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[Tweet] Fresh start!

So tired.. Different from pastㅜㅠ uhung ㅜㅜ fresh start! >_<ㅋ Morning craving for green tea bing su. ㅎㅎ Nom nom..

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[Tweet] SeungYeon tweeting about comeback?

Everyone everyone be strong and from today it's the full speed long distance run! be healthy until the end of the year! isn't this exciting?!

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[Retweet] Princess and the Frog

If you do your best each and every day, good things are sure to come your way. –Tiana (Princess and the Frog)

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[Tweet] Missing one person


Finally~~I got three of us!! We need one more person here~~~^^! she is working now~~~!!^^

[Gifs] "I hate to be ordinary"


source & credit: kara4life @ tumblr 

[Tweets] Gangnam Style & Beauty & the Beast

Us too gangnam style ~~~ ! huhut >_< it was fun

I want to watch beauty and the beastㅜ

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[Vid] 12.07.29. Inkigayo Gangnam Style - PSY ft. Afterschool, KARA, & Sistar

^^ A clip from the 15th with PSY, it was removed before.. Cole's laugh <3!!
so fun lol

[Vid] EXCLUSIVE interview at MTV World Stage LIVE in Malaysia by KAvenyou

Oh I recognize some of those questions from KH :)

I think this was the best interview because the questions were more in depth.

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[Vid] 12.07.28. MTV World Stage in Malaysia 2012 : KARA CUT

"I hate to be ordinary. Yes! I hate to be ordinary. I want to be extraordinary." 


 "I think we are more like best friends because we have a lot curiosity and we love having girl talks while we are doing our schedules.. talking about like food or boys or music, whatever is popular at the time."


  "Ah it was wonderful, wonderful. It was so invigorating. The energy of the crowd was just unexplainable, it was so awesome. It felt like doing a concert all over again, it was so wonderful. Thank You so much for having us, I hope we can come again soon."

I love it when Nicole speaks in English because it's like Nicole's "real" personality comes through :D

[Tweet] Ah

Ah ah ah 

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[Tweets] Pig Trotters

Pig trotters changed with duck lately 

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[Interview] Who is Jay Park's favorite KARA member?

Soompi Q: Do you have a favorite member of Kara? And would you have a collaboration tomorrow? 

Jay: No, we’re not gonna have a collaboration, I mean I would be down to collaborate with them, but I don’t think they would want to collaborate with me. You know, our styles are so different, I can’t pull off the cutesy butt dances and stuff like that — I wish I could, I can’t. My favorite member? Probably say… I don’t know, I really don’t have a favorite member, I mean, they all have their own unique attractiveness, they’re all good girls.

Source: Soompi

No JayCole :( .. XD

[Audio] Go Go Summer! 2012 Version

[Tweet] A Gentleman's Dignity

Of course, drama is just like what drama would be... Kya-!!!! Long live "A Gentleman's Dignity"!!! >ㅇ< I'm excited for this week ㅜㅜ 

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[Vid] Hot Game MV Making

Monday, July 23, 2012

[Pic] Nicole reading Seventeen Malaysia


B/c she can :)

[Vid] MTV World Stage Exclusive Rehearsal

Cole's adorable here, hair twirling :D

Thanks Nov  for the download!!

[Tumblr] Allkpop's tumblr gives shoutout to Nicole

^^ hehe Christine/firewater07's youtube account :P

[Monday: Body Roll Poll] Nicole reppin’ Kara. Check out Nicole’s solo shooting for ‘Step’ MV. She is way underrated!
- Y

Post Link:

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She is underrated but I don't think being overrated matches her personality either lol.

Her time will come !

[Fan] Gyuri, Nicole, & Jing @ USS Fan Pic


credit: puikarakab

LOL.. So stalkerish. But their faces :P

[Vid] KARA @ World Stage by Seventeen Malaysia

lol @ the collab question. Kind of random though.

[Tweet] Can't Touch This

Can't touch this yeap~~ why do I wanna dance nowadays ㅋㅋㅋ

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omg was she doing the dance??! Seems like KARA might have had a get together for SY's B-Day and JiRa's 4th anniversary.. IF Nicole danced to this.. I'd like to see haha

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[Account] Nicole IS really nice :)

My sis got a manicure in Silimdong and the lady who did her nails (owns the shop) use to work in the rich neighborhood of Apgujang where a lot of celebrities live.  She told my sis that idols and talents would frequent the shop and all of them had shitty attitudes and were rude...all but one...and that was Kara's Nicole Jung.  Nicole was always respectful and kind and said she was a genuinely friendly and cheerful person.

