Tuesday, March 29, 2011

[Vid] Kara's 4th Anniversary Video Tribute

cr: uploader.


[News] KARA's fans from 10 different countries donated $3000 to Japanese victims.

KARA's fans from 10 countries have united and organized this project.

KARA's fanclubs such as North America, Brazil, Hongkong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam have gathered and spread this meaningful project on March 29th to celebrated KARA’s 4th Debut Anniversary.

In order to celebrate the release of KARA's upcoming single "JET COASTER LOVE" which is scheduled to be on April 6th, the fans have named this project "JET COASTER OF LOVE". They started this project with the intention to help abandoned children at an orphanage in Gwangjoo, Hara's hometown. However, a large earthquake suddenly occurred in Japan has led many people into difficult circumstances. Therefore, after gathering opinions from members of all the fan-sites, they decided to donate the collected money to earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan.

The initial goal was $2000, but they have raise it up to $3000 while carrying out the project. And as of the deadline on March 28th, they have collected $2930. After collecting the money from all the ten countries, on the 28th, they sent the donation to The International Federation of Red Cross under the name of KARA. This is an incredible work / unusual for a Hanllyu star to have fans worldwide gathered with this large scale; and have the fans organized charity collecting donations in support of the idol. Doing this makes everything becomes more meaningful.

[c]: Han Junho @ sportsworldi
[l]: http://sportsworldi....=20110329004374
[t]: Yoo + hasomy @ karaholic.com

special thanks to AceHam @ twitter

whoo hoo.. never thought this would make to the Korean news but hopefully the girls saw it :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

[Vids] KARA's debut Perf + most recent stage

Break It Debut stage:


SOO much has changed..

[Tweet] SeungYeon's 4th Anniversary Tweet

4 years has passed. I've been away.. and I'm very sorry that only now I could say something. To all the fans who says they are waiting (for us), I want to let you know that I'm really thankful about it. Whatever I say is going to be weird.. I love you all is really what is most important.

trans: benbenkr@ twitter.

Waiting for other members...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

[Vid] 11.03.26. Urakara Special

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While Nicole was filming the other members went shopping and got her a kitchen timer LOL

Friday, March 25, 2011

[Caps] Urakara Last Episode Perf Scene

aww poor girls are crying :(

cr: dckara

cr: twitter

[Gifs] Urakara EP 10 (Nicole biased)


[Fan] Nicole at the "Cafe Six" Desert Shop Opening

^^ probably Cole's friend? XD don't recognize her..
cr: dckara

[Info] Urakara EP 11: Nicole

Watch Preview HERE

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

[Vid] Urakara EP 10: Hara

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[News] Which idols do the middle-aged ladies love the most?

Here are the full results from the survey:

< Idol groups >
2. Big Bang
4. Super Junior
5. 2AM
6. B2ST
7. 2PM

Thursday, March 24, 2011

[Info] Jumping has gone Double Platinum

KARA's Jumping has been declared Double Platinum in the ring tones category:
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 that means Jumpin has been downloaded Half a Million times!!!

and Mister (Single) has gone Platinum:
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[Tweet] 11.01.20. PD Jaeho's tweet about KARA (Trans)

This was originally tweeted back in Jan, can't believe I never saw this:

I’ve been together with KARA ever since they started as a five member group and watched them grow as they were spoon-fed, started walking, then running… and now they were about to spread their wings and fly.

[Info] No JCL promotions?

DSP officials said due to what is happening in Japan, there are no plans for promotions of JCL. Music programs and Variety shows are put to a stop for the time being.


[Vid] Heroes Bell Girl instruction Nicole Cut (Eng subbed)

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[Gif] Nicole's Twin?!

there is a resemblance lol:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
cr: that_wilson via twitter.

I think it's all in the eyes lol.. always thought Cole looked more Chinese than Korean XD

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

[Info] Jet Coaster Love will be released on April 6th!!

