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[Fan] Recent pictures of Red Kitchen

[Info] Mixi members for KARA


Credit: dckara

[Info] KARA's 4th Mini Album Tracklist


2. Burn

3. Love Is

4. With

5. Jumping

6. Jumping (Inst)

Credit: DCKARA

The album will be out Nov 17th.

[Outtakes] More God of Cookery (?) Recording


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Friday, October 29, 2010

[Pics] More Bear Paws


Credit: dckara.

[Pic] Cole with Yang Jin-Seok

Credit: dckara.

He tweeted a message along with the picture:
(Taking this pic)with Kara's Nicole which is very popular these days in Japan!!^^ Let's all give encouragement..fighting!!

Credit: aank1 @ KH.
haha, her connections amaze me.

[News] 3 months advancement in Japan, KARA's impressive

Even on street in Shibuya fans shouting "I Like you guys" or "I wanna look like you guys" Oricon Greed? That's the attitude!.. Japanese fans enthusiastically said "Hope you get in Kohaku.. Really want to see you(Kara) to perform on Japan's Best traditional stage"(*Some of Japanese Fans Testimonies*)

Exclusive Interview was conducted on 23 October evening at Seoul Jamsil stadium while waiting(at waiting room) to perform for 2010 Asia Song Festival.

The concern about whether or not they will have success for their debut in Japan last July suddenly turned into confidence. This is due to the fact that they successfully entered the Oricon chart top 5 which makes them crowned as first foreign girl group to be in top 5. Members suddenly have the confidence and want to be able to perform at Kohaku uta Gassen.

Sports Seoul conducted an exclusive interview to resolve the curiosity about Kara's success, excitement emotions and their Japan activities.

How do you feel about your popularity in Japan?
If we walk along the street in Shibuya, I began to realize that a flock of fans started to gather to see us. Because of tight schedule in Japan, we don't even have spare time to watch TV. Very often when we happen to turn it on and we are on it, we realized that there are indeed many people like us and we feel excited about it. (SeungYeon)

Second Single is greatly anticipated.
Actually to do promotional activities in both Korea and Japan at the same time has become a burden, but we're looking forward to it. This time a new song is to be released first in Japan then Korea. Nevertheless, the song will still be fresh and new in Korea. We are afraid but also curious about what kind of results that will come out in both Japan and Korea (Hara).

What do you(all members) think are the factors for your popularity in Japan ?
This is always what people are most curious about. We did ask Japan's side (officials) about this and they said the energy is overwhelmed when 5 distinct characters are together as one. This kind of group is hard to find in Japan. Japanese fans don't just "LIKE" us but we often heard they want to "LOOK ALIKE". The fans are also very interested in our fashion styles. Or in other words, they want to be as close(similar) as us in all ways. (Gyuri)

How do you compare Korean Fans and Japanese Fans?
Japanese fans is considerably more on the active side (outgoing and direct). Because they can't see us that often, they tend to be quite straight-forward. For example, when we have event they would come and wear the exact same clothes as our stage performance outfits. That may be Japanese fans culture but we're quite surprised to see how skillful they are as the way they dressed is really like how we dressed on stage as if you can just perform on stage with that outfit. (Gyuri)

Big expectation to top oricon chart at #1?
We do not have in mind that we have to or must get #1. We are just as good as newcomer. We are still new and at learning stage. (Jiyoung)

Even so, it seems like you have set a goal for Japan activities.
We have mentioned that we want to be in year end kohaku uta Gassen (Year End Japan NHK special program which usually best stars appear/invited). It seems to have become a symbol wanting to secure a place in order to perform in Japan's Traditional stage. We hope korean fans will cheer for us if we are able to stand and perform on that stage. (Gyuri)

Thanks Mae for article tip
Translated by aank1 @
SourceHankooki news
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[Tweets] Food cravings & sleep

This morning I had a mix of ambiguous appetite.. I'm craving for Rice, sandwich, pancake..

I should sleep now..keke..everyone must have missed us already, right? *merong*

Translated by: anky @ Kh.

Sy tweeted that KARA will be living abroad for 1 month :)

[News] KARA.SNSD.2NE1... Girl Group Big 3 "Showdown"

Local Girl Group's Big 3 is expected to confront each other. SNSD, 2NE1 and KARA's comeback promotion activities will be around the same time in November.

SNSD first revealed third single mini album title song 'Hoot' on 25 October, and taking the variety music chart by storms at #1. At the same time, the second single "Gee" which was released in Japan on 20 October also showed remarkable result and recently topping #1 on Oricon Single Chart (Daily).

 2NE1 will reveal follow-up song on this coming 31 October. Yang Hyun Suk YG Entertainment rep revealed this information on 27 October on his personal blog with a poster.

Until recently, 2NE1 have finished promoting three title songs: "Go Away" "Clap hands" "Can't Nobody". From November onwards, 2NE1 will continue promotion activities with follow up song.

Lastly, Kara will release forth mini album next month (17 November) after 9 months from their last stage performance. Initially it was planned to release new album last month but due to member han Seungyeon injury, comeback has been postponed.

Kara will be promoting at the same time as SNSD in both Japan and Korea. Kara will release second single on 10 November in Japan. Despite comeback time or injury have been several factors for the halted activities for awhile but coming back with different charm and characters will always be greatly anticipated and expected to receive fans' warm welcome back.

Thanks (xichigo)inin for article tip
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Source:e-daily SPN
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OMG NOV 17th!! Um... okay? i'm not too sure about the details.. like if they really are just going to release the Korean version as their comeback song.. I don't know.. about that.. I'd rather have a new song for their Korean comeback. But I have a feeling DSP isn't expecting KARA to win tons of awards since their focus in also in Japan. This seems like it's just for the Korean fans so they stop feeling so neglected XD. 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

[Info] KARA nominated for MAMA

The Shilla Duty Free Asian Wave Award

Female Group Award

 Meh, KARA's in the guest of attendees but I don't know why KARA would go all the way there in the middle of Japan promos and prep for their Korean comeback not to get an award so..  just sayin.

[News] KARA inks endorsement with KDDI in Japan

The girls of KARA are hot endorsers in Korea, recently inking a deal with fleece boot company, Bear Paws. It seems this trend is now spreading over to Japan.

Although the girls just debuted this past August in Japan, they’ve already inked an endorsement with one of Japan’s largest mobile phone carriers in KDDI.

Starting in November, the girls of KARA will take part in the KDDI의 ‘au산타의 도전장’ / With KDDI ‘au Santa Challenge’ campaign, participating as event characters for the company over a period over 3 months.


Credit: AK

SOo this was the electronics giant mentioned in the previous news :) I like the pics.

[Vid] Jumping MV

Credit: Uploader.

What! Nicole sings that part? lol that falsetto part haha  and another butt dance haha. I don't remember Nicole ever singing in that tone, it's different lol. The adlib was done by SY? XD

Though some of the MV parts didn't match the voice so we'll wait to the real performance!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

[News] KARA are cashing in

KARA, in just two months, advertising revenue hit 2 billion!


KARA, in just two months, advertising revenue hit 2 billion!
After debut in Japan, CF in both places are a big hit.. Including electronics, clothings, 4 contracts.

After a big success in Japan, Girl group Kara also had a big hit in advertising.

Recently, Kara signed advertising contracts in both Japan and Korea, which includes electronics, clothing, beverages. The amount of the contract currently is along the line of 5 billion won a year. Since debut in Japan on 11 August, money earned from advertising revenue has reached 2 billion.

Kara's agency DSP entertainment representative said, "After a good performance in Japan, Kara received a lot of attention from advertising agencies. We received a lot of advertising inquiries from overseas. Japan's advertising agencies also showed a lot of interests. We received inquiries from more than 20 companies.

According to one official that's responsible for overseas marketing, Kara has recently signed contract with Japan's famous consumer electronics. Kara is the first Korean girlgroup to sign advertising contract as model not with beauty products but electronic products. It is expected to have more advertising love call again at the time when second single to be released in Japan.

Official said,"Kara shows sophisticated image while on stage, outside the stage, Kara shows familiar(friendly) face which is what Japan's females "Wannabe star". Therefore, a lot of beauty products, cosmetics as well as clothings advertising agency show great interests.

Kara debut on August in Japan with first single "mister" and was up at #5 on Oricon single weekly chart, which was crown as first foreign girlgroup to hit top 10 within 30 years. Kara will release second single on 10 November, official(full) album to be released on 14 November as well as to start promoting activities.

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Source:Sports Hankook
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KARA+Soshi, earned 10 billion won in Japan


Korean Girl groups have been very active in Japan's music market, SNSD and Kara especially have earned almost 10 billion aggregately in Japan.

SNSD debut last Sept 8 with Single Genie followed by Second single Gee on 20th. Up to date 'Genie' has sold 145,000 copies while Gee 70,000 copies.

Kara debut with single Mister on August 11 and Kara's Best Album (compilations of Kara's hit songs) was released on September 29. Up to date Mister and Best album have sold 100,000 copies and 150,000 copies respectively.

In japan, when releasing a single, there's normal edition and limited edition. There are several versions available. Depending on the version, prices range about 1000 yen to 2000 yen. Because of different version and prices, estimated (average out) price would be about 1,500 yen per copy. With that price in mind and thus calculation for their income: SNSD's Genie and Gee sold for 217 million yen (about 3 billion won) and 105 million yen (about 1.5 billion won) respectively while Kara's mister and Best album sold for 150 million yen (about 2.1 billion won) and 225 million yen (about 3.1 billion won) respectively which in total so far is about 9.7billion won of income.

Moreover, SNSD 'Gee' topping Oricon single chart at #1 on 26th within one week of release. Compared to Genie, Gee received great response. Kara is expected to have similar result when second single to be released in Japan next mid-month, the record earnings are expected to exceed 10 billion won aggregately.

Meanwhile SNSD and KARA will promote in both Korea and Japan at the same time. SNSD will promote 'Hoot' in Korea and 'Gee' in Japan. While Kara will promote new song in both Japan and Korea in November. Both groups are expected to have busy schedules.

Thanks KaraAlmighty@twitter and anne for article tip
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Source:edaily news
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KARA better be seeing some of that cash DSP.

[Fan] 10.10.23. ASF 2010 Lupin & Mister Nicole fancams

yay both!


Credit: Uploaders

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

[Pic] HQ Jumping Album Cover (C version)

Credit: dckara

Blogger resized the picture, here's the original size:

[Fan] Collection of Cole's forehead


Credit: dckara.


[Pics] More Vocamastar Pictures

Credit: withkara

[News] KARA endorses "Bear Paws" footwear

DSP Media revealed today that the girls of KARA are the new models for fleece boot company, Bear Paws. Endorsement photos reveal the members sporting various colored Bear Paws’ boots; they look chic, yet properly dressed against the chilly fall season.
A representative of Bear Paws stated, “Bright and modern KARA, a group that receives love from both males and females, will endorse our fleece boots this winter. We believe it’ll make the brand stand out, and heighten the standard of the brand.”
In further KARA news, they’ll be releasing a new album in Japan called “Girl Talk” on the 24th of November, but first they’ll release their 2nd Japanese single “Jumping” on November 10th.
Source + Photo: Nate

Credit: AK

Who called it? lol.. I think that Y Star was interviewing them when they were shooting for this endorsement so we should expect that. I might get some BearPaws myself :)

[Audio] Jumping (Full)

Credit: Uploader.

