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[Tweet] Jewelry's Eunjung tweets to Cole about her new puppies

One of Cole's closest unnis  :D

haha I must go to see Mocha & Chino!! haha

CR: karaholic twitter

[Pic] HaNi All Kpop banner at this year's KMF

we can say our girls represented lol

Credit: ron @ twitter.

This year Cole's really good friend G.NA is taking her place as the female host :D

[News] KARA representative provides update on contract situation with DSP Media

The three members of KARA and DSP Media’s agreement: “Existing contract is still intact, domestic activities are still shaky.”

Recently, allkpop reported that the three members of KARA and DSP Media came to a dramatic agreement.

On April 30th, KBS’s “Live Entertainment Weekly” reported on the news of the reunited KARA after the court hearing with their agency on the 28th. On that day, a press release was given to announce that KARA will be active again.

Through a phone interview with Entertainment Weekly, an official from KARA stated, “There was a lot of dialogue and everyone put in lots of effort to come to an agreement: this didn’t occur from a specific turning point. We had many discussions about how the five members of KARA will continue in their activities.”

They continued, “Currently, they have finished recording their album and photoshoot. Now, they just have to finish filming for their music video in the beginning of May. The time span for their domestic activities is still undecided.”

Seungyeon’s father also stated, “Both sides compromised to come to a solution. The girls have to take care of their image, but they probably had a hard time holding up during the negotiations. I would like them to continue well in their future activities.

KARA has put aside their differences and have come to a dramatic agreement, and this act of maturity has drawn the attention of many people.

Source: Newsen via Nate

[VId] Urakara Vol 1. Behind the Scenes

tip off : green-kamilia @ tumblr


Friday, April 29, 2011

[Tweet] Cole's Mom tweeted to International Kamilia

I think it's brave of her to start the activity again. It's nice to see my fellow Kamilia being mature about everything that happened and are being respectful and supportive :)

Shirley's tweets!

thank u for your support!@Rwonron

Thank u so much!every support means alot to Kara!^^@memelliissaa

OMG. I feel like we are neighbors. We are from L.A.^^@KamiliaMexicana

@_xcorp_ Thank u. It helped alot! Arigato! !  

CR: Shirley's twitter

[Fan] One of Nicole's fan boys with Nicole

Hmm first time I've seen this pic but apparently it's from a past event.


He's one of Cole's die hard Korean fanboys :D

[News] All 5 KARA members together for the first time in a month!

KARA fans can add more good news to their recent sigh of relief after hearing about the group and DSP Media coming to an agreement. All 5 members came together yesterday for the first time in a month for their album jacket photo shoot in Japan.

A representative stated, “All 5 members are together. The staff who has always been with them is overseeing the photo shoot. Thankfully, the atmosphere is okay. Though there are some difficulties, the members seem like they’ll be able to be harmonious together.”

The members will also be getting together early May to shoot their next music video.

Source: Nate

YAY new Looks I assume.. Nicole.. ahhh XD

Thursday, April 28, 2011

[News] DSP Media apologizes to fans, asks for time before next comeback

After resolving 100 days worth of disputes yesterday, DSP Media officially announced plans for KARA’s comeback through a press report released on April 29th.

They stated:

   DSP Media and KARA have both been able to stand before our fans with a more mature and closer partnership than before. Although everything has been resolved, DSP Media would still like to apologize for causing concerns amongst KARA’s fans.

    We acknowledge that we are forever in debt to you.

    KARA will be returning when they feel that they are able to properly treat the wounds of their fans. We will be working our hardest to make sure that our fans can see that we’ve turned the past misfortune into our advantage.

    We would like to take the opportunity to thank the various associations and entertainment/media representatives for sending us their support.”

Jiyoung’s father also spoke with the producers of SBS’s “One Night in TV Entertainment” and stated, “The three kids needed to work and promote but they couldn’t. They went through a lot of emotional difficulties so we all felt that it’d be better to just resolve everything with DSP Media.”

