee*unni's pastas the best make sure to eat it promise~ 
Cr: heyhey52 @ twitter

[Fan] Fan account about KARA on Music Core

The part that mentions Nicole:

So it was finally time to go in, about 1:45. Hot diggety, I was sent to the 3rd row this time! The fan club members wanted to give me a taste of what its like to be a member before I joined. I was doing the chant for Kara In the 3rd row. Basically, the 3rd row is higher than the first row so it’s a little better actually than the first!  I loved the little adlibs by Nicole and Jiyoung who were practicing between takes. You won’t see things like this during the live show.

Read the rest of the account here

[Pics] KARA in Ray & B.L.T. Magazines (Nov 2010)




Source: twitter & dckara

[Vid] Preview of KARA on PIRAMEKINO

Credit: uploader

Airing on the 24th @ 6:30 PM (JST)

[Caps] NTV Glutton Boys Delicious 2


Source: DCKARA & Twitter.

Airs on the 30th!

[News] KARA’s “Girl’s Talk” on the Oricon Daily Chart

Girl group KARA established themselves as a popular group in Japan with their honor of receiving a ‘Gold’ certification for surpassing the 100,000 sales mark with their Japanese debut single, ‘Mister’. KARA later added on this this accomplishment with their second ‘Gold’ certification for their full Korean album, ‘KARA Best 2007-2010′.
KARA released their first original Japanese album, ‘Girl’s Talk’ yesterday and they’re well on their way to their third ‘Gold’ certification. The girls placed third on the Oricon Daily Sales chart by selling 13,265 units. Congratulations to the girls!

Source: AK

[Vid] 10.11.23. Ontama

Credit: uploader

[Vids] 10.11.23. NTV ☆ Record Hits

Credit: Uploaders

Monday, November 22, 2010

[Vid] 10.11.22. KARA on Ontama

Credit: Uploader.

Look forward to KARA all this week on Ontama :)

[Pics] From Yahoo Music Japan Gallery


^^ my favorite XD


Loving all the black pictures! Better quality would be nice.

Tip Of: leftysrock @ twitter

[Tweet] Major Update

Nicole was busy the other day :P

Most recent tweet:

Recording for Heroes! Eating Donkatsu and Ramyun together is absolutely delicous! It's so good..! What do I do!! Huhuut 

Cr: benbenkr @ kh.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

[Tweet] Cole, Jiwoon, & Dongwoon

so cute!!


ohoohoohoot. i'm the smallest T T oohhoohoot as big as a mtn '-' // oohhoohoohoot. keke both are so tall T !

Cr: twitter

Saturday, November 20, 2010

[Tweet] Cole & Dongwoon

Dongwoon: Good job JungNicole

Nicole:  Aigo Dongwoon ~~ keke you too Good Joo!! Do good on your schedule & let's see each other tomorrow keke. You know I was kidding? ><

Cr: _heyhey52@twitter

[Info] KARA's got Me2Day Accounts

I wasn't sure about this but Nicole and Jing posted up pictures so they seem legit:

Gyuri: http://me2day.net/karagyuri

SeungYeon: http://me2day.net/fateflysy

Hara: http://me2day.net/sweethara

Nicole: http://me2day.net/_911007

Jiyoung: http://me2day.net/kkangjii09

[Vids] KARA's comeback on Music Core


Credit: Uploaders.

Burn was JJANG!! Jumping looked really cool too!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

[Tweet] Comeback Tweets

It's comeback time! doogeun doogeun ke ke ke


yum yum ~ eating delicious meal ♥

YoungSaeng tweeted about the girls:
Enjoyed Kara's comeback alot keke And oh my, the girls are so beautiful and they did so well!! keke This time, their album will definitely do well too~~~^^

Cole tweeted back:
Oppa~~ Thanks so much for watching (monitoring) us hehe -

Cr: fans on twitter (LOL forgot who translated what.. )

[Caps] KARA on Exile Soul

[Vid] 10.11.19. KARA on Music Station - Jumping

Credit: Uploader.

The interview portions are at KARA-T, too lazy to post. The girls and Perfume were cute and Cole talked to the Kattun guys. Btw, 2 of the girls in Perfume are 88 ers like Gyuri and Seungyeon :)

[Vid] 10.11.19. Happy Music - Jumping

Talk Portion:

Credit: Uploader

Liked this perf better than the Music Station one XD

[Tweet] Cole & Taylor Swift

Took photo with Taylor swift..ㅜㅜUhuhut~such a good memory ㅜㅜI'll cherish it

Cr: aank1 @ twitter

would have liked to see the picture.. but I guess if she wants to cherish the moment..

[Info] Performers for Music Core

2010.11.20/ Episode 235

♬ Comeback Stage
- KARA 「Jumping」 & 「Burn」
- BEAST 「Beautiful」
- Orange Caramel 「A~ing
- Buzz 「I Don't Like Girls」

♬ Hot Stage
- SNSD 「Hoot」
- 2NE1 「It Hurts」

♬ Sound-holic
- VNT 「Sound」
- Oh Won Bin (ft. 4Minute HyunAh) 「I Love You And I Love You」

♬ who is that GIRL?!
- GP Basic 「I'll Be There (To J)」
- HAM 「So Sexy」

♬ 이별 후 愛
- 2AM 「Like Crazy」
- Sokhee 「가슴아 안돼」
- SUNDAY BRUNCH 「10 Won Coin」

New Song
- HwangBo 「Still Beautiful」
- AB Avenue 「Women...Knows (Woman's Game)」
- Deevine 「Propose」
- MIHO 「I'll Be Here For You」
Looking forward to Burn Performance :)

[News] Kimura Takuya parodies the KARA “butt” dance

Top Japanese star Kimura Takuya showed off his dance skills by shaking his hips to the famous KARA “Mister” song.

He recently appeared on TBS’s “Ochano Mizu Hakase” where he parodied the infamous ‘butt’ dance. The star is a huge male icon in Japan, so it’s no passing incident for him to know the “Mister” dance.

Fans of KARA in Korea are reportedly excited that their favorite girl group is achieving such fame in their neighbor country.

The episode will be broadcast on the 30th (KST).

We’ll update with a video once we lock one down, so stay tuned!

Source + Photo: Newsen

OMG! Have to see this :) I remember Nicole saying she's fan.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

[Blab] KARA on Music Station

Reading some Japanese tweets before Music Station airs and the fans seem really excited to watch. Thinking KARA will get a talk portion like last time maybe even with Kattun XD

[Pics] KARA @ Tokyo Tower

Credit: Nippon 

[Pic] KARA with Exile

super small pics XD


Kara will be on their show called Exile Tamashi :)


Show will air on 11/21 !!

[Vid] Updates from Sakigake 8 MC and NHK News Ohayo Nippon

credit: uploaders

[Pic] Preview of KARA's 2011 Calendar!

Credit:sonseokpd @ twitter.

Said to be a Korean and Japanese version. These look like the photos from their recent trip to Phuket. The graphics look great so far.