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[Tweet] Nicole & Pilates Instructor


니콜이랑 엘리자벳 보구왔어요~!! 덕분에 무대 뒤에서 배우들 가수들두 보구..다들 너무 잘해 마구 자극되던 공연이였어요^^

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[Fan] Girls Power Fan Art


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[Pics] 12.03.31. KARA Taiwan Fan Meeting Pictures by kpopn


[Fan] 12.04.01. Nicole @ Taiwan Airport Fan Pictures by CAPA


Cole's bed head hair after the cut lol.

[Fan] 12.04.01. Nicole @ Taiwan Airport Fan Cam

[Pic] 12.03.31. KARA Taiwan Fan Meeting by



[Vid] 12.04.01. Youku Entertainment Broadcast: KARA's Taiwan Fan meet

@ 1:20, AWW and Jing's kiss to Cole


Fans go crazy when Nicole says "delicious" lol

[Pics] 12.03.31. KARA Taiwan Fan Meeting by Yes


[Pics] 12.03.31. KARA Taiwan Fan Meeting by sina

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[Pic] 12.03.31. KARA Taiwan Fan Meeting by ETtoday

^^ aww :)

[Fan] 12.03.31. KARA Taiwan Fan Meeting Fan Pictures by NHF

[Fan] 12.03.31. Taiwan Fan Meeting Honey Fancam by 轉載請註明 from KARA HKFC

[Vid] 11.07.25. Hey Hey Hey (Eng Subbed)

That KARA song was awesome.

"Korean tornado started from KARA"

"Born in America, raised in America. She loves Umeboshi, Nicole "

"Once before she dies, she hopes to do goldfish scooping Seungyeon"

"The finger joints, very soft Jiyoung"

"Japanese phrase which Hara learned lately, "I forgot it all".

"When you think "I'm beautiful", always Gyuri"

"Nevertheless, the Japanese love such KARA"

* Umeboshi is pickled plum.

[Fan] 12.03.31. Taiwan Fan Meeting Pictures (Nicole) by pennykim


[Fan] 12.03.31. Taiwan Fan Meeting Lupin (Nicole vers)

her ponytail's so cute lol

[Vid] 12.03.30. ETV News on KARA's Taiwan Showcase

Cole's word was "delicious" .. yes.

[Pic] KARA with Calvin Chen for MTV JKPOP


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Cole's matching sparkly shoes hah.
Are those TOMS?

[Tweets] KARA's Tweets after Taiwan Fan Meeting


Our first fan meeting in taiwan is starting soon !!! Whoo! Milk tea bubble tea ! Tastes wonderful thank you ^

Friday, March 30, 2012

[Pics] 12.03.29. Nicole @ Taiwan Press Conference by Charmingbible


[Pics] KARA in Taiwanese Newspaper


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Outfits are really interesting haah.

[Fan] 12.03.29. KARA Taiwan Press Conference (Nicole Focus)

[Vid] 12.03.29. KARA Press Conference Videos PT 2

[Fan] 12.03.30. KARA leaving after dinner at MOMO

lol, Nicole was laughing at a picture of Yoo SeungHo that the fan was holding

[News] KARA gets Colorful New Hairstyles


Taiwanese fans were in for a surprise when Kara arrived at Taoyuan International Airport on March 29. Kara is in Taiwan for their first fan meeting with Taiwanese fans. About a hundred fans were on hand to greet Kara, and the surprise they got was the members' new colorful hair styles. Han Seungyeon now has dark red locks. Nicole has a chic purple cut with bangs, making her look a bit like an anime character. Goo Hara has opted for medium-brown.

The members made their way through the airport, cheerfully greeting fans. Even Nicole, who is still recovering from her ankle injury, made an effort to get close to fans and greet them. They were praised by local media for their kind manners as, "The Courteous Idol Group, Kara." While in Taiwan, Kara will not only hold a fan meeting, but they also plan on attending an event for children in poverty. In April, Kara will make their way back to Japan for the Japanese leg of their KARASIA tour.

Taken from SOOMPI

[Pics] 12.03.29. Nicole @ Taiwan Press Conference by ChinaYes


[Pic] BTS of KARA with Calvin Chen for MTV JKPOP


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KARA's doing some press while in Taiwan!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

[Audio] Girls Power Eng Subbed

[Fan] 12.03.29. KARA at Taiwan Airport PT. 2

[Translations] KARA'S Taiwan Press Conference Translations

[The MC explained that Gyuri’s throat was not well, so she would not be able to speak loudly, and she would speak sparingly.]

[Q&A from the MC]

Q: Is this your first trip to Taiwan?
SY: Yes, it’s our first trip to Taiwan. The flight was delayed, and we kept everyone waiting for so long. Thank you for waiting for us.

[News] KARA’s second Japanese album ‘Super Girl’ expected to surpass 1 million sales mark with re-release

Girl group KARA will be attempting to break the million sales mark in Japan.

KARA’s second Japanese album ‘Super Girl‘ is close to selling over 1,000,000 copies, as a special Tour Edition of the album will be re-released on April 11th in celebration of the girls’ upcoming Japanese tour.

The group’s agency DSP Media estimated that the album has sold over 800,000 copies to date. There were some problems with the supply of the album towards the end of last year and therefore the sales number slowed down, but the numbers are expected to spike again with the girls’ new tour.

A representative from DSP Media remarked, “At the time when the albums were selling extremely well, our supply could not meet the demands which were even more explosive than we had expected. Because this album was short in supply, the fans’ expectations for the re-release of the album are high.”

‘Super Girl’ was released in November of 2011 and has officially sold over 750,000 copies. Last month, the album was acknowledged by the RIAJ (Record Industry of Japan) as a ‘Triple Platinum’ album (sales surpassing 750,000 copies).

With ‘Super Girl’, KARA became the first Korean artist to earn ‘Triple Platinum’ status with just one album in Japan. The album also sold 300,000 copies within just 8 days, and earned it’s elite ‘Triple Platinum’ status within just two short months after release, selling more copies of a single album in that short period of time than any of their Korean counterparts who debuted in Japan.

The girls who are in discussions to extend their contract with Universal Music Japan have secured the #2 slot on the Weekly Oricon Chart with their sixth single ‘Speed Up/Girl’s Power‘ which was released on March 21st.

The ladies will also be embarking on their ‘KARASIA‘ Japan tour, beginning on April 14th in Yokohama, and traveling to Nagoya, Fukuoka, Osaka, Tokyo, and more to meet with 100,000 of their local fans.

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[Fan] 12.03.29. KARA @ Taiwan Airport Fan Cams

[Fan] 12.03.29. Nicole @ Taiwan Press Conference by CAPA


[Fan] 12.03.29. KARA @ Taiwan Airport & Hotel Arrival by CAPA


her natural hair length!! 

no need for extensions anymore.

[Pics] 12.03.29. KARA Taiwan Press Conference (Nicole) by Pixnet

[Vid] 12.03.29. KARA Taiwan Press Conference

Gyuri speaks!!

They asked KARA about Beast and the girls like what? lol.. XD

[Fan] KARA's Press Conference Location & Fan Preparations


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[Pic] KARA at Taiwan Airport


[Fan] 12.03.29. KARA going to Hotel in Taiwan fancam

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

[Fan] Kappa Bus Ad with Nicole & Seulong


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[Fan] 12.03.29. KARA Arrival to Taiwan


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Taiwan Kamilia perpared a pack of candy for KARA !!! ^^ And Seung Yeon received it! 

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@_911007 @fateflysy @gyuri88 @_sweethara @kkangjii welcome to TaiwanMy friends and I send u iCash cards! There's a 7-11 near your Hotel. ^^

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