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[Tweet/Instagram] Favorite Lip Brand

Favorite lip brand #yvessaintlaurentofficial #yvessaintlaurent #tint 츄 ~♡ 

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[Tweet/Instagram] #njDuke #ilovemydog

거울속에 들어가고싶은 #njDuke #australianshepherdpuppy #australianshepherd

#njDuke && I #australianshepherd #comdesgarcons #ilovemydog

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[Instagram] Morning Wink from #njDuke


아침부터 에헷*윙크* #njDuke #australianshepherdpuppy #australianshepherd #australianshepherdofinstagram

[Blab] Thoughts on 7 Days of Summer

I've just finished watching Nicole's episode of Secret Love, 7 Days of Summer.

[Info] 7 Days of Summer Streaming Links!

Nicole's episodes are 3&4.

If you can't view at Dramafever, a fan had recorded the episode and uploaded on Youtube with English subs!

[Tweet/Instagram] #njDuke & Coconut Water

 TV 보면서 옆에서 자는 #njDuke

 #coconutwater #vitacoco

#njDuke feels great 

Cool side profile #njDuke

Translated by yooniqda_

[Pics] Secret Love DVD Covers (Japan)

The DVD will be available on September 24, 2014. 

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[Nicole-ing] 14.06.10. Nicole-ing Update: Thunder & Lighting

Hello everyone!
Tonight is a somewhat scary night.. sigh ㅜㅜ thunder and lightning. I hate it ㅜ haha
I'm together with Duke in the living room and Duke is playing with toys beside me.Since Duke especially likes dolls... when it's all ripped... until there is no hope anymore.. I sew it and fixed it back. No matter what kind of toys that I give him kekekeke it will get torn apart in 2-5 days kekeke seems like I need to throw it away in a month. He has got a strong jaw. Now he is already past 7 kgs.. slowly.. (it's hard to) lift him up.. ㅜㅜ

Today I uploaded lots of pictures on instagram ! Did you see it. Actually there are lots more ? I made a video with it but .. it can't fit all in the instagram. ㅠ I'll let you see one more pic kekekekekekeke this is.. eum. kind of the best cut . eum I saw the board earlier, keke . The reason I put NJ is it's the initial for Nicole Jung.. I think on this earth.. there will be lots of puppies with the name "Duke".. just. I wanted to have my own hashtag ^^ later when I want to look at the picture at once, so the hashtag can be used? It's just for my own satisfaction... so I made it kekeke anyway lately i upload a lot right?keke it's because i'm really proud. I taught him to roll and crawl but when I teach him focusing on one thing, he will forget the other things that he has learned. That's why first, sit, hand, lie, crawl, roll, I'm teaching him those things first. When going out, I teach him to "sit, wait" before crossing the traffic light, or before going into elevator, or while waiting inside it hahaha Also since it's not a common.. there are some people who looks at Duke's eyes, surprised and says it's pretty but there are also other who said it's scaryㅜ That's why i'm trying to teach him to be able to stand calmly. because it will be for it's own safety too^^

Two days ago suddenly Duke became very bright and in the morning he runs around while greeting? He has got aegyo too.. he likes people more. Somehow it feels like he recognizes me as his owner, mom? He is focusing on me. It's just what he doing is cute. There are also some accidents like this. Earlier I accidentally stepped on Duke's foot, he just lifted his foot and licked it up while sitting. and while doing it he looks at me, like saying that his foot is hurt.. it's simply kekeke not too long ago, his foot also got hit by the door and I said I was gonna comfort him but he just ran away. I was worried but suddenly inside the elevator he raised his foott and cried while licking it. saying it's hurt. It was like that when i'm doing pilates too. Sigh baby jejeje
I'm starting to bring him out to take a walk ! I think it's because he is still not used to the outside world but he walks behind me. Today we walked around for 1 hour?! haha Someday I need to teach him, (aigo in the middle of writing this .. one more doll bye bye...completely...) running together .. and playing frisbee. That time will be awesome..

My daily life is just the same ^^ I'm starting to get vocal lessons too. If the teacher guides me, I can become better and since i'm still lacking.. no matter how hard i'm practicing, but if i'm doing it alone i can't find and fix it by myself! Also if there is a teacher, somehow I will have a goal ? haha There are lots of things to do.. ㅠㅠ Sigh..

I think now I got back to my original life. but I get a little bit of a relaxing schedule. I used to do everything at once.. right now I somehow do not want it to be like that. I almost write around 85% about Duke but since i'm doing my daily life together with Duke >_< This weekend I will take a walk together with my mom and Mocha Chino too uhuhu We will let Duke know how it feels to run around keke

I think everyone will be sleeping.. haha

For now i'll.. be waiting >_<

Original Source | Nicole-ing

Translated by yooniqda_

[Instagram] All About Duke


셀카 with #njDuke 정말 많이 찍었는데. . .어머나 다짤리네ㅜㅜ

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[Tweet/Instagram] Duke Love

화질안좋지만, #njduke "굴러" 가르키기시작한첫날!


#njDuke at 10 weeks #australianshepherdpuppies #australianshepherds 코에 핑크거의 사라짐ㅜㅜ


Chu for my #njDuke at #mamamiya getting so big.. 좀 있으면 못들거같다ㅜ

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[Instagram] Nicole & Duke @ Mama Miya


#니콜#듀크# #곰새끼여개새끼여#하지만너무귀여워#사람들이 무슨 종이예요? 답변 아만다 사이프리드가 키우는 종. 니콜의 천방지축 듀크의 베이비 다이어리.

Nicole really does love this place!