Taken from  cksdayoff @ AK

Can't say I'm surprised, one of the many reasons I support her :)

[Tweet] Sky Blue

Today during lunch! ww Recently, I have taken a liking to sky blue so I'm obsessed with this shirt >< 

Pic Source: Cole's Instagram
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I flipped the picture to the original version. The one she posted was mirrored :P

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[News] KARA's Nicole confesses she has a phobia on appearing on variety shows

KARA‘s Nicole made a surprising confession by revealing that she prefers to avoid appearing on variety programs.

Nicole participated as a guest on the July 21st broadcast of KBS‘s ‘Talk Show Do Dream‘, where she revealed, “I have a phobia of variety programs.”

“I still lack fluency in my Korean, so I have this phobia of appearing on variety shows. I also have a phobia of appearing on Japanese programs ever since we began promotions in Japan two years ago.”
She continued, “I worry whether I’ll make a speech error and am also concerned that people may not understand what I’m saying, so I always end up not talking.”

Upon hearing her confession, fellow guest member Koo Ja Cheol, who is a professional South Korean soccer player, consoled the singer saying, “There’s no need to worry over such a thing. There’s a Japanese player in my team and I asked him about KARA. He told me, ‘They speak Japanese pretty well. It’s also cute when they make a mistake.”

Source & Image: XSports News via Nate
Taken from AllKpop

Kara’s Nicole Reveals Her Fear of Variety Programs 

On July 21, Kara‘s Nicole revealed her fear of variety programs on KBS 2TV’s talk show “Do Dream.”
Nicole explained, “I developed a phobia of variety programs in Korea because of my poor Korean. Then we started promoting in Japan two years ago. I started to have a fear of variety of programs in Japan as well because my Japanese was also not that good.”

She continued, “I started to speak less on variety programs because I didn’t want to make mistakes or be in a position where someone couldn’t understand what I said. To this, soccer player Koo Ja Chul said, “I don’t think you need to do that.  When I asked a Japanese athlete on the club team, he said, ‘They speak enough Japanese. Still, the mistakes they make occasionally are cute.”

Additionally, Nicole explained that her fear was exacerbated after Netizens lashed out on her in response to a story she had told about herself. In the anecdote, Nicole said she was in her teens and was at a bar.
Meanwhile, fellow member Gyuri was also a guest on the show.

Taken from Soompi


[Vid] 12.07.21. KBS Do Dream (Gyuri & Nicole cut)

[Tweet] Shinee Support


Uin>_< It was super fun. I listened to all the songs I wanted to listen~~ Tomorrow too, fighting!

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[Tweet] Excited!!!

Hello, hello! It's great, great! I'm excited!

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[Fan/Tweet] HaNi Movie Date

Hara and Nicole spotted at the movies on the 19th, they were watching The Dark Knight.

    Source: katharina0321

Thursday, July 19, 2012

[Tweet] Unfair

Unfair !!!!! 

Translated by yooniqda_ @ twitter

[News] KARA’s Gyuri and Nicole open up about the difficulties of becoming an idol

KARA members Nicole and Gyuri recently participated in a shoot for an upcoming episode of KBS2‘s ‘Do Dream‘ and opened up about the hardships of being an idol star.

Gyuri began, “Before my debut, I was getting ready to sign with one agency and I went with my parents to review the contract. But with the contract, they also prepared an estimate for plastic surgery and said that I would not be able to debut if I did not get work done on my face.”

“I was so upset that they were saying this in front of my parents who gave birth to me,” Gyuri continued. “And after I debuted later with KARA, because I look more mature compared to the other members, a lot of people asked why I was in the group and I lost a lot of confidence.”

Fellow member Nicole then shared, “I began learning Japanese about two years ago, and it was so hard to learn another foreign language especially when being taught in Korean, which I was already struggling with. In Japan, I was afraid I would make a mistake while speaking or lose my flow, so I would just not talk all together.”

Check out their full story on the episode airing on July 21st at 10:25PM KST.

Source & Image : SportsSeoul via Nate
Taken from All KPOP

[Info] Gyuri and Nicole Preview from Do Dream

- KARA Gyuri, can't debut if she didn't do plastic surgery! Got hurt!

