Saturday, May 31, 2014

[Nicole-as] 14.05.15. Nicole's Message Translations From Nicole-as

Everyone, good evening!

Something has happened recently
My favorite restaurant - I've found it! Applauseeee!! www
It's called Mamamiya. It serves Italian food.
You know, after eating here, I can't think of any other place's spaghetti
When I got back from America, I had dinner with my best friend, SHINee's Key... That time, we really ate a lot.. Spaghetti, soup, salad, pork, and dessert - two of each... Ahhh, we really ate a lot www
I'm so into it that recently, I have to go there at least once a week..ww
I don't have a photo of my first time there but I have other photos. I think I've tried everything on their menu already

I think everyone already knows.. I like alcohol ww
But actually, recently I've been able to endure. So I can lose weight. The sangria here is really amazing this drink is it. (I'm not to sure about the last phrase. maybe a natural speaker can help? "この飲み物が それです")
Spaghetti is amazing right? But the best is really the tiramisu.
I've never eaten this kind of tiramisu.. My favorite tiramisu is red velvet. But this resto's tiramisu is the best. When I go there, I want to eat it... but I endure.. It's so hardddddd...
That photo of pork, I took it while it was being prepared today. I also want to be great at this kind of cooking.

Looks delicious, doesn't it? The other items on their menu is also great but I don't have photos...
But I plan on trying everything!!!

Recently, Duke and Chino seem to be getting along well. Thank goodness... The power of Duke's bite is strong... It hurts... I will do my best to fix this behavior... It hurts... but he's still a puppy. He will still make mistakes sometimes.
Duke already knowns Sit and Wait. He sort of knows Down.. We still have a bit to go but today he learned how to shake hands! He's so smart and yet he still can't pee and poop properly... I guess there's no more space in his head..

Chino is already 3 years old. I don't have to exert that much effort with him. That's why I want to teach Duke well. I searched Australian Shepherd Tricks on Youtube and I found a lot of videos!
If you have time, watch it too! ww
Recently, because of Duke, I haven't been able to sleep.. maybe I should do crate training.
During the night, I have to wake up and take him to the toilet. It's so troublesome. I hope he learns soon...

I am now about to sleep (:
I'll visit again soon!
Be well!

With love

[Nicole-as] 14.05.10. Nicole's Message Translations From Nicole-as

Everyone, it's been a while! How are you? I'm doing fine (:
It's already spring! How are you spending it?

Everyone must already know but I've bought a new dog apart from Chino! He is an Australian Shepherd named Duke!
Recently I've been minding him a lot... he's really young
On Monday, he'll be 7 weeks old! He's young, isn't he? But he's really smart
Although once in a while we'll have problems with pooping... it's because he's young! I pretend I don't see it
But he likes to bite. I will teach him to fix this.
Before, I really liked big dogs... 6 years ago? I wanted to buy a Golden Retriever but going to America changed my mind... ww
I want to see them slowly get bigger, so I'll be happily watching these two!

Anyway, although recently I was on vacation, I'm still practicing and exercising. I'm still doing the same exerise. But dancing has become a bit painful... It's a bit hard to breathe... But in my mind, I still want to do my best...
Ah! That's right!
I've begun to study Japanese again. From the start. Just so I can remember it better?
I'm even watching dramas I've already seen
I'll do my best..w

It's getting a bit warmer.. Eating..
It's troublesome.. www
With this chance, I'll lose weight! w

I'm off to bed w
Good night
Sweet dreams (:

source | nicole-as
Translated by memepulator

Thursday, May 29, 2014

[Info] Secret Love Drama to be Subbed by Dramafever!

(Nicole & Kwangso's episode is the cover picture for the Secret Love page :) )

Secret Love is a miniseries of five romantic stories featuring the members of K-pop group KARA, and it's coming soon exclusively to DramaFever! Here's a look at each girl's intense, dramatic story.

In 'A Seven Day Summer', two strangers meet on a trip with their own agendas: Mary (Nicole) plans to find the man she can never forget, and Tae Yang (Lee Kwang Soo) plans to forget the one haunting memory in his past. Will the two find love and peace with their own pasts?

src | dramafever

The synopsis sort of different than what I read from the previous post, we shall see.

[Nicole-as] 14.05.28. Nicole's Picture + Message Update @ Nicole-as

Hello everyone~ How are you?
I am doing fine.