[Fan] KARA's 4th Anniversary Video + Trans


4th ANNIVERSARY KARA 2011.03.29
Happy 4th Debut Anniversary 2007.03.29
Let run to the top of Asia without barriers
Park Gyuri
Han Seungyeon
Jung Nicole
Goo Hara
Kang Jiyoung
I hope KARA with 5 members can be together with fans forever!
KARA [5 = 1]
Happy 4th debut anniversary (with all our hearts)
4th ANNIVERSARY KARA 2011.03.29
chupachups @ Karaholic.com

[Pics] KARA says Pray for Japan

[News] Fans post encouraging ads for KARA’s 4th anniversary

Despite KARA’s current legal troubles with DSP Media, fans have been working hard to celebrate the girls’ upcoming 4th anniversary by putting up advertisements around Seoul.

KARA made their debut on March 29th, 2007 with their first album, “Blooming“. Though the official anniversary date is still a few days away, fans decided to post encouragements upon ad spots in many of Seoul’s major department stores.

The messages read, ”KARA always as 5, forever“, “Congratulations on the 4th anniversary since your debut“, and plenty more, which revealed the fans’ wish for the dispute to be resolved in a timely manner.

cr: AK

Monday, March 21, 2011

[Gifs] Urakara EP 09 (Nicole biased)

In episode 9 of Urakara, there were 3 story lines happening simultaneously: Nicole & Gyuri's misundertanding, Gyuri's love mission with the father and son, then Nicole's goal to eat Sushi haha:

SOO excited about the Sushi:

[Translations] K-POP Love Interview Part 1

KARA Special Interview

This is KARA, the ultra-popular idol group in both Japan and Korea. Already accustomed to traveling between the two countries ever since their debut, the girls took their place in the studio like pure, innocent white cubes. With their bright smiles and no hint of fatigue from all the filming, enter the 5 girls of KARA!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

[Gifs] Urakara EP 09

Cole was all sorts of hilarious in this episode :)


[News] 110318 KARA’s producers, ‘Sweetune’, reveal that KARA’s situation's positive

On March 18th, composing team ‘Sweetune,’ (the producers behind KARA’s “Honey,” “Mister,” “Lupin,” and “Pretty Girl“) guested on a Hallyu special with NTV’s “Friday Super Prime.”

Introduced as the hitmakers of K-Pop, Han Jae Ho and Kim Seung Soo were asked to share their opinion on “the potential of KARA disbanding due to the lawsuit.”

The duo replied, “Honestly, we don’t think that the discord was as big as the mass-comm made it seem. The media blew it out of proportion and exaggerated a lot of what happened. KARA and DSP Media are both put in an uncomfortable situation.”

They continued, “Since we’re producers, we can’t go into specifics, but it’s definitely not true that KARA received such an extremely low income. Most of the problems have been resolved, and discussions are currently headed in a positive direction.”

Sweetune concluded, “KARA is not causing a commotion purely because of money. They merely asked their agency to just ‘treat them a little bit better,’ but media reports added to the flame, which is a shame.”
Source + Photos: Star News via Naver
Tip off: dlskam @ KH

[blab] Cheer Up Kamilia!!

Reading blogs etc and I see a lot of my fellow Kamilia upset about what others are saying about KARA and honestly who cares anymore? It's soo drawn out.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

[Vid] Nicole at Mnet Music Festival in 2007

cr: uploader.
Remember this?
I loved it cause Cole was the youngest one up there but did her thing and people noticed haha. So freakin fearless on stage :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

[Info] Good news soon?

Tae Jin Ah - "The compromise of the lawsuit is practically over, expect good news soon".
cr: benbenkr @ twitter.

Hopefully :)

[Vid] Urakara EP 09: Gyuri

 cr: uploader

Thursday, March 17, 2011

[News] KARA's Gyuri will return to ShimShimTaPa

KARA’s leader Park Gyuri will return to MBC Radio’s ‘Shim Shim Ta Pa‘ on March 21st.

According to a radio staff member on March 17th, the idol will reclaim her position as a DJ after a 2-month hiatus. Her last broadcast was done on January 19th.

Gyuri stopped promotions in Korea after three KARA members voiced their issues about their contract with DSP Media. She stopped almost all her activities except for attending her animation movie premiere and filming for KARA’s Japanese drama, “URAKARA“.

Gyuri stated, “I really wanted to return quickly. I’m really thankful for the listeners and the program staff who waited a long time for me. Because my hiatus was long, I’ll work much harder than before.”

With Goo Hara already confirmed for an acting role, attention is now being focused on the other KARA members to see if they will renew their Korean activities once again.

Source: Star News via Nate, Newsen via Nate
Cr: AK


[Fan] Jet Coaster Love Gifs (fanmade)

So cute!






Credit: everkara

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

[news] SBS's Heroes to come to an end?

Staff from the show spoke with SPN and revealed, “‘After completing the scheduled recordings, ‘Heroes’ will be coming to an end within the month. The final recordings will be held on March 28th and 29th.”

Producer Kim Sang Bae who is in charge of Heroes revealed however, “While we are discussing the matter internally, it has not been finalized. It is hard to say anything because there are so many variables. It will take about 1-2 weeks to clear up.”

The program first began in July of 2010, and was introduced as a unique variety program which focuses entirely on the female perspective; it boasted a cast of 12 celebrities, including Narsha, Yoo In Na, Kahi, IU, Jiyeon, Hong Soo Ah, Jeong Ga Eun, Noh Sa Yeon, Lee Jin, Seo In Young, Nicole and Shin Bong Sun.

Unfortunately, the drama’s consistent low single digit viewer ratings were reported to have been the cause for the show’s conclusion.

Still, some fans remain hopeful that the show’s cancellation will remain just a rumor. When the reporters contacted SBS’s variety team, they stated, “We are in discussion for ending ‘Heroes,’ but there’s nothing absolute yet.”

Source + Photos: EDaily via Naver

cr: AK

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

[News] KARA to donate all proceeds from new single towards earthquake and tsunami relief

In light of the recent tragedies in Japan, KARA will be donating all their income from their new single “Jet Coaster Love” towards disaster relief efforts.

A representative from DSP Media stated, “…for the victims of the earthquakes and tsunamis, all of the proceeds from KARA’s new single will be donated.”

They added,“The KARA members are very hurt for the Japanese people and fans who have showed them so much love. They’re constantly looking for updates on the internet and television… They were looking for a way to help victims, and decided on donating the money from their new single.”

Source + Photo: Newsen

cr: AK


[Fan] Fan accout from MBC's Korean Music Wave

I am an American who went to Korea and then upon hearing about the MBC concert, booked a ticket to Thailand. This was before KARA cancelled.

KARA wasn't coming but Thai Kamilia still came out with a table in support of Kara! I saw them smushed between After School's and 4 Minute's fanclubs.

All the acts had giant posters in the fan area where fans could write messages on. Sadly, Kara didn't have one so at the Thai Kamilia table, they had their own giant poster. They're planning to send it to Korea. I wrote my Kara fighting message and moved on.

Later I stopped by the table once more to look at the other messages. Amazingly, without speaking a word, one of the members offered me a light stick.

"For you," she said simply. Shocked I was. All I could say was thank you in English.

Then two seconds passed and someone else gave me a banner. I honestly wish my camera wasn't out of battery right now because this was the nice banner, not some disposable kind. Even my Thai friend came to my side and asked how much it was but I had to explain to her that it was just a random gift!

Of course, the fan club and I didn't speak the same language but the question of favorite member came up and I said Gyuri. One of the fan club person agreed and so she then promptly gave me a Gyuri pin. What unbelievably kindness!! Feeling overwhelmed by such generosity and slightly guilty of receiving so much, I gave them a pack of opened Kara star cards that I just happen to carry around with me. It's the least I could do after just standing by the table and then walking away with Kamilia swag.

Honestly during the concert, there wasn't any visible pearl peach lights. I tried to spot them but maybe I wasn't looking in the right place, but I think Kamilia was too separated. That didn't stop me from waving my light during the entire show. Then during the second half, two random Kamilias wandered into the seats in front of me and instantly we bonded. I felt like the three of us were just tiny pearl peach dots in a sea of random colors. Tiny but very proud dots.

It's true, we can't cheer for a group that's not there but that didn't stop us from trying to catch the camera's attention if just for a split second. Some big screen attention in the name of Kara would cheer up the other Kamilias. Our efforts escaped the cameraman's eye but the people around us did note our out of place colors.

This was my first time seeing other Kamilias and I am amazed by the treatment I got, especially since I could barely speak to them. I write this account so that they get the recognition they deserve, for upholding Kamilia's reputation for being of the the most kindest and relaxed fan base out there. WithKara.com, you guys totally rock.

From today on, I will also be a Thai Kamilia, once I figure out their website.

ALL credits: Viktoriya @ Karaholic.com

[Info] Music Station & Dream Live Concert appearances are canceled + releases pushed back

There was an update on the site that said Kara's  scheduled appearance is canceled.


Universal Dream Live Concert is canceled as well.


and also that JCL's release will be delayed until further notice according to YesAsia Jpop.

tip off: firewater07@kh.

[Translations] KARA's messages to J-Kamilia

To our beloved fans,

Everyone... I'm not sure how to greet you...
More than anything, I am worried about everyone's safety and health.
The sudden earthquake in the middle of the drama filming, although we were shocked, I think that everyone else must have been more surprised than we were.
I'm now back in Korea and I'm always listening to the news and reading on the internet about the situation in Japan.
Everyone, for everyone to not be hurt, I'm praying about it so hard... how should I say it...
I am really unsure...
But although the situation is scary and dangerous, I am praying hard that the day when I will see you all smiling comes sooner.
Please cheer up with the support of everyone, including mine.


To the fans who are currently in trouble,

On the 11th the afternoon weather was very good and I was excited. In Japan it was the first time since my birth that I felt an earthquake.
I really can't express how I felt in words. We hurriedly put on the news on TV and saw a scene that I have never even seen in a movie.
I couldn't say a word. Even for a day, I couldn't sleep because of fear.
I still can't imagine it now, the fear and unease that those people have experienced.
I really hope that the moment where you can all be calm will come quicker, even by just a minute, even by just a second.
What kind of comforting words should I say? What kind of support can I give? Yes, it might be such a small thing, but I hope that you will be able to see the light of life and power through this.
Although right now it is hard, I really believe that you are people that have great courage!
Please cheer up!



It's been 4 days since the earthquake,
for some people their lives have been flipped upside down; for some changed forever.
For those whose family and friends have become victims to this disater...
I can't imagine the confusion and pain you are going through right now.
Please do not lose hope, don't lose faith.
My thoughts are with you ♥

To our beloved fans,

We too are watching the internet and the news. Although I've also seen the current situation caused by the earthquake, when looking at the unfortunate situation on the screen, watching it was very difficult.
The only thing I can hope was that everyone would be able to recover from this quickly.
"If everyone will share each other's joy, then their sorrow will be halved," just like the saying.
If I can I'd like to help ease the pain of every Japanese person.
Don't lose hope! Please cheer up!

To all of our Japanese fans,

Everyone, good morning!! I'm KARA's Jiyoung! Right now, I believe that Japan is in such trouble because of the earthquake. About this situation, the only thing I can do is to pray that everyone is safe...
Because of all our fan's encouragement we KARA can do our best every day!! That's why now I want to cheer you all on!! Everyone! Believe!!! Please don't lose!! :)
Please look forward!!
We too will become strong so everyone be strong too!! I'll be cheering you on ^_^/!!
Do you best <3

KARA's Jiyoung
Source: Kamilia Japan
Translated by Meme D. Fluffy✖ @ Karaholic.com

I was curious as to if the girls would send a message.. and Cole wrote hers in English.

Monday, March 14, 2011

[Fan] KARA Jacket Calendar

these are available at 7-Eleven, I think you have to buy a Lotte product to get one...

credit: dckara

[Info] KARA still scheduled for Music Station

from their website, KARA is still scheduled for the 18th:

Tip off: christine @ kh.

[Info] Hara scored a drama role

taken from AK:

KARA’s Goo Hara will be making her debut as an actress through SBS’s “City Hunter“!
Hara built up her acting skills through KARA’s on-going Japanese drama series, “URAKARA“; ”City Hunter” will mark her debut Korean drama role. Hara was cast for the role of the president’s daughter, a spunky young woman who failed to get into college the first time and is studying to make up for it.
Hara will join the rest of the cast at the end of the month. She’ll continue to juggle her busy Japanese schedules in conjunction with her new drama role.

Representatives of DSP Media commented, “Whenever we received casting offers for dramas, we were highly concerned with the unresolved controversy surrounding KARA and weren’t able to make a decision. However, acting has been another important course for idol singers lately, so we felt that this would be a great opportunity and decided to cast her for the role after much discussion.”
They continued, “Because of the group’s Japanese promotions, we know that a lot of their Korean fans are disappointed with the lack of Korean activities, which was pressuring to us as well. We’ll be starting by reviving the members’ individual activities in order to further work hard and make sure that KARA can greet their fans as a group once again.” 

Source: Newsen via Nate

Congrats to Hara, I know this was something she was really interested in pursuing.  It's looking good for the other members as well, they might get to do more solo work that no only consists of random variety shows. I'm hoping they get to explore other aspects of entertainment that they want to excel in.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

[Vid] Jet Coaster Love PV (Eng Subbed)

credit: uploader.

Saw this comment on youtube:
this song was made by HWANG SUNG-JE!!
if you love this kind of song, i strongly recommend his another song
girls' generation - baby baby,
bbj - first kiss
also music video was made by pretty girl director, isn't it similar? XD

If that's true.. that's great .. cause I just assumed DSP used the same producers over and over XD

Also while watching this MV, I realized we have to embrace that the girls are cute.. I mean if it's this or nothing, I chose this. They are growing up and are transitioning, with age this cute image gives a different vibe I think...

[Vid] 11.03.13. KARA mentioned on Section TV and someoned familiar does the butt dance

credit: uploader

The guy who played Hara's love interest in Urakara, Kikawada Masaya is promoting a project and he was asked about KARA. He said Saranghaeyo to KARA lol and does the butt dance.. pretty well too hah.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

[Vid] SNSD talks about Cole

this is an oldie but still funny to watch:

[News] KARA makes a safe return back to Seoul

Five member girl group KARA was recently in Japan to finish up their schedule, however, due to the earthquake which shook Japan on March 11th, KARA planned for an emergency trip back to Seoul.
The members arrived safe and sound at Seoul’s Gimpo International Airport, and reporters flocked to the scene to snap photos.

On the 11th, the members were able to wrap up filming for their Japanese drama, “URAKARA“, before the natural disaster took place. Whether or not KARA would still be able to follow through with their Japanese promotion schedule has yet to be decided.

Meanwhile, one of KARA’s staff members described the moment they felt the earthquake. “It was on the 11th, while on the set of “URAKARA”, the members were busy filming. As soon as we felt the earthquake, filming was halted and everyone was taken to a safe zone immediately. The members were very scared, due to the fact that objects from buildings were falling left and right.”
Source + Photos: Newsen via Daum (1) (2) (3)

[Fan] 11.03.12. Nicole @ Kimpo Airport Fan Pics

[Tweet] Jing tweeted!!!

Everyone, we're all safe and sound back in Korea! No worries!! To everyone in Japan, we're already in Korea safe and sound. Is everyone alright?! I hope nothing terrible happens anymore! Ganbatte everyone!!!!! 
 source: jing's twitter
trans: benbenkr @ twitter.

Friday, March 11, 2011

[Outtakes] Nicole at Vocamastar CF filming

these are rather old but just found these unseen pics, well I hadn't seen them before :)

[Fan] 11.03.12. KARA @ Gimpo Airport Fancams

credit:승바기& 황진호 @dckara

[Pics] 11.03.12. KARA at Gimpo Airport

[Info] KARA are on a plane back to Korea

Haven't seen this translated yet ...

According to these articles: 1 & 2, Kara are safe on a plane back to Korea. The girls were filming Urakara when the earthquake occurred, they were startled but taken to a safe place.

[Vid] Urakara EP 09 Notice

Airing next week:

sushi! sushi!

[Info] KARA's fine in Japan

PD Jaeho tweeted that KARA is ok. Let's hope the same can be said for all others in Japan. Everyone experiencing a tsunami warning, please stay safe.

RThttp://twitter.com/pdjaeho: KARA팀은 모두 무사하답니다. 이제 일본에계신 여러분들 안위에 신경써주세요.

cr: karaholic.

*Urakara did not air as well.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

[Outtakes] JCL PV Filming


cr: cyworld

[Info] KARA Best Clips DVD Certified GOLD

KARA are the First foreign girl group to receive this award in Japan !! Took 2 weeks :)

[News] KARA to filme "Jet Coaster Love" MV in Korea

KARA will have yet another busy month ahead of them, as they gear up for the release of their third Japanese single.

Their representatives spoke with Star News on March 10th and revealed, “KARA, who left for Japan on February 28th, will be returning to Korea on March 12th. They’ll be staying for about four days before leaving for Japan again on the 16th.”

During their brief stay in Korea, the girls will be shooting the music video for their latest Japanese single, “Jet Coaster Love,” which is scheduled for release on March 23rd.

The girls will also be guesting on Asahi TV’s “Music Station” immediately upon their return on the 18th, and are scheduled to perform “Mister” and “Jet Coaster Love” for the very first time since their lawsuit first broke out earlier this year.

Source: Star News via Nate

Uh a Korean version of JCL?.. cause I thought we already had a JCL MV .. confused...why are they performing Mister on Music Station..

[News] KARA's Jet Coaster Love to compete against other idols

KARA are to compete against Japan's own Idol groups in album selling.

KARA is going to release their third single "Jet Coaster Love" on the 23rd of March. On that day itself, morning musume and japan's most popular girl group AKB48's sister group, SND48, are to release their singles as well. The competition between the girls idol groups are going to be unveiled.

In this swirl of competition, staffs of the various Music programs are predicting that KARA will earn an outright victory amongst all the girl groups. KARA and AKB48 have been categorised together and are being recognised by the japanese as the most popular idol groups in Japan right now. These two groups are being known as "the trend". KARA's "KARA BEST CLIP" that was released last month had gotten to the top of ORICON DVD chart, selling as much as 132000 copies. This is the first time ever for a foreign girl group to clinch this title. Following behind Namie Amuro, KARA has become the second best selling female artistes.

In this current situation, though KARA will face competition from this 2 groups, it is still clear that KARA will top the ORICON chart once their 3rd single is being released.

Taken from: karafamily.net,Newsen
Translated by dreamgal_91/Caly @Karaholic

JCL ftw!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

[Info] KARA will be on Music Station.

Kara will be on Music Station on the 18th!!!


Saw a list of KARA's upcoming promotional activities in Japan, just waiting for the translations.

[Cap] Urakara Concert Filming Screen Cap

eerrgg.. these pictures are posted at the KARA Japan Official Fanclub site:

cr: dckara

The fanclub gets "exclusives" from DSP and you have to pay for membership hence we can't view the pics but i'm surprised they haven't surfaced yet XD


[Outtake] Urakara EP 08

cr: tokyo tv urakara site

[News] SBS's Heroes PD denies rumors of show's cancellation

The PD of SBS variety show program “Heroes” recently came forth to strongly deny all rumors about the show possibly coming to an end.

Kim Sang Bae CP of “Heroes” told Star News on March 9th, “There are no plans of canceling the show just yet.”

With KARA’s Nicole missing in action for three episodes in a row due to problems with her agency, as well as rumors of singer Seo In Young withdrawing from the cast, viewers became more speculative on the show finally coming to a close.

However, Park Sung Hoon PD stated, “Even with the spring reorganization, nothing will change. Nicole and Seo In Young will not be withdrawn from the cast. Seo In Young will still be participating in the recordings, and with Nicole’s problems between her group and their agency, it’s just difficult to confirm her commitment times for now, it doesn’t mean she’s leaving.”
Source: Star News via Daum

Cr: AK.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

[News] KARA spends second week at #1 on Oricon's Composite DVD charts, sets another record

Last week we announced that KARA’s DVD “KARA BEST CLIPS” entered Oricon’s Weekly Composite DVD Ranking at number one, selling around 132,000 copies. With this accomplishment they became the first ever foreign female artist to achieve this monumental feet.

Well, the girls have done it again and this week they’re spending their second consecutive week in the coveted number one spot on Oricon’s Weekly Composite DVD Ranking. KARA has sold approximately 158,000 copies of their DVD.

This means the girls have broken another record. Since the charts implementation in 1999, KARA is the first ever foreign artist to be number one for two consecutive weeks on Oricon’s Weekly Composite DVD Ranking.

Congratulations to the girls once again!

Source: Sanspo
cr: tokyohive


[News] KARA will not be performing at the MBC 50th Anniversary Concert in Thailand

KARA considered performing, but ultimately made the decision not to perform. Reportedly, the girls felt uncomfortable about appearing on TV during the middle of their contract dispute.


I  think this is for the best atm.

I saw someone ask why are KARA then appearing on tv in Japan, well because are okay with the Japanese side of manangement. If they were to perform in Thailand, they would be under DSP and obviously things are so great at the moment.

Monday, March 7, 2011

[Fan] Palty Bag

cr: dckara
tip off: christine :)

[Vid] KARA will Appear on Hey x3 Music Champ!!

[Translations] From the Urakara Twitter

Everyone, good evening ^^ URAKARA's filiming is going well, we'll be filming the remaining parts in a while... Looking back, time passed by quickly... Right now, it's the last spurt for the final episode! The KARA members are cheerfully doing their best! Everyone, please continue to cheer them on!

source: tv tokyo @ twitter.
translated by: memelliissaa @ twitter

I"m thinking that episode with Japanese fans as extras was the last episode after all..

Sunday, March 6, 2011

[Gifs] Random gifs of Nicole +

I know this is a random post but why not :)

^^ haha

[Fan] 2011.03.06. A Japanese Kamilia blogs about what happened on the Urakara set


Everyone, good evening!

The filming took 17 hours to finish...
Right now I'm on my way home on the Shinkansen
Actually this is my first time to ride the Shinkansen from Tokyo

More accurately, I went here to see KARA for the first time... About the filming's contents, there is a lot that I want to write about.

"Everyone, please don't write about today's stuff in your blogs or the internet!" They made us promise this so I won't write.

But of course, I'll give you a sneak peak

So instead of that, I'll write out everything that I felt!

I can't believe it myself
The moment that KARA came out...

I cried

That song, you can't listen to it (T^T)
Their voices really touch you (;w;)

No matter how many times I hear it, I cry (><)

During filming...
Gyuri's MC-ing was really funny haha

And when all of the filming was finished...
Who knew that each one of them gets to comment!

Everyone cried.

Hara-chan, while crying, said "Everyone, please believe in KARA."
Gyuri and Nicole was also crying when they said their comments.
Seungyeon was also crying when she she said "From here on out, the 5 members of KARA will go on this journey with all of you. I promise!!"
Jiyoung too: "Let us be by your side. Please believe in us!!"

I don't even know how long I cried.

I probably cried as much as a Harowota*, at her peak.

Even right now, I'm still crying (';w;')

Those things go without saying!!
We really believe in you guys!

...is what my heart constantly whispers (laugh)

To see the real KARA, I still can't believe it
It feels like I'm in an eternal dream world <3

I wish to see them again soon!!

*Harowota - Hello!Project Otaku - people who love girl group idols and follow their style, etc.

Translation melukia@KH
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[Audio] Girls, Be Ambitious (Palty CM Song)

not the full song:
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[Scans] K-POP Love (Mar. 2011 ed)

[blab] I don't get why people question KARA...

but then don't take the time actually learn why WE love them so much. All they really have to do is read a couple of interviews.. and no doubt they would see why.

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

[Fan] Cole Mart


 "콜마트" says Cole Mart lol. I guess a couple of days ago there was a place named "Goo Hara" which made news, it so happens there is a place called Cole Mart haha.

all credits: Kara-t.

[Vid] Palty CM + Making of

KARA's new endorsement in Japan:

Making of:
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Official Palty site with KARA: http://palty-cosme.jp/#/karaok

Friday, March 4, 2011

[Gifs] Jet Coaster Love

 made some gifs.. not the best but yea.. XD