Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

[Twitter/Instagram] Japanese Fanclub Opens + Date with Duke

 私の OFFICIAL FAN CLUB SITE@ついに おペンしました!初めてのアルバムを準備しているので ちょっとだけ 待って下さいね!

Date with #njDuke after a long time who is even carrying mama's bag. You lose your appetite in the summer.

Translated by _karatweets

Sunday, April 26, 2015

[Schedule] Nicole's Upcoming Schedule

5.11 (T) 12:45AM - Han ♥ Chu (Japanese TV Show)

5.30 (E) Nicole's 1st Fanmeeting "Nicole's Homecoming"

Part 1: 2:00 PM

Part 2: 7:00 PM

6.24 (E) Nicole's 1st Japanese Single Release

Saturday, April 25, 2015

[Twitter/Instagram] Healing Time

Healing time in Japan with friends

When the Nicole had a chat with fans at her cafe recently she mentioned she just became friends with Hongki. 

[Twitter/Instagram] Brunch

Brunch right after waking up w. xshaychae #bedhair 

Translated by yooniqda_

[Pics] 15.04.25. Nicole's Arrival to Gimpo Airport Photos

[Weibo] Red ♥


Friday, April 24, 2015

[Nicole_as] 15.04.25. Nicole's Update at Nicole Always Smile

Hello everyone
How are you
I am now back in Korea!
On the day of KCON, I had a cold so I wasn't able to play around..
So unfortunate
But next month I'll be back!

During KCON, a lot of people came and I am so thankful!
I was also very happy with the Meet and Greet..
It was also the first time I was interviewed alone so I was nervous.
How was my Japanese?
Have I gotten better...? >_<
I was so worried about it!!

Even after many years, because I haven't been on stage for a while, I was so nervous.
I even made a mistake in the dance of Mama.. So frustrating T.T
But during the performance, I could hear everyone cheering so I felt at ease

Although I wasn't able to take many photos because of my cold, I have footage of before I met with everyone w

My first single will also be out soon!
Just a little more waiting!
I'll do my best!!

But this time I got to eat a lot
I got to eat at Coco Ichibanya ww


thanks @_mellificent for translation ♥

[Twitter/Instagram] Who's that celebrity?

 Wow... Just like a celebrity kekekekeke Who are you kekekekeke thank you @mellitulus 

 Kekekeke I love it thank you >_<

Translated by _karatweets

Fruit Jelly! Let's eat !!

[Vid/Fan] 15.04.22. KCON 2015 Japan MAMA Performance Fancam by MPD

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

[Pic] KCON 2015 Japan Photos from gettyimages

[Fan] KCON 2015 Japan Various Fan Photos

Mcing with Woohyun & L:

cr | as tagged

[Fan] 15.04.22. KCON 2015 Japan Performance Fan Photos by _Em2T

 Meet & Greet Preview Photo:

[Fan] 15.04.22. KCON 2015 Japan Red Carpet Fan Photos

[Twitter/Photo] Nicole with MPD

cr | kconjapan

Says she did the press conference in Japanese :)

[Twitter/Instagram] Nicole & Dancers at KCON 2015 Japan Photos

 cr |afrohyo

Thanks for the hard work (:

Translated by yooniqda_

It's over! I was really nervous since it has been so long since I went on stage. Thanks so much for coming! I am able to be energetic all thanks to you guys. I'll will come again very soon so wait for me! And please be careful on your way home

Translated by cherrims

+ with Mom Shirley

The first stage was pretty ~~~^^!! Good work ~~~

[Info] Nicole's Entertainment Company in Japan Revealed

Victor Entertainment:

Nicole's fellow Kpop  label mates are VIXX :)

[Pics] 15.04.22. KCON 2015 Japan Press Conference Photos by KanPen + Interview Q's

Nicole greeted the media saying Hi this is soloist Nicole. Thank You!

Q.  This is the first in a long time you have stood on a stage in Japan, are there any expectations? 

It's been about 1 year and 4 months (since she has been in Japan), before coming she was worried but she was happy to meet fans at the airport. She thinks she will do well on today's stage.

Q. Any activities in Japan?

They are preparing them now, she will see fans very soon.

[Fan] 15.04.22. "Something Special" Debut Performance @ KCON 2015 Japan (Short Fancam)


Definitely an R&B/Lost sound.

[Pics] KCON 2015 Japan Red Carpet Photos by kstyle

[Info] Nicole's Japanese Debut Single Release Information

Nicole announced at KCON 2015 Japan that she will release her debut album in June. Fans found out from music sites that the release date for her debut EP is June 24th! The release will have completely original Japanese songs.

There are 3 versions:

Limited Edition A:

Includes: CD + DVD

Title Song
Second Track
Title Song Inst.
Second Track Inst.

Title Song MV
Making of MV

Limited Edition B:

Includes: CD + DVD

Title Song
Second Track
Title Song Inst.
Second Track Inst.


Making of MV

Regular Edition C:

Includes: CD

Title Song
Second Track
Title Song Inst.
Second Track Inst.

+ Bonus Track

In this tower records article, it says her single release is bright and up-tempo. src

+ Nicole also performed an original Japanese song at KCON called "Something Special" !!!! src

The song has a distinctive dance with turning of the arms, the theme of the song is "first love". src

I thought it was sort of brilliant to announce her debut/album release information at that venue, with so many Kpop fans there :)

[Fan] 15.04.22. KCON 2015 Japan Red Carpet Nicole Fancams

Monday, April 20, 2015

[Twitter] Nicole & Minwoo (Boyfriend) On The Plan to Japan Photo

Minwoo.. I'm jealous.. ^^#Nicole #Minwoo #Boyfriend @Flyasiana @kconjapan 

translated by beatroot @ twitter