KARA's Gyuri confessed that she was suggested to get plastic surgery before debut.

Gyuri, who made appearance on KBS's Talk Show Do Dream revealed because she looked older than the other members, when she heard someone said "Why is that person there?" her confidence slowly decreased. 

Also before debut, to sign a contract with a company she went with her parents but she was shocked because of the quotation on the contract because the company  said that she was unable to debut if she didn't do plastic surgery. She recalled that she was distressed to hear that in front of her parents who gave birth to her.

Besides that, KARA's Nicole revealed her story about her trauma and her diminished phobia of variety.

- Nicole, becomes less talkative because of her phobia to variety!

Nicole who made appearance on KBS' Talk Show Do Dream revealed that she developed a phobia to variety and became less talkative.

2 years ago while starting their Japan activities she also started learning Japanese language but Nicole who attended school in USA and had poor Korean, said learning other foreign language by using Korean language was really tiring.
Because of that by she was afraid that she would make mistakes or is not able to follow the flow so she didn't talked much in Japan.
Since she lived in abroad in Japan for long time, she also experiences difficulties that overlapped with homesickness.

We can know about the idol's struggling against their lonely battle behind their fancy life.

Source : KBS News
Tip-off : mae
Translated by curbow @ Karaholic 

Really glad Gyuri just was like "NO" basically and waited until she got another contract offer. Cole XD, if only she had the option to learn from English.. but I don't think DSP would pay for another instructor lol.

[Pics] Nicole & Gyuri on "Do Dream"


"Do Dream" airs this Saturday @ 10:25PM on KBS 

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[Vid] Beat It & Lost from KARASIA Saitama

Opps I accidentally deleted the other post XD

So I was watching this again and noticed how great her footwork was here :)

Hopefully people who aren't fans of KARA see this performance and it gives them some insight on what they thought of Nicole or even KARA.

Lost (Eng Subbed):

The song is much better sounding to me now that I know what it means :P

I know it's not possible but it would have been nice to see the Game of Love performance broadcasted lol, her vocals were soo good and it was a fun stage XD

[Blog] MTV World Stage in Malaysia 2012: The Aftermath by VJ Holly

Next up, Kara. They have changed me! I don’t even know how they move the way they do and watching them made me think that maybe, just maybe the world would be a better place if I invested some time and money into a “how to dance hot” class because yeah, they were off the hook! However and whatever a girl SHOULD be all about, right there on stage.

Source: blog.mtvasia

[Tweet] The Little Mermaid @ Dawn

Uhahaha laughed out loud at dawn.. I really want to let Kamilia know .. kekeke merong...mermaid princess' white bird scuttle appear"keke uhahahahaha 
Human's subconscious is scary >_<
Translated by yooniqda_ @ twitter

The Little Mermaid.. it's 4 AM over there lol

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[Tweet] Bubibu

I'm like lululala when I see you !!!!>_< Bubibu!!!!!! Really nice!

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Oh I think those are lyrics to A-Pink's Song, Bubibu:

[Tweet] keke

Yeah ke from today not tomorrow from today keke Yongjoo figthing kekekekekeke ~

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[Vid] 12.07.12. Mnet Wide News A-JAX MV Filming (with Nicole) Eng Subbed

[Fan] 12.07.14. KARA @ Airport in Malaysia Departure Fan Pics



Read Fan Account HERE

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[News] A-JAX's Hyeong Kon and Nicole from KARA looks very comfortable with each other, or not

Rookie group A-JAX's member Hyeong Kon seems like he is quite nervous around Nicole from KARA while they were shooting for their music video  of 'Hot Game'.

Last July 16, the photos from the set were uploaded and this has been grabbing some attention all over the internet.


In the music video, Nicole's role is a seductive woman who is playing with 7 members of the group.

Since Nicole was very flexible in acting as a seductive woman in the music video, she was fine with it but the members of the group were still not used to the situation so they had to do a lot of re do's in the scene.
Hyeong Kon thought that he could never get over the love scenes in the music video, but Nicole took care of everything and she was leading him as they were shooting.  

Taken from TopStarNews

 KARA Nicole's "Seductive Charisma" Make A-JAX Hyung Gon Nervous

KARA Nicole's charisma left A-JAX Hyung Gon looking helpless.

On July 16, pictures from music video filming set of A-JAX's new song "Hot Game" were posted on the A-JAX official website.

