Thursday, October 31, 2013

[News] DSP Media announces family concert, 'DSP Festival', with appearances by former and current artists

DSP Media has revealed an exciting upcoming event, and that is their first family concert titled 'DSP Festival'!

This isn't your average family concert though as it will not only include the current roster of artists but also their former ones who have once called DSP home within the past 22 years since its establishment.

The poster released shows that Oh Jong Hyuk of Click B, SS501, KARA, Rainbow, A-JAX, and more will be attending, piquing interest for the upcoming event. Fans are especially wondering if SS501 will once again be reuniting, perhaps with the exception of Heo Young Saeng who recently enlisted.

A rep revealed, "We're currently negotiating the appearances of not only current artist but stars who have previously been with DSP," raising hopes that this may mean appearances by members of Fin.K.L and Sechskies as well.

The confirmed final line up will be revealed on the day of ticket sales which will take place early in November.

As for the event itself, it'll be held on December 14th at the Seoul Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium, so get ready to grab your tickets for those of you in Korea!

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DSP said to expect collaborations between sunbae and hoobae artists.
The profits from this concert will be donated to disadvantaged families.

[Pic] Nicole BTS of KARASIA Nagoya by DSP media Japan

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

[Tweet] Nicole with Dancer Kim SunMi


10월 카라콘 고생많으셨구
곧 또 수고하실게요
한국도착기념 사진은
우리 콜콜이랑 찍은 커플사진으로♡

 #한국좋다좋다 #정니콜귀엽네 #나두귀여워질거야선미

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선미언니 짱귀♥

[Tweet/Instagram] KARASIA Nagoya

Karasia 2nd Tour in Nagoya ♥

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[News] KARA's 'Mister' tops list of songs that made the highest profit from royalties, copyright revenue, and song usage in 2012

A list from the Ministry of Culture revealed the songs that made the most profit from royalties and copyright revenue back in 2012. These profits come from not only downloads domestically and internationally, but fees received when songs are used such as when it's sung in Karaoke joints, performed overseas, etc.

KARA's catchy song "Mister", although released back in 2009, ranked first for the year of 2012 with about 362 million won (~ 341,000 USD). Girls' Generation trailed right behind with their song also released in 2009 "Gee", which earned approximately 359 million won (~ 338,000 USD).

Following in fourth was another KARA 2010 song, "Jumping", which made about 237 million won (~ 223,000 USD).

For the income of copyright revenue made overseas in 2012, Japan made up 91.5% of the total. The country was responsible for the overwhelming majority of overseas income by spending 11 billion won (~ 10 million USD) on Korean music. Australia came in a far distant second place, having spent 150 million (~ 140,000 USD) in comparison.

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[Pic] KARA with Dance Teacher Bae Yun Jeong


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I flipped the picture because the original photo, Nicole's photo was flipped :P

[Info/Pic] KARA BEST GIRLS Album Covers + Information (Release 11.27)

 Version A:  

2 CD + 2 DVD + Photo Jacket History Cards (55 pieces) 

[Info/Pics] French Kiss Single Covers + Information

Nicole Version of French Kiss Single:  

1. French Kiss
2. Girlfriend
3. French Kiss Instrumental
2. Girlfriend Instrumental

1. French Kiss MV (Nicole version)
2. French Kiss MV (Nicole Off Shot) 

Release 11.27 !!

[Pic] Nicole Fan Army @ Nagoya KARASIA 2nd Day

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

[Pic] Nicole Fan Army @ Nagoya KARASIA

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Cole's JKamilia fans are so prepared and even the welcome sign :)

Notice the fan on the right, right behind the army? 
His red top? haha

[Pic] Nicole, SeungYeon, & Gyuri Backstage at KARASIA Nagoya by DSP mediaJapan

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[Pic] Nicole With Friends at 2013 Pentaport Rock Festival Photo



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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

[Tweet/Instagram] Claw Machine Game

Consecutive failures . . . 

Success !!!!!! kekeke

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JiNi did go together :)




[Fan] Nicole's Fan Army @ KARASIA Osaka

[Instagram] I Got You

Hehe I got you Tatttang > ___ <

* Nicole was probably with JiYoung because Jing also got a stuffed toy.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

[Tweet/Instagram] Music & Cardio


Finished working out while listening to music. . . music &&cardio

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[Fan] A Kamilia in Seoul - my mini KARA Tour (Steprider's Fan Account)

About half an hour later, a lady came down. She walked around a bit and went back upstairs. Then she came down and drove the white Range Rover car, which was parked at the side (see pic above), to the front door. Oh, some VIP guest is leaving? I thought. A long haired girl came down the stairs, walked around the back of the car and went in. I had a good look at her but didn't recognise her.

Then another short haired girl came down the stairs and out the door, bowed a couple of times to the lady, and jumped into the car. OMG, isn't that Nicole? My heart skipped a beat. It was maybe about less than 5 seconds between her coming down the steps and getting into the driver's seat, and my viewing angle wasn't very good, but I was quite certain that was Nicole. (Later I did a quick check on the type of car Nicole drives, and it's a Range Rover).

Well, that made my day. I stared into space for a good few minutes to let the whole thing sink in.

Credit: Steprider @ AK