Hmm can't help but feel a bit disappointed that Cole has soo little parts in Jumping (from at least the audio).. I can think of various reasons as to why this is so but still I feel like I need more Nicole hah XD

I'm just wondering what her role will be for the promos if she doesn't get to sing that much and the dance parts are spread across members...

Monday, October 25, 2010


[Outtake] Heroes Picture

Credit:Donga News

[Fan] 10.10.23. Hospital Charity Concert (Nicole)

[Info] KARA on the attendance list for 2010 MAMA

It says the guest list is tentative and I'm wondering if KARA has time to attend, they are kind of busy lol. But it'd be cool for them to go to a new location and see the sights before their comeback?...

[Info] More Info on Jumping

Speaking of versions of PVs... there will be member solo versions of the PV given to customers who buy three first press singles I think. Pretty nice promotional strategy. 8D

追加企画 緊急決定!!
ニューシングル「ジャン ピン」メンバーソロショ ットVer.Music Videoプレゼント!

シングル「ジャンピン」 の初回限定盤に封入され ている応募券を「3枚集め て」ご応募頂くとお好き なメンバーの「”ジャン ピン"メンバーソロショ ット Ver.Music Video」のDVDを漏れなくプレゼ ント致します!!

I think the way to get the DVDs is to send in some kind of form that comes with all first press versions; don't know if it applies to international buyers, though. 

Credit: xichigo  @ KH.

OMG.. I'm guessing that's where Sy's crying scene takes place.. I wonder what Cole will do in hers..

[Gifs] Heroes EP 14 + Bonus Translations.


[Audio] Jumping from the Radio

credit: uploader.

The song's been on the radio for a week now in Japan, the fans finally got a chance to record it.

I'm not sure about all the parts but the GyulCole adlibs are always <3 to me.

[Vid] Jumping MV teasers!

So sexy...

Credit: Uploader

Omg. loving HARA's solo shot.. she looks awesome! Cole's butt move seems to have become a tradition XD She did something similar to the the Lupin MV too.

[Tweet] Mushroom Hair

Woke up with my hair became like mushroom..oh gosh~~~ 

Translated by benbenkr @ Twitter.

If only there was a picture...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

[Cap] Preview of Jumping MV


Credit: snowair @ twitter

[Fan] KARA recording God of Cookery(?)

Credit: dckara.

I think this is a Japanese show but it was filmed in Seoul.. Cole's hair XD

[Fan] 10.10.23. More Fancams from Asia Song Festival 2010

Watching KARA be soo sweet to the AKB48 members reminds me why I'm a Kamilia :)

Nicole being persuaded by Gyuri and Hara lol.. wished I could see where that bouquet landed.

[Tweet] Moon Cheese

Moon made from cheese..

Translated by anky @ KH.

[Pics] KARA, AKB48, and Rainbow hang out

how cool is this, looks like KARA ate dinner with some of the members of AKB48 :)


Also Jing's new same age friend:

Saturday, October 23, 2010

[Cap] Open Concert Nicole & the camera cord XD

[Info] 10.10.24. Sunday's Schedule

KBS 2010 Asia Song Festival - 11:00 PM

SBS 1000 Songs Challenge - 8:10 AM (Gyuri & Jiyoung)

SBS Heroes - 6:50 PM (Nicole)

KBS Night Star - 11:15 PM (No Nicole)

[Fan] 10.10.23. Hospital Charity Concert Fancams

Busy busy..

Credit: Uploader

[News] KARA and AKB48

Members of Japan’s popular girl group AKB48 recently confessed, “We have a lot of KARA fans amongst our members.”

AKB48 attended the press conference for the “2010 Asia Song Festival“, and expressed their thoughts on fellow girl group KARA. “It’s an extreme honor to be able to stand on the same stage as such an amazing group like KARA. We have a lot of fans of KARA in our group, making this much more meaningful for us.”