It's summer... it's gotten troublesome. w Even when cooking. Well, I do cook... but it's troublesome. Also I've been working really hard on exercising! Today I did aerial yoga. Tomorrow, I'll go again. I want to show you how good I am at it haha

Right now. I have a problem. Duke... although he pees properly, he suddenly poops recklessly. He absolutely can't keep it in. This morning, he was about to go and I screamed, "You have to do it in the toilet!" but he still did it... I was shocked. Today too, he his where he did it.. But peeing he can do by himself.. I wonder what's wrong.. Today, I moved the poop into the toilet... but just a little bit, I plan on talking. (?? I don't understand. she could've made a typo which could mean she plans on researching into it)

Anyway, last week, I went to pilates but I was late because I brought Chino and Duke along. When my teacher saw them, s/he took a lot of pictures. It's the teacher's first time to meet them. I was fresh faced so they didn't bother looking at me ww

The first is of us sitting. The other pictures are mostly me hugging Duke. The last one is a photo of me holding Duke because he hurt his foot. While I was exercising, Chino was also nearby. When he got to enter the room, he sat down beside me w Isn't that cute? It's like Chino is also exercising

Surprise!!!! The last photo is in the car w The point of my make up is the mascara and the lipstick w on that day, I used red w It's been a while since I've last put on make up. Actually, I normally don't put it on much ww

Everyone, I hope you enjoy summer
I'll visit soon!


Translated by memepulator

Original Src | nicole-as

[Pic] Nicole's Support for EXO's Concert

  src |SMTOWN Facebook

I saw that Key attended as well. Kind of surprise at the public support though,
besides her twitter and instagram, she really had not  been seen anywhere else.

Monday, May 26, 2014

[Instagram] Duke's First Day

The first day came.. still finds that place comfortable haha

Translated by yooniqda_

Sunday, May 25, 2014

[Tweet/Instagram] Steamed Kimichi


Making kimchi jjim for the first time

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Friday, May 23, 2014

[Info] Secret Love: 7 Days of Summer To Air in July!


7 Days of Summer is about childhood friends meeting again.

Nicole plays Melissa and Kwangsoo plays Peter.

A letter, father's legacy, a cathedral, bickering but also love... XD

The episode will air on July 4 at 10PM.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

[Info] Nicole Signing with B2M Is Not True

Articles came out saying Nicole has a contract with b2M, but an official from the company said that is not true.


From AK:

B2M Entertainment has stated, "It's not true." Another insider has also reached out to media, stating, "Though it's true that Nicole has met with various agencies, she's not moving forward with any contracts. As of now, there's nothing confirmed."

From Steprider @ KARA AK:

#Nicole - solo project surfaced. Meetings with agencies in progress 
First is news that Nicole is embarking on a solo career in Korea, and is said to be meeting with a number of local agencies. First to surface is Lee Hyo-ri's agency, B2M Entertainment. Because of its close links to DSP Media, and acquaintance with Nicole, they were the first to contact Nicole.
B2M officials responded, "Although we have contacted Nicole, it is still too early to confirm whether an exclusive contract will be signed." Another source added, "Although Nicole's representatives have met with a few agencies, but there have not been specific discussions on the details." 
Nicole's signing with B2M could be burdensome in many ways. Although B2M has signed a number of former DSP Media artistes, but Nicole's conflict with DSP Media is a somewhat different case entirely. Despite industry rumours that B2M is in earnest discussion with Nicole, B2M said "It is not true that we have signed an exclusive contract with Nicole." 


Monday, May 19, 2014

[News] Nicole Working with Hallyu Producer Lee Kyu Chang to Prepare for Solo Debut


Former Kara member Nicole will be receiving help from famous Hallyu content producer, Lee Kyu Chang.

According to Kin033 Entertainment, Lee Kyu Chang has been helping Nicole study and train in preparations to for her solo debut. Lee Kyu Chang was the bridge to connect Scooter Braun to PSY and played a crucial role in PSY becoming an international household name. Along with Lee Kyu Chang, Nicole is also working with director Ray Yeom.

After leaving Kara in the beginning of 2014, Nicole has been updating her fans with photos and videos, mostly centered around her taking dance lessons from choreographers like Jermaine Browne and Luam Keflezgy.

While some news sources were reporting that Nicole is preparing for a U.S. debut, other news sources are saying that Nicole is preparing for a Korean debut, with an open mind to expanding overseas. Nicole’s recent tweet of “I was preparing for a solo Korean debut…but they’re saying America;; I will work hard to prepare to meet everyone” seems to fit more with the latter. Either way, it looks like Nicole is working hard show a new self to her fans soon. 

src | soompi

Yep, this is what Lee Kyu Chang tweeted the other day, pay attention to the hashtag:

[Tweet] Working Hard On Debut

I'm focusing on my preparation for solo debut in Korea.. but people saying U.S;; I'm working hard right now in the preparation so I can meet everyone. 

Translated by yooniqda_

Solo debut CONFIRMED!!