When asked for specific details, he replied, “Both parties shared what we could, and although there might be a disparity with each individual, our compromise was something that satisfied all of us.”

On the members themselves, he concluded, “They all said that they’re okay. It will be awkward for a bit, but everything will be okay once time passes.”

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate, Sports Today via Nate

[Tweet] SeungYeon tweets

“You waited a long time right? I love you.”

Short and to the point Seungyeon : )

[Tweet] Cole Tweeted and introducing Mocha & Chino

"Hi everyone! It has been a while right ? Thank you for waiting for us We'll do our best! Also introducing my dogs! Mocha & Chino!"


OMG how adorable are they? Dubu is an older brother now lol.. I love that she tweeted again and told us about her new editions :) Btw at dckara they are saying Cole tweeted this with an Iphone, she has a new phone!!


[Vid] 11.04.28. SBS Night of Entertainment

About the KARA dispute being over :D!!!!

[News] DSP Media reaches a compromise with KARA's Nicole, SeungYeon, and Jiyoung

KARA’s Nicole, Seungyeon, and Jiyoung have officially reached a compromise with DSP Media today, finally putting an end to their months-long lawsuit.

On April 28th, a representative of the industry spoke through SPN and stated, “Under the arbitration of Tae Jin Ah, the lawyers of KARA’s three members and DSP Media have reached a final compromise.” 

Tae Jin Ah said, “I have received signatures agreeing to a compromise from both parties; please congratulate this achievement. I would like to thank all of the fans that have worried over the situation.”
DSP Media announced, “All disputes between DSP Media and KARA’s three members have been resolved, and we have all reached a compromise where KARA will be able to continue promoting as five.”

They continued, “We discussed mainly about KARA’s future, and an agreement was reached where the three would drop their lawsuit without any conditions. We would like to thank our fans for supporting the girls without change, and promise to work hard to show improvement.” 

Source: SPN via Nate, Newsen via Nate
cr: AK

So relieved this is over and we can all be positive now and look forward to their activities. I'm guessing that would be the new Japanese single to be released in June. Something random, it's been 100 days since this issue started.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

[Pic] Sunghee with her future husband

Always wishing her the best :)

[Fan] Gyuri & Nicole from JCL

lol I don't get Gyuri's expression ...

credit: twitter.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

[Info] KARA was included in Key's Art Exhibition?

LOL I was wondering what this was and why was KARA's name on that knife, apparently Key had an a exhibition and I guess all the groups mentioned meant something to him? KARA's the only girl group there :)

credit: gift @ KH.

anyone have more info?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

[Pics] Nicole at AXN launch by Preview

too bad Cole wasn't dressed up..I mean it's rare she gets photos from events etc XD

[News] KARA scores Triple Platinum in ringtone downloads in Japan

Girl group KARA has achieved triple platinum status with their song "Mister" in the category of ringtone downloads in Japan.

The official website of the Record Industry Association of Japan (RIAU) showed Thursday that KARA's runaway hit song "Mister" scored triple platinum in the category of mobile ringtones after seeing over 750,000 paid downloads.

Under RIAJ's criteria, music content selling over 100,000 copies are certified Gold, 250,000 as Platinum and one million as Million.

"Mister" was KARA's first single album in Japan which placed fifth on the Oricon chart upon its release last summer and sold over 130,000 copies.

KARA, composed of members Gu Hara, Han Seung-yeon, Park Gyu-lee, Kang Ji-young and Nicole, is currently one of the most successful Korean girl groups to break into the Japanese market, their success foreseen when they were named best new artists of the year at last year's Japan Gold Disc Award and were placed first on Oricon's listing for the most successful new artists of 2010 as well as the most promising artist of 2011.

