Sunday, June 17, 2018

[Magazine/Translation] 'Just Me Nicole' Mature Nicole is back: The Star Interview (July 2018)

'Just Me Nicole' Mature Nicole is back

Q: It’s been so long, how have you been?

I’ve been quite busy, but it’s also been relaxing. It feels like I spent time for independent maturity. I travelled a lot; I went to Japan, where I used to go for promotions, two or three times and I went to a backpacking trip to Europe by myself.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

[Sponsor] Nicole for Salon De Yohn & Jooldan

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[Vid] 18.06.16. Olive TV Seoulmate EP. 31 (Ft. Nicole as Soyou's Guest)

Nicole speaks English :)
It was fun to see Nicole on tv again
Nicole's Cut:

[News] Nicole says she's preparing to come back soon

Nicole revealed that she was preparing for a comeback.

She posed for 'The Star's June-July photoshoot. She hasn't been in the entertainment scene in a while, so she found things slightly awkward at first but very quickly warmed up.

During their interview, she said, "I'm always thinking about when a good time would be. People still think of me as a healthy, bright image, so I think summer is good. I don't know when it will be, but I want it to be music that women can relate to, and that men can find new charms in." She added, "I'm sorry to fans that I haven't been promoting continuously. But now I'm preparing to come back again, so please wait just a little bit more. I've gotten more relaxed and mature. I'm confident I can be better."

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Nicole mentioned KARA members as well:

"We constantly keep in contact but everybody is busy so it's hard to meet up. But still, when we see each other from time to time we talk about our old days and also about our future and our work"

Translated by hanfansy88