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[Fan] Lotte Sweet Dream Fan Meet

cr: KamiliAsanama @ twitter

the set list for the fan meeting: 
STEP, MC, Presents ( T-shirt and cd signed by members), Mr, Lupin, 
and Hand touch which I think is this part:

[News] Kim Jo Han says, " Nicole has changed her number and did not give me the new one”

In the episode of SBS’ Strong Heart which aired on the 27th, singer Kim Jo Han dropped a bombshell by saying, “Kara’s Nicole has not given me her new number after the debut in Japan.”

Kara’s Nicole, who also appeared on the show, revealed that Kim Jo Han was her vocal trainer. The two of them haven’t met each other for long until they came to the studio for the shooting.

Kim said, “Nicole’s number changed after Kara’s debut in Japan, but she did not give me the new one. I could get her new number just before the shooting when I met her at the studio,” embarrassing Nicole.

Seeing Nicole’s reaction, Kim joked around inspiring laughter.

Recently, Kim has released a new song and is to have a concert “Welcome to Loveland” on October 28 and 29.

Source: TV Report

[News] KARA reaches #1 on Recochoku’s daily digital chart

Earlier, we reported that KARA had reached #1 on Japan’s Recochoku mobile weekly chart for the most ringtone downloads with their Korean song, “Step”.

KARA received some additional good news on September 29th, as “Step” secured 1st place on Recochoku’s ‘Daily Digital Download Chart’ as well – a difficult feat to accomplish with a non-Japanese song. In addition, DSP Media announced that KARA’s 5th Japanese single, “Winter Magic”, also secured the #1 spot for ‘Ringtone Downloads Chart’ on the same day.

With these achievements, KARA has become of the few Korean artists who were able to dominate both the Korean and Japanese charts simultaneously!

Source + Photo: Naver

[Fan] 2011 Lotte Sweet Dream with KARA Fan Meeting (before )

Japanese Kamilia are there, I'm not sure if it's only for Japanese fans cause it's in Korea but yay!

[News] KARA Nicole’s Sweater: Where Can I Get That?

Earlier this month, KARA returned to the spotlight with their 3rd album, “Step“, and have been blitzing through numerous variety show and music program appearances. They recently guested on the “Guerilla Date” segment of KBS‘s “Entertainment Weekly“, where member Nicole was seen wearing a loose gray top with red pants and black boots.

The look is both chic and comfortable, perfect for those who want to be fashionable, yet not overly done-up. It’d be great for class, study sessions in the library, or for casual dates.

The key piece in the outfit lies with the sweater. The oversized font immediately marks it as trendy, but the baggy effect ensures its versatility. The boatneck shape around the collar gives the option to either pair the sweater with a tank top underneath, or wear it alone to show off one’s nape. The top can be worn with shorts, pants, or leggings.

So, where can we get this sweater?

The top was made by Korean fashion brand, Em Polham. It comes in gray and red, and retails for approximately $76 USD. 

Source + Photos: Pink Heaven 
cr: AK

Surprised they did a fashion item on Cole lol. She's been wearing that loose style, like the pink top from the  signing in YongSang.

[Tweet] JiNi makes Curry!

Ate curry Nicole unnie made today. Although time passed by, the taste was the same! Actually I went over to Nicole unnie's house yesterday and helped make it and I was proud when people ate it tastely hahahahaha big success ^ㅇ^ oh!!!! I didn't take a picture of it..
CR: KH @ twitter

how cute!

[Fan] Kuki Six, newer pics

[News] Idol stars dominating the advertisement industry

In the past, actors and actresses were the most sought-after celebrities to endorse advertisements but now the pendulum has shifted to idol stars.

Girl group KARA were recently selected to endorse KIA‘s ‘PRIDE‘ in both online advertisements and outdoor billboards. Although idols are frequently selected to advertise items that appeal to teenagers such as soft drinks, uniforms, and cell phones, idol groups endorsing car companies, electronics brands, as well as outdoor clothing is a new phenomenon.

