Saturday, July 31, 2010

[Fan] Mister Single Posters Spotted in Japan

Found in Shibuya, Harajuku.


Spotted in Aoyama.


Credits: Ayumi7 & Araki516 @ Twitter

Have to hand it to Japanese Kamilia, they are keeping the rest of us updated :)


YES! Properly subbed.. I know some assumed this version was the same/similar to the Korean version.. but not really ....

credit:ChriSLanZ @ yotube.

So both versions mean the same thing "If you want me come get me sorta vibe" but totally different approaches. Korean version was more Flirty I'd say and Japanese version is like more Strong and Blunt lol.

[Vid] Mister MV playing in Shibuya

credit: ooltoolt @ youtube.

[News] KARA Nicole, “It’s tough living prettily”

KARA Nicole makes a surprise voice appearance on ‘SaeBaKwi’.

On MBC ‘SaeBaKwi’ aired on 31st July, guest appearance Jo HyeRyeon had made a phone called to Nicole during a speed quiz segment.

Nicole was sleeping when she picked up the call, and her voice and speech had everyone present cracking up. The MCs then asked, “Did you pick up this call while sleeping?” and Nicole said, “A little.”

And it was revealed that Nicole has been on weight control. With that Park Miseon said, “It’s tough living right?” and Nicole, “It is tough living prettily.”

Nicole also talked about doing voice appearances on the show often, “Many people ask me if I’m doing fixed appearance on the show, but no one gave me anything.”

The production team then said that they will be giving her appearance fees and her response was a funny, “Really going to give me?”

Source: Newsen
Translated by Sookyeong @ Kbites 

They never paid her? XD.. fail on them for using Cole but glad she's making something out of this.. she doesn't have to do this, she only helped her friends out i'm guessing at first..Currently the #3 story on nate too.

[Info] Correction about Gyuri's mom

I know it was reported that her mom had cancer but what i'm seeing at Naver is that the reports were false Gyuri's mom had a stomach ulcer. Just wanted to clarify, didn't know if any place would translate or not.

[Vid] 10.07.31. Sebakwi (Nicole Cut)


I think the last part when Nicole says "Really?", they just told her she's getting paid now? lol. That seems to be what the Korean fans are mentioning.. she was doing this for free all this time I guess.

[Tweet] AK848 members met KARA!

Apparently AKB48 members got to meet KARA members at a beauty shop in Japan. Korean/Japanese blogs are all buzzin about it!

Tweeted From: izAkly on twitter.

Two readers have left comments about this meeting as well here at the blog:

Source 1:

Source 2:

The exact Maeda Atsuko's entry is here

The one who met KARA is Kojima Haruna (Nyan-Nyan)

The translation
oh which reminds me

nyan-nyan bumped into KARA in 109 yesterday

great isn’t it

they are in japan now

I'd like to meet them too

I love cute girls

I'm so excited, and her entry is cute 

Big thanks to toomanysidesofme and eyeless!!!

[Info] KARA to appear on Happy Music on Nihon TV

KARA will appear on Happy Music on August 20th. It was revealed that AKB48 and Chemistry were also on the same show! 

I know a couple of the AKB48 girls know of KARA and are fans so it should fun.

[Pic] Mister MV playing in Shibuya



Friday, July 30, 2010

[Info] Nicole's mom sent a DM to KARA Singapore!!


Awesome!! Love that her mom knows convenient :)

[Cap] Whale #20 on Mubank Chart!


[Pic] KARA for So-net News

Gyuri said they studied really hard for Japan in Korea. They were worried at first but not so much anymore. Their goal is to top the Oricon charts!

[Fan] Japanese Fan tweeted about Nicole/KARA

Anyways if anyone knows Japanese, I welcome you to translate:

[Info] KARA to release a Special Edition of Mister Taiwan Version on Aug 20th.

It's the same version as Version A of the Japanese Single..thanks to In-In @ KH for the tip!


[Pic] KARA in Shibuya

[Outtake] Nicole with Shin Bong and Lee Jin

Thursday, July 29, 2010

[Pic] KARA for Melontine Day Interview

Source: Melon

[Fan] 10.07.24. Fireworks Festival Mr Fancam

Gosh I'm always anxious weather or not Nicole would get fancams lol.


Still boggles my mind why the best performer has the least fancams.. give the girl some love Korean fans..FIERCE > CUTE anyday.

[AD] Nicole for ASK

Credit: dcnc.

I want more!

[Sponsor] Donggamstudio

[Sponsor] Goldfinger

Credit: naver.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

[Pic] Nicole with her Dermatologist

[Pics] Seungyeon's 23rd B-Day Presents GALORE

SeungYeon is very loved, she has super nice giving fans.

[Tweet] Nicole's Family's Twitter Accounts

Seems the Korean fans found out first.. of course lol.

