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[Tweet] JiNi selcas

After a long time, I play with Jiyoung by snapping sel-cas

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[Tweet] Scared

Scared... >_<;;

probably watching a movie?..

[Vid] 11.10.28, Busan Fireworks Festival Fancams PT

 Rehearsal, STEP & Mister:



@ :33, Cole's "Hey~" <3!!

[Vid 11.10.31. Heyx3! + Translations

KARA eating, I think Cole expects food now whenever they appear on this show  haha

[Fan] Earth Element: Nicole fan art

I'd say Raden got this correct, Cole is Earth lol

Jing's not yet posted.

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[Tweet] Playing with emoticons


It's simple..
It's simple?


This is life... Yeap
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[Fan] 11.10.28. Busan Fireworks Festival by Toto

[Tweet] Homemade Food!


Food I made for the first time! Though there were setbacks! The end result is GOOD!!!!! ^^ 

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[Fan] 11.10.28. Busan Super Concert fancams

* gyuri had a musical perf. Cole sounded good!

Cole's hair is so nice and puffy lol It looks great when she's performing!!

full fancam:

[Pics] 11.10.28. Busan Super Concert (Nicole)

Cole's like oozing sexy here :P

[Vid] Nicole's STEP Make up Tutorial by KARA's make up artist


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[Pics] HQ pics of Super Girl

click for full picture

[Audio] STEP (Chipmunk vers) fanmade

[Tweet] baking challenge.

Uihin I received the cookie/bread mould and bowl I so desired! Is this the start of a challenge to make other kinds of food?!! ϵ( 'Θ' )϶ I intend to use them really often. Unnie >_< !!!

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[News] KARA’s “Step” grabs #1 on Taiwanese ringtone charts


KARA’s “STEP” was ranked No. 1 on the weekly charts of the 4 main websites for ringtones in Taiwan. 
“STEP,” which KARA released on the 25th of last month in Taiwan, was top-ranked on the weekly charts (in Asia) of the 4 main websites for ringtones in Taiwan, as reported this week.
KARA’s “STEP” was already ranked No. 1 on online music websites in Korea and also on the weekly ringtones chart of Recochoku, the biggest online site for ringtones in Japan. With this, KARA became a legendary group, top-ranked on music websites in all three countries of Korea, Japan, and Taiwan with a Korean song.
Meanwhile, KARA came back to Korea on the 25th after their promotion activities for their 5th single album “Winter Magic” in Japan. Park Gyuri is still staying in Japan for the musical 200 Pounds Beauty in which she is playing a lead role.
Source + Photo: tvreport

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[Info] KARA-T closed down :(

translations of (the administrator’s letter/explanation of why he/she is closing down kara-t):
2008 11.
누구보다 예쁜 우리 카라. 카라에 관심있는 사람들이라면 누구나 함께할 수 있는 공간을 만들자. 예쁜 아이들을 예쁘게 담을 공간을 만들어보자.
그런 마음으로 카라티닷컴을 오픈한지도 어느덧 3년이 되어갑니다.
시간이 흐르면서 정말로 많은 이들이 카라를 사랑하는 마음으로 카라티닷컴에 모였고, 함께 그 마음을 나누었습니다.
카라티닷컴의 모습 역시 시간의 흐름과 함께 끊임없이 변화했습니다. 외형적 모습뿐 아니라 이러저러한 어울림 속에서 규칙들도 많이 바뀌었지요.
어려운 시기들도 겪었지만 회원분들과 함께 카라에 대한 애정을 나눈 시간들은 즐거운 기억으로 남습니다.
이제 카라티닷컴은 그 즐거운 기억들을 가득 담은채 멈추어 서려고 합니다.

November 2008.
Our KARA is the prettiest among all others.  Let’s make a space where we can be together with people whoever have interest in KARA. Let’s make a space to capture these pretty girls’ moments in a prettily way.  (in this case he means pretty as in precious)
With that thought in mind, I have opened and it’s been about almost 3 years since. 
As time passed, many people gathered around Kara-t because of their love for KARA, and we shared those heart. as well kept changing constantly as the time went on. Not just on the appearance but also  the rules as we tried to make a better society/community.
Although we have been through some hard times, the times when (kara-t) members and I shared our love for KARA, will remain in me as enjoyable memories.
Now, with the good memories still in it, is coming to a stop.

불철주야 시도 때도 없이 카라를 응원하겠다는 그 마음이 변한 것은 아닙니다.
그저, 더이상은 마음에 담아두고 참아내기에 벅찬 일들과 짓눌린 마음의 고통들이
카라티닷컴의 운영자로 감내하기 어려웠기에 내린 결정입니다.

It’s not that I have changed how I am going to support KARA night and day, anytime.
It’s just that, the burden some work and the pain that has been suppressed in my heart is too much to bear. 
As a’s administrator (the head person, I guess  the president of the club) it was very difficult, so I have came to a decision.   