Just last week, they became the first foreign female group in the Oricon's 43-year history to top the prestigious chart in the first week of releasing a single with their third Japanese single "JET COASTER LOVE." 

cr: 10ASIA

Thursday, April 21, 2011

[Pics] Cole at AXN launching by SPD

[Info] Tweet from Heyx3 PD about KARA's appearance

HEY! HEY! HEY! next week is Kpop Special & Idol episode. KARA has come. They also imitate crow sound to sing their new song, so cute. Their smiling faces look so cute after doing it.We will also public our exclusive photo of KARA on their Mister PV filming day~. You can see how hard-working five girls were~
Source: ikasamotas via twitter.
Translated by : karaholic via twitter.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

[Info] F(X)'s Amber includes Nicole in Thanks to section for new Album Pinocchio

pic credit: dckara

Mikey(12), Peter(12), Brian Joo, Seungho(13) oppa, Jaejinnie(14) oppa, Chanmi(15), Lizzy(16), Nana unni(16), Raina unni(16), Bekah(16), 4Minute! Hyuna(17)ㅋㅋ, maknae Sohyunnie(17), Jihyun(17) unni who’s learning Englishㅋ, tough Jiyoon(17) unni, pretty Gayoon(17) unni, Nicole(18), Dongwoon(19) oppa, Kikwang(19) oppa, Doojoonnie(19) hyung, kind Minji(20), cutie Jiyeon(21), Eunjung(21) unni, Junsu(22) oppa, Junho(22) oppa, Juseok(23) oppa, Christine Yoonji(24), Shorty(25) oppa. Thank you~!

Words in italics are written as it is.

18 – Nicole; member of KARA

credits to:  yukipink @ weibo for the fantaken picture of the thanks to; thepinkstring/chilloutbox @ twitter for translations/notes.

Cole's the only member close to Amber from KARA I guess.. oh Jing's cousin NS Yooji was mentioned as well.

[Vid] TBC CM 2

[News] KARA's Nicole attends launch event fo AXN

On April 20th, KARA’s Nicole attended the official launch event for American drama channel, ‘AXN‘.
Wearing black from head to toe, Nicole posed before reporters at the event’s photo wall. It was later revealed that DSP Media had no knowledge of Nicole making this appearance on her own. Nicole reportedly received an invitation from the event’s host and went ahead with her appearance on her own.


Hmmm.. I have a bad feeling.. I hope this doesn't hinder anything thing going on behind the scenes..

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

[Pics] Nicole at the "Global mid-channel AXN official launching"

Awesome that she's out and about .. though that hat urghhhh tomboy Cole will never die XD..
but still awesome that she's out in public :)

This is a GOOD sign after what has happened.

[Vid] Time flows with Tears + Lyric Trans

Just wanted to hear this again plus now you guys can understand what she's singing :) 

Lyric Translations:

The day we broke up
The day I said it was over and left
I really wished for you to hold onto me
Did you really not know my heart, like a fool I turn around
One step, two step, hoping it wasn't over I left

Time is flowing with my tears, tired from crying I fall asleep

Trying to forget you, even trying to lean on someone else
Come back to me now
To the day before we broke up
No matter how much I shout for you to come back..
It's too late..

I keep thinking of you, the day we foolishly fought

I must've really loved you a lot
But now you're in my memories
I've hidden you secretly deep inside my heart
You're no longer my love now

Time is flowing with my tears, tired from crying I fall asleep

Trying to forget you, even trying to lean on someone else
Come back to me now
To the day before we broke up
No matter how much I shout for you to come back..
It's too late..

Why are you showing up now and making things hard for me

Even though I want to go back to the day we broke up
I love someone else now
Now you're a secret in my heart
I'm leaning on my love right now
You're just a memory I won't ever be able to forget
I was leaning on this love that isn't you, slowly forgetting you
Why are you looking for me now and making me sad..
I love you..

CR: little_omlette at
Tip off: soompi

LOVE Cole's husky voice here.. ugh want more!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

[Fan] 11.04.05. Tiny Kara sign at KBS Music Bank

Taken from KH and posted by Viktoriya:


[News] CHI CHI's Ji-U almost became a KARA member

During an interview with Sports Korea, CHI CHI’s Ji-U revealed that she was a potential KARA member.

