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[News] The ‘Queens of K-pop’ to dominate this Fall’s major comeback line-up

KARA will be the first major girl group to make their comeback this fall. They’ve already unveiled their first video teaser for their 3rd album’s title track, “Step“, through their official YouTube channel.

“Step” will mark the group’s official return to the K-Pop industry after they did a joint Korean-Japanese promotion for “Jumping” ten months ago. This new song was produced by the Han Jae Ho-Kim Seung Soo combo, and it’s said to hold an exciting, rock-electronic beat that’s perfect for the upcoming fall season.

100 lucky fans who pre-purchased KARA’s limited edition album (which went up for sale on August 25th) will get to watch the group’s exclusive showcase on September 14th. KARA plans to begin their active broadcasting promotions after the Chuseok holiday weekend.


I really don't know what else KARA has to do to prove they belong under this category of "Queens of K-POP" lol.

Something else irking me these days are how uninformed these haters are in K-POP, to think KARA has no existence in Korea. Please, the girls have done enough shows where the members are known and loved by colleagues alike. Just because they aren't number 1 in Korea doesn't mean they are hopeless there, they still do better in sales then what, like 95% of the other girl groups out there. It'd be foolish to ditch Korea in hopes of only Japan like all those randoms were posting about. Like they really have KARA's best interests at heart. If DSP keeps their promotions as well as they have been with this upcoming album, KARA will only get more fans and popularity and I'm sure KARA and Kamilia are all for that :)

[Fan] Nicole saying Hi at the airport in Paris


[Fan] 11.08.29. KARA's arrival to Airport in Paris Fan Pics

cr: as tagged + SOOMPI

[Fan] KARA @ Charles de Gaulle Airport fancam ( pt 2)

Lots of Cole moments :D

[Tweet] Phone or Camera

Uhaha Should I take the photo with Handphone or Camera;) ah..and!! KARA Teaser is out! http://t.co/T1dTUF7 That hair has long gone ^-^ 

cr: aank1 @ twitter

Monday, August 29, 2011

[Info] 2nd teaser?!

9월  1일(목) : 2차 티저 영상 최초공개

Sept 1: 2nd teaser unveiling

yay.. 2nd teaser!!

[Fan] KARA @ Airport (Paris) Fan Pics


[Fan] 11.08.29. KARA's arrival to Airport in Paris


Jing so cute. Thank you bye-bye!

[Gifs + Caps] STEP MV teaser (COLE)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
sexy girl is back

[VID] STEP Teaser

freaking gorgeous.

cole's hair is amazing and dress.

[Fan] Nicole's autographs for fan in Paris

cr: Yuu_love_BEG @ twitter 

cr: Tumblr

cr: tumblr

[Tweets] KARA's arrival at Airport (Paris)

Kara plane just landed ! Welcome in France girls !

[KARA in France] The girls are now in the bus ! The fans sang "Mister" for them !

[Kara in France] a fan got sign from Nicole and Seungyeon, the girls looks very pretty and friendly, very nice.
cr: Marie_Eleanore @ twitter!

: Les Kara sont adorables, on a pu discuter avec elles pendant 15minutes !
Kara are adorable, we were able to discuss/talk with them for 15 mins! (not direct trans)

french kamilia send present for KARA ( french cake, little effeil tower and more ) they have all taken. and said "Merci" :)
cr: Charlootte_R

Kara in Paris! Those girls are adorable, really tiny and shy. I've got Nicole's autograph :D this dork didn't know how to use my pen ^^
cr: Yuu_love_BEG

[Tweet] GyulCole tweets abt Paris

Bonjour? It's night time but absolutely exciting ~~~!!!

CR: Karaholic @ twitter. 

Arrived at Paris, France! As soon as we came out from the airport we were so surprised as we didn't expect fans would welcome us;; As we were on our way to the bus we heard fans singing Mister..once again we were even more surprised.. Thank Youㅠㅠwe're thrilled and happy! 

CR: annk1 @ twitter

[Vid] 11.08.26. K-Wave Station (KARA cut)

[Info] What time KARA will arrive in Paris

Alright I think there is confusion, here's when KARA's flight will arrive in France 

So 21:16 = 9:16 PM

[Pic] KARA @ Incheon Airport on their way to Paris!


Sunday, August 28, 2011

[Fan] 11.08.26. IAAF World Chamipionships Pt 3


boys & girls

Nicole's back.

