Monday, April 30, 2012

[Fan] JKamilia tweeted about Nicole's ball at Osaka Concert


I touched Nicole's ball at the same time with a little girl. I gave her the ball,because a little girl is Nicole's fan!

Nicole's message on the ball is "Mentaiko?(明太子?) Is it delicious ?? Are you sure?"

cr | KamiliAsanama

[Tweet] Makeup Free & Takoyaki


I do not have much time left so I came to eat! Yummy!! Fufufu!!!!! It's my no-makeup face but... Fufufufu. Everyone, let's meet later! I'm already feeling excited >_< ♥ 

If you look at the back! You can see takoyaki ^^ Fufufufu!!!!!

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[Fan] KARASIA in Osaka Fan Pictures


More Pictures @ KARABOARD

[Vid/Audio] 12.04.30. KARASIA Fukuoka Fancam

[News] Kara’s Final Concert in Japan to be Aired Live in Theaters Across Japan

Kara’s final concert performance of its ongoing Asia tour, Karasia will air live nationwide in 60 theaters in Japan.

On April 27, via the homepage of Kara’s Japanese distribution agency, Universal Music, Kara′s agency revealed, “The added Saitama Concert will be aired live in 60 theaters across [Japan].”

Kara kicked off its Japan concert series on April 14 in Yokohama Arena and will be moving on to perform in Nagoya, Osaka Fukuoka, Tokyo and finally in Saitama’s Super Arena on May 26 and May 27.

Though Tokyo was supposed to be the last city of Kara’s tour, due to sold-out seating and fan demands, two additional dates in Saitama was added.

Taken from enewsworld

[Tweet] Be careful.

I've arrived at Fukuoka! It's raining >< Everyone, please be careful when you come! ** Then I will surely grasp your hand that is holding the umbrella** (These are lyrics to Umbrella)

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

[Vid] 12.04.29. SBS Inkigayo MC dance

they brought the random dance back!!


[Tweet] Dinner date.


It's been a while since me and Cori had dinner and dessert at Salvatore the kitchen! Before Cori uploads her photo, I shall upload the photo of Cori and the dessert first! Hehehe ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

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Love how Ms.Shirley tweets and aww at their mom and daughter dinner date :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

[Tweet] Baseball!!


Take me out to the ballgame ! Lalala peanuts and crackerjacks ! :D


Reppin KAPPA, I see :P

Her tweet are the lyrics from this song called "Take Me Out to the Ball Game", which Americans sing at baseball games :)

More info here

[Vid] MBC Korean Music Wave in Bangkok : STEP

[Pics] KARA HongCho Ad Pictures (HQ)

[Fan] 12.04.28. KARASIA in Osaka Day 2: Missing & Peach Ocean

so pretty. the girls must love it.

Friday, April 27, 2012

[Tweet] Prep for Osaka Concert

[Fan] KARASIA Peach Ocean in Osaka

gosh, security is sooo tight omg or Jkamilia are just super obedient lol.
It's so difficult to get pics or fancams XD

[Pic] 12.04.27. KARA Backstage Event at Osaka Concert


Nicole's ankle still bandaged but she managed to perform Beat It very well. 

One account said Cole's moves were sharp and it's like she wasn't injured. Also read that she cried XD

[Pics] Kuki Six New Product Launch Pictures


I want....

[Tweet] Dubu Update via her mom

omg.. Dubu's alive okay!!

A fan asked about Dubu to Ms. Shirley and she tweeted this picture, you can see a little bit of Mocha on the left. How come it seems like they had been ignoring him, perhaps they have him away?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

[Scans] twins acting: Nicole & SeungYeon ELLE Pictorial (May 2012)








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[Tweet] Earphone disappointment

Me who put on earphone and came out.. disappointed !!!!! ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠit's awkward if i make the case and came out!!! ㅜㅜ

I will consider it as my ear's rest time ... ㅜㅜ

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[Pics] New products from Kuki Six

Chocolate Chip

  Oatmeal Cranberry Cookie


Berry Cookie: Raspberry, Blueberry, Strawberry, & Cranberry 


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

[Info] Nicole's KAPPA Autograph Session

On May 4th @ 6:00PM.

Same day and time as SeungYeon and Jing's Union Bay signing XD

[Tweet] Over an hour...

Over an hour ... waiting to fall asleep ... ihing ..ㅜㅜ

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[Tweet] Nicole made muffins!


She made them for Hong SeungHyun, he's an engineer for Sweetune.
So Nicole was at the recording studio today..

[Fan] 2011 Busan International Fireworks Festival Eve Concert

only solo shot of Cole XD

[Pics] New KAPPA Ads from store site

tip off: zephyrean

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

[Pics] More Nicole & SeungYeon Photos from ELLE

[Tweet] Hallabong

Hallabong ㅜㅜ really determined to buy it and indeed delicious ㅜㅜㅜ halla halla hallabong !

