Sunday, March 30, 2014

[Tweet] #HarryPotterWeekend

Never tried of it no matter how many times I've watched it. . . .
I wanna go to Hogwarts toooo ㅜㅜㅜㅜ
Take me there too. . . .

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[Tweet/Instagram] Sunday Brunch

Brunch Time

 this brunch tho...

She went with Hannah :)

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Thursday, March 27, 2014

[Tweet] Eat

Eat, eat, and eat.

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

[Tweet/Instagram] Out in the City

La Esquina


Chandelier Disco Ball baby ;D

Thursday, March 20, 2014

[Instagram] Red Velvet


Red Velvet Cupcake - my favorite !

[Blab] Let It Out! : All Your Thoughts on Nicole

So on a reader's suggestion, I have decided to set up a post for all of you to write just about any thoughts you have concerning Nicole. From her departure from KARA to possible future debut as a solo artist. All your thoughts, worries, and hopes for Nicole.

Nicole did agree to visit the blog, so keep that in mind :)

Go for it!

To get things started: Where you surprised Nicole wanted to go solo?

[Nicole-ing] 14.03.20. Good Evening (:

Hey guys ~ Good evening. How have you been?

I woke up so early today. Why did I ~~~ :p :p

I've wanted to eat pancakes for some days now, so I went to have brunch earlier with my friend ! kkya !! kk I ate pancakes and I have vocal training later as well.. :P :P

It seems I can study well because I'm full.. kkkkk
Today is going to be a relaxing day I think. To honest, lately I suddenly like to eat a lot. I want to eat muffins, hamburgers, etc continuously.. it's no joke.
In fact, not too long ago, I ate yogurt and 2 chocochip cookies for my dinner before practice @_@ kk Because I really wanted to eat.
Since I miss the foods I ate last year, my list has suddenly grown longer... Last year.. I tended to enjoy eating as an interesting thing to do.

I took 2 dancing videos during the 3-hour practice yesterday. I know that shoes are a woman's pride but they are also a pain TTT I thought my feet were a frying pan..
However, I'm happy that I got good results ! >_< I did sweat a little bit if you see it kk but I couldn't help it

Currently, the New York weather from today to Sunday is spring weather... But from Sunday, the temperature will get lower TT hix...

How is the weather in Korea? (: When is it spring? hix

src | Nicole-ing

Translated by Yoo @ Karaholic!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Sunday, March 16, 2014

[Tweet/Instagram] 14.03.16. Sunday Brunch


Sunday Brunch in Harlem w/ @luamky Food was so good.. I forgot to take pictures ㅠㅇㅠ

[Translations] 14.03.13. Key Mentions Nicole & 91-Line on SBS Jung Sunhee's A Night Like Tonight Radio

Key: KARA's former member Nicole, Soyu, 2AM Jinwoon, BEAST Dongwoonm Woohyun, F.T Island Jaejin, Miss A Min, After School Nana.

DJ: Ah, there are so many members but you guys can't see each other because of separate schedules.

Woohyun: Of course, we can't.

DJ: So you guys just text each other and such.

Key: Nicole is the female president, I'm the male president. We hold a new year's party and it is the event with the most attendance from members in the year.

DJ: There is no event with so many guests like that.

Toheart: Yeah, so many members you can see everyone.

DJ: Because all the idol representatives from the biggest girl groups are there.

Translated by Yoo @ Karaholic
Tip from this tweet: omnivorecafe

Watch video Here: 91- Line Mentioned

Friday, March 14, 2014

[Tweet] C'mon Girl

c'mon girl love is so delicious ;♬
oye hoi hoi 춤 추는 작은 까탈레나 ♬
*Supporting friends Toheart and Nana (Orange Caramel)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

[Tweet/Instagram] Somewhere over the Rainbow


Somewhere over the Rainbow

Oh, should we expect a singing video soon?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

[Instagram] 14.03.08 Night Out


Night out in Boston - March 8th 2014

src| sundayswithstella

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

[Tweet/Instagram] 14.03.11. Enjoying the Weather


Enjoying the weather walking down the street with @luamky ;D

Luam is another choregrapher Nicole is working with. 

Excited to see what they will do.

Monday, March 10, 2014

[Tweet/Instagram] Chocolate Chip Cannoli's


냠냠~♥ choco chip cannolis ㅋㅋㅋ

[Nicole-ing] 14.03.10. Hi ! (Translation with Pictures & Video)

Nicole-ing Message:

Hello everyone kk You are doing well, aren’t you? hehe
I went to Boston with my friends last weekend ! kk
I ate so many dishes.. Phew T T kk I had a lot of seafood .. in 2 days.. I ate too much, I went to eat sundubu (soft tofu dish) with my friends right after I came back to New York kkkkk (It is always good) as expected ♥
Have you guys watched the food videos that I have uploaded on my Instagram? To be honest I didn’t eat everything. kk
In Boston.. I ate Castle hamburger (I think she means “White Castle” hamburgers) ..20 oysters and clam chowder with cornbread for lunch. Kk
When it comes to St. Patrick’s Day, people wear green clothes all day!
Anyway, I thought of my puppies when I saw dogs, as expected T T I saw a Bernese Mountain dog that day and it looked seriously big.
It was only 2 years old, but when it stood on its hind legs, it was as high as I was aaaahhhh. kkk
It made me want to have a big puppy as expected kkk My friend took a photo of me with the dog and uploaded it (:
Kk And I also took picture of the dog and since it suddenly looked right at the lens, I properly took a photo of it from the front ! kkkkk
Such a cutie right?

After having lunch, we bought the dessert back to hotel to eat, my friend caught the scene on photo. You could see that I happily ate, it looks like it was in slow motion >_< kkkk
I ate cannoli's.. it was the best?..the most famous? the most well-known pastry restaurant in Boston. They had a variety of flavors.. but I just stuck to the basics with chocochip. ! I slept and woke up to eat it 3 hours later… I was quite confused after that.. T T

We also went out to have dinner
I ate fish and drank a glass of wine;o 3 hours later kkkk (no idea what she's referring to with the 3 hours)

The next day I went to the aquarium… I took a lot of photos there as well. But I was afraid that it would be too much if I uploaded all of them so I just posted some photos (: kkk
There were so many amazing scenes and I remember the memories of when I went to play (at the aquarium) during elementary school in California..

I had also taken a video of a baby shark. Before it was born, it was in the yolk of the egg. If you carefully looked at it, you could see the motion of the shark too.
Isn't that amazing? It really was kk They even wrote the day when it was to be born beside it as well kk

I wanted to share my weekend with you guys… kkk I am now using 2 cellphones at the same time, so I am quite confused but still, here are some photos ! kk
I hope you enjoy seeing it (: And now.. I have to go back to practice hard. I am working really hard..

The weather in New York is getting warm...really.. !! Assa ! kkkk (Korean for "keep it up!" basically)
I will stop here (:
T/N: Nicole had issues uploading the photos initially, she added this after uploading the photos:
I have a lot of photos but the wifi speed here is really slow,... I will try to find a way to upload the photos and such again T T
src | nicole-ing
Translated by Yoo @ Karaholic

Pictures under the cut:

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[Instagram] Cup of Tea


Cup of tea to warm me up

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

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[!!!] Nicole follows OurNikori on Twitter!



She says she'll visit ^^

[Fan Account] Meeting Nicole in CA Fan Account with Photos

I don't really follow KARA or anything, but if I had a bias it'll be Nicole lol
and it just happen that I met her in LA on the 27th! she was with her mother, I wasn't so sure when I saw her coming in, so I took some of not-so-professional pictures of her to ask my friend, who didn't answer. I wanted to go and ask but I was afraid of her mother lol, so when her mother went to the restroom my friend went to ask if she was really KARA's Nicole and if so can I take picture with her, he asked her while I was waiting for him on the table lol and she said yes! And I went to take a pic with her, but for some reason she was okay if we take selca together but when I told her that my friend can take the picture of us, she said she'll wait for her mother :/ so we waited and when she told her mother, she immediately said yes! and surprisingly she was nice and after she took the pic of us, she asked me if the pic was okay and if I wanted to take another one! 


[Facebook] Jermaine Browne on Nicole

(referring to Nicole)

He posted up an instavid of their dance and included this:

In the studio working with #KPop artist @_911007nicole#video #dance #singer #dancers #sexy #Korean #

[Info] Nicole's Japanese Fansite :)


Saturday, March 1, 2014

[Tweet/Instagram] S'mores & Canoli


Samba S'mores

#1 cannoli

[News] Nicole reveals choreograhy video in NY. Sexy abs and charismatic choreography

"Let’s forget about KARA Nicole. Now it’s soloist Nicole!"

On 25th last month, a video has been uploaded and it showed Nicole’s dancing skill after she went back to the US secretly. Just within 1 month and her dancing skill definitely upgraded to a new level.

Nicole is currently staying in New York and focusing on training vocal as well as choreography. In the middle of it, Jermaine Browne, her dancing trainer has shared a video that he practiced choreography with Nicole on his twitter and youtube channel.

On the video, Nicole looks like she becomes slimmer though her abs still looks sexy. It is a proof that she is getting strict training in New York.

Her choreography has been upgraded to the next level compare to the sexy and charismatic dances that she has showed during KARA days. Especially together with the famous worldwide choreographer Jermaine Browne, she showed the fantastic dance in harmony, every movement is full of power. It lifts the expectation about the comeback of soloist Nicole up because she seems to be perfect.

At the end of the video, we can see that Nicole even plays around with Jermaine Browne, it looks like she absolutely settles down with her current life. After seeing Nicole’s video, netizens have left a lot of good comments like “I have been waited for her solo comeback already”, “It’s glad to see that she is so healthy”, “Her dancing skill indeeds gets better”.

Nicole revealed: “I’m burying myself in dancing and singing practice so 24 hours per day seems to not enough for me. I’m quite satisfied with the result of practice because it’s better than I expected. This is time for me to recharge my strong points and cover up my lack so I will stay here 10 days more to practice instead of only 2 months like I have planned before.”

        source: sports.chosun
        translation by: yoochi @ karaholic