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[Pics] Nicole SOLO KAPPA Summer 2012 (HQ)

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[Tweet] Gone.

Gone, gone. It's my fault.. Ah, my heart hurts..

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

[Tweet] Sleep, Ice Cream, & The Little Mermaid

 Yesterday I slept really early.. just rolling around for an 1 hour  ㅠㅠ I want to make ice cream so now I'm looking for the ingredients on the internet ... looks like I won't get sleepy again..??ㅜㅜ

 With The Little Mermaid since morning..I can take a nap later..the moment when first met Prince Eric^^ the little mermaid^^ wish i had beauty and the beast


End ! earlier I forgot the picture again ke

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[Vid] 2012 Dream Concert: STEP

[News] Kara’s Nicole Bakes Homemade Muffins for A-Jax

Kara’s Nicole surprised A-Jax not only by visiting the members on set, but by bringing them homemade muffins.
On May 30, two pictures of Nicole with the A-Jax members were uploaded onto A-Jax’s official Facebook site. 
The captions read, “A-Jax received homemade muffins made personally by Nicole! On this day, Nicole visited the music video set with Earl Grey muffins with lots of white chocolate chips. :D The A-Jax members deliciously ate them all.”

Despite her busy schedules after completing her Japanese activities, Nicole visited the music video set with homemade goodies to cheer on her younger colleagues as they worked hard towards their debut. 

To thank Nicole, the A-Jax members said, “Nicole’s support means a lot to us. We strive to be a group that will receive as much love as Kara does.”

A-Jax will make its official debut on June 2 with its song One 4 U.

Photo Credit: A-Jax Official Facebook
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[Pics] KAPPA Summer 2012 (Nicole)


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

[Tweet] Diet Tips

 JINWOON: Ah! I wanted to upload the picture of the food Changmin hyung made but I just ate it right away. kekeke Changmin hyung I ate well kekeke

CHANGMIN @ JINWOON: You have stowed away 2 bowls of brown rice, chicken breast and 2 eggs~ You're my younger brother indeed kekeke Your appetite is the same as hyung's. Lovely kekeke. Compared to white rice, brown rice is good for diet so I stuffed 2 bowls of brown rice kekeke
NICOLE @ CHANGMIN & JINWOON:  You're 2AM's dad ! kekekeke Oppa I want to know diet tips too ^^ huhu ”

CHANGMIN @ NICOLE & JINWOON: You can cook well too though!!!! ㅠ

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[Audio] 12.05.27. KARASIA Japan Last Talk + Rock U (Eng subbed)

[Tweet] JiNi support for A-JAX

Jiyoung: Our new addition to DSP family A-JAX teaser came out!! finally came out boys group!!!!!! the hottest group so please give them lots of love!!!! 

Nicole: A-JAX fighting ! Let me be the one for you ~ 에이젝스화이팅 ! Let me be the one for you

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[Tweet] Curry Rice Delivery for PD Jaeho


All of a sudden came delivery of Nicole's curry rice haha. i will eat it well~ Seungyeon-a Hara-ya Gyuri-ya Jiyoung-a ~~ Cori sent me curry~~~

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Seems like Cole does food deliveries on her free time :P

[Fan] 12.05.12. Nicole @ 2012 Dream Concert by Nicole-ing


Monday, May 28, 2012

[Update] New KAPPA 2012 Summer Photos

[Fan] Fan with KARA BTS of KARASIA


Fan with her photo with KARA :

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[Tweet] TT

How can my face be this swollen?

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

[Tweet] Ms. Shirley Tweets after KARASIA


It seems today we will finally see the dream that we used to imagine while leaving US to Korea~~! Thank you very much~! Our fairies who ended it safely had worked really hard!! 
Admirable and pretty

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Thanks ron!!

KARA & their parents <3!!

[Trans] 12.05.27. Nicole's Final words @ KARASIA

 Everyone~ *laughs* Today is really really really really the last, yes. I don't want to accept it. During the first time we came to Japan, we didn't know if we could even have a concert in Japan. But thanks to all of our fans, we were able to make it this far  and are really grateful. I want to be with you all forever. We don't know how far we can make it, but we want to go as far as we can. Thank you for taking good care of us. We will put in the effort to try our best to keep the love that everyone has for us, to not disappoint and to make you all happy. We are not perfect, but we are so grateful for everyone to love us the way we are. Thank you very much.

Translated by : JungNicoleLove @ Karaholic 

Read the other member's words @ KARAHOLIC

[Tweet] After final show of KARASIA in Japan

To be able to dance and sing in front of all of you.. That's my joy ^^
Always, thank you >_< For we can meet again soon...!