[Info] Departure & Arrival Schedule

So I know some fans were wondering when KARA would arrive in Paris. None of the girls have tweeted or mentioned anything about the trip YET. It's an 11 hour + flight so if they do mention anything.. there should be enough time to go to the airport.

The best thing I could think of was to post up the Departure from Korea at the Incheon International Airport and the Arrival to Paris at the Charles de Gaulle Airport.

[Info] Nicole-ing.com Sign Up Tutorial

[Tweet] The day has come

Wow- +_+ Nicole-ing.com Thank you, everyone ^^ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ!!!! I'm feeling extremely great!^^ Fufu

cr: cherrims @ twitter!

Nicole's NEW fansite, Cole even mentioned them on twitter!

Nicole-ing's Twitter:

I'll  put up a tutorial later on :)
Wished the site was more English friendly.. J-Kamilia are having a difficult time signing up too.

[Fan] 11.08.26 IAAF Championships Fan Pics pt. 2

Saturday, August 27, 2011

[Tweet] Happy Birthday!

Cole @ JoKwon:   Happy Birthday Oppa!!!! ^^

JoKwon @ Cole: Thanks!!! Nicole ah~~^^*

Source : their twitters.

Aww :)

[Fan] 11.08.26. IAAF Championship (Nicole)

[Fan] Pic of Cole's BTS vid playing at Mango Six

cr: naver.

Um they should put that vid up at the site.. instead of playing it only at the location itself...

[Fan] Block B's B-Bomb has a KARA Album?

 looks like Lupin :D


cr: Twitter 

Usually artists give their albums to a bunch of other artists etc while they are promoting but Block B hadn't debuted yet when KARA promoted Lupin so I'm think this was a bought album?.. that's nice haha.

[Pics] KARA's Japanese Fan Meeting

omg! there are pics of the Cole & SY "kiss" haha.. need HQ. 

[Fan] Fanart of STEP Limited Edition Cover


Friday, August 26, 2011

[Tweet] KARA's tweet convo while sitting together in the same van

SY: DaeguDaegu Let's go eat some spicy Tteokbokki~ It's been a long time since the 5 of us sat in the same car together~ I can feel that we're getting closer to the start of our activities! Playing around with a painful-neck wink~ http://t.co/0ztZVIc http://t.co/yPNyLZk http://t.co/oH8mgrX

Hara @ Cole, SY, & Jing: These are the only photos I managed to take after trying my best... Messy photos... But it is fun ㅋ.ㅋ Gyulee unnie is sleeping deeply

Cole @ Hara, SY, & Jing:  Uhaha I left home bringing dried squids with me! wwww Why can't they be stored in a mobile phone?

Jing @ Nicole, Hara, & SY: Chew, chew, my stomach's full already zZ.... Crunching, crunching on dried squids

Hara @ Nicole, SY, & Jing: Please send me the photos of us through KakaoTalk! www But I'm going to sleep already

* Nicole also tweeted about how Gyuri ate one piece of squid then feel asleep while the others started their tweeting madness. SY had tweeted fans to watch KARA's Channel Preview on youtube, so all the members decided to retweet that along with their own messages haha but not translated XD

CR: Cherrims/KH @ twitter! 

[Vid] Preview of KARA's Channel (Eng Subbed)

[Fan] 11.08.26. IAAF World Championships in Daegu Fancam (Nicole)

Mister & Jumping (vers 1)

(vers 2)
cr: sol1152 @ youtube.

He said this will be the last fancam of the year, he's going back to the states XD

Thursday, August 25, 2011

[Fan] Fantaken pic of KARA in WWD for Japan Fall Issue 2011

I see some fans confused about what WWD is, it's  "Woman's Wear Daily" a fashion magazine :)

Cole looks really great here :D

cr: MilkyMeg


cr: sych12 @ yfrong
tip off: kamihan1998 @ twitter.


"You know what it is"

cr: nunino @ tumblr

[News + Vid] Preview of KARA's Channel on Youtube

DSP Media has partnered up with Youtube to bring Kamilias "KARA Channel" starting September 7th. "KARA Channel" will bring fans behind the scenes of KARA's comeback preparations as they make their return to their home country after 10 months hiatus.

"KARA Channel" will be uploaded to their official Youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/DSPKara) once a week for the next three weeks and will contain images and videos by KARA to be revealed to the public.

KARA will be in the studio greeting fans and will be reading fans' comments in real-time. On August 26th, a teaser for "KARA Channel" was uploaded on both DSP Media and KARA's Youtube channel. International fans are expected to take part in this, and KARA will attempt to try and communicate with both oversea and their domestic fans as best as possible.

