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[Twitter/Instagram] My New Friend


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[Twitter/Instagram] Coffeetime & Grumpy Morning

First delicious meal with me

Translated by yooniqda_
(He's Nicole's dancer oppa :))

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[Fan] 15.12.24. Don't Stop Performance Preview (2015 Special Christmas & Happy New Year) Fancam

I like it!

[Twitter/Instagram] Favorite Part

The part that I like the most 

#fantasy#nicole it's really worth it to exercise diligently

Translated by yooniqda_

Don't remember if we have seen a performance of Fantasy .. it looks really nice though :)

Friday, December 25, 2015

[Pics] 15.12.23. Nicole Departing Gimpo Airport Photos

[Fan] Pictures from Nicole's 2016 Calendar

cr| _mash123

They are sold out XD
Only ships in Japan too XD

[Instagram] Chococro

[Fan] 15.12.26. Nicole Arriving at Gimpo Airport

[Fan] 15.12.26. Nicole Departing Haneda Airport

Read a tweet that says Nicole caught a cold XD

[Fan] 15.12.24. 2015 Special Christmas & Happy New Year Fan Photos

[Nicole_Japan] Thank You, Merry Christmas

[Fan] 15.12.24. Meri Kuri (BoA) Performance Fancam (2015 Special Christmas & Happy New Year)

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[Twitter/Instagram] Selcas

[Twitter/Instagram] First Day

#dancelikeweremakinglove #ciara first day of cover practice yanis marshall with tired #njDuke in the corner watching mommy.

Wish it was longer.

[Info] Details on "Don't Stop", Nicole's 2nd Japanese Single

Title : Don't Stop

The song is a bright pop dance song.
Release Date: February 17, 2016Publisher: CJ Victor Entertainment, Inc.

Monday, December 21, 2015

[Twitter/Instagram] What was I thinking?

What was I thinking? 

#아버타셰프 #avatarchef #tvn #티비엔

[Twitter/Instagram] #Hey

Noisy #Hey #avatarchef#tvn#clam

[Interview] 15.12.20. Nicole transformed into 'Missionary for Small Businesses', "Misunderstandings about KARA has been resolved"


"Nicole, 와이니~ 꾸얼라이!" ← This is Chinese I think (t/n)

December 17th, Special Exhibition at Lotte Department Store in the northern Shenyang, Liaoning. It’s a weekday yet there are around 1000 of people. Part of them is looking from the 2nd and 3rd floor, tiptoeing while leaning on the railings. The fans enthusiasm who fired camera flashes, trying to not miss any movement from Hallyu Star ‘Nicole’. One Chinese fan is holding a placard with fluorescent color with words ‘Milky White ♥ Nicole’ in Korean, screamed out. There are some noticeable passionate fans from Japan too. This event, ‘Hallyu Star Fashion Beauty with Export Road Show’, managed by KOTRA looks like a fan concert by singer Nicole (25) who has been appointed as the ambassador for this event.

Nicole responded by taking poses one by one toward the fans. She made eye contact with all the fans who surrounded her.

Nicole entered the entertainment industry by debuting with KARA and left the group in 2014 and became solo singer. The results weren’t bad. Her first debut single in Japan ‘Something Special’ reached 8th place in the Weekly Oricon Single Chart and even reached 1st place in Tower Record K-Pop Single Weekly Chart. ‘Solo Singer’ Nicole is actively doing her activities.

On this day, the ambassador Nicole visited a rehabilitation center for the disable. She donated Hope Shirts that she signed herself, she kneeled and hugged autistic children. We can see her sincerity by looking at how comfortable she is during the ‘Hallyu Star’s Visit’ even though it is something that can easily become strange and awkward.

Nicole participated in the KOTRA ‘Great Chinese Region Hallyu Marketing Support’. It’s a campaign for 16 small businesses to introduce their products through PPL pictorial as well as a pop-up store.

Nicole’s special photo shoot will be published on the global K-Wave magazine Chinese edition, January 2016 issue.

We met with Nicole at the waiting room after all the events ended. As soon as I opened the door, I noticed right away Nicole’s playful side by how she sits on the chair, crossed her legs, and taking selcas. A cute girl full of smiles that was focused on taking selcas. That’s Nicole’s first impression. Even though it’s a sudden interview, Nicole welcomed us warmly like an old friend.

The interview with Nicole, an idol in her 8th year since debut, was bright and positive just like herself. It felt like when you were tired after a long day and met with your close friend and having chat with her.

Friday, December 18, 2015

[Pics] Nicole's K-WAVE Pictorial Panels at the Fashion Beauty Export Roadshow by _nicole_as

Photo shoot Video:

[Pics/Vid] 15.12.17. Nicole Leaving Shenyang Taoxian International Airport

[Pics] 15.12.17. Opening Ceremony of the CSR Project Photos by 积极向前的POTATO

[Pics] 15.12.17. Opening Ceremony of the CSR Project Photos by Ankleeee__