많은 어려움들은 오해로 인한 것들도 있었고, 생각의 차이로 생긴 것들도 있었습니다.
다만, 누군가와의 오해라는 것이 한쪽에서만 노력한다고 되는 일이 아니라는 것과
하나의 팬덤 안에서도 각각의 활동 영역을 지켜가며 해나가는 역할은 다르다는 것을 말씀드리고 싶습니다.
팬질은 상하 수직적 관계도 정치적 관계도 아닙니다.
안방팬이건 공방팬이건 임원이건 동등한 위치에서 각자의 역할을 하면 그뿐입니다.

There were some misunderstandings when things were hard, and also differences in opinions caused some troubles. I want to say that a misunderstanding of/with someone cannot be solved only through one side working hard to explain the misunderstanding and also that within a fandom, individuals have different roles to carry within their own active region/area.
Being a fan doesn’t have upper and lower classes, nor is it a political thing.
Whether you are a living-room-fan (it is a Korean word to describe fans who usually supports KARA through the internet, TV, etc) or a open-show-fan (this is a Korean word to describe fans who will go to public shows such as Music programs and variety/talk shows where public guests are allowed to watch live on set) or a board/staff member, it all works out when everybody carry out their role at the same rank/equal position. (I think in here the administrator is saying that we are all just the same kamilias and no one is greater than the other)

그런데도 팬사이트의 성향이 정치적으로는 어떤 색이니 하며 정치적 색깔론을 펼치는 분들부터 세력싸움이라는 말을 하시는 분들까지
팬사이트들을 어떤 악의 축처럼 바라보시는 분들이 계십니다.
지금도 여전히 삐딱한 시선으로 뭐든 반대를 위한 반대를 이야기하고,
본인의 잣대로 저희를 판단하는 것으로도 모자라 이곳 저곳에 자신의 판단을 정의인냥 퍼뜨리는 누군가 역시 있습니다.

 But there are people who talk about this fan site’s disposition in a political way as to what kind of side it’s on and also there are people that call for different power/social classes (within kamilias in kara-t)
There are some people who view fansites as the axis of evil.
Still to this day, they disagree on things in a negative way,
And they judge us based on their own standard, and as if that is not enough, there are some who spread their opinions around as if they are justice. 

카라가 좋아서, 카라에게 미쳐서 지난 4년간 아이들이 나타난다고만 하면
아무리 먼 곳이라도 예쁜 모습을 담기 위해 전국 각지를 돌아다녔습니다.
새벽에는 잠 대신 사진 편집, 영상 편집을 택하고, 많은 사람들과의 공유를 택했던 일들과.
우리 카라 어디가나 어깨 펴라고 하루에도 여건이 되면 두세번씩 서포트를 하던 그것이.
크고 작은 행사 가리지 않고 곁에서 응원했던 그런 모든일들이
그저 악의 축이 했던 일들이라면, 누군가에게 쑥덕거림을 들을 이야기라면
더이상 이곳에서 팬사이트를 운영하며 팬질을 할 이유가 없을 것입니다.

 Because I like KARA, because I am crazy about them, the past 4 years, wherever the girls would show up,
Even if it was far away, I wanted to be able to capture their moments so I went around anywhere in Korea.
At dawn I chose editing pictures and/or videos over sleep, and chose to share with many people.
To let the girls be proud of themselves wherever they went, I would support them two to three times under appropriate conditions.
Whether a big or small festival, I wouldn’t care and would support the girls and be at their side.  All of these things,
If the axis of evil were going to take credit for that, and I have to deal with people whispering behind my back,
There is no more reason to fanboy/fangirl by running a fansite.

저희를 믿어주셨던 분들께는 많이 죄송하지만, 그 믿음으로 버티기엔 한계선을 너무나도 지나 버렸습니다.
불철주야 시도때도 없이 함께 오래도록 응원하고 싶었습니다.
하지만,응원하는 마음으로 진행하는 서포트마저도 마스터 개인을 위한 것으로 매도당하고
카라티닷컴에 소속되어 있다는 이유 하나만으로 비난받는 회원분들께 저희가 어떻게 계속 함께 응원하자 손을 내밀 수가 있을까요?
팬 문화 가운데 수많은 길 중 하나의 길이었던 일이 팬덤을 망치는 악의 축이 되어버린 일개 팬들은 이제 원하시는 대로 사라져 드립니다.
일개 팬 몇몇이 사라져도 유지될 팬덤이겠지요. 다양성 중 하나만 사라질 뿐입니다.
아름답게 팬질하십시오.

I am very sorry to those who have trusted me, but despite that faith, the border has been crossed too much already.
I wanted to support (KARA) night and day, anytime for a long time.
But, the supports that are organized through genuine hearts to cheer the girls, were judged as if I was doing it for my own good.
And how can I tell the (kara-t) members to continue supporting the girls with us (he/she and other head people)  when they are being bashed at just because they are a member of kara-t?
Among the fan culture, there are many roads and the axis of evil fans wanted to walk the way where they wanted to destroy a fandom. As you (axis of evil fans) wish, it (kara-t) is disappearing.
This is a fandom (kamilia) where it will continue even if few fans disappear. Among many varieties of fans, only one type is going away.
Fanboy/fangirl beautifully.