Back in 2008, KARA’s Sunghee had departed from the group, leaving room for new members. Ji-U stated, “At the time, I attended the same dance academy as Han Seungyeon. When KARA was going through member changes, she suggested that I join KARA.”

Unfortunately, her parents were opposed to the idea because Ji-U was in high school at the time. ”I wanted to join her group, but my parents wouldn’t allow it so I couldn’t.”

Ji-U eventually went on to major in Korean music at the Ewha Women’s University and finally made her debut with CHI CHI after two years of preparations. She revealed, “I’ve always had a lot of interest in pop music, but playing the ‘haegum’ and studying kukak opened my eyes to a wider variety of genres.”
Source: Sports Korea via Nate

If you think about it, it was series of events that lead to KARA being what they are now.. there were all sorts of "what if's" involved but those situations never happened.. KARA is meant to be :) Though I'm guessing SY is friends with this girl?

[Info] KARA to be appear on Heyx3!

Heyx3 (music program) next week is Kpop Special. And they're going to go to Korea to meet KARA! It's such a happiness ^^

The show will air on Sunday (2011.04.25) KARA on Heyx3 Kpop Special. Can't wait to see adorable Penguin Dance!!

Cr: _karaholic, via @AceHam) RT @musashi1125 via twitter.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

[Gif] Yamashita Tomohisa doing the Butt Dance at his Concert

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

credit: tegoshita @ tumblr


[Info] What is Nicole up to? (Updates*)

from twitter:

This morning My follower informed me , KARA Nicole was watching Japanese Idol Yamashita Tomohisa tour in KOREA! It is very rare to hear COL! - tatsu3964funajp

Cole & DSP trainee went to TOMOHISA YAMASHITA's concert- trans by kamihan1988 fromaozoramj

will update if i find anything :) oh btw, isn't Yamashita friends with Jaejoong? no wonder XD

Update 1: Read 2 fan accounts from the concert, they both said Yamapi did KARA's butt dance and they heard Nicole was there but didn't actually see her XD argh lol

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

[Info] KARA's Jet Coaster Love debuts 28th on the Global World Charts

omg.. has this ever happened before for KARA? :)


[News] Which K-pop artist do the Japanese most want to get to know?

Which K-pop artist do the Japanese most want to get to know?

On April 10th, WOWOW aired the big South Korean music event “DREAM CONCERT 2010” in Japan and many Japanese K-pop fans were pleased to see the performances of many of their favorite Korean artists on TV.

Prior to the broadcast goo/NTT DoCoMo wanted to find out which K-pop artist their members were most curious about and yesterday they released the results of this mobile poll. The results shouldn’t be that surprising when looking at the current success of the various K-pop groups in Japan. Check out the complete ranking below. (For those of you curious as to why Big Bang wasn’t on the list, they picked the artists from the lineup that performed at DREAM CONCERT 2010).
Which K-pop artist do you want to get to know the most?

[Info] Gamer Trevor Housten (TorcHGaming) mentioned Nicole on Twitter

hmm random.

Cake keeps showing up at the GomTV office from Kara's Nicole, but I've yet to actually meet her ;-(


* I think the CEO of Gom TV is actually Cole's relative, hence mentioning of Gom TV and Nicole :)

[Info] What is Nicole up to?

It involves food, sports, and her celeb friends :)

[Info] 11.04.15. Karaholic Update on KARA Situation

- The negotiation process between the two sides has almost finished on April 14th, if the final results could be reached, an official announcement would come out within the next week. The difference between the stances of both parties has reduced and there are only one or two matters left to be discussed. But these one or two problems also have a high possibility to be solved with good result.

- The three members’ side has canceled the lawsuit and they also intend to return to DSP. Currently both parties have changed quite a lot to a new direction. If the process is good, starting in June, the five members will continue to work together with a new single in Japan.

- A DSP Manager said "When thinking of the members, we have to solve this problem quickly, but because we have to go through the lawyers, things seem to be stretched longer. We are tired with this and just want to quickly resolve it." He also added “Currently, the three members are all being well; they are having parallel vocal and dance trainings."