Meanwhile, stores have already begun to take pre-orders for KARA's limited edition album "Step." Over a hundred fans will also participate in KARA's showcase on September 14th. "Step" is a powerful synthesized pop dance song that features a mix of electronic and rock.
cr: koreaboo

Kara announced today that they would open their own YouTube channel with their agency DSP Media. Kara’s YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/user/DSPKara) will provide three live shows, behind the scene videos, self-recorded (selcas) footage of each member, as well as a forum space where fans can directly communicate with the group.

Kara’s channel will go live from September 7th. However, it will first open a Q&A board on August 26th, where select questions will get direct video answers from the Kara members after it opens.
“Kara is the first Korean artist to provide interactive communication with fans through its own YouTube channel, especially during their promotions. In order to provide more direct and active communication with fans, Kara decided to run this YouTube channel,” DSP Media said in a statement.

Kara’s new album will be released online on September 5th and be available in stores on the next day, resuming their Korean promotions for the first time in 10 months. They already released a limited edition album on August 25th, but TV promotions are expected to start in mid-September.
cr: Soompi

OMG.. we see parts of the dance & behind the scenes too!!

Guys we need to comment haha.. we get our questions answered finally :)
Cole will be answering English questions right :D

[News] DSP Media to hold auditions for new talent!

KARA’s agency DSP Media will be working together with DSP Media Japan, to hold their first Japanese auditions.

In addition to KARA, DSP Media Japan is also in charge of managing RAINBOW, who will debut in Japan on September 14th with their single “A”. Participants who pass the audition and training period will get a chance to become a full-fledged member of DSP Media.

Applicants don’t need to have previous experience, but need to be between the ages of 13 and 19, must be able to travel to and from Tokyo, and must not have a current contract. DSP Media Japan is looking for people to show off their talent and charm in order to become the next big star like KARA and RAINBOW.

CR: TokyoHive

Moving on up.....

[Pic] KARA in WWD Fall Issue (Japan)


The photographer added some bigger close up pics but none are of KARA...
insanity XD

[News] Who really moves the music industry? Meet the movers and shakers of K-POP.


A duo of composers comprised of Han Jaeho and Kim Seung Soo.  They’re the gears behind KARA’s success, having started with “Rock You” and going on to produce “Honey“, “Mister“, and much of the group’s other representative tracks.  They’ve recently begun to work with INFINITE and Nine Muses as well as the title track for KARA’s upcoming September release, “Step“.


After Honey & Mister, Sweetune blew up.

I'm still on the fence of wanting KARA to work with other producers or just stay with Sweetune.

[News] Asia Today reveals top earning Korean stars in Japan

Whenever looking at the current Oricon charts, there's always some Korean artist in there somewhere. Asia Today made a list of the Korean artists promoting in Japan, and revealed the top 5 highest earning stars for the past year.

The fifth spot is taken by 6 member group Supernova. They have been promoting in Japan since September 2009, and have managed to get into the top 10 with every single one of their releases. The group is said to be earning around 30 million yen for their Japanese work.

Surprisingly, popular group TVXQ ends at a 4th place with 60 million yen, while girl groups Girls' Generation and Kara, who have been promoting a lot in Japan lately, take the 3rd and 2nd spot with about 50 million yen each.

Korean actor-turned-singer Jang Geunsuk ranked at the top spot with an income of about 90 million yen. The actor has released multiple photobooks, and his debut single earlier this year. His single is still the best Korean debut in Japan up to date, with sales of around 200000 copies up to date. He sold 119000 copies in the first week of its release.

Source: Asia Today and Starlight
CR: Koreaboo

[Tweet] Same Place.

I want to believe that it has changed, changed. Yet it will always remain the same to me. I want to return to that place again.

CR: Karaholic.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

[Fan] KARA FAMILY fan support for KARA in Hong Kong

These were the fans that had those GO GO KARA banners that the girls were giving fan service too :)

[Gifs] Making of Vinegar Hongcho CF

[Vid] Vinegar Honcho CM Making + Interview

[Info] KARA's 3rd Album Special Edition Cover + FULL tracklist


2 Surprises:
1. Acoustic version of ...Ing (!!)
2. Dear Kamilia ( a song just for us?!) 
Actually Dear Kamilia is the Korean vers of Ima, Okuritai Arigatou

cr: twitter + DCKARA

[News] KARA will lauch their own signature fragrance

Girl group KARA will be traveling to France to prepare for the launch of their very own perfume!