갑작스럽게 닫는 죄송함을 조금이나마 덜고자 당분간 자료게시판들은 열람가능한 상태로 유지될 예정입니다.

Sorry for closing all of sudden. To make it a little better, the boards will be open for a while.  
*the italics were my notes that will hopefully help you to understand easier. Sorry it took some time, it was like translating 3 pgs of essay.
*As you guys can probably tell, the administrator seems he/she had a really hard time. So please, respect his/her opinion. 

Original Source: KARA-T

It's sad. It's quite difficult to run a site where there are so many varying opinions. Like the admin said, despite our biases.. the one thing we have in common is our support for KARA and that should be the most important.

[Vid] 11.10.24. Sukkiri! + translations.

Hospitality service for KARA no.3
Wentz: What would you like to do today?
KARA: We want to be relaxed/soothed. 
So they came to Epson Shinagawa Aqua Stadium.
On the escalator, Wentz asks them if they ever had fish as pets. Ji Young says yes, goldfish. When Seung Yeon answers about what kind she had, she says, “These little ones.”
They all freak out about the manta ray. Nicole says she’s touched one. [or at least I think it’s Nicole’s voice] Hara points to the sawfish and says, “This is dangerous.”
Wentz: It’s good that we have 2 cameras because we end up splitting up.
They go crazy over the penguins.
Announcer: Apparently, KARA has a special reason to get excited over the penguins.
Wentz: Terry-san, KARA has the “Penguin Dance,” right?
Ji Young, Seung Yeon: Oh, that’s right!
After the dance, Ji Young asks the penguins to dance it. 
Terry has called a special guest. It’s Pucchi, a 19 year old sea lion. He’s been performing for 6 years.
Wentz: Hey, Nicole won’t… Terry-san! Nicole… Nicole won’t go up to him. Nicole! Nicole!
Announcer: Nicole seems to be quite scared of Pucchi. On the other hand, the other members get all excited about Pucchi.
After Pucchi stands on one fin, Nicole seems to show an interest in him. She shakes his fin, and Wentz says, “Hehehe, how scared are you.” [Her upper body is leaning forward, but her legs stay planted. He says something like “how much of your hips do you have pulled back,” basically calling her out on her chicken-ness.] But it seems like Wentz is also scared of Pucchi. Seung Yeon tells him to man up.
Hara makes a little wordplay joke and says, “Iruka wa iruka” (Are there any dolphins). Terry says, “She’s saying something funny.”
They go to the dolphin trainer to learn some signals for the dolphin’s tricks.
Seung Yeon: Dance for me~!
After Hara’s turn, Terry says, “He/she sounded good.”
Wentz: Terry-san, there are some here too.
Terry: Excuse me, please give them some raw fish.
Ji Young: We’re good.
After watching the dolphin show:
Hara: This was my first time seeing it. So I was surprised.
Seung Yeon: The jump so suddenly, so I was really surprised and I thought, “this can’t be real.”
Ji Young: I really enjoyed it. (Lit. I was really soothed.) I was surprised and touched.
Nicole: They jumped really high and I was surprised that they could do that.
Gyuri: I really enjoyed it. (Lit. I was really soothed.) Thank you. 
At the end, Gyuri talks about Super Girl [btw, Supergirl’s name is Kara. Coincidence?]
Gyuri: It’s going to be a bright album full of joy and hope. Please look forward to it. I also hope that you will watch over our transformed selves.
Cr: Superior Music @ Tumblr

*OMG that's right! Supergirl's name is KARA.. wonder if that's a coincidence or on purpose?

[Tweet] Ahh Shark...!! + Back in Korea

We've arrived in Korea! Time sure is fast! Thank you everyone! This time we went to Osaka, it was fun! We'll be back soon so wait for us, okay? ^^ A picture! Surprise!! ^^ How is it!!


cr: kara tweets @ Twitter.

We've reached Korea!!>_< Now for grapes and a cup of tea!! Thank you ^^ The weather is taking "cold" to a whole new level! From now, it's slowly time to whip out those parkas, right, www guys! Beware of the flu!! Even though I myself already caught it wwww Ufufu -_-;; www 
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[Tweet] Can't sleep..

Original tweet: 

아 ..잠이안와 뭐지이거 ... ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ ねむれないんです;; 何だよこれ。。 寝たいのに( ̄(工) ̄)

Japanese portion: I can't sleep ;; What is this.. Although I want to sleep ( ̄(工) ̄)
CR: Cherrims @ Twitter!

[Info] KARA's 2nd Full Album "Super Girl" Information

 Release on Nov 23, 2011!