KARA returned with their own set of compliments, “It’s an incredible joy to be able to perform with one of Japan’s greatest girl groups. We’re thankful that they even came all the way to Korea just to perform. We will work our hardest.”
Regarding their popularity in Japan, KARA revealed, “As opposed to changing ourselves to better fit Japan, we feel like one of our greatest strengths was playing up the unique color of KARA instead. We’ll soon be returning to Japan and begin promoting a track titled ‘Jumping‘. It’ll be a fun song that everyone can follow along and dance to, just like ‘Mister.’”

AKB48 continued, “It’s an honor for us as well to be able to stand on this stage in representation of Japan. We’ll work hard to show our youth.”
AKB48’s producer, Akimoto Yasushi, commented, “KARA’s dance performance is captivating. This is an aspect that AKB48 can never follow. They are currently still improving.”
The festival will be held on October 23rd at 6 PM.
Source + Photo: Osen
Credit: AK

Nice to see the groups getting along :)

[Pic] Nicole for Singles, new pic

Credit: as tagged & kara baidu

[Outtake] Nicole from Y Star Special

 Credit: dckara

Is that dubu?... but I noticed in this and the other pictures that the girls are sporting Bear Paws footwear and the background had their logo, is that a new endorsement?..

[Fan] 10.10.23. 2010 Asia Song Festival KARA gets Award

Sending their leader lol. and more HaNi :D

Credit: 레이싱나 @ DCSY

[Fan] 10.10.23. Asia Song Festival 2010 fancams

The girls have been so busy these past few days...


Credit: INIT @ DC

Interview portion:

Credit: Uploader


Credit: Uploader

[Info] Oricon predicts KARA will be invited to Kōhaku Uta Gassen

Earlier today, Oricon released their predictions on which artists will be invited to the much coveted annual music show Kōhaku Uta Gassen. Oricon predicted that both SNSD / Girls’ Generation and KARA would be invited to the red team. For those that don’t know what Kohaku is and why it’s such a big deal, here’s an excerpt from wikipedia which explains it pretty well:
Kōhaku Uta Gassen more commonly known as simply Kohaku, is an annual music show on New Year’s Eve produced by Japanese public broadcaster NHK and broadcast on both television and radio, nationally and internationally by NHK’s networks and some overseas broadcasters… Literally “Red and White Song Battle,” the program divides the most popular music artists of the year into competing teams of red and white. The “red” team or akagumi is composed of all female artists (or groups with female vocals), while the “white” team or shirogumi is all male (or groups with male vocals). The honor of performing on Kohaku is strictly by invitation, so only the most successful J-POP artists and enka singers can perform. Even today, a performance on Kohaku is said to be a big highlight in a singer’s career because of the show’s large reach.
In the past, both BoA and TVXQ received invites to the show. Both BoA and TVXQ were Oricon chart toppers and waited years before receiving the invite. So to some it’s a bit surprising that Oricon is predicting that two groups that just debuted in Japan would be receiving invites. However, despite debuting recently both girl groups are enjoying a lot of success in Japan. KARA’s “KARA BEST 2007-2010″ album achieved #2 on the Oricon Weekly Album Charts by moving 51,000 units. SNSD was RIAJ Certified Gold with their Genie single, meaning they moved over 100,000 units.
Here’s a full run down of the predictions provided by Oricon:
Angela Aki
Uemura Kana
AKB48 (including sub-units)
Koda Kumi
Nishino Kana
Hamasaki Ayumi
Hitoto You
Mizuki Nana
Kondo Masahiko
Saito Kazuyoshi
Tokunaga Hideaki
Hata Motohiro
Fukuyama Masaharu
Porno Graffiti
Tip: jpopjidai
Source: Oricon

Source: AK

Hmm with the way things have been going for KARA in Japan, I wouldn't be shocked if KARA were invited :) Hope they do, Gyuri has mentioned attending would be one of KARA's goals this year.