In the past, car advertisement models were usually professional advertisement models or famous older celebrities, so it’s a bit out of the ordinary for an idol group like KARA to be endorsing KIA. Singer IU is also working as a PR model for Hyundai, and as of late, Big Bang has been endorsing NorthFace to follow after seniors such as Won Bin, Cha Seung Won & Cho Insung who have also modeled for outdoors brands. More and more, the younger generation are beginning to take up outdoor activities and therefore the younger idols are being selected to model these brands to better market to their target demographic.

A KIA advertising representative stated, “KARA is currently at the forefront of the Hallyu wave, their fame reaching to international fans. They were the perfect candidates to market KIA’s ‘PRIDE’, as we are trying to market the new model to an international audience.”

He continued, “These days idol groups are loved by fans of all ages so selecting younger celebrities to model the brand is an effective marketing strategy.”

Source & Image : SportsSeoul via Nate


[Pic] Cole's profile on UMJ Site


[Vid + Pic] KARA for Katy Magazine (Nov 2011)

click for full size
soo not feeling what is on Cole's head XD

[Vid] 11.09.30. KARA's STEP GoodBye Stage

Looks like KARA gave out bread and drinks to Kamilia today. Why am I so proud to be part of this fandom? :) Last 3 days of # STEPwithKARA  - coffeebeanie @ twitter

Surprise Butt dance & Cole's new moves!!

[Vid] STEP Dance Practice with KARA's dancers

SY's not there, the lady in the red is their dance teacher.

very energetic!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

[Tweet] Cole made Curry!!


Nicole's curry is more delicious than galbi stew at restaurants ^^ people next to me keep stealing it ㅜㅜ I ate it very deliciously^^ it's daebak~ ~ ~ please make more again again again ~ ~ ~ ^ again ~^♥♥ had a good lunch due to Cole ^^ Thank thank thank thankyou *.*

Trans: iamme_yoon @ twitter
Source: stylistssong @ twitter

[Fan] 11.09.24. Cole @ YongSang Fan Sign by Wolfskins

[News] Sung Si Kyung, Kara most popular in Japan

Singer Sung Si Kyung was on Mnet’s ‘Beatles Code’ on September 29th and raved about Kara‘s popularity in Japan.

Kara has made their comeback with ‘Step’ recently and in Japan, as soon as the album was released, Kara placed in the upper places of the Oricon chart and in the ad industry are treated as top stars. Kara has indeed stepped up as Hanryu stars and has been picked as the #1 preferred Korean singers by the Japanese. Sung Si Kyung commented based on his experience, “In the 2 weeks that I stayed in Japan, whenever I had the TV on or walked around the streets, all I saw was Kara.”

Sung Si Kyung also added really paying a compliment towards his junior colleagues in the music industry, “The way that Kara has been successful is equivalent to a Japanese singer placing 1st place on ‘M! Countdown’. It is really that big a deal.”

Sung Si Kyung also mentioned Kang Ji Young in particular, who is the youngest member of Kara. Sung Si Kyung admired, “Usually she looks cute like a baby but on stage she’s charismatic like she’s going to eat up the camera. She really did practice a lot so that she does not look like a kid. She is a pro.”
On this episode of ‘Beatles code’, Sung Si Kyung talks about many different topics also including how ironically Kara had become super popular just as sung Si Kyung had joined the military.

Source: Sports Seoul via Nate
cr: kpopfever

LOL.. erm what KARA has done in Japan is more than like winning 1st place @ Mcountdown.

