Saturday, October 16, 2010

[Info] So what did Cole say during the Music Station Interview?

I was looking around twitter and someone tweeted the translation:

MC: What Japanese words did u recently learn?

Nicole: ギューと抱きしめたい! = I want to hug you!

Credit: elfjp0701 @ twitter.

haha.. so forward Nicole :P


  1. OMG!!
    No wonder the NEWS guys laughed loudly and got all excited esp Massu, Ryo and Shige kekeke

    And why was Ryo-chan acting so sheepish and shy in the clip? Could it mean that he actually likes or has a crush on one or all of our girls? hhmmm... :P

  2. opps sorry it was Tego who laughed loudly hearing Cole's answer and he was also the one who did the butt dance

    Wouldn't be it nice Cole can strike a friendship wih NEWS esp Tego coz both are just so funny and easy going <3

  3. lol "I want to hug you"...already far from the first one "unagi" XD