The revealed pictures captured the starring actress for the music video Nicole and the main actor Hyung Gon on a filming set.

"Hot Game" is about the tension and nervousness between a guy and a girl in love. In the music video, Nicole comes out as a 'magical girl' who steals the hearts of all 7 members of A-JAX.

It's been known that Nicole was able to act out love scenes that involves light skinship, but on the other hand, A-JAX members could contain their awkwardness.

After the filming, Hyung Gon stated, "I was worried that we wouldn't be able to act out the love scenes, but thanks to Nicole, we were able to finish well."

Translated by kpopstarz

[Pics] Nicole BTS @ HOT GAME MV Filming Pictures by DSP Media Kakao Talk

[Info] Do Dream Airing Notice

7.21 - KBS Do Dream 10:25 PM with Nicole & Gyuri

[Vid] Nicole & Hara for PSY's GANGNAM STYLE

[Pics] Nicole BTS of HOT GAME MV


HOT GAME 뮤직비디오의 홍일점 카라 니콜!

첫 러브신에 도전해 어색어색 열매를 먹은 에이젝스 일곱멤버는
엄청난 NG 컷들을 만들어 냈는데요.....

카리스마 선배님 포스를 내 뿜으며 촬영을 리드해줬던 니콜양 덕분에
너무 자연스럽고 멋지게 촬영을 마무리 했다는 후문!

그 훈훈했던 현장 비하인드 컷을 단 3장만 선공개합니다 ♥ 

(will post the translations once they are up)

Taken from AiantisIntl

SOURCE: Official Fancafe
RE-UP by jerism @ Aiantis

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[Fan] 12.07.13. KARA with fans @ MTV World Stage Interviews


credit: @partypooper101

[Tweet] Eat before Gym

Its been long time I hit the gym and work out my muscle.ㅜㅜ I should eat before work outㅠㅠㅠㅠhingㅠㅠ 

Its not I didn't eat at all.ㅜㅋㅋㅋ I ate very little.ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
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[Pics] 12.07.09. KARA K5J Autograph Session by Scanation SG


More Photos @ ScanationSG

[Pics] 12.07.14. MTV WORLD STAGE 2012 by OplusT

[Pics] 12.07.14. MTV WORLD STAGE 2012 OH! my star


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[Fan] 12.07.14. Nicole & Jing Leaving Airport Fan Pics + Fancam by aienbest


[Fan] 12.07.14. KARA leaving Airport Fancams

^^ Cole haha.

[Fan] KARA & Food Fan art


[Tweet] Gyuri's Excerpt from Twitter

I LOVE the way Gyuri handles stuff, she's amazing.

So she's been dealing with some annoying people and she tweeted this excerpt:

Once an angry man insulted the Buddha. The Buddha simply asked the man if people ever visited him in his home. Surprised at the change of topic, the man answered yes. 

The Buddha then asked if his visitors ever brought gifts. When the man replied yes again, the Buddha asked what would happen if he refused to accept the gifts? Who would the gifts belong to then? The man said that, of course, they would still belong to those who brought them. 

The Buddha then calmly and kindly said, "In the same way, since I do not accept your insults, they remain with you."

Author - Unknown.
Tip off: Thanks to KARAFULL World!
Source: leadershiphub

She ended her tweets with this:

If I say or write other unfortunate will make me carry along hearts filled with that bad moments, instead of happiness I will absorbed in unhappiness and wasting my time with those people. Today there should be someone who spend a misfortune time, yet for me today too I will live my life diligently so I need to rest well!

I will return in double to my family and my people who gave their trust and love to me. let's share good things together haha Today too you all have worked hard good night ~^^

Translated  by yooniqda_ @ twitter

This is such a great way to look at things, you can only control yourself. Everyone else, that's their problem.

[Tweet] Kimichi Stew with Hara

Back to Korea~ Already excited as soon as we arrived!Later will go to eat Kimchi Stew with Hara yeap!

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[Pics] 12.07.06. MTV WORLD STAGE MALAYSIA by MyKpopHunteress


Some of the same photos from the previous post but these are bigger and not tagged.

[Pics] 12.07.14. KARA @ MTV WORLD STAGE 2012 by mohdzaid

[Fan] 12.07.14. MTV KARA @ World Stage 2012 Fancams (Updating)

^^ Girls sound really good and Cole's note for Let It Go <3!!