[Tweet] Breakfast & tweets to HARA

In order to eat breakfast..keke..What time shld u wake up? keke..working out now..chubby chubby..!! Hara ah..I'm just calling..Today Fighting!!!

_sweethara @_911007
kekekeke Fighting Nicole ahh!!kekeke..I'm just calling u also..see ya later..I also didn't know what to's just so difficult to find breakfast now...

uhutt just like me!that was good,wasn't it?!! I thought we can't meet today..when we have time for breakfast together, I'll make you French Toast and Vegetable cheese Omellete ^^ It's good yeah?

It's find to mix one or two kinds of cheese!!kekke..but the calories gonna be like real high uh? LOL

kkangjii @_911007
I also want to eat >3<

translated by aank1 @ twitter
Compiled by Nov @ KH.

She is not chubby..HaNi...

Friday, October 22, 2010

[Info] KARA & Chemistry to appear on NHK's Wednesday J-POP

It has been announced that famous Japanese R&B duo, CHEMISTRY along with popular Korean group, KARA will make an appearance on the November 10th edition of “WEDNESDAY J-POP.”
WEDNESDAY J-POP is a popular music show which airs on NHK BS2 every Wednesday at 8:00PM. Live concerts are held in NHK Minna no Hiroba Fureai Hall located in Shibuya Tokyo each week.

This week’s 10/20 guests:
Saito Kazuyoshi
Tsuruno Takeshi
11/03 guest:
11/10 guests:
11/17 guest:
Source + Photo: WEDNESDAY J-POP website
Credit: All KPOP

I've watched BoA on this show, it's pretty cool. Has a standing audience and it's pretty intimate. Btw, Chemistry are KARA's label mates too!

[Tweet] HUH?


Source: Nicole's twitter.

She wrote in English too.. hmm what's going on Nicole?.. seems like there is something going on lately with her... and Daniel/Drama tweeted to her again :)

[Pics] 10.10.22. G20 Press Conference (Nicole)

She made the doll

[Vid] 10.10.22. G20 Press Conference

Credit: Uploader

Thursday, October 21, 2010

[Info] More Japanese Celebs Love KARA

Maeda Atsuko (19), one of the prominent members and lead singer of AKB48

Recently, I have been listening to them everyday. <3

I received my

KARA <33

Goods (^o^)!! <333

Cute ~ !! <3

And that’s not all <33

(Picture of her holding KARA goods)

Wow ~ <33

They even signed for me <3 !! <33

Thank you (^o^)

I’m so grateful for this unexpected present!! (^o^) <333333

And because I love Western music and K-pop <33 (^o^)

So happy <3 LOL

Starting from tomorrow, I’ll be cute too! <33

Go for it (^o^) <33

Asakura Yuki (22), gravure idol

Once I said that I love Korea’s girl idols, I received a clear file of KARA, a group that is currently the talk of the town!~ \^O^/ <3

I’m too happy, so much that it becomes suspicious <3 ←w

They’re cute and cute <3 Haha <33

Celebrities who watched KARA on Music Station...

Enosawa Manami (13), AVEX model

Hey! Mister ★

Today, KARA appeared on Music Station! (^o^)

Wicked cute! (^o^)
I used the “1seg”* feature on my phone to record it down LOL

In order to dance to Mister
I’m practicing!!! LOL

Sashide Mizuki (15), AVEX actress

Good evening (^o^)/

Everyone, did you watch Music Station yesterday!!!

KARA appeared!!!!

Too cute (w>ω<w)

Mana** wrote a great entry about it in her blog too <3

* 1seg is a mobile digital broadcasting service in Japan and a few other countries
** "Mana" meant Enosawa Manami

credit: Blog1 Blog2 Blog3 Blog4
translations: melpOmeNe! @ karaholic

[Fan] KARA taping for Y Star Special Day

[Gifs] 10.10.19. Open Concert Fan cam

it's been slow these days.. made some gifs from a fancam:

^^ Nicole messed up XD