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Pretty much sums up Cole there.

[Pics] KARASIA in Japan, Final Show Pictures (No logo, but smaller)

[Pics] KARASIA Final in Japan HQ with LOGO


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[News] Kara Completes First Japanese Tour with 150,000 Fans

On May 26 and 27, Kara finished off its first Japanese tour titled Karasia at the Saitama Super Arena.

Kara’s concert tour began in April, starting in Yokohama and continuing onto Osaka, Nagao, Fukuoka, Tokyo, and ending in Saitama, visiting six cities with a total of twelve sold out concerts and 150,000 audience members. 


In addition, the last concert held at the Saitama Super Arena on May 27 was broadcasted live in sixty movie theaters all around Japan. The tickets were all sold out for the theater event, showing just how popular the girls of Kara are.

At the concerts, Kara showcased its Japanese hit songs such as Jet Coaster Love, Go Go Summer, Speed Up, and each member held individual performances, showing the audience a variety of stages.

Popular Japanese stars, such as AKB48, Ashida Mana, Aoyama Thelma, Terry Ito, Suzuki Emi, Wentz Eiji, were in attendance at the Tokyo and Saitama concerts, enjoying Kara’s performances. 


Also, Kara had sold 800,000 copies of its second album, Super Girl and released a special edition version in celebration of its Japanese Tour. The special edition is closing in on selling a million copies, highlighting Kara’s popularity in Japan.

Meanwhile, Kara, who has successfully finished its Japanese concert tour, will return to Korea and will focus on individual activities.

Photo Credit: DSP Media
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[Vid] 12.05.28. News Coverage: Final KARASIA in Japan

[Fan] Lucky JKamilia with KARA from KARASIA


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I think this was for their Honey stage when they pick out fans to play with.

[Info] KARASIA In Saitama (Last show)

I heard that JiYoung's dad, Hara's dad, Nicole's mom, Gyuri's parent had came to today's Karasia.

Today's Karasia, Nicole said "I didn't think that we had such concert for two years after making debut in Japan."

And Nicole said "Though we are not perfection, thank you for still loving us."

And Nicole said "I would like to be with Kamilia. Since we'll do our best, please be with us!"
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[Audio] 12.05.27. KARASIA in Saitama: Ending Talk + Rock U

superkarafan who took this audio said he will be subbing this, so watch out for it!

[Fan] 12.04.15. KARASIA Fancams by Gilproduction all posted!

Rest of the fancams @ GILPRODUCTIONS @ YOUTUBE

[Tweet] Inside Saitama Arena before KARASIA Japan Last show

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[Fan] JKamilia Photo Session @ KARASIA in Saitama Fancam

looks like a graduation photo lol

[Fan] 12.05.27. JKamilia Family Photo @ KARASIA in Saitama


[Tweet] Before the last KARASIA in Japan

Today is everyone's day! Very soon..!

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

[Fan] Wentz Eiji Filming @ KARASIA in Saitama


[Tweet] Nicole replies to Jonghyun's Tweet

Jonghyun's tweet: I also want to just go on fansites and look at fancams and fanpics but I don't have an ID so I can't see most of them. How sad. I wish they would make me a joint ID. Home masters, level me up too. 

Nicole @ Jonghyun: Euhahaha how cute, oppa kekekekeke I know your feelings. Merong.

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[Fan] KARA Legs Wear


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This is real...

[Fan] Nicole Army @ KARASIA Saitama


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First Gyuri, now Nicole.. look at the little girls at the front aww lol.

Friday, May 25, 2012

[Pics] 12.05.21. KMW in Google by AKPF



[Pics] 12.05.21. Nicole @ MBC-Google KPOP Red Carpet

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[Tweet] Morning Greetings!

I woke up early >_< We have come to Saitama! Dokidoki!!! Is everyone ready? We'll meet later! ^^ I wanna see you already!!

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[Fan] 12.05.21. BTS of Korean Music in Google


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lol Sy holding Jing's head.

[Pics] Nicole @ Gimpo Airport : Off to last KARASIA Concerts in Saitama


got a lollipop!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

[Tweet] Disney Nostalgia

Ah lately I'm falling into Disney again .. Disneyland where I used to go at least once per year when I was a kid ㅜㅜ Just wait I will go soon ㅠㅠ

Re tweeted this quote from @Disneywords, "What could be more important than a little something to eat? –Pooh”

If Pooh really existed, it seems he will be able to play really well