[Gifs] Cole & her younger men

Cole was talking to L during the ending of Mcountdown:

Cole & Teen Top's Chunji:

^^ Chunj is like OMG this Hot noona is touching me!!  lol

credit: chandoo @ tumblr

Cole's their noona :P

[Vid] MCountdown: Last STEP Stage + Nicole's suprise appearance

Teen Top Fancafe Mister Stage w/ Cole :

KARA's last hope is Inkigayo tbh... but it was a great 2 weeks!!

so it's all good!


back during the Jumping promos:

lol I remember the members saying how Cole's totally diff when she's around guys.. perhaps like this? :P

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

[Trans] Winter Magic Translations

Stay with me, let's be together forever
Close to me, come closer to my side
Winter's magic is gently warming me up

Tonight, it looks like it's going to snow, come and make me warm
While rubbing against your numb hand, I look up at the sky
A season like this is perfect for making an eternal vow,
In order for the love between the two of us to accumulate this year too

Running out of breath and dashing towards me,
the warmth you emit at the moment you lock me in your embrace,
overflows each time you wrap your arms around me I Love you

Stay with me, let's be together forever
Close to me, come closer to my side
This is indeed the first time I'm possessing such strong feelings
I need you, I will always make this vow
My heart for you, I want to devote myself to you
Winter's magic is gently warming me up

Tomorrow, we can still meet again, don't make me be myself, alright?
Further than any distant star, that night felt so far away.
Though it's difficult getting used to you leaving me, in order to become stronger,
I'll thus wait for you, but only for a while, I Love you

Stay with me, let's be together forever
Close to me, come closer to my side
Whatever tiny detail about you, I want to know it too
I need you, I will always make this vow
My heart for you, I want to devote myself to you
Winter's constellations are gently watching over me

The overwhelming love in the depths of my heart,
in order to let it seep out bit by bit,
Spring has arrived, hey... I love you

Baby stay with me, let's be together forever
Close to me, come closer to my side
This is indeed the first time I'm possessing such strong feelings
I need you, I will always make this vow
My heart for you, I want to devote myself to you
Winter's magic is gently warming me up

Translated by: Cherrims @ Karaholic!

[Gifs] 11.09.24. Nicole's fanservice from YongSan Fan Signing


[Pic] 11.09.29. KARA at Mcountdown Backstage

[news] Son Hog Young narrartes for for a Hallyu special, ‘The Economics of Idols’

Son Ho Young, a member of one of the original idol groups g.o.d., will be participating as a narrator for a new cable channel special dissecting the economics of the idol wave, ‘The Economics of Idols‘.

Set to broadcast on September 29th through CH View, the program will take viewers through the history of Hallyu, beginning with the start of the original wave in Japan and going on to its expansion through Europe and the rest of the world. Son Ho Young will be taking a look at the hidden economic potential of Hallyu icons in K-Pop.

The show will also be taking viewers behind overseas K-Pop concerts as well as the scene of flashmobs across the world.  He stated, “I’m really proud of my juniors, who are all standing at the center of the Hallyu wave across the world.”

PD Park Chan Yong stated, “From families where the entire member of their household are Big Bang fans to homes plastered from top to bottom with posters of KARA, we’ll be visiting the phenomenon of K-Pop across the world.”

Source + Photos: Sports World via Naver

[Fan] 11.09.27. Open Concert Fan Pics by S.B.

[Pic] 11.09.23. KARA @ Boom's Youngstreet Radio

[Vid] Mcountdown EP 04 KARA Cut 1

[News] KARA reaches #1 on Japanese chart with Korean song

KARA selling a large quantity of albums and seizing #1 on the Japanese charts is not new news, as every song they’ve released in Japan has performed well. Their previous release, “Go Go Summer” was certified Gold by the RIAJ and topped Recochoku’s monthly chart of July. But they’ve recently achieved something unique in Japan.

KARA’s “Step” has reached the #1 spot on the Recochoku chart in Japan from the 21st to the 27th , as well as on a few different Japanese charts. What makes this Recochoku win more meaningful, however, is that the track was Korean. Having a K-pop song written in Korean and reaching the top of the charts in the Japanese market all the while competing with Japanese artists is extremely noteworthy.