[Tweets] MTV World Stage 2012 in Malaysia

MTV World Stage in Malaysia ! Tune in everyone ^^ ㅋㅋ

For everyone !

Wow what an amazing crowd ! You guys rok !! Hope to see you all again soon ! :D 

Translations by yooniqda_ @ twitter

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[Tweet] Hara, Jing, & Cole in the Pool



hehe glad to see the girls are having fun :)

[Tweet] Swimming with Hara & JiYoung


At the pool with Hara & Jiyoung, after a long time

Translations by cherrims @ twitter

I'd say JiYoung and Cole's feet.

[Pics] 12.07.13. KARA Interview Photos for MTV World Stage 2012 bu KNUKEast

More Photos @ KNUKEast Facebook

[Vid] 12.07.13. [Exclusive] Kara Interview in Malaysia

Volume is low.

Jing tickling Cole :)

Aww @ the end, you can tell the girls are in a good mood and joking around.

[Interview] Up-close with KARA at MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2012 by kavenyou


As first-time visitors to Malaysia, all 5 of KARA‘s members have managed to come meet the fans including Seungyeon who has just been discharged from the hospital. We were glad to see her recover from the way she was goofing around with Hara during the interview.

During the interview, Nicole revealed that KARA is already in the midst of preparing for their next album, which will be released in the fall. She even spilled that the album will feature a more mature concept as KARA has been gradually growing through their music over the years.

There are also plans in releasing their individual singles, which will include lyrics written by the members themselves to fully portray each member’s charms. When asked on who they would want to write a song for, Nicole would want to write one for her mother, while Hara hoping to dedicate a song to their beloved Kamilias.


On the other hand, KARA has achieved astonishing results in Japan by being the first Korean girl group to ever receive a gold status for all of their Japanese singles. In addressing these accolades, Seungyeon shared that they were very proud for these achievements and will continue working hard in the future. The girls also recently launched their own fragrance line, K5J. For this, they have went all the way to France for the production.

In sharing more about the members, Jiyoung revealed that Nicole is the mood-maker of the team and Goddess Gyuri expressed that she is blessed just to be a part of KARA, and cherishes all of them as they all help balance and complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. However, if they were not a member of KARA, Jiyoung and Hara would both still be students, whereas Nicole will likely be focusing on cooking, Seungyeon will be learning foreign languages, and Gyuri who started as a child actress would be pursuing an acting career.

More Photos @ kavenyou

[Pics] 12.07.13. MTV World Stage Interview by k-popped

More Photos @ k-popped facebook

[Interview] 12.07.13. KARA by gokpop

Q: Can you tell us about the concept for the stage for tomorrow night?
A: We will do all the hits songs in medley and also the “Let it Go” album, we only previewed it during the concert but we will show it for the first time on TV tomorrow.

Q: What is being in KARA like and has it change you over the year?
A: We have been in the music industry for quite some time and we started as very junior and have many seniors but now we are in the senior position and had gone through a lot of obstacles. Finally, we are more stable now.

Q: KARA recently became the 3rd Korean act to sell over 1 million singles in Japan. How do you feel about this accomplishment?
A: About the 1 million copies sold, we are very surprised with the achievement as well as happy at the same time, we will try our very best to upkeep this response in Japan.

Q:What are some of the difficulties of being in a girl band and why?
A:Well if I(Gyuri) must talk about difficulty, then it could just be keeping on diet and slim figure. We have to constantly watch what we eat and always exercise.

Q: What is your favorite fashion style at the moment and what do you feel about being fashion icons?
A: On the stage, we use to wear something tight and short, so during the normal days, we try to wear something loose and comfortable and we would like to be a fashion icon.

Q:Being in the music industry must be hectic and busy, if you are given one week off, what would you do?
A: We would all like to go out of the country and visit the other part of the countries in the world.
Q: Thoughts when first entering the Japanese market and advice for the other girl groups who also want to succeed in Japan.
A: We are lucky because our seniors already took the Japanese stage and we have no difficulty at all as everything went really smooth and my advice to the juniors will be if you want to perform overseas, you have to know what is like in Korea first very well, then it will be okay.