Articles came out saying she was going to debut in the US, so she tweeted to confirm her debut in Korea and deny a debut in the US. Articles also mentioned Nicole trained with William Riley, a vocal coach who has worked with famous singers such as Celine Dion and Whitney Houston! Nicole-ing has confirmed this is true.

I'm beginning to see that Nicole has been getting more recognition for what she's trying to do. She's serious about this.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

[Tweet/Instagram] Budae Jjigae

Dudae Jjigae Baby ...

Translated by yooniqda_

Friday, May 16, 2014

[News] Nicole Updates Fans with a Powerful Dance Practice Video

Former Kara member Nicole has given fans another update, this time more in a more powerful way than ever!

On May 16, Nicole uploaded on her Instagram a dance practice video, with the caption, “It’s finally up!”

The original video was posted on YouTube by Nicole’s teacher, New York-based dancer-choreographer Luam Keflezgy. The six-minute long video shows Luam giving Nicole performance and dance advice, as well as their one-on-one lessons and various choreography performances by Nicole, shot like short music videos. In the video, you can see Nicole perform to the songs “Nasty” by Janet Jackson, “Yonce” by Beyonce, “Keep on Lookin’” by Ciara, and “Cold-Hearted Snake” by Kat Graham.

Previously, in January of this year, upon the end of her contract with DSP Media.

src | soompi

Thursday, May 15, 2014

[Vid] Nicole Jung with Luam, Artist Development + Tweet Convo

"International superstar Nicole Jung comes to NY to train with Luam for intense movement training and artist development…"


International Superstar :)

Notice the video is titled Artist Development?


Nicole's tweet:

 It's finally up!Thank you to @luamky for directing this video && teaching me how to be FEARLESS. Also to @markcruz17 for putting so much time&effort into shooting and editing this video. The full video is at check it out (; Gogo Sing 

So proud of you mama! You are fearless! Hope everyone is ready... ;-) 

 @luamky luammm thank you soo much. i learned so much.. i really really reallyyyu like the Dark Horse choreography... hehe

[Nicole-as] 14.05.15. Message From Nicole

Nicole just wrote a new entry at nicole-as HERE

Anyone that wants to translate Japanese to English for Nicole's updates etc, please tweet me at @ournikori or leave a comment here. 

 I will credit!  :)

[Tweet/Instagram] Duke Playing + Sangria

tug of war #njDuke

where's the toy? #njChino #njDuke

loooooovveeee my #mamamiya #sangria 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

[Nicole-ing] 14.05.09. It's springggggg

Hello everyone !
Are you doing well? keke I'm healthy

As you may already know, I'm raising a new baby named Duke. It's blue eyes are really cute, aren't they? keke It's an Australian Shepherd, and the color is Blue Merle.
(T/N: Australian Shepherds have 4 colors: black, liver, blue merle, and red merle)

Actually it will be 7 weeks soon (since I have been raising it) ! That's why .. "sit".."lie down" and "wait" he already quite understands those orders and I'm really proud of it so I uploaded it on Instagram. There are still lots of things that I want to teach to duke.. I'll show it once in awhile keke to be honest, I like a big puppy better than a small puppy. Since somehow I feel rest assured and protected
it's still small but.. I think in about 6 weeks it's adult side can be seen.. ㅜㅜ I often pick Duke up and hug him.. later.. he will look like a lion @-@

Right now Chino and Duke live in different rooms, so they are still not close yet.. actually the jealousy is quite strong ? both? Yesterday Duke bit Chino's tail. When Duke finishes his potty training and both can be released freely, I'm hoping they will get close keke

Anyway I lost some weight so I have lost strength too, thus I'm building my strength now ㅠ There is something that made me upset too. I was unable to dance for around 2 weeks because of Duke and it makes my thighs tremble ?!! ㅠㅠㅠ.ㅠㅠㅠ Ah I'm upset.. I just need to practice again haha

It's summer so eating is troublesome.. when I cook I get annoyed since it's really really hot.. it's like this every year. keke
I need to buy an AC before the kids gets tired (because of the heat)

Anyway the weather is nice lately, so everyone go out and enjoy it.
As for me, I need to go exercise so I will get ready (:

bye bye !!

Translated by  yooniqda_

Original Message: Nicole-ing

[Tweet/Instagram] Puppies + Dinner with Mom

#njChino new clothes,new haircut (:

knows when it does well aigo lovely
translated by yooniqda_

Sunday, May 4, 2014

[Instagram] Meet Duke!


#njDuke the Australian Shepherd 

#njDuke exploring
so cute. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

[Tweet] Luam Misses Nicole

Miss my girl @_911007 #nofilter #superstar

Src| luamky