Congratulations to KARA on this achievement. KARA is preparing to end their promotions in Korea to begin their upcoming promotions in Japan. Their new single, “Winter Magic” is scheduled to be released in Japan sometime in October.

Source & Image : Newsen via Nate


Yes, noteworthy lol. Can't wait for Winter Magic promos~

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

[Tweet] Cole's Happy Birthday To Shindong and his response!

Cole: Shindong Oppa ~~  Happy Birthday !!!^^ㅋㅋㅋ

Shindong: Nicoleah... You are the best of course!! cool!! Beautiful!! excellent!! fantastic!! I love you no I want you run to you!!! Call me when you are lonely what is troubling you hee hee hee hee hee

(Run To You is a song by DJ DOC and the last sentence is the lyrics from that song) 
cr: iamme_yoon @ twitter.

[Tweet] Cole's butt & Jing's lap lol

Nicole: My protruding butt... 
Jiyoung to Nicole: Protruding unnie. 
Nicole to Jiyoung: I have to sit on Jiyoung's lap. 
Jiyoung to Nicole: If you sit on my lap... protruding and plump, how nice. 
Nicole to Jiyoung: But, I love Jiyoung's lap the most.
cr: sysbittersweet @ tumblr


how cute is this.. Cole putting her head on Jing's :)


Jing fixing Cole's shirt:
aigoo.. these twoo!! lol.

[Fan] Nicole Fan Art from Synnara Fan Sign

(click for full size)
cr: as tagged!

[Pic] 11.09.23. KARA @ Sukira

[Pics] 11.09.24. BTS of STEP Perf

[Pics] Sponsors

[Fan] Winter Magic Solo Pictures fan taken (LQ)

  Cole should have held the violin... fail XD

[Fan] 11.09.27. Open Concert Fancam: Jumping (Nicole)


Monday, September 26, 2011

[Pic] KARA's Page @ Universal Music Japan Updated

Profile Pics updated!!


Cole is wearing her extensions in the other pics, I think she's wearing it here as well. 
Same style as Gyuri's except her braid is in the back.


[Pic] Winter Magic Album Covers!!


Jacket A: 


Jacket B:

Jacket C:  

All of them are so pretty!!

[Vid + Cap] Winter Magic Picture

[Info] Schedule Update!

KARA's last week of promotions!! 

The schedule has been updated.

[News] Han Seung Yeon reveals current idols who already suffered from IDOLITIS before debut.

Kara revealed that a currently active idol group member had the “celebrity disease” when that person was a trainee.

Kara was the guest of the week on the September 26 broadcast of KBS talk show “Hello.” In the talk show, celebrities come out to advise regular citizens on some of the problems that they face.

On the show, one male student revealed that his older sister had the “celebrity disease” which refers to actions and manners that seem to overstep the appropriateness of one’s actual level of publicity. The student described his sister as wearing sunglasses at night to go exercising and taking the taxi everywhere in case someone recognized her. The problem was that his sister was not actually a celebrity at all.
Kara members responded, “When we were trainees, there was another trainee who had the ‘celebrity disease’ even though it was before that person’s debut. That person was very conscious of other people and would wear makeup too.” They also revealed “That person is now a member of an idol group,” piquing the interest of the audience and viewers.

 But it seems that it wasn’t just that one person. Kara's Seung Yeon also revealed that there was both a female and a male who had the “celebrity disease.”

Since they have known the persons since trainee days at DSP, and also that they are in a "currently active idol group", the culprits are likely to be members of Rainbow and SS501.

Representing Kara, Han Seung Yeon said, “There are those we used to practice together with who became idols. Some of them did think very highly of themselves. Even during a meal if somebody mentions ‘they’re from a XX management company’ they used to be so aware of this.” Han Seung Yeon told her story while mimicking the people in question and caused Nicole to applaud loudly in agreement. It turns out they had witnessed it together.