Q: What make KARA diff from other Kpop girl groups out there?
A: (Nicole) In my opinion, I feel that we are much more professional image on stage and during the off stage, we are able to show much more friendly and outgoing, sort of more comfortable image that fans are able to approach us and feel comfortable with it

Q:How does it feel to represent Korea as Kpop ambassador at the international event like MTV World Stage?
A: It is an honor to be able to perform in such a big international event and it is our first time in Malaysia as well as our first time appearing on World Stage. We are hoping to show our best and hope to interact with the fans

A: KARA has been showing a lot of support for your label mate, A-JAX. What is the relationship like between the members of the two groups?
Q: It is another creation of the same company and this a boy group after a long period of time so we watch and look after them with great interest as well as give all our support like appearing in their music video

A: Who are some of your musical inspiration and why?
Q: Yes we have a lot of idols such as the international stars but we also try to maintain our characteristics and uniqueness in our individualistic concept/in themselves.

Source: gokpop

AHHHH Let it Go!! Sexy !! :D

[Fan] 12.07.13. KARA @ Ming Tien Restaurant Malaysia


[Pics] 12.07.13. KARA @ Various Interviews for MTV World Stage


[Tweet] KARA @ Rehearsals for MTV World Stage 2012


credit: mtvasia

[Pics] 12.07.13. BTS of KARA Interview for MTV World Stage by Gladys1226



[Interview] 12.07.13. Live in Malaysia 2012, Press Conference and Interview with KARA!

World Stage Live in Malaysia 2012 is once again set to make a big return this year with a spectacular line-up featuring famous teen pop star Justin Bieber, very hot and sexy Mizz Nina and sensations K-Hallyu Waves Jay Park and KARA. Many thanks to MTV World Stage organizer, Koreanupdates got the chance to have an interview with KARA.

KARA, a name that’s not need an introduction, famous worldwide with their hits single “Mister” and hot butt dance. We are lucky to get a chance to spend our evening with 5 beautiful ladies of Kara members, Kang Jiyoung – Jung Nicole – Park Gyuri – Han Seungyeon and Goo Hara. They all looked fresh and innocent with white-blue outfits and honestly they really have stunning beauty.

During interview, there is a translator to help us communicate with KARA and as known, Nicole is the only one can speak English fluently.

Without further delay, let’s check out our interview session with KARA!
Q: This is your first time to Malaysia. What is your first impression?
Nicole: Malaysia is very nice country. It has beautiful landscape and when I opened a window in the morning I can see a green city.

Q: During your visit at Singapore, you only performed 2 slow songs and your fans not really happy about it because they really anticipated your dance song.
Seungyeon: We are truly sorry about it but due to healthy issue we are unable to perform like always we do and we promise we will perform more songs for our next visit at Singapore.

Q: What do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Nicole: We would like to master in variety of area that we are in like acting, VJing, DJing and singing. And we hope we can celebrate our 10th anniversary as a KARA.

Q: If you are not singer/idol, what will you be?
Nicole: We will be a normal college student. Laugh. Perhaps, I will be a cooking teacher.
Jiyoung: I wannabe animal trainer.
Gyuri: I will still be a singer.
Sungyeon: Maybe, Japanese or Korean translator.
Hara: College student with a load part time jobs and have many big dreams.

Q:  Other than your music style right now, what other genre of music that you wanna try out?
Nicole: We are not planning anything so far. But we love to try other than dance music genre.

Q: You are big name in Japan. What is your strength to popular there?
Nicole: We are really lucky to get a load of love from our fans in Japan. I think it’s because we can speak Japanese fluently, we practiced Japanese a lot.

Q: What do you do when you have a free time?
Nicole: We spend our time in dorm. Sleep, rest and hang out together. Sometimes, we back home and visit our family.

Q: At this MTV World Stage, will you collaborate with Jay Park?
Gyuri: No, there is no collaboration with Jay Park.

Q: How do you feels to perform same stage with famous star Justin Bieber?
Jiyoung: Justin Bieber is a famous star and I always listens to his songs.
Nicole: A new experience!

And our 10 minutes exclusive interview with KARA came to end.
See you soon KARA!

Reported by

* The dorm mentioned, I got the impression some live solo and some live with family so maybe it was mentioned for privacy and safety reasons. The writer might not know this info and wrote dorm.

[Tweet] Mental Collapse

Mental collapse after a long time ._. wow !!!!

Translations by yooniqda_ @ twitter

[Tweet] KARA @ Interview for MTV World Stage by KoreanUpdates

Nicole signing: 



credit: KoreanUpdates