Cover A: 

01. ジェットコースターラブ /Jetcoaster Love
02. ウィンターマジック/Winter Magic
03. GO GO サマー!/Go Go Summer
04. ドリーミングガール/Dreaming Girl
05. 今、贈りたい「ありがと う」/I want to send "Thank You" now
06. オンリーフォーユー/Only for You
07. ウィスパー/Whisper
08. ミッシング/Missing
09. Do it! Do it!
10. ガールズビーアンビシャ ス!/Girls, Be Ambitious!

01. "GO GO Summer!" Music Video Clip (Director's Cut)
02. "Love Rollercoaster" Live Performance (CJ Media Japan (Mnet) "JJ'sMstudio")
03. "Winter Magic" Music Video Clip (Close-up Ver.)
04. "STEP" Music Video Clip
05. "Super Girl" shooting jacket off shot
06. "Winter Magic" shot off shooting jacket

Cover B:

01. ジェットコースターラブ /Jetcoaster Love
02. ウィンターマジック/Winter Magic
03. GO GO サマー!/Go Go Summer
04. ドリーミングガール/Dreaming Girl
05. 今、贈りたい「ありがと う」/I want to send "Thank You" now
06. オンリーフォーユー/Only for You
07. ウィスパー/Whisper
08. ミッシング/Missing
09. Do it! Do it!
10. ガールズビーアンビシャ ス!/Girls, Be Ambitious!
Bonus Tracks
11. ミスター/Mister
12. ジャンピン/Jumping
13. STEP

+ 36 page Photo Book

Cover C:

01. ジェットコースターラブ /Jetcoaster Love
02. ウィンターマジック/Winter Magic
03. GO GO サマー!/Go Go Summer
04. ドリーミングガール/Dreaming Girl
05. 今、贈りたい「ありがと う」/I want to send "Thank You" now
06. オンリーフォーユー/Only for You
07. ウィスパー/Whisper
08. ミッシング/Missing
09. Do it! Do it!
10. ガールズビーアンビシャ ス!/Girls, Be Ambitious!
Bonus Tracks
11. ミスター/Mister
12. ジャンピン/Jumping
13. STEP 

CR: iammai &YOBI @ Karaholic & Karaweb

love the red!

[Vid] 11.10.23. Open Concert : STEP

[Vid] 11.10.23. Music Japan


Winter Magic:

[Vid] 11.10.23. KARA at CDTV

[Vid] KARA Beauty Book Making (Full)

Friday, October 21, 2011

[blab] I ♥ this post !!

KARA’s success comes from the SYNERGISTIC efforts of EACH and EVERY members of KARA!!

I have to get something off my chest!! I am fed-up of people  (Kamilia and non-Kamilia) making statements that is pure bullshit and inconsiderate.

The thing that triggers THIS personal rant is some comments of how ‘Hara SINGLE-HANDEDLY’ increases the popularity of KARA …

WTF??! Yes, i admit she is one of the more well-known KARA members, the one with the most number of fans in fancafes or whatnots etc etc… Well, she IS Kara’s VISUAL and human beings are born with the tendency to like or pursue beauty.. so it’s not really surprising, right?
But to claim that Hara or any of your biases SINGLE-HANDEDLY is responsible for the popularity Kara is currently enjoying, is too much! Such statement is audaciously arrogant and inconsiderate.. and very wrong.
IMHO, each KARA member, at some point in time, played a part in their journey to become what they are now - one of the best and well-known Kpop / Hallyu Wave group. And now I feel that it has come full circle - every member has played or are playing their roles in promoting KARA.

During KARA’s hiatus (after SungHee left), everyone except maybe Kamilia newbies know that Seungyeon was relentless in her efforts to keep the KARA name alive, appearing on shows - musical, variety etc (Family Needed, Jpop Wave) She practically did everything to make sure people don’t forget KARA (even though they were inactive as a group).

After getting 2 new members, they began activities as a group. During this time, although each member guested on shows, Nicole outstandingly stepped it up (excuse the pun) through her segment ‘Level With Me’ in Star Golden Bell. SGB is broadcasted on KBS World, which is viewed by many countries outside Korea. Nicole’s cute and dorky antics won her lots of followers (like myself) who also became Kamilias. Then there was also Intro to Vet Science etc…

The third cycle (or phase, call it what u want XD) came via Hara, who shined brightly through her determined character in Invincible Youth. Then the public came to love her and acknowledge her as the visual. Hence, the CFs and magazine shoots followed.

At about the same time, Gyuri (the quiet but formidable leader) made her slow and steady stake on the hearts of more fans through her DJ-stint in ‘Shim ShimTapa’. Then came her casting in the ‘200 Pounds of Beauty’ musical. Gyuri calmly showed everyone (fans and non-fans) that KARA are not just ‘pretty faces’ but they are ambitious and committed individuals who have a lot to offer besides prancing on stage.
And now, like I said, it has come ‘full circle’ with Jiyoung becoming a regular on Invincible Youth 2. With her natural cuteness and bold attitude, I am confident that she too will follow in the footsteps of her unnies and further promote KARA.