Management agency DSP Media stated, “A perfume in their name is planned for a December release, and so KARA will be going to France on August 29th to see to production matters.”
KARA is said to be working directly with perfumers to create their fragrance. The group is under tight time constraints, as their new album ‘STEP‘ is also waiting in the wings to be released early next month.

Source + Photo: Money Today via Nate 
On August 25th their agency DSP media stated, “With Kara’s perfume that will be released in December hanging in the distance, Kara will leave for France on August 29th to meet the manufacturers. At France, Kara will be directly involved in the manufacturing and design process. Also, they will take part in a photo shoot where the photo album will be released both in Korea and Japan.”
cr: Soompi
In December, KARA will be the first local Korean artists to release their own signature fragrance. KARA will be headed to Paris, France on August 29th to prepare for the launch and have their photoshoot for their upcoming fragrance release.

They will contribute to the design process as well.  
cr: koreaboo

OMG!! DSP.. what has become of you.. this is a really great idea haha. 

All the girls will get to experience PARIS as well :) I bet they are totally excited. I wonder if there are any Kamilia in Paris though.. XD But yay.. how cool is this and the fragrance will launch just in time for the holidays!! I was reading a fan post and he's like "I'll get this for my mom!" lol 

So KARA will be taking photos IN Paris?!! ahah.

[Gifs] KARA's fanservice to Chinese Kamilia

[Fan] Cole wants Long Hair fanart

cr: _931115 @ twitter

[Fan] 11.08.23. K-POP Girls in Love Hong Kong Concert Fan Pics (more)

[Pics] 11.08.23. K-POP Girls in Love Pictures Pt. 2


[Fan] 11.08.23. K-POP Girls in Love : Cole fancam fan service + Airport

starts at :26 secs:

Monday, August 22, 2011

[Fan] KARA' s youngest fan boy doing his version of JCL


[Vid] KARA on Showbiz Extra

[Pic] Hong Kong Kamilia spotted at the Airport

if you look to the top right, you see a KARA banner :) 


Kamilia at the bottom left:


the purple ballons are F(X) fans btw.
have yet to find an pics from Kamilia XD
harder than I thought.

[Pic] HQ Picture of KARA ( comeback pics?)

tip off: withkara

I have to admit.. if this is Cole's hair for the comeback.. it'll take me awhile to get used to it. The extensions don't look real to me lol..as compared to her own real long hair, which looked awesome. I know they are extensions but.. still XD

[blab] seriously. everytime lol

Kamilia.. why even respond?.. take a step back and before replying think about how ridiculous the trolls are for PURPOSELY trying to get you riled up lol. Don't take it personally, it doesn't really have anything to do with KARA other than they are popular enough for them troll at.
All the hate filled comments show that they actually "care" enough and think KARA is "relevant" enough to post those comments up.

It's ironic. Write such rude comments but at the same time showing that they think somewhat "highly" of KARA?.. err okay.. thanks for caring? lol.

[News] KARA's comeback title track + album release date for September 5th confirmed


KARA's 3rd studio album has finally been confirmed with a release date. In addition, DSP Media has also confirmed the girl group's title track. A partial tracklist was revealed with fans guessing that "Step" would be KARA's comeback title track.

DSP has confirmed that "Step" will be KARA's title track for their 3rd studio album, and in addition, has announced that the physical album will be released on September 6th. The album will be released online first at midnight on September 5th.

Sale of the limited edition of KARA's 3rd studio album will begin on August 25th. The limited edition will include behind-the-scenes photographs. Out of all the fans who have purchased the limited edition, 100 fans will be invited to KARA's comeback showcase on September 14th.

According to DSP Media, "Step" is a powerful synthesized pop dance song that features a mix of electronic and rock.

Other new songs that will be included in the album are "Date (My Boy)," "EY OH (Intro)," "KARA 4U (Outro)," "Rider," "Strawberry," and "Follow."

The 3rd album will be released online on September 5th at midnight and will be followed by the physical album release on September 6th.

CR: Koreaboo

 Kara will start promotions in the middle of September for 3 weeks and their new Japanese single/album will be released in early Oct. KARA will then focus on Japanese activities.

Don't remember KARA ever having a showcase before .... really have big hopes for this comeback...

EEEEKKKKKS!. Can't wait!

