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[Translations] TV Life: Nicole Interview!

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I have good relationship with studying. I never got a score lower than 85 in school.

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[Pics] 13.01.15. The 27th GDA Photos by Asianbreakout

[News] KARA’s Nicole revealed to be considering offers to participate in a ‘world version’ of ‘We Got Married’

KARA‘s Nicole and 2PM‘s Taecyeon are in talks to star in a ‘world version’ of the popular faux-marriage variety program ‘We Got Married‘, according to agencies responsible for both idol groups.

Taecyeon was reported to have been confirmed for ‘We Got Married’ earlier on with the news about the potential leave of Lee Joon-Oh Yeon Seo couple. Although, JYP Entertainment had later denied the news, they have revealed that the idol is actually in consideration for not the regular show, but the ‘world version’.

JYP Entertainment and DSP Media both confirmed that the two idols had received offers from MBC. “We received casting proposals for a world version of ‘We Got Married,” JYP Entertainment said. “But his casting has not been confirmed. We are in discussions with the producers.”

DSP also confirmed the talks, saying, “Although it’s true that she has been considered for a ‘We Got Married’ world version, nothing has been confirmed. We are discussing it with the producers,” they said, echoing JYP Entertainment’s announcement. “It seems like there will be a cast announcement soon.”

The ‘world version’ of the show has been in talks since last year, and once completed, will be broadcast in 41 countries and will include two couples who are from different cultural backgrounds, with one member of the couple from Korea and the other member being someone from overseas.

Source: Newsen via Nate, TVDaily, Dailian

Taken from AllKPOP

Kara’s Nicole was also a contender to appear on the global edition but recently a DSP Media representative stated, “It is true that Nicole received an offer to appear on the show. However, because Kara’s individual activities have not yet been set, we don’t know yet if Nicole can appear on the show or not.”

We Got Married′s Global Version is a giant project MBC has been preparing, and differs from the original We Got Married in that its couples are comprised of Chinese and Japanese stars as well as Korean idol group members.

2PM′s Taecyeon and Kara′s Nicole are currently strong candidates for the show.

Although I do realize that Nicole being on the show might create some unnecessary stress for her and even for fans, I think Nicole deserves to have fun and explore and play around.  It's up to Cole and if she chooses to do this then I trust that she has thought this out and wants to have a new experience. We don't even know, this might be just a couple of eps..

[Fan] 13.01.28. Idol Athletics Championships Fan Photos by 이서란

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[Fan] 13.01.28. Idol Athletics Championships Fan Photos by elcy


[Tweet] Nicole with Nana : Couple Pics


My love Nana~~~ It was great because we were able to meet more often for year end preparation together kekekekekeke

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[Fan] 13.01.28. Idol Athletics Championships Fan Photo by 10bird


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[Fan] 13.01.28. Idol Athletics Championships: DSP/KARA/Rainbow/A-JAX got food for Fans


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yay good amt of fans there it seems to cheer on the girls :)

[Fan] 13.01.28. Idol Athletic Championships Fan Photos


 ^^ LOL



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[Tweet] Before Idols Athletics Filming

Kamilia~~~ see you soon?^^

It's cold so everyone wear warm clothes right??

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Hope Cole's  fansites are there.. :)

[Tweet] Annoying

When one side of earphone is lost it's.truly.very.annoyingㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

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[News] Kara Wins Best Dressed Award at ′24th International Jewellery Tokyo′

Kara picked up a best dressed award at the 24th International Jewellery Tokyo on January 24 after previously being announced as the recipients.

The girl group is the fourth Korean star to receive the award for a fourth year in a row. Lee Byung Hun took the award home in 2010, Won Bin in 2011 and SNSD (Girls’ Generation) last year.

Upon winning the award, the Kara members shared they were happy to receive such a prestigious award as an overseas artist.

They added, “This sort of experience was made possible by all those who love Kara," expressing their thanks.

The International Jewellery Tokyo, now in its 24th year, is Japan’s largest international jewelry trade show.

Kara will next take part in the fashion show of famed wedding dress designer Yumi Katsura on February 20 in Tokyo, where the Kara members will not only perform but also walk down the runway.

src | enewsworld

[Fan] 13.01.24. Japan's International Best Jewelry Wearer Awards Fan Photos by takayan6755



[Fan] 13.01.24. Japan's International Best Jewelry Wearer Awards Fan Photos by karachanz



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[Pics] 13.01.24. Japan's International Best Jewelry Wearer Awards by sportsseoul

[Pics] 13.01.24. Japan's International Best Jewelry Wearer Awards Photos by cinemacafe

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[Vid] 13.01.12. KBS Entertainment Weekly: KARA @ Tokyo Dome (Eng Subbed)

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[Fan] 13.01.15. The 27th GDA's Nicole Fan Photo by Toto

[Pics] 13.01.15. The 27th Golden Disk Awards Photos by Hype Malaysia

[News] KARA’s Nicole kisses her pet in a friendly pose


KARA’s Nicole recently released a picture of herself with her pet. 

On January 20, Nicole uploaded the picture on her Twitter account with the comment, “I haven’t taken pictures with my pet for a long time. He doesn’t want to stare at the camera because he wants to kiss me. This is my pet. Already a week has passed, but I haven’t recovered from the cold yet. Please be careful not to catch a cold! The winter is long.”

In the picture, Nicole is in a friendly pose with her pet in her arms. She’s kissing him and putting her cheek on him, expressing his love to her pet.

People responded: “I envy the dog.” “Nicole is so cute.” “Nicole is so lovely.” “It must be really fun to raise a dog.” “The dog is so cute.” “Nicole is cuter.”

On January 16, Nicole hosted the 27th Golden Disc Awards, which was held at the Sepang International Circuit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa.

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[Tweet] Nicole's B-Day Gift to her Pilates Teacher JuHee

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[Fan] 13.01.15. Nicole @ GDA Press Conference Photo by LUHARU


She looks like she has totally zoned out lol

[Vid] 13.01.015. 27th Golden Disk Awards: Nicole's Sexy Love Performance

[Vid] 13.01.15. 27th Golden Disk Awards: KARA Perf Cut

[Vid] 13.01.15. 27th Golden Disk Awards: KARA recieving Malaysia's Favorite Award & Bonsang Award

[Fan] 13.01.15. MC Nicole tries to hit trolling MC Yonghwa


[Tweet] Mocha Selca


It's been awhile our mocha chino!! why did you not want to take picture with me?ㅜㅜ Keep on avoiding my lips..didn't looking at the camera really...since i'm fail it's just mocha's solo shot keke still haven't recovered from cold even though it's already more than 1 week.. Everyone too please be careful!!! looks like winter still long..

 Fyi the one on the upper side is mocha and the one on the left side is chino ㅎ

Jing @ Nicole:  Really have grown up so much mocha chino 

Nicole @ Jing: You said mocappuccino ㅋㅋㅋ young lady ㅋㅋㅋ ~

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[Fan] 13.01.15. GDA's Nicole with Kris & Chanyeol from EXO


cr | twitter.

Anyone know where I can find the picture.. let me know :)

Side note: Cole seemed to be a big fan of them so this is nice!

[Tweet] Parent Trap


Uhaha so It's also a 1998 movie..interesting bring back memories

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[Info] KARA Update

"It’ll be yet another busy year for KARA; the girls said they’ll be releasing their Japanese album this year and with solo projects taking up their time, they urged their fans to continue supporting them"

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[Fan] 13.01.15. GDA's: Day 1 Fan Acct

Nicole sat down RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! She was slowly struggling down the stairs as she was exhausted. I nearly wanted to let out a hand to help her, but I know that the 237468734 managers there will screw me upside down if I had laid a hair on her.

Her “물 주세요~” was freaking adorable. Poor her, she look so tired but they still had to restart the performance one more time for the fans.

There was a Key-Nicole moment when she was sitting down at the stairs resting. Key held her hand and said something which I couldn’t hear. Probably just encouraging her and stuffs.

Read Full Account HERE

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[Fan] 13.01.15. Golden Disk Awards MC Nicole Fancam

More Fancams HERE

[Fan] 13.01.15. 27th Golden Disk Awards Nicole Per Fan Photo by Yongery


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[Pics] 13.01.15. 27th GDA KARA with their Award