With all my arguments above, I believe that each and every members of KARA have contributed to their group’s popularity and success. So, those who want to claim otherwise, present your case first before you do it!!

Because I know other Kamilias feel the same way too. 5=1 makes the BEST FCUKIN FIVE!!
~Peace out~

-taken from colejjang @ tumblr!

thank you!! 

KARA's a group where every member contributed to the rise. We have our biases but supporting the whole group is just as important. The more the fandom grows, it seems like the more the division there is.. I hope we can look that the whole picture. KARA is not KARA without those 5 members, I just remember that feeling of uncertainty earlier this year and it was not good. Be mindful and respectful of all the members. Give credit where it's due, it all goes back to KARA.

[Vid] KARA STEP & Date Rehearsal footage


no gyuri

STEP (no cole):

[Tweet] Nice day for baking

Good afternoon everybody The weather is good good today too


Chocolate honey muffin fufuu. I made banana spice cake too, and it's delicious, but the photo I took of it made it look unappetizing so it's private www...www

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[Vid] Winter Magic PV Making + Cole Translations + DL

twitvid, can't embed:

"I'm not girly to begin with, but I've changed recently. My hair grew longer and I think that gave me confidence `"

Q: What comes to mind when someone says snow?
A: I would say fire, fire! A warm fire! Maybe like a candle.

Q: Any romantic experiences?
A: I would like to have some ~ (laugh) I would like to have some ~!

Q: Please give a message to the Japanese fans!
A: Please give our new song, "Winter Magic" a lot of love. We are working hard so please look forward to it. Please support us. yep!
CR: Superior Music @ twitter.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

[News] KARA is asked why they're more popular than SNSD & 2NE1 in Japan

On the October 19th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘, the MCs treaded some daring waters by asking KARA what they thought was the reasons behind their success in Japan.

The MCs bluntly asked, “We heard that KARA is more popular than both SNSD and 2NE1 in Japan, why do you think that is?”

Leader Gyuri carefully replied, “There’s probably a variety of reasons. SNSD and a lot of other girl groups are also receiving a lot of love in Japan, but they say that our popularity is higher. We’re actually not sure of the reasons ourselves.”

Goo Hara attributed their popularity to their proficiency of the Japanese language stating, “We don’t have an interpreter with us when we go on variety shows.”
The MCs asked back, “Kind of like Ida Daussy in the past then, right?” Another remarked, “So you’re basically a group with five Ida Daussys.”

Note: Ida Daussy is a French woman who moved to Korea in the early 90′s after marrying a Korean and she became a TV celebrity because of her Korean language skills.

After much laughter, the girls continued, “We also adjust to new locations / adapt to new environments really fast. We could probably survive no matter where you place us.”

Source + Photos: TV Report via Naver

lol Gyuri is being modest XD Hara hit though, they know Japanese and adjusted pretty fast to the culture. 


[Vid] 11.10.19. ZIP! Interview + translations

[Vid] 11.10.19. Radio Star Cuts + Translation

lol at the guys....

^^ KARA 4 always makes me a bit emo lol. Cole looks a little sad at the end XD

Monday, October 17, 2011

[Fan] Hyde's "love confession" to Nicole


BUMP (Cole dancing Lol)
Nicole: I’m sorry!!
Hyde: I LOVE YOU!~
Nicole: “not me~” lol 
cr: _KS0717@twitter
tip off: radenoactive @ tumblr
hah so cute, that's how I imagined it happened as well.


Cole's pink bow XD

Sunday, October 16, 2011

[Pic] Nico for Red Vinger Drink (AD?)

cr: shocole_070329 @ twitter!

[Fan] JCL + Honey + PG + Date = Winter Magic

cr: ('0')
Uploader + Christine for the tip

[Fan] Wii Just Dance (Japan) : Mister & Jumping

^^ interesting version of Mister haha.

cr:  07hatsukoi @ youtube.

this is cool though.

[News] L'Arc~en~Ciel Hyde's embarrassing moment with KARA Nicole

During the October 14 broadcast of Music Station, JRock L'Arc~en~Ciel and KPop KARA were both guests. Hyde tells us of an embarrassing moment that happened when they were together in a previous M.Station show.

Hyde said that Nicole was very lively and accidentally bumped into him. She quickly apologized with "Sumimasen" (Japanese for I'm sorry). Wanting to say "It's OK" in Korean (gwaenchanhayo), he accidentally said "Sarangheyo" which meant I love you. He didn't realize it at once, but when he did he felt embarrassed.

Nicole said that she remembers that incident, when she said "Sumimasen" and he said "Sarangheyo", she was surprised and thought perhaps he was talking to someone else or she didn't hear it correctly.

Source: JrockvsKpop

I was waiting for a direct translation :) How funny. I wonder if Cole knows who was talking to her at the time lol

Saturday, October 15, 2011

[Tweet] Uh Oh

My mobile phone... ㅜㅜㅜㅜ Is it good-bye like this? ㅜㅜㅜ "Painful", I say!!!

