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Sunday, August 24, 2014

[Vid/Instagram/Tweet] Nicole Does ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Nominates Fans

Hello this is Nicole. I'm glad to be able to participate in the ice bucket challenge. Since my korean is lacking I write this instead. Please give interest to the ALS campaign for the patient! the people that i challenge are! 1)@RyuJinA0523 2)@Lupin_kmn 3)@_770502

Translated by yooniqda_
She nominated 3 lucky fans ;) !

Saturday, August 23, 2014

[Fan] Nicole Sighting at a Salon Pictures

src | dc gallery

The person said he was at a salon in Cheongdam and saw Nicole in the yard playing with two dogs for about an hour.

[Vid] Lim Nominates Nicole for the ALS Challenge

I hope we find a cure for ALS! My heart goes out to all of the people who are going through this. Thank you 소향언니 & Billy오빠 @woo_billy! I challange @_911007nicole @su115kr & #exochen

I did see that Jinwoon nominated a "Jung YongJoo", which is Nicole's Korean name but I think he mentioned the actress not Nicole. I'm not entirely sure though.. XD

I was wondering if Nicole was going to get asked because several of her close friends have done it. I saw that Gyuri and SeungYeon were challenged as well :)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

[Tweet/Instagram] #aerialyoga


[Nicole-as] 14.08.22. Nicole Update @ Nicole-as Translations

Hello everyone, including me! 
How are you lately?
Right now I am doing fine..
I recently gained fat and need to work hard again..Tonight I feel like ..eating, but only can eat according to my new menu.
On my leisure days I work on Aerial Yoga and pilates as well!
After I finished today at 10AM I immediately took a photo.. it's not easy ahh w. I hope my shoulders will grow stronger and stronger.
It troubles me that there are a lot of dances move I still can't do.. however I will take it slowly.
Now autumn is approaching, I can't believe it. Of course I like it! During Autumn I like Aster Tataricus the most! 
Strong winds are coming and you can easily get the flu.. so everyone please take care of yourselves and don't catch a cold!
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src | nicole-as

[Instagram] Beet Ravioli


신매뉴 beet ravioli.@mamamiyacooks #mamamiya 대박.쩔어.포장원츄

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

[Instagram] Aerial Yoga & Birk


aerial yoga on a rainy day


new drink#birksap

[News] 14.08.20. Eric Nam working with Nicole

KpopStarz: Can you tell me about any future projects or collaborations that you have in the works?

Eric Nam: I don’t have anything I can talk about. Hopefully, I will have an album out by the end of the year. I do a lot of guide vocals for the group Boyfriend. I am also working with 100% and Nicole Jung from KARA. Seeing them in the studio, helping them while they learn from me and vice versa, is a lot of fun. Hopefully, we will have more to come.

src | Kpopstarz

tip off | awesome fan here at the blog :)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

[Instagram] #njDuke & #njJasper: Between Brothers

#njDuke #njJasper #australianshepherdofinstagram #australianshepherd #aussiepup #australianshepherdpuppy 형제끼리

Thursday, August 14, 2014

[Nicole-ing] 14.08.14. Hello Everyone (Nicole-ing Message Translations) + Update ?

You guys are still doing well, aren't you?
It's raining today..
Finally Fall is coming?!!! I came to chat after a long time ^^ haha

I have had Mukuenji, Samgyeopsal, Kimchijjim and now am taking a short rest before going to the next schedule.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

[News] Gyuri's Message to Kamilia

I didn't know how to start this, so I wrote and erased multiple times. I decided to talk about a few personal things. To be honest, I thought a lot, about what I should do with my emotions, how should I talk about it, when should I talk about it, how much of it should I say, or even if I should say anything at all, or if I should just hold my emotions until the showcase.

But I'm writing this because waiting until then is too hard on me. I don't know how many times I wanted to write or reply and decided not to.. I thought it was the best not to say much, but from time to time, if no one says anything, it just brings more pain. Everything that I told you at the fanmeeting was something I was able to say because there was a premise that the new member would not be an official member, but a guest member. As we said in the fanmeeting, because of conditions of the broadcast and such, we couldn't say things directly, but we were certain in our hearts. We said to trust us and that we would not disappoint you. We were sincerely confident not to disappoint, so we said that.

But a few days later, the situation changed again.. And even though I spoke with confidence, I disappointed you unintentionally. If that was the case from the beginning, I wouldn't have said that, but it looked like I was just avoiding the situation.. The best that I mentioned is now changed to some other tone and is being spread, but I think that is my fault because I didn't talk earlier about things that made your imagination spread. That's why this happened.

In any case, at the end at the point where we are bringing in a new member, I was also someone's fan, I loved them until death, I cried a lot, I hated a lot, and I loved a lot, so I know how you would feel when a new member comes in and when you see that stage. There will be those who accept it well, some who really hate it, and some who will just feel weird, and I'll just have to accept all those emotions.

I don't think I can impose on anyone. It's how people feel. But the members should at least protect each other. I'm going to work really hard on stage for this album. I think that's the only answer right now and that's the only thing I can think of. I hope everyone can stop hurting... Everyone, be healthy.


[Instagram] JYJ Concert

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

[Fan] 14.07.22. Nicole's Autograph to Cheongdam Animal Hospital


tip off: everkara

The post says Cole posts many pics of her dogs on SNS, so they must be very happy. They heard Nicole is going solo and they hope she'll have cool/ good songs.

Nicole's new autograph..

[Magazine] Teenage Magazine Chooses Nicole to be Seohyun's "Roommate" (July 2014)

Seohyun and Nicole:

Seohyun and Nicole are part of '91 posse (artists born in 1991) and they've been fast friends ever since being introduced a few years back. The girls have even been caught goofing around on camera onstage no less. They're super cute together and since Nicole gets along with the other members as well, we're sure they'll have a blast.

[Instagram] Nicole with Min & Soyu


Monday, August 4, 2014

[Instagram] njduke's New Sleeping Spot

#njDuke 어느세 내 침대 옆에 자기 구석을 찾은 듀크.. 앞으로도 사진 찍으면 비교 사진들이생기겠지? Duke's new sleeping spot; right next to my bed #australianshepherd #aussiepup