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[Audio] STEP (Japanese Version) FULL

[Tweet] CKB

G.NA: I've been listening to this song for the past month but I did not know what the lyrics 'california king bed' symbolized. I think the lyrics were just too difficult to understand..But now I can understand them..I will forever like the lyrics..

Rihanna-California King Bed~ I was not sure of what the'C.K.B' symbolized in her it's startin to finally make sense to

Cole @ G.NA: I've also been listening to california king bed lately '-' ke

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[Tweet] The Wind

The wind is terrible...

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[Audio] STEP (Japanese Version)

higher and higher...

[Vid] Speed Up PV (FULL)

It's a  really good video, even seems like there's a story.

Love everyone's look.

Not enough Cole XD

[Vid] 12.02.19. KARASIA "With" & "Beat It" NicoleFan cam by Kanasi

^^ omo, watch!! Caught the JiNi dance and Sy& Cole "kiss"

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[News] 12.02.28. KARA’s new song is a bitter & sweet double A-side single


Korean girl group’s KARA’s 1st single of the year “Speed Up/Girls Power” will be released on 3/21. Their 1st double A-side single’s concept is “bitter or sweet” and shows 2 sides, cool & cute.

“Speed Up” was written by the same team as Korean 5-member male group BigBang’s “Gara Gara Go!!” (released July 2009) and is an up-tempo electro tune with vocal effects. The music video, which took 30 hours to film, has the 5 girls dressed in black and provocatively showing off their sex appeal against the backdrop of a huge set made to look like New York at night.

On the other hand, “Girls Power” is a mid-tempo sweet tune from the Korean songwriter who wrote their biggest hit single “Go Go Summer!” (released last June, sold 231,000 copies). The MV, filmed in a set made to convey the arrival of spring, includes miniature animals and colorful flowers and captures the cuteness of the 5 girls dressed in white.

The 1st press version A includes a DVD of the “Speed Up” MV and off shot, while version B’s DVD includes the “Girls Power” MV and off shot. Version C contains the bonus track “STEP.” Teasers for both songs have been revealed through Universal Music’s official channel on YouTube.

After the release of this single, KARA is planning to hold a Japan tour, which will kick off on 4/14 and 4/15 at Yokohama Arena and include 10 concerts in 5 locations.
From Oricon 
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[Caps] Speed Up & Girls Power PV Previews by ㅈㅇ




soo much pretty! 

[Pics] New Profile Pics + Better Quality Album Covers + Site Banners

New Profile Pictures:  



[Vid] Speed Up & Girls Power Official Teasers (HD)

love both !!

[Tweet] Speed Up & Girls Power Teasers

Everyone! The teasers for GirlsPower and SpeedUp has been released! (I wonder if it suits me) I just saw it today myself >_< How is it? My heart's beating fast! It's been a while since we released a cool song >_< I want to dance soon!! Look forward to it!

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[Cap] Speed Up & Girls Power Preview


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[Vid] KARA's PV Preview for Speed Up & Girls Power

Oh I see all those outfits lol.

I like <3!!

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[Vid] Showbiz Extra: KARA's First Solo Concert

[Vid] 12.02.26. SBS Inkigayo MC Cuts (Eng Subbed)

[Fan] 12.02.19. KARASIA Fan Pics by Diabolique Pt. 2


[Fan] 12.02.19. KARASIA Fan Pics by Diabolique Pt. 1

[Fan] 12.02.18. KARASIA Fan Pics by 자이언트강

[Fan] 12.02.19. KARASIA Fan Pics by FIRSTSIGHT

[Fan] 12.02.19. KARASIA Fan Pics by 콕콕콕콕

[Fan] KARASIA Fan Pics : Nicole Up Close by 미쯔


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[News] 12.02.26. BFFs with IU and Nicole


On the February 26th episode of SBS "Inki Gayo" IU, Koo Hara, and Nicole talked about their clique of friends.

Nicole had a '91 group' consisting of 2AM Jin Woon, Inifinite Woo Hyun, SHINEE Key, FT Island Jaejin and many more. "Whenever we meet up, we eat a ton and talk a lot." 

IU revealed that she hung out frequently with "T-ara Jiyeon, Miss A Suzy, Actress Yoo In na. "We usually talk about guys when we get together."

"Inki gayo" featured Miss A, Se7en (Feat. Park Bom of 2NE1), Brian (Feat. Tiger JK) , FT Island, Teen Top, K.Will, Davichi, X-5, ChoColat, J-Cera, Speed, Chaos, Brave Girls, Chocolat, Ailee, Spika, Mario & Huh Gayoon and many more.

Taken from | Kpopstarz

[Fan] 12.02.19. KARASIA Fan Pics by Seungbagi & Highshine


[Fan] 12.02.19. KARASIA Fan Pics by wolfskins

[Fan] KARASIA Fan Pics by Toto Pt. 2 (Nicole)

[Vid][ 12.02.26. KISS STEP Performance

[Vid] Urakara : Tanoshii Scene Making of (Nicole) + Urakara photo shoot

Photo shoot: 

[Tweet]12.02.26. CHOCOLATES

Wow, lots of chocolate today! A lot, a lot!!! Jiyoung's favorite drug candy >_< Thank you!! They were yummy. I'll slowly eat those delicious things. Thanks everyone >_< !! 

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[Tweet] Nicole & Hara with Tiger JK


Cole and her crutches.


Cole in the back

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[News] 12.02.26. Nicole transforms into a cute piggy on Inkigayo


Kara member Nicole transformed into a cute pig.

On the 26th broadcast of SBS 'Inkigayo' Nicole, IU, and Goo Hara each wore an animal costume.

Nicole put on a big nose and gave the greeting of "For the best performance like a pig(In Korea pig signify a big deal, big issue, good luck, and other positive connotations)". 

Goo Hara wore a bunny outfit while IU dressed up like a zebra.

Photo Credit | SBS
Taken from | kpopstarz

[Vid] 12.02.26. SBS Inkigayo MC Cuts

[Fan] 12.02.26. Nicole's JKamilia Fan tweets from Inkigayo


"It has ended. Nicole seemed energetic, like always. ^^ But her foot seems like it's in really bad shape (T-T) She seems to find basic movements like moving by herself difficult >_< Rather than having IU or Hara lead her with their hands, she preferred to hop around with one leg. I think she often performed her concerts and dances until