CR: Cherrims @ Twitter. 

ah guys I took it out too late it was already on TT I think it was my fault and missed the timing TT I think my phone is across the river now...

(across the river meaning, it died, to "heaven" kind of)  

cr: Kara tweets

[News] How Idols Live Abroad

KARA and 2NE1 use hotels. Although temporary, the cost in comparison with efficiency is good.” 

Idols that have recently debuted in Japan in the last year or so tend to grab hotels as a means for lodging. This is because they don’t have long periods of actives in Japan at a time. Whenever activities pop up, these groups come visit for shorter periods of time. However, with each group, which hotels they choose and how they use them are a bit different. 

Kara and 2NE1 in particular use a designated hotel. In Kara’s case they have a long-term contract with a well known hotel in Akasaka. When Kara decides to stay in Japan, this hotel agreed to  provide them their designated rooms and not take guests in rooms around them. For meals, they usually take use of hotel meals, eat where they are carrying out their activities, and sometimes go out for Korean at Akasaka or Shinjuku.

cr: soompi

pftt. SNSD has a villa in Japan AND a maid that cooks for them.. what the heck UMJ and DSP ..

LOL I know KARA aren't staying in shacks. But I thought it'd be nice to have some sort of residence there since they will be going back and forth to Japan for probably their whole careers. So the girls don't feel like they are just living out of their suitcases in hotel rooms, it would be nice to have place where they can feel like it's somewhat a home :) Besides, KARA saves DSP money by not dorming in Korea. KARA's done a lot and I don't it's too much to want the girls to be treated like princesses.. well I don't think it is.
Saw Gyuri's tweet to Eujung that KARA will be in Japan for a month...

Friday, October 14, 2011

[News] Japanese girl group Perfume close friends with SNSD & KARA

Japanese girl group Perfume recently attended a press conference on the 14th for the 2011 Asia Song Festival (ASF) held at the Inter-Burgo Hotel in Daegu.

The girls who were at the event representing Japanese artists revealed, “We met SNSD at a music program we both participated in and we became close. We e-mail each other from time to time.”

They continued, “We’re also close with KARA. We threw a party before coming to Korea for the ASF and invited KARA to join us… KARA suggested we introduce ourselves at the ASF in Korean but we’re not sure if we can do it well. Ji young cheered us on a lot before we came.”
Perfume is a popular Japanese group who have sold at least 300,000 copies of each of their albums since 2008.

The Asia Song Festival is a large banquet held for the top artists of 6 different Asian nations, and this year is especially noteworthy as both the ASF and the ‘World Athletic Championships‘ are being held for the first time in the city of Daegu. Singer G.NA was invited to the ASF as an ‘Influential Artist of Asia‘.

Other artists such as Super Junior, SNSD, Lee Seung Gi, B2ST, miss A, U-KISS, will attend the festival to commemorate the event. Perfume and AAA from Japan, Peter Ho from Taiwan, Leo Kufrom Hong Kong, Bibi Chow from China, and Tata Young are also scheduled to perform at the festival. The festival will be held at Daegu Stadium on October 15th.

Source & Image : MoneyToday via Nate

[Twet] HaNi hanging out!

Niko niko (smiling) Nicole and harahara (thrilling) Hara! (Laughs) Funnn <3 
CR: Cherrims @ Twitter!

[Vid] KARA on Music Station

Full Cut:

Thursday, October 13, 2011


KARA‘s beauty tutorial DVD has grabbed 1st place on Japan’s Oricon Charts!

On October 12th, KARA released their DVD, ‘KARA’s All About Beauty‘, which immediately placed 1st on the Oricon Daily Charts. Their success also continued onto the next day.

While grabbing 1st place on the Oricon is always exciting, this achievement is even more notable because the DVD was unrelated to the singers’ activities. Oftentimes, Korean singers rank on the Oricon DVD charts with music video collections, but in KARA’s case, they managed to grab top spots with a beauty manual.

‘KARA’s All About Beauty’ sells as a book in Korea, and as a DVD and book in Japan. In it, the members reveal their beauty secrets for girls between the age range of 10 and 20.

Congratulations, ladies!


Source: 10Asiae via Nate
Cr: AK

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

[Vid] Heyx3 & Angel's Beauty Shop Salon Eng Subbed

HaNi went to go eat Hot Pot at their house.. so close :)

Cole's Ideal:
 "I like someone with a boyish face, but when he smiles becomes cuter. Like, someone who is nice when only walking with me; someone I can go on a simple date with. "

[Gifs] ETN KARA @ KIA CF Filming (Nicole)


haha I love her reaction afterwards :)

[Vid] KARA's All About Beauty (Nicole Cut)

no idea what she's talking about.. 