- There was news about the three members did not participate in the recording of KARA’s new single on April 14th, rumors also arose saying that HamColeJing will also not participate in the record in the next couple days. However, DSP revealed "April 14th was the first day of recording but we are planning to have the 3 members recorded at a later date. Recording of a song does not require all members to participate on the same day and at the same time. It depends on their schedules and they can take turn to record for their individual parts first. This is not only for idols; the vast majority of songs from duet onward are recorded in this way."

- The news says that KARA would have their second recording section on April 26th.

Collected from Osen, Mydaily
by Yoo + hasomy @karaholic

Hmm I'm a bit confused because in AK's version SNJ's side said IF things work out the suite will be canceled not that it is.. XD

[News] SeungYeon, Nicole, & Jiyoung to participate in KARA's next Japanese Single

With the lawsuit between DSP Media and KARA’s Seungyeon, Nicole, and Jiyoung unresolved, the trio has revealed that they will still be taking part in the group’s next Japanese single.

The trio weren’t present for the first recording session on April 14th, however, they did confirm that they would participate after a compromise has been reached.

On the 15th, a representative of the three KARA girls trio spoke with OSEN and revealed, “The reason the girls did not go to the recording on the 14th was because they wanted to resolve the outstanding issues before they begin, which is why we postponed the date to the 26th. They did not mean that they would not be taking part in the recording session at all.”

He continued, “On the 14th, we sent a document of agreement and are still waiting for a response. We feel like a decision will be made within the next week. Overall, a lot of the differences in opinions between both parties are being worked out, with only one or two matters left to discuss. We’re all hoping that this will go well.”
The representative concluded, “Should this work out, we will cancel the lawsuit and the girls will return to DSP Media to work on their next Japanese album for June, in addition to other Korean schedules. The compromise is taking a considerable amount of time, which is quite frustrating, but we hope that everything goes well.”

Source: OSEN via Nate
Cr: All Kpop

This is great news guys!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

[Vid] Ima, Okuritai Arigato PV (ENG Subbed)

credit: hasomy & Yoo @ KH

feel like i've posted about this song so many times lol.

[Fan] 11.04.14 Nicole Autograph

I posted this because it was uploaded yesterday, so that means people have seen her out and about :)

credit: dckara

[Pic] KARA in S Cawaii (May ? 2011)

[Fan] KARA chibi cups from EverKARA

these are precious : )
the cup says "Happy Together" aww


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

[Pic] JiNi photocard

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
You get these photocards when you buy the albums.

credit: Naver.

It's not a scan but this will do :)

[Pic] KARA on the cover of Magazine out on April 20th

Already posted but this one is better quality.

credit: naver blog

[Gifs] Ima, Okuritai Arigato PV (Nicole)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

[Vid] Ima, Okuritai Arigato Official MV Full (Eng Subbed)

credit: honeyham @ youtube.

love love the lyrics and I was reading the comments and I agree this is a perfect wedding song :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

[Vid] Sukkiri: KARA's JCL being #1 on Oricon Weekly Charts

KARA stans are there  :) 
Mr. Terry Ito and KARA's best fanboy ever Mr. Gekidan Hitori :)

[Vid] Ima, Okuritai Arigato Official MV

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

thanks to ron for the upload!

Black & White <3!!
Girls looking gorgeous as ever :)

total surprise, didn't know they would make a video for this song.

* hmm at first wasn't feeling how most of Cole's shots was a back/side profile but it looks good so whatever lol

[News] KARA sets another record for foreign female artists in Japan

Since their debut in Japan last August, KARA’s latest single “Jet Coaster Love” has proven to be the most popular as the single has given them their best sales, selling 123,000 copies in it’s first week. The high sales volume has also put KARA at the number one spot on Oricon’s 4/18 Weekly Single Ranking.

This is the first time a foreign female group has had a number one ranking in it’s first week of release since the creation of the Oricon Single Ranking back in January 1968, so it has been 43 years and 4 months!

“Jet Coaster Love” has sold twice the amount of their previous single “Jumping”, which was released during their break-up crisis turmoil last November, selling 55,000 copies in its first week.

KARA was selected as the number one newcomer this year and “Jet Coaster Love” is their first number one in both the weekly single and album rankings. Their first single “Mister” and second single “Jumping” both ranked at #5, while their albums “KARA BEST 2007-2010” and “Girl’s Talk” both ranked #2.

The last time a foreign female artist has placed #1 on the weekly singles ranking was 6 years ago when BoA’s “DO THE MOTION” reached #1 on the 4/11 2005 ranking. The last time a foreign female group placed number one, was The Nolans’s “Dancing Sister” single on the 11/17 1980 weekly ranking, which became number one in its 16th week; it’s been 30 years and 5 months.

KARA also left a comment, “Thanks to all of you, “Jet Coaster Love” has become #1. As KARA, we will continue to do our best to cheer everyone up in the future. And, we hope that everything can be restored even just one day sooner”.

“Jet Coaster Love” is KARA’s first single of 2011. It was originally supposed to be released on March 23rd, but was postponed due to the Great Tohoku Earthquake. In order to help out the area affected by the disaster, KARA has decided to donate all proceeds from this single (CD and digitally) to relief efforts.

Source: Oricon
cr: AK

* KARA's "turmoil" didn't come out until late Jan so... XD

[Pics] Kim Jung Hoon does the butt dance at fan meeting

Butt dance is alive and well :)


[Gifs] Urakara Finale: Nicole


[Info] Celebrities most PERFECT in Korea!

A beauty salon in Korea conducted a study to evaluate the level of perfection and beauty of Korean artist’s image as a whole. There are 3000 Korean artist under 128 companies, ranked according to facial features, height, weight, and their overall level of perfection.

Here is the list:

1. Super Junior
2. Dong Bang Shin Ki
3. Shinee
5. T-ara

cr: detikcom

lol I know this is superficial.. but why not haha. Go KARA!

[Pic] KARA on the cover of Magazine

source: kara baidu
tip off: yoo @ KH.

this magazine is known for having provocative poses.. but KARA looks so cute on the front.. we'll have to see what it looks like inside lol.. and Cole's wink <3!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

[Vid] Ima, Okuritai "Arigatou" (Eng Sub)

I think this has got to be the most beautiful song from KARA.

[Fan] Picture of Cole from JCL album

cr: naver 

^^ JiNi..ah.. need to see the real pic..

Friday, April 8, 2011

[Vid] Ima, Okuritai 「Arigatou」 live


all the girls were crying TT

[Gifs] Bunches of gifs from JCL Release: Making Of

please do not hotlink.


[Gifs] Bunches of gifs from JCL Release: Dance Version

do not hotlink please.


[Gifs] Bunches of gifs from JCL Release: Close Up Version

please don't hotlink.

Close Up version:

[Tweet] Jing tweets about the ending of Urakara

It's the last episode.. Everyone, URAKARA has been a good drama has it not!? For this (the support she means) THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Okay, URAKARA has started right!? Please enjoy the show till the very end (*^^*)

cr: benbenkr @ twitter

aww glad to see she's tweeting!

[Vid] Urakara Finale :(

cr: Uploader

[blab] KARA ranks as the WORST singers from random people..

I feel like a lot of these people just talk.

KARA members have thin voices, it doesn't mean they can't sing.  It's not only about having a massive voice that makes one a good singer.

Though I think the people who formed this opinion judged on KARA's songs and those aren't exactly an example of wonderful vocal moments.. Also that the lead role in songs is really taken by 3 members (GyulHamCole) .. KARA's music doesn't require a strong vocal.. and it works for them.

But then again KARA were called "failures" at one time, they will just use this as motivation to work their butts off and climb their way higher to the top :)

P.S. I can think of world famous artists that aren't strong vocally but are running to the bank so.. meh :D