They also added that there were many of them that used to always wear makeup also.
The MC Shin Dong Yub couldn’t help his curiosity and asked, “Are they still actively performing?”. Han Seung Yeon’s answer was yes so other MCs started asking the gender of the person. Han Seung Yeon answered that there were some guys and some girls. The rest has been left in the hands of the capable netizen investigators.

Oh Nicole knows who they are too lol..  

Can't be  SS501. Gyuri, SeungYeon, and Nicole didn't train with them and didn't they already debut? lol As I remember only 1 or 2 members of Rainbow were around when GyulHamCole were training.. Hmmm..

[Fan] 11.09.24. YongSang Fan Sign Nicole Pictures by toto


Sunday, September 25, 2011

[Fan] 11.09.24. YongSang Fan Sign Nicole Pictures by _dlsw


the fan who posted this said Nicole's various expressions were funny ^^

[Pics] STEP Album Pictures (HQ)

[Gifs] 11.09.24. Inkigayo: Date


[Vid] KARA Pride CF (ALL)


[Fan] 11.09.24. YongSang Fan Sign: Cole trying to open her juice


[Fan] 11.09.24. YongSang Fan Sign Fancam

Watch  @ 2:53, 3:40, 3:54 (Cole & SY :P), 11:48

[Fam] 11.09.24. KARA @ YongSang Fan Sign by Head _ UP

[Fan] 11.09.24. KARA Fan Sign @ YongSang (Nicole) by S.B.

Cole's ageyo is very interesting to say the least lol. I want video! haha 


[Tweet] After 1st Inkigayo Win for STEP + Cole & Junsu (2PM) Convo

It has been a powerful week, yeah!? As expected, our Kamilia are JJANG~~~ Everyone, eat a delicious dinner and relax at home, to prepare for a new start tomorrow ^^ Kamilia, thank you <3
 CR: KH @ Twitter

[Vid] 11.09.25 KARA's 2nd Comeback for STEP? lol


omg.. they performed DATE AGAIN!! lol.. I've never seen any artist do this .. plus the perf was totally cute.



Cole high fived Jo Kwon then hugged Bora and Dasom (Sistar) and touched hands with Soyu (Sistar), then hugged IU and forced her to stay onstage lol.

[Gifs] Making of KIA CF (Nicole)

eye smile. 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

[Fan] 11.09.24 Nicole @ Fan Sign in YongSang


this dork.


[Tweet] Kiseop (U Kiss) tweets Thanks!

thank you kiss-mes for coming during the inkigayo rehearsal ^__^ ah!! and also^^ kara’s fans kamilia! thank you for cheering (for us) together^^

cr: fuckyeahukiss @ tumblr


[Fan] 11.09.24. KARA Fan Sign @ YangSang

[Vid] Making of Kia Motors CF

cute cole.

[Tweet] Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights & G.NA

Good morning everyone ! Listening to dirty dancing havana nights soundtrack- one of my favorite movies  Absolutely love the choreography

^^ WoW! Tweeting in English lol 

Cole @ G.NA: Unni unni unni unni

G.NA @ Cole: nicole nicole nicoleeeeee...<3 see you real soon love! lol

Cole @ G.NA: hoohoot Come and eat breakfast unni ~~ Unni thursday and sunday are really different ㅜㅜ !! 

G.NA @ Cole: You too you too! =) Different?ke good thing? OR bad? lol My phone fell into water so nothing is coming up on the screen.. Totally…junk phone mang. lol i was gonna msg u from my phone but no..ㅜㅜ 
Cole @ G.NA: Your face is half its size ㅜㅜ hehehe aigo if you dropped it in water you have to pull it out ! it might not break because when i dropped it it was still okay kekeke  I should feed you salty things on purpose unnie !

CR: RoyalG_Tweets 

[Gifs] 11.09.24. STEP @ Music Core (Nicole)

werk it !!