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[Pics] 12.10.18. K-POP Paradise in Okinawa Sample Pictures


cr| yahoo japan auction

tip off withkara

[Pics] 12.10.17. KARA DJ Event Sample Pics


taken from yahoo japan auctions
tip off by withkara

[Fan] Choa Magazine Photos + Translations


Nicole said in Choa, name of dance in EB is "X dance". Not Hamada dance!

JiYoung said in Choa, their most fav song in new album is Kiss Me Tonight.

CR | _Miracle_5 

[Tweet] GyulCole

Nicole @ Gyuri: Today my score increased! though not as much as yours.. kekeke 

Gyuri @ Nicole: Oh congratulations keke looks like it's your day lately >_<
Translated by yooniqda_

I think they are referring to that game Ani Pang.. they seem to be obsessed with it :P

[Translations] Star Interview: Nicole's Cut by RavenTree

 Stage of Girls group completes with strict group dance.  The song depends on it
 JY : It is hard, but worse thing is we need to practice this dance with wearing high-heels.
 Now new Kara’s dance came in to the world. Nicole looked forward this moment.
 Nicole : I felt enjoying me dancing when I dance, so I’m interested in dance so much.
 In past five years, dance looks so nice. Also, I like __EXPRESSION__s of dacne.

Monday, October 29, 2012

[Pic] KARA with Sonar Pocket BTS of NTV Music Lovers


tip off: Kamihan1988

[Tweet] Rice

Today I ate a really delicious kimchi jjigae.. took a small plate and scoop up a little bit of rice and ate everything..okay stop! Sthat.. however by the time I think that I need to try it after heat it up, I already took another bowl of rice..nyam nyam..

Translations by yooniqda_

See Cole's appetite is still there :)

[Vid] 10.09.28. MBC All the K-POP Pt. (Eng Subbed)

[Pics] NTV Music Lovers Photos


tip off: KamiliAsanama

Airs next Sunday 23:30 (JST) on NTV or Monday @ 1:30 AM.

[Translations] Star Inteview: KARA's Pajama Party Excerpt Translations

[KARA's Pajama Party Excerpt]
HR: from now on, KARA's Secret Pajama Party Start!

Toast for tomorrow's Showcase!

(when Break It being played)
SY: i don't want to see it!
SY: actually this was a good song

GY: 5 years passed in an instant. started from 4 members group there a lot of unbelievable things
HR: it's been 5 years (hara & jiyoung) for us but it's 6 years for onnie right
GY: isn't it's great that it's been 6 years?
Others: right right
HR: it's also been 2 years since debuting in Japan
NC: time flows really fast
GY: at that time we just memorizing japanese
SY: (to GY) at that time me and you try to make conversation
GY: making gags
SY: really made everything, memorized it, and practicing it with the teacher
GY: but when the MC told us to do something else "eum.." just smile
HR: the really incredible thing is we came out on a variety show without translator

HR: onnie, when do you want to get married?
GY: me? i don't expect to get married fast, not even 1% (of expectation)
SY: is it alright even when you (getting older and) getting less prettier?
GY: since i getting prettier it's alright (hug SY while the maknaes lol)
SY: but i kind believe it. because comparing now and gyuri's photo during elementary school there are no particular difference
NC: i thing onnie's beauty won't change
GY: then when i became 40, between us i will become the most baby face? just see later
HR: SY onnie will be aged the most
GY: at that time it can be different, the condition
HR: i'm curious. our looks on our 30s 40s
GY: i know what i will be doing -> Mister
SY: you need to exercise hard
NC: sing Mister on someone's wedding
HR: when we get married, let's perform mister! for each other
SY: do Mister with the current mister costume
NC: i don't know how much our stomach will get bigger at that time
GY: what should i do if i'm pregnant (at that time)?
HR: anyway, let's do it (sing congratulatory song for each other). KARA's song, anything

SY: however, it feels like we did good so far.
GY: we worked hard
SY: right. lots of works, tried, got stressed, however since we did good for long time, for now too we able to talk while laughing in front of lots of people

HR: we will start pandora activities soon
NC: it needs to get big
HR: it will get bit
NC: if we want for it to get big, we need to sleep soon
NC: need to sleep soon, prevent dark circle. female is about managing


Credit: yooniqda_

[Vid] 12.10.29. Hey!x3: Talk & Electric Boy

Talk (Full Cut) :

An actual comment on this video:
I'm a girl and I really like Nicole! she is sexy and cute and I don't feel like punch her, she's awesome :)

Ain't that sweet? lol

Sunday, October 28, 2012

[Fan] Inkigayo MC IU (+ HaNi) Fancam

so cute!