Nicole's Mommy has a Twitter! Her name is Shirley :)

I've never seen the picture of her and the Korean fans are tweeting her.. so I think it's valid...for now lol.

This person, i've seen her before at Red Kitchen.. Nicole's aunt (?)

[Tweet] KARA's arrival to Japan

Cybercat tweets:
KARA has arrived in Haneda Intl. Airport and just finished through formalities to enter Japan. KJ`s hailing sound welcomed them.

*KJ= Kamilia Japan(?)

Awesome! Can't wait for fan cams and fan pics. 

Just saw Cybercat tweet these to Nicole's mom and aunt:
Reporting their arrival in Haneda Intl. Airport safely.

Several fans a.k.a. Kamilia Japan are waiting for KARA to hail them and wishing their successful debut.

[Fan] Nicole's forehead

Credit: dckara.

Lol so obviously this is an exaggeration of how "big" Nicole's forehead is.. I don't why she had that complex to begin with and seeing Nicole's Whole face, she looks so much prettier when we can see her eyes.. even the Korean fans were saying how cute and pretty she looked this way.

[Pic] AKB48 member watching Rock U

 I don't know what her name is though.. but it's great to see KARA have celeb fans..not just fans but from female idols too.

[Info] Kamilia's seating at the Incheon Korean Wave Concert

Red Section.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

[blab] Pretty sure

The Japanese Version of Mister.. the lyrics are not the same as the Korean one.

About the MV.. um.. the girls look pretty .. just annoyed at the lack of hairstyles for Nicole and does Nicole not have many lines? She has to share her butt shots with face shots in the mv XD

[Gifs] 10.07.27. Playgirlz (Nicole)

 they were telling her she was pretty and Nicole said "No no..." but they were like "Yes, you are!!.. I thought that was really sweet..

[Pics] 10.07.26. More Pics from Samsung Lunch

credit: samsung's twitter.

[Official Vid] Mister MV

[Vid] 10.07.27. Afterschool's Playgirlz (Nicole Cut)

credit: ournikorii@youtube.

Cole's forehead!! she looks very girly and pretty.. ignoring the back of her head lol.. But Cole and Nana are cute!

[Rumor] KARA @ Guerilla Concert?

credit: dckara.

Someone said these were passed out 2 days ago. Guerilla Concerts are where performers have a unscheduled concert and hopefully people turn up. I see KARA, SNSD, and 2AM.. can't read the font well. But I don't know how true this is.. isn't KARA leaving on the 28th?

[Pics] Nicole from Samsung Lunch


[Pics] ASK ad Photos

Credit: dckara.

These don't look like official "ads" .. I see the photo outlines and black T on the floor haha.. though Not feeling Nicole's confusing boy style.. What's with those hats T T.. lol I just noticed the half naked guy lol.Where is sexy Nicole? ...

Monday, July 26, 2010

[Sponsor] Disentise


[Info] Nicole to appear on Playgirlz this Tuesday!

So I know I posted to death about Nicole attending Afterschool's Brunch event awhile back XD.. according to DCNC, Nicole is suppose to appear the upcoming episode!

[Pics] 10.07.26. KARA at Samsung Lunch

[Pics] 10.07.24. Pohang Fireworks Fesitval Pt. 4


[Info] Whale enter the Soribada Weeky Charts: Week of July 18 - July 24th!

12th Baby! Go MyungColeTribe :D

[Gifs] Smastation Clip


[Caps] KARA Sweet Muse In Japan

I watched the whole section and these are the parts where I thought she looked super pretty or was cute like the spoon one and the one with Jiyoung :)

^^ for those who feel "bad" that Nicole's not as I say take a second look!

[Pics] 10.07.24. Pohang Fireworks Festival Part 3


Sunday, July 25, 2010

[Caps] 10.07.25. Heroes EP 2.

Credit: kara-t.

[Pics] 10.07.24. Pohang Fireworks Festival


[Review] Nicole in Heroes: EP 2

Okay so the show starts off with the ending of the game from the last episode. 

[Info] KARA set off to Japan on the 28th!

Kara will leave for Japan by 28th in order to prepare for Japan debut. Kara will stay for approximately 20 days in Japan. 

Ahead of debut in Japan, Kara will be recording several TV programs and interviews.

Source: Newsen
Translated by aank1 @ Karaholic 

Not staying too long...

[Pics] 10.07.26. Nicole on Park MyungSoo's Date Radio


[Vid] 10.07.25. Heroes Ep. 2

Part 1:

Saturday, July 24, 2010

[Info] 10.07.24. Whale played on Infinity Challenge

Yep it was played when the guys went on a boat:

Sixth video :)

[Vid] 10.07.24. Smastation

 Happy 400th post!!

We actually get to see other parts of the Mr. MV!!

[Fan] 10.07.24. Posco Fireworks Festival (Mr.)

Credit: 가나초콜릿 @ Kara-t.

Credit: 횽.. @ DCKARA.

Friday, July 23, 2010

[Tweet] 10.07.22. Ice Cream Guilt

I tried/tasted new chocolate ice-cream yesterday.. felt guilty T_T.. But how can such chocolate ice-cream exist in this world T T uhuhut I'm working out now and then will head to the shop! The rain is pouring.. T

Translated by aank1 @ Karaholic. 

Times like the one above Nicole should take pics.. she used to have the most followers.. but I bet once she saw the ice cream she dug into it.. like all normal people haha. But still.

[Pics] 10.07.23. "We Online" Ost Recording

Yesterday Kara sang our WE Online Ost Theme song '2 ME', and (this is) Kara's first-take picture! From left: Nicole, Jiyoung, and Hara! Well done (good work) on recording and Hara+Jiyoung 2nd anniversary(right?) Congrats!

[blab] Sometimes I just miss..

Original KARA and the original fans.. those were the days.. sigh.

[Info] Gyuri called Key on SSTP


G= Gyuri S=Shindong K=Key

G: Key you're a 91er right?
K: Yea I'm 20.
G: Yea he's a dongsang to me (younger brother). I'm a 88er.
S: Oh I guys are 3 years apart?
G: Yea.
S: Ok Key we're gonna ask you a question right now. Who do you think is the prettiest member from Kara?
K: ahahaa
G: (softly) it's nicole...nicole
S: 1..2..3!
K: Gyuri noona!!
G: Aw you better think of what you want to eat (she's saying she will buy food for him)

translations from weareshining01@youtube

[blab] Today is SeungYeon's B-DAY!!

Happy Birthday Seungyeon!

The girls also have a performance today and I heard it will be raining as well XD

[Pic] 10.07.23. Nicole with Photographer at Photoshoot.

credit: Twitter

This was a schedule the girls had. The guy is photographer. He also had a pic of Hara and mentioned Seungyeon.

[Tweet] 10.07.23. Nicole & Gyuri

So Gyuri posted a pic of her kissing someone and turns out it was Jing.

Nicole tweeted to Gyuri: I saw it too..

Gyuri tweeted back to Nicole:  I wanted to be with you too... you used to be one of my favourite ㅠㅠ♥
"I wanted to do it with you too, but you were having your makeup done ㅠㅠ♥"

translated by benbenkr & coffeebeanie @ twitter.

lol knew Gyuri would never say Nicole USED to be her favorite... we all know she still is :P But I think Cole felt left out...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

[Poll] Which Idol Couple do you want to actually date?

credit: nate.

The poll ends on Aug 8. But that's super interesting, fans approve of JinCole or they really just don't like Taec and Yoona lol. 

BTW, I know Key and Jinwoon fangirls think Nicole is lucky to be friends with those guys, but I think it's the other way around :)

[Pic] KARA COB Chicken Banner

Credit: DCNC.

[Schedule] 7.24 - 7.26

7.24 (E) SeungYeon's 22/23rd B-DAY!!

7.24 (E)  Pohang International Light Festival Opening Celebration Concert - 8:00 PM

Also Hara and Jiyoung's 2 Year  Anniversary with KARA :)

7.25 (T) SBS Running Man (Hara) - 5:20 PM

7.26 (R) MBC Park Myung Soo's Date Radio (Nicole & E-Tribe) - 2:00 PM

7.26 (T) MBC Every1 I Love Pet - 6:00 PM (SeungYeon & Jiyoung)

[Pic] Nicole, Seungyeon, and Jiyoung BTS of ASK photoshoot


The guy who posted this picture interviewed KARA! So expect something from Entertainment Weekly ASAP!

Cheer up girls, the guy doesn't look that bad :P 
My thoughts were correct, FALL season.

Edit: I don't recognize the guy  so I assume he is just a Model.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

[Pic] Nicole's betrayal?

LOL fans were like Nicole's betrayal because she, PMS, and Etribe have their own profile on Naver called MyungColeTribe haha.

[blab] The Shirt Controversy @ Karaya

First, I never liked the idea of Gyuri, Hara, and Jiyoung using KARA's name when SeungYeon and Nicole aren't even part of the project. Second, SeungYeon and Nicole have nothing to do with KARAYA so they shouldn't be blamed for anything but it sucks that it's KARA's rep that is being looked at differently.  I don't know about the shirt bleh. But jeeze I really didn't think KARA's image was THAT innocent that wearing a shirt like that dirties them or something lol.

btw, when was it Nicole's job to patrol what KARA does? she doesn't really have much say.. only in the raps she writes XD

[Vid] Sukkiri (KARA cut)

credit: uploader.

[Caps] Whale breaks into the top 10 on Mnet and Disorak Charts!

thanks to strictlykpop!



 Plus 28th on Nate ringtones chart: