Monday, April 20, 2015

[Twitter] Nicole & Minwoo (Boyfriend) On The Plan to Japan Photo

Minwoo.. I'm jealous.. ^^#Nicole #Minwoo #Boyfriend @Flyasiana @kconjapan 

translated by beatroot @ twitter


  1. aww..cute..glad to see nowdays nicole gets to hangout/mingle and get close to other idol either girls or boys..
    plus hope she get to meet up and have a date with our forever giant baby Jiyoung-ie while in japan..

  2. she was showing her support to boyfriend before with boyfriend 'bounce' track and now whatt!!she with minwoo..keke
    and if i am not mistaken the seat behind her and minwoo is got7 yugyeom and jb..hope she get close with got7 too..haha..and looks like mostly around her is male idol..and jun.k!!he and nicole is close right??hahai think his seat is close to nicole..heee..detective mode..ngeee

    1. loving the detective mode!! thanks!! these two really look like siblings~ CUTE