Monday, May 31, 2010

10.05.31. Dream Team Pics

credit: baidu


KARA's Sweet Muse DVD, Nicole Captures + more

credit:  Here & dckara  

KARA's Mistine BB Compact CF (Thailand)

KARA's Mistine BB Compact CF (Thailand)

credit: WithKARAThailand @ youtube.

48 secs version:

credit: FriendlyfrPuKkA@ youtube.

Girls looking HOT.. still not used to them speaking Thai or Japanese yet lol. Want to make gifs XD

No Make Up face Nicole





My FAVORITE Nicole Selcas of ALL Time

Nicole takes some of the prettiest selfcams pics even better than in the photo shoots KARA does. 

I love these two because this was before her debut, she has long straight bangs right down the middle. Makes her look so young and fresh!

Cole & her stuffed Tigger, these were posted up during KARA's hiatus in '08.

This was taken during KARA's first trip to Japan in Okinawa, I assume Gyuri took this since those two are inseparable during overseas trips. Shows Nicole's carefree side :)

These were taken during KARA's trip to Guam. She's a total dork and these show it lol.  I like her outfit too.

Taken while in Guam, the first picture was a photo shoot with Gyuri. They were the February  pictures for the KARA calendar. Second one, the wedding shoot at the church but Cole's pic is so pretty.

For future reference, I really hope Nicole doesn't have her hair as short as in the Lupin promotions just to avoid the whole debacle that happened earlier. Nicole looks better with longer hair because she has full cheeks, she also tends to gain weight during hiatus. Hope the stylists and Nicole keep in check.. don't like people being so  mean to her. Anyways, I hope DSP checked in with Nicole to make sure she's okay.

Nicole to be a Guest on Family Outing

On May 31st to June 1st, she will participate on a “best friend” special episode, and will be going to Choongbok, Danyang, which is another one of Korea’s beautiful cities bundled with nature.

Other guests for this episode are KARA’s Nicole, Shin Hyun Jun, Gong Hyun Jin, Tae Jin Ah, Jang Yoon Jung, and a few others who have not yet been named.


OH, who's best friend will Cole be? Yoona's? since she's close to her now .. that would be fun :) Nicole + FO = EPIC FUN.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jay's shoutout to KARA?

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Dream Concert 2010 Lupin & We're with You Performances

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Hottest part of the performance lol:
credit: as tagged.

10.05.30. Nicole Tweet + English Replies

"Yehuu, Now finished workout! Kekeke.. Today I'm gonna eat the pumpkin soup that I want" 
credit: karaholic twitter.

English Replies:

No...I'm wearing spongebob socks right now LOL

I loveee icecream ~ yogurt ..chocolate...ahhah green tea and strawberry ~ 

Nicole Dream Team Preview

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Thought this is was so cute.. so as the preview was going.. I didn't see any Nicole/KARA signs but went to DCNC and look at the left bottom corner LOL.. Cole's fans are so cute haha.

Couple of gifs:

Cole Crying TT

Mincole :D
GOSH... Minho's face watching Cole is just love lol.

credits: me @ ournikori.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

10.05.27. DIMA Mister Perf (Nicole Fancam)

credit: aceham2@youtube.

KARA Nicole’s ‘bare face’ reveal criticised by fans “It seems that the reveal was of bad intention”

Girlgroup KARA member Nicole’s ‘bare face’ revealed has garnered much interests from netizens.

Nicole had appeared with no-make on SBS variety program ‘My Partner’ aired on 28th May, talking about the topic of exercising with MC Nam HeeSeok. And Nicole was seen shy with no makeup on, and her hands were covering her face many times during the filming. She was also seen wearing a cap, much under-dressed as compared to her usual features performing on stage.
Netizens’ comments to seeing her ‘bare face’ are, “She looks like actress Yoo HaeJin”, “Nicole looks like the 2nd-generation to Yoo HaeJin and Kim HyeSoo” while there are some who commented, “Nicole is one of the stars whose bare face should not be revealed” etc.
S: TVReport

Fans seemed to be unhappy with the reveal of Nicole’s bare face on the show. It seems that Nicole was thrown off guard with the sudden show up of the filming team for the filming, and she was seen with no makeup. And she had seemed flustered about it that she kept on covering her face during the filming, and to make things worse, the camera had did close-up on her face during the filming.
S: TodayKorea

ALL credits: KBITES

100528 Crown Bakery Fan Cams

Crown Bakery Event (Nicole) #1 


Crown Bakery Event (Nicole) #2 

Crown Bakery Event (Nicole) #3 

Crown Bakery Event (Nicole) #4 

Crown Bakery Event (Nicole) #5 

Crown Bakery Event (Nicole) #6

Crown Bakery Event (Nicole) #7 

credit: sol1152@youtube.





Thursday, May 27, 2010

10.05.27. Nicole @ Republic of Korea App Awards + Video

No clue why she was here.. but she's looking pretty! Aww does she need a new phone.. the buttons looked so used like mine XD I spot Dubu!!

10.05.26. More Dream Team pictures + Fancam.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More Lesmore pictures + cute gif.

10.05.26. Fan Pics from Dream Team Recording via Hyoyeon's fansite.

{Spoiler} Rankings for today's Dream Team Filming

As some of you may know Nicole finished 2nd place the first time she was on Dream Team...

I was looking through DCKARA and someone who was present at the filming listed the order:

05.10.23. SBS Brotherhood HaNi cut

10.05.23. SBS Brotherhood (HaNi cut)

Cole speaks English @ 2:44

credit: uploader.

I downloaded the show but never watched it until I saw an article that mentioned Cole spoke in English to the team's coach(?)..he loves KARA cause his daughter's name is KARA :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

10.05.26. Nicole Twitter Update!

I finally ate chocolate cake today... ^^ Good times, keke.

Full Credits:  teaparty @ Karaholic.

10.05.24. Nicole Fan Pics Part Deux!