T/N: Hallabong is a type of orange. In korea, it is grown in Halla Mountain in Jeju Island. Also known as Dekopon in Japan

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Monday, April 23, 2012

[Pics] BTS of Nicole & SeungYeon's ELLE Shoot with Staff


cr | JungSaemMool

[News] IU Asks Fans Not to Take Paparazzi Photos

IU requested fans to "please do not take paparazzi photos when I am with my friends or family."

On the April 22 broadcast of SBS "Inkigayo," MC's Nicole, Goo Hara, and IU transformed into paparazzis who took photos of stars' personal lives.

In addition, the three MC's each revealed the kind of photos that they would never want to be released to the public. IU said, "I would like photos of me on meetings with my friends or family members to be kept private." Goo Hara admitted, "I would never like to reveal my makeup-free face when I wake up first thing in the morning."

Nicole said, "If I ever get a boyfriend, please do not follow us and take paparazzi photos." She added, "I don't have a boyfriend right now, but I should find one in the future. I'm requesting you in advance."

Source: SOOMPI

Aww Cole, she's getting a bit ahead of herself there :P The guy who will be with her will have so much fun :)

[Fan] 12.04.22. SBS Inkigayo

[Translations] Trendy Lady Interview

Q: Is there a predicted release date for a new album? Want to attempt singing Chinese songs?

Seungyeon (smiled at KARA members before speaking on their behalf): We'll begin promotions for the new album around autumn, please look forward to it.

Q: KARA's ideal perfect guy.

Nicole: I like a person who takes care of me, is considerate, and can understand my work.

Q: About high heels.

Nicole: Except Jiyoung who's relatively younger, all others own quite a few pairs.

Q: [Since] all KARA members own pets, then except for the dogs that you have right now, what kind of animals would you like as a pet?

Nicole: I want a tiger; when I was a kid watching Aladdin the cartoon, I felt that tigers are faithful and strong friends.

Q: What do you usually do during days off?

Seungyeon: Before, there was a longer vacation, my family and I went to Guam together, and it was me who did the research and arrange the schedule to bring my parents there!

Nicole: I want to travel abroad too...

Q: What are you interested in recently?

Nicole: These days, I'm really into the American drama series "Vampire Dairies". 

 Q: Have you guys tried any Taiwanese delicacies yet? Where would you like to go?
Nicole (with a smile full of gratitude): Yesterday we got to drink some bubble tea gifted by our fans, much thanks to them; even though there's bubble tea in Korean too, but the taste is different, Taiwan's is delicious. If there's a chance, I'd like to eat some Chinese desserts.
Trans by Dolla @ Karaholic
Scan by Kamihan

Nicole referring to Disney movies to answer the pet question haha, didn't know Cole was into American TV but she is! New KARA album in the Fall :)

[News] Kara′s Han Seung Yeon and Nicole Look Like Twins for ′Elle′

Kara member Han Seung Yeon and Nicole’s striking resemblance in a magazine pictorial has attracted the attention of viewers.

A pictorial from the upcoming May issue of Elle fashion magazine was released on April 23, and showed off Han Seung Yeon and Nicole in similar hair and makeup, as if the two were twins. Moreover, the magazine pictorial showcased their attractive and exotic qualities.

In the past, Han Seung Yeon has said on numerous occasions that “the five members of Kara each give off their own personality even when they wear the same costume, due to each member’s strong individuality.”

It appears she wasn’t exaggerating, as viewers were able to discover Han Seung Yeon and Nicole’s unique merits through the photo spread.

Han Seung Yeon and Nicole’s intense cat’s eye makeup and pink lips properly represented the vibe of a dreamlike girl in the Elle pictorial.

Afterwards, when she was asked about her favorite beauty item, Nicole replied, “I have fallen in love with lipstick these days.”

Photo credit: ‘Elle’
Taken from enewsworld

Sunday, April 22, 2012

[Pic] Nicole & SeungYeon for ELLE (May 2012)


Closer up version: 

 OMG.. Cole's first fashion/makeup pictorial in Korean  magazine without all KARA members... haha

The article mentions that Cole kept asking questions about beauty and is now hooked on lip stick :) 

should be more pics right? XD

[Vid] 12.04.22. SBS Inkigayo Winner Cut

Cole interaction with Jungshin from CN Blue lol

she's all panicky here her defense the time was running out XD

and Hara with Yonghwa too!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

[Fan] Little JKamilia @ Karasia


cr | as tagged.

aww, the little JKamilia @ KARASIA :)

Despite what some may have thought KARASIA was filled with all ages and many families came :D

[Gif] Nicole rollin around @ KARASIA Encore

cr | kara4life @ tumblr!

this is why I her!

[Pic] Nicole & Gyuri at Korean Music Wave 2012 in Bangkok


cr | as tagged.

[Fan] 12.04.14/15. KARASIA in Yokohama by godstarsidus

 12.04.14. KARASIA in Yokohama

12.04.15. KARASIA in Yokohama:

^^ Must watch, Cole's rolling on the stage haha
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Friday, April 20, 2012

[Tweet] First Time


Today is the first time trying making madeleine ! the size is not same...>_<;; next need to make green tea or choco .. 

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