[Vid] Kara & Infiite - Couple (Eng Sub)

cr: withkara

[Info] KARA flight information to Hong Kong

8.23 Seoul-HK OZ721 arrival@1150 (Kara, f(x), Sistar, ZE:A-Kwanghee & DongJun)

8.24 HK-Seoul OZ724 departure@0030 (Kara, f(x), Sistar, miss A)

cr: Elf Asia @ twitter.

their tweet later:
Would all fans please note that as per the request of the security units at Hong Kong International Airport, the girl and boy bands, who will be arriving at HK on Aug 23 & 24, respectively, will leave the airport via special passage. They will not pass by the arrival hall as previous announced. We deeply apologize for all the inconvenience caused. Thank you for your kind attention!

All the girl groups are coming together .. so pics at the airport :) Hope the Hong Kong fans get to see the girls anyways..XD

[Fan] 11.08.21. KARA @ Incheon Airport back from Japan

Jing got a present.

Updated the fan pics from this day HERE

[News] Japanese Anti-Hallyu Protests Continue

On the episode that featured the anti-hallyu protests that was broadcast on August 21st, K-Pop’s popularity and also its anti-movement were shown. The episode showed many protestors saying extremely critical things about Korean celebrities. 

One protestor was shown with a microphone saying, “Don’t force anti-hallyu on us Fuji TV, I don’t want to watch Korean dramas.” Other protestors were shown screaming “Hurrah to the Japanese Emperor,” also people were saying “Amongst the people passing by we can even see the face of some Josen-jin.” (Josen-jin is a derogatory word that the Japanese use to describe Koreans.)

Also, some protestors were screaming insults at celebrities, “Let’s get rid of the Cockroaches SNSD, KARA, and DBSK. Do you think ‘Winter Sonata’ is fun? Choi Ji Woo is a thirty year old ajumma. Does it make sense that an ajumma is wearing a school uniform?

Korean viewers have commented, “Neo Japanese Nationalists are using anti-hallyu in order to reach towards the Dokdo controversy. I’m at a loss of words,” “their toothless criticism is low-class,” “I can’t believe they actually called celebrities cockroaches. 

One Japanese professor on the show had stated, I believe that the reason these protests are occurring is because the neo Japanese nationalists unhappy about Japan are just targeting hallyu. For Korea the best way to proceed is to ignore the protests.” 

CR: Soompi

Sunday, August 21, 2011

[Tweet] Pilates Session + G.NA & Cole convo


“This is the picture my Pilates teacher took for me yesterday, Oohahaha.” 

"A photo that my pilates teacher took for me yesterday! Let’s become cute!! "
(^^ In Japanese)

Cole & G.NA tweet Convo :

G.NA @ Cole (referring to the tweet above): kekeke As usual you are awesome kekeke Let's run together puhaha

Cole @ G.NA: You're so glamourous-y skinny already lol!! But let's go together kekeke stretch them stretch them your stiff muscles kekeke

CR: RoyalG_Tweets 

[News] KARA attends press conference for the red vinegar drink Hongcho

KARA have been chosen as the Japanese models for the Korean vinegar drink Hongcho. On August 19th, KARA participated in the press conference at the Westin Hotel in Tokyo, where 116 people from over 60 different medias attended. Japanese local reporters asked KARA several questions and took photos of the group, showing their great interest in the popular Korean girl group.

At the press conference, KARA spoke on their CF recording for the red vinegar drink and their struggle to give off a club atmosphere as they danced for the CF. They also shared an NG story in which the members would have to look breathless as they drank Hongcho. However, they would drink too much of the vinegar drink at a time and choked.

KARA posed and recorded for the Hongcho CF for over 10 hours, and never lost their smiles, which gained them praise from the crew. The Hongcho CF will begin airing in Japan starting August 29th.

A Japan official said that drinking Hongcho will help to manage a sleeker body line and achieve beautiful skin. "KARA's sexy image compliments the drink well and its dietary properties, therefore, KARA were chosen as the Japanese Hongcho models."

In the CF, Hongcho is advertised as a diet drink in achieving a slimmer body line and. This is achieved with KARA in beautiful club dresses as they walk across the scene with confident looks.

At the press conference, KARA first introduced themselves and went on to give tips on how to use Hongchu as part of your diet.

There will also be a limited edition of Hongcho drinks featuring KARA on the bottle starting August 29th. They are expected to be promoting the drink more as well. 

cr: koreaboo

[Pics] VM- 200 Vocamastar

this is the product Nicole endorses for Vocamastar: