Friday, April 30, 2010

10.04.30 KARA at the Sheraton Fancams

KARA IN LA 043010 PART1 


KARA IN LA 043010 Part 2 

KARA IN LA 043010 Part 6 (LAST) 



credit: rieggosweetaspepper@youtube.


Sheraton Hotel KARA 043810 

credit:  caseydookaay@youtube

100430 Sheraton Hotel 4 

100430 Sheraton Hotel 8 - KARA 

credit:  xblackchristmas @ youtube




10.04.30. Tweets following KARA

Rwonron :  kara left hotel to go sightseeing/tour but nicole promised to be back lol! Huhuhu i missed them again hahaha

HeiHB2010: Okay so from what I heard, KARA already left sheraton. Gyuri and Nicole were taking pictures with fans and giving autographs.


affidare: Just saw KARA's Nicole, Gyuri, and Seungyeon. ADORABLE!!!

KARA's Seungyeon was in a cast :( Nicole was in a cute little purple sweat suit <3 Gyuri's hair was fabulous! Haha

 The girls looked like they came back from shopping~ I got fancam ;x

 @chelleSHOCKd_ got a fancam of KARA when they were arriving earlier~

RosieGaga Just arrived to hotel same time as KARA. THEY ARE SO PRETTY!!

We met KARA!!!!!!

billisamidget I feel bad for Nicole. Terrible mob when #Kara got back. She ran into the Sheraton giftshop where my mum was grabbing hot water.

bingeultinglex ahahaha i have kara nicole's water bottle xD

Rwonron @_karaholic just gave my gift to Nicole. With a letter, also mentioned karaholic in the letter.
imnikky @_911007 I know it was late & you were with friends but thank you for the autograph! I'm really thankful~ Goodluck on your concert @ KMF~!

Nicole in a white tee shirt for Samsung Campaign

credit: Samsung Twitter

So many BTS pics..not complaining just running out of titles lol.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

2 More Pictures of Nicole in Uniform for Samsung

credit: dckara

10.04.29. KARA @ Airport Fan Pictures Galore

More Pictures: Source #1 & Source #2

10.04.29. KARA @ LAX Fancams Galore

Nicole at LAX 


Nicole ordering drinks for the other Kara members @ LAX 

credit: playecfan5244

KARA on their way to the cafe at LAX :] 

KARA chilling at a cafe in LAX 

KARA at LAX cafe 
KARA's Gyuri waves at cafe in LAX 
credit:  simpleandpink @ youtube.

100429 KARA LAX 


credit: sanashimi

KARA from LAX to their bus 

credit: simpleandpink

10.04.29. KARA @ the Sheraton Lobby

credit: &

Cole's with her Grandma aww.. this is so exciting.. hopefully there will be more pictures!


Credit: SAMSUNG twitter.

Nicole & Oh Jung Yeon Cute Picture

Announcer Oh Jung Yeon uploaded the photo of her and Nicole on the set of KBS’ Let’s Go! Dream Team. Along with the picture, Oh Jung Yun also wrote, “It’s been awhile since we’ve met, but Nicole says ‘Jung Yun unnie!!’ and comes into my arms for a hug. Even a year ago, when we took two-shots together, my head used to be smaller. But after her diet, this kiddo’s head is now the size of a fist. She’s really, really pretty and has an even prettier heart.

Credit: AK
Oh so sweet!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

1 more BTS from Samsung Campaign

credit: dckara.

Here we go: Honey Japanese Version

Honey ( Japanese Version) 
credit: uploader

KARA's Japanese Invasion

 ~K ARA signed with Universal Music Japan on April 12 th!

~ Universal Music is already seeking to develop strategy including all TV music programs as well as extensive media appearances, and Debut CD is scheduled to be released in July-August.

~A couple of days ago a Japanese Kamilia stopped by Tower records and took pictures of the elaborate displays for KARA's Special Premium Box for Japan :

~ Today KARA's Special Premium Box makes it to # 7 on the Daily Oricon Charts!

CONGRATS KARA!! So proud, I feel a bit teary :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

KARA on the cover of Mistine Magazine Vol. 11

Credit: withKARA's twitter

I'm excited to see the other promotions for Mistine, heard there is going to be a CF :)

Nicole's Morning Regiment

*Nicole's Morning Regiment:

5:00 AM - Wake up, get ready

6:00 AM - Eat breakfast, cook and pack lunch

7:00 AM - Leave the house & heads for the Gym

7:00 AM - 9:00 AM - Works out at the Gym

9:30 AM - Arrive at the salon

GyulHamCole for Crown Bakery

10.04.27. Cole Tweets Pictures with Grandma :)

I think the grandma that taught her Korean :)

Uhuhuhuhu my grandmother - we look alike, don't we? Kekekekek
translated by: aank1@KH

Monday, April 26, 2010

10.04.27. Moar Samsung BTS Pics

2010 Dream Concert Info

 Hello. This is the DSP staff.
At last, this is the first time in 3 years that all the DSP artists will be performing on Dream Concert.
Anything other than what is being written in this notice is not true, do not believe in them and please, only trust and follow the facts stated here.

1. Dream Concert's seat matter.

b. Kamilia's seat matter: The sections Kamilia will have are the F, M, G, H sections. There are some people who think the H section is for fans of another artist, but that is absolutely not true. The organizers and the company discussed that matter since the beginning and nothing was changed. And there was no talk exchanged with another artist staff. We don't know how rumors like that are floating around but we will assure you once more that the F, M, G and H sections are Kamilia's sections.

3. DSP's unified event support.

-After talks between the DSP artists staff, we decided to have a unified DSP support effort for this Dream Concert and support each other instead of doing separate support activities. It will happen like this.

For example, when SS501 is on stage, Kamilia and Rainbow fans will support them together, with their balloons, light sticks and chants. To all the persons seating inside sections assigned to DSP, we are planning to offer balloons and glowing bracelets to be used on the day. Anyone inside our sections will be forbidden to use support items of other artists. We will inform you more about the support rules in another notice later on.

5. What we want to say.

-We already stated above that this will be the first time that DSP and the fans will be closely collaborating together for a large scale concert. With everyone's effort, let's make this the best performance. All the staff here will do our best to help the fans on that day. No matter what happens, as long as the regulations are followed, we are sure that there will be no problem! We are making this announcement one month in advance and we'll keep preparing everything thoroughly to make sure that we'll see a very successful conclusion. Thank you.

-DSP Staff Dream-

*Some portions were omitted, only information regarding KARA translated*

Source: KARA-T & DSP Media
Translated: Harue @ Karaholic.

Dream Concert Seating Charts:

Pictures of Nicole Pitching from Twinkling

[Pics] HQ Lupin Concept Photos by DSP media

[Vid/ Gifs / News] Samsung Making Video + Gifs + Gyuri Talks about Cole


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

[Fan] BTS Fan Photos from Dream Team Filming

credit: dckara.

[Tweet] Nicole's Pretty Picture From Baseball Game

credit: Cole's twitter

[Random Nicole News] Nicole News Around the Web

2AM JinWoon and KARA Goo Hara’s fishy relationship?

Same-age idols’ KARA Goo Hara and 2AM JinWoon have been misunderstood to have a fishy relationship. KARA Park GyuRi and KARA appeared for the filming of SBS ‘Haha Mong Show’ recently as visiting ‘mothers’ in the corner ‘Please take care of mother’. And together with the MCs Haha and MC Mong, they made a visit to 2AM’s dormitary.

It has been known that Goo Hara and 2AM JinWoon are really close friends and are of the same age. Goo Hara was especially curious when it came to JinWoon’s room and even expressed jealousy knowing that JinWoon is close with Nicole. MC Mong said, “Goo Hara and JinWoon has a fishy atmosphere.”

Goo Hara then refuted, “We are just friends. JinWoon and Nicole are closer.” After which, JinWoon proposed to have a hidden camera ‘A Friend’s Love Confession’. To as how Nicole’s reactions to JinWoon’s confession will be, stay tuned for the show to be aired on 24th April.

Credit: KBITES

Olympic Medalist, Simon Cho, too nervous to speak to KARA's Nicole? 

 On a recent trip to Korea, Olympic medalist, Simon Cho spotted Nicole from Kara, but was unable to muster up the courage to go up and talk to her. Now, he finally told her his story via Twitter. 


[Fan/Stalker Pics] Nicole & Key Walking in the Alley

Nicole and Key walking down an alley. 
This photo was taken by some Key fans I assume.