[Vid] Showbiz Extra KARA Interview (2007)

Stumbled upon this old interview XD 
When 88 Line were same age as Jing and Cole was just a baby :P

They did not have much HD footage back then lol

[Tweet+ Article] Undisclosed Part..

hing there was an undisclosed part too >_< if you gonna eat something similar, eat multigrain brown rice with a little bit side dishes like kimchi, anchovies, etc ha you will feel more satisfied like that ~~ eat it with several changes of protein ^^ everything is maintaining your nutrient!hihi then good night ~~~☆

Translated by yooniqda_@ Twitter.

Pretty sure Nicole is referring to Star Interview where showed off her diet food. There has been articles like the one below. Also, it seems like there are people who do follow Nicole's diets so I guess that's what the tweet is referring to as well!

How would Kara’s Nicole survive only on vegetables?


The diet menu of Kara’s Nicole was revealed on TV and has created a stir.

Recently, a posting titled “I was really shocked at Nicole’s dinner” was uploaded to an online community board with several pictures attached.

The photos were snapshots of the episode of KBS 2’s Star Interview that aired on October 24. It was when Nicole was preparing for her dinner. As she began on a new diet, she had revealed the food she chose.

Her menu was mostly composed of healthy vegetables such as fat-free mushrooms, carrots, cauliflower, pumpkin, and tofu.

Netizens who saw the posting commented: “She’s got the best diet menu.” “Let me get on a diet again.” “She’s really into this.” “Let’s lose weight!”

Since the release of “Electric Boy” on October 17 in Japan, Kara has been busy giving performances.

Taken from  korea.com

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[Pics + Info] Girls Forever Album Covers

Version A (CD + DVD):



1. Electric Boy
2. Speed Up
3. Girls Power
4. Gimme Gimme (new)
5. Shake It Up (new)
6. Innocent Girl (new)
7. Oops! (new)
8. Kiss Me Tonight (new)
9. Lock-on (new)
10. Orion 


  1. Electric Boy Music Video Clip (Close-Up Ver.)
2. Speed Up Music Video Clip (Another Ver.)
3. Girls Power Music Video Clip (Close-Up Ver.) 
4. CM Collection
5.  Making of "1ST JAPAN TOUR 2012 KARASIA" VTR
6. Making of "Girls Forever" Album Photo Shoot

Version B (CD + 28 Page Photo booklet):


1. Electric Boy
2. Speed Up
3. Girls Power
4. Gimme Gimme (new)
5. Shake It Up (new)
6. Innocent Girl (new)
7. Oops! (new)
8. Kiss Me Tonight (new)
9. Lock-on (new)
10. Orion 

Bonus Tracks:
11. Jet Coaster Love 2012
12. GO GO Summer! 2012
13. Winter Magic 2012
14. Jumpin '(Remastered)
15. Mr. (Remastered)

28 Page Photo Book 

Version C (CD): 


1. Electric Boy
2. Speed Up
3. Girls Power
4. Gimme Gimme (new)
5. Shake It Up (new)
6. Innocent Girl (new)
7. Oops! (new)
8. Kiss Me Tonight (new)
9. Lock-on (new)
10. Orion 

Bonus Tracks:
11. Jet Coaster Love 2012
12. GO GO Summer! 2012
13. Winter Magic 2012
14. Jumpin '(Remastered)
15. Mr. (Remastered)

Release on Nov 14th !!

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[Fan] 12.10.20 Love Concert in Kobe: KARA Taking Pics BTS

[Vid] SBS K-POP Super Concert with KARA

Cole's English <3>

[Vid] 12.10.23. Nicole's B-Day Message to JKamilia

"Japan's Kamilias, Hi! It's Nicole!
October 17th was my birthday, woo hoo!
Thank you for sending me so many messages, I'm very happy for that.
There are so many, right? Recently, it's being a little cold at night, so everyone, to don't catch a cold, please take care of yourself.
When we meet again, we'll have a lot of fun, so please take care, ok?!
Bye bye

CR |  GaiasKing1995 @ Youtube

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[News] Limited Edition Kara Art to Go On Sale


The Kara members are becoming works of art.

Collaborating with the hallyu items sale site, starmise.com, special limited edition art posters, magnets and other art items will go on sale later this month. 

The works will be drawn by realist painter Won Jong Shin and Park Gi Il for the special project. Only 4,000 copies of the individual member posters and 6,000 copies of the group’s posters will be printed. The special art cubes will be made in the form of a toy cube and feature never-before-seen pictures from the recent Pandora album. 

A special exhibition featuring works from the project will be available for viewing beginning in December at the TV12 gallery in Seoul’s Gangnam-gu. 

Taken from enewsworld

[Vid] 12.10.22. ZIP! High-Touch Event

[Fan] 12.10.20. Love Concert in Kobe Lupin

[Fan] 12.10.02. Pandora Fan Sign Photos by Nicole-ing


More @ Nicole-ing

[Vid] KARA on Seyanen (Eng Subbed)

[Tweet] Thanks for Coming!

Thank you for everyone who came today, Its been two years since the last time we had this kind of event. We had fun too. Rest well tonight!!

Translated by aseannn

[Fan] 12.10.18. K-POP in Okinawa Fan Pics


[Cap] Nicole and JiYoung for SBS Gayo Notice

So I read from an article that the girls will be divided in teams of two, exactly who in which team has not been revealed. Read something about releasing new song as well. 

But they are really prepared for this no? The gayos happen at the end of the year haha.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Thursday, October 18, 2012

[Tweet] Meal

なんか。。一昨日から ツナマヨが すごく美味しいよ ?!! 一日の食事 全部それで 食べちゃうかも!! そうしませんけどww

(No trans)

[Audio] 12.10.17. Electric Boy Launch: DJ Nicole

I liked her set, she played with the fans and hyped them up too !

[Fan] 12.10.18. K-POP in Okinawa : Special Dance Battle Fancam


Go Go Cole!!
I like how she was prepared and her dance wasn't that provocative? XD


[Tweet] Happy!

I'm happy

Hara @ Nicole:  Me too happy ~  
Nicole @ Hara:
JiYoung to Nicole & Hara:

T/N:Hara's wordplay relates to ham(meat)

Translated by KamiliaVN

{Fan] 12.10.18. K-POP in Okinawa Fancam by boojiyoung

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[Pics] 12.10.17. KARA Photos from DJ Event


cr  | zephyrean

[Message] 12.10.17. Nicole's Message @ Nicole-ing

Hihihi hello

Actually I was planning to come at Cole's hour (10:07).. keke but I couldn't access it kekeke

I was planning to log in during my birthday too, so I'm sorry ㅜ ihing
You're gonna forgive me right ?!!

So since I've got some time before going out, I've come..
Everyone  is doing well right ?! kekeke

I miss you !

The end of the year is approaching +_+ huk kekeke
Time really flies doesn't it ? I've just started getting used to 2012 but 2013 will come soon


Kekekeke It's 6 degrees now in Korea? I heard it.. now it's time when it's easy to get cold ..
Everyone please be careful and wear warm clothes.. especially cover collarbone with scarf ! and neck .
It's the easiest way to get cold.

...did coats already come out? I'm curious..


everyone please be healthyyy...
I wish we can meet soon

yaung ~~~

Source: Nicole-ing
Translated by Curbow @ Karaholic

[Vid] KARA DJ Event News Coverage

[Tweet] Airport Fan Gift


I met the fan coincidentally at the airport and this was the birthday present I received! It was made by hand! Thank you. I wasn't wearing any makeup so you can only see my eyes  Of course, I'll try to keep my dark eye circles out of sight so it's alright!! Fufu

Translated by cherrims

[Tweets] DJ Event Tweets

Are you ready ? (:

It's just around the corner
Everyone!! How was it?? It could have been better if I were more skilled at DJ-ing... It's raining too so please be careful on the way home!! I think I can fall asleep in a great mood too ww While listening to Electric Boy please rest well too, everyone ww Thanks to you guys I had a really fun day ♥ 
Translated by cherrims

[Fan] 12.10.17. KARA DJ Event Photos @ Studio Coast


cr | tomuaky


cr | pxsakixq

What a freaking Cool idea! :D

A fan recorded all their DJing skills, listen at Karaboard HERE

[Aud] Orion (Eng Subbed)

[Fan] 12.10.02. K-Food Ambassador Nicole Fancam by KanasiH

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

[Tweet] No Access

It's kinda hard to set up a time for colessi ㅜㅜ eeing I can't connect to the server.. let's (talk) soon ㅜㅜ Translated by seung_triplets@ twitter

[Fan] Nicole's Photos from Electric Boy Photobook by Nicole-ing