I need to see the making of Video..

cr: firewater07@ KH

[Vid] Radio Star Preview + Translations

really like Cole's look here :)

KARA RS preview trans/summarized
(dont trust my trans too much tho cause its snippets of talking so i dont really know whats going on, oh other than that KYUYEONs so freaking cute)

Yoon Jongshin: New DJ Jo Kyuhyun!
KH: I don't know, how should I know? (to Gura)
YJS: He is very eager to challenge people
Text: As soon as he comes, he is very mean to Gura... but to guests he is very shy
Text: He makes Gura jealous
KH: It says right here that you were jealous >//<
KARA: Hello we are KARA~
YJS: They welcomed themselves in to this show
YJS: So outsides, date, on stage, date, date, date everywhere
HR: "I don't really know what to do"
(This part might be HR talking about Junhara~)
Text: [What do do... <3] Pink (meaning romantic) story

YJS: Let's say 2nd kara crisis happened
JY: Gyuri unnie
SY to Cole: You are...
GY to Hara: Yah, change your chejil (Thats what I hear at least. I think gyul said change your body type cause Hara never gains weight?)
Text: Release your past happenings with your body
Text: Radio star & KARA's first meeting 

cr: iamme_yoon @ twitter.

Monday, October 10, 2011

[Vid] Winter Magic PV Teaser

where's the HD? XD

[Vid] Winter Magic PV Preview + BTS from News

[Vid + Cap] Winter Magic Teaser + Caps

Fan recorded this from TV:
cr: MIDNIGHTWRX @ twitter

[News] Does David Oh have a crush on KARA’s Nicole?

On October 8th, singer David Oh had a fan meeting at the Hongdae Rolling Hall in Mapo, Seoul. During the event, the singer was asked what his ideal type would be like. David responded with, “My ideal type changes frequently.”

He cautiously continued, “However, I do like women with bobbed hairstyles.”  Guest Noh Ji Hoon, who accompanied David, candidly revealed, “He likes KARA‘s Nicole.”  David was startled by Ji Hoon’s unpredicted response and quickly explained, “I like cute girls.” Uncharmed, the MC immediately replied, “Which still means that you like Nicole.”

As the fan meeting progressed, Noh Ji Hoon complimented David by saying, “He’s a really innocent and kind guy” to which David responded, “Ji Hoon is really cool hyung, but he does have that bad guy aura.”

Lastly, Noh Ji Hoon finished off the meeting with, “David is practicing really hard.  He’s going to show a new side to himself that will blow you away, so please anticipate his upcoming work.”

Source + Photos: tvreport
Tip: elisac0

On 8th of October, Korean singer, David Oh, had an amazing fan meet at Hongdae Rolling Hall in Mapo, Seoul. During the meet, he was asked who his ideal type was and David answered vaguely with, “My ideal type changes frequently.”

In a cautious manner, he continued, “However, I do like women with bobbed hairstyles.” Guest Noh Ji Hoon, who accompanied the star, wittily revealed, “He likes Kara’s Nicole.” David was shocked by Ji Hoon’s unpredicted confession and quickly explained, “I like cute girls.” Without a blink, the MC immediately replied, “Which still means that you like Nicole.”

As the fan meet went on, Noh Ji Hoon complimented David by saying, “He’s a really innocent and kind guy” to which David replied, “Ji Hoon is really cool hyung, but he does have that bad guy aura.”
Finally, Noh Ji Hoon ended the meeting with, “David is practicing really hard. He’s going to show a new side to himself that will blow you away, so please anticipate his upcoming work.” Seems like a good guy for Nicole!
CR: Ningin

Sunday, October 9, 2011

[Tweet] Back in Japan!

It's been a while, Japan!! The weather is good too... it'll start soon! Everyone, have you prepared? ^^(laugh)
cr: KARA Tweets @ Twitter

whoo hoo

[Vid] Nicole's Paradise


[Vid] 11.10.06. Mcountdown BTS (Nicole)

[Vid] 11.10.09. KARA on Diet Survival Bigstory

aww.. I thought this might be awkward but the girls really were very nice and gave them tips about diet and health. Cole even demonstrated a Pilates pose ahah. They stayed after and chatted with the contestants and gave them autographs etc.

[Scan] KARA in Inkigayo Magazine (Oct 2011 ed)


really like this pose.
but who smiles around police tape lol

[Vid] 11.09.11. Dream Team 2 (KARA cut)

Cole's reaction lol. 
bet the girls are used to her doing that :P

[Vid] 11.10.09. Inkigayo: STEP & Egg Song

^^ OMG "KARA FOREVER" was super nice aww :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

[Info] David Oh likes Nicole?!!

He was at his fan meeting on the 8th when he was asked who was his Ideal type. He said it keeps changing, he likes girls with short hair. He likes Nicole. He likes the "cute style".


ooh... Nicole.. I wonder if they will meet. He's from San Francisco btw.

[Tweet] Thanks for the B-Day Gifts!!

Thank You!! I'll work hard towards cooking and workout harder^^!!lol I'll eat and gain a lot of weight kekekeke merong^ I received all your gifts!! Thanks for sending them to me!! I'm surprised!!


Trans: Kara Tweets 

I bet what prompted Nicole to say she'll eat more is because she read all the fan messages haha.

[Vid] 11.10.02. Cultwo Radio STEP & Interview (Nicole fancam!!!)

omg.. thanks Kansai :)

STEP fancam:


tip off: firewater07@KH


[Vid] 11.10.08. Musc Core: STEP

Oh Black & White. Club stage haha.

Cole's dance break.. the last move.. that's from Infinite's Paradise..shout out to Infinite haha
she must be getting  friendly with them to do that :)

[Vid] 11.10.08 We Got Married Kara cut + translations

Oh ... the MC lady in the studio is like Nicooollee!! haha

side note: wow Cole and Bora <3!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

[News] Record companies to fight for KARA in Japan

KARA‘s contract with their Japanese music label will officially end soon.

The girls have experienced some explosive popularity in Japan, and according to a entertainment insider, KARA’s contract with Universal Music Japan only requires them to release one additional album.
Other rival labels who have gotten wind of the news are swiftly trying to seal a new contract with the girls.
Hallyu management officials stated in detail, “Taking into consideration their fame in Japan along with their album sales to date, it would be easy for them to sign a contract for at least $8.5 million over three years“.

KARA is currently promoting in Japan under ‘Universal Music Japan’ but their contract with the music label will end early next year. Universal pitched an idea to KARA’s agency DSP Entertainment, requesting to lengthen the contract for another year or two, and they’re currently in negotiations.

The details of their new contract have not been revealed, but those in both the Korean & Japanese Entertainment industry are fully aware that because KARA is the hottest Hallyu idol in Japan right now, their demands will most likely be high & specific. Still, rival labels are making their best effort to offer KARA a better deal. They know the value of KARA in the Japanese entertainment market. Insiders believe that with their current status in Japan and the number of albums sold, they would require to be paid at least  $2.5 million per year. ”As a whole, their annual sales from Japanese promotions alone probably equal close to $42 million… A cool $2.5 million annually should be easy.”

But not only are the girls the hottest girl group in Japan, they hold the records for most albums sold by a Korean artist. Their singles “Jetcoaster Love” as well as “Go Go Summer” both sold over 200,000 copies, and their “Mister” ringtone were downloaded by 750,000 consumers back in March. Thus, the girls were given the label ‘Triple Platinum’ by the Recording Industry Association of Japan.

The girls are constantly being asked to be featured on programs and guest-star on others, but they cannot accept all of the offers because they simply do not have enough time for all of them. KARA promoted their new track for three short weeks in Korea, but proved that was enough time for them to seize the #1 spot on several music charts. KARA’s last performance was on SBS Live InkigayoGo-green Concert with UN CCD‘. They performed more ambitiously during this performance than any other, perfectly nailing their hip dance for their title track, “STEP“.

KARA’s “STEP” was an all-kill, topping the charts of Mnet’s M! Countdown as well as others. In the first two weeks of their comeback, their song was #1 on five different music programs.
The girls have wrapped up their three-week promotions in Korea and are preparing for their next Japanese single. Their teaser for “Winter Magic” has already been released in Japan.
Source & Image : Newsen via Nate


wow.. I'm just remembering the feelings of their first year of promotions.. TT 

Get it girls!!

[News]September's Best Selling Albums, KARA #1

Girl group KARA is finally number one on domestic soil.

The numbers for the girls' third album "STEP" are out, according to GAON Charts.

After having been released on September 6th, STEP sold 97,667 copies during the month of September, making them the number one album for the month.

The title song of the same title also achieved great results. "STEP" placed number two for September's Combined Digital Chart and number one on the September Downloads Chart with 1,719,950 downloads.

Compared to other girl groups, KARA was the second girl group to hit number one on the monthly album chart, following 2NE1. Also, they're the first girl artist or group to sell over 90,000 hard copy albums, In fact, the numbers are continuing to rise with the 100,000 mark right around the corner.

GAON Charts calculates album sales, buy subtracting the amount of albums left in storage of the music production companies from the total albums initially produced.

Source: KBS 

[B-Day Tweet] Truly Blessed

Thought of the day: I'm truly a blessed person. ^^ Really thankful to all my precious family, friends, Kamilias who wished me happy birthday!! Seriously seems like this is the best birthday I've ever had so far. I'm so happy ^^ !!

cr: aank1 @ twitter!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

[Vid] KARA on Guerilla Date (Eng Subbed)

[Cap] KARA's STEP #1 selling album for the month of September

cr: gaonchart

97,6667 Copies!! by far KARA's fastest selling album.. daebak!!

[Audio] Sparks Fly - Nicole (Taylor Sparks cover) download

for those that want it to loop lol. 

This was ripped from the video I downloaded. I included the clapping at the end XD

[Fan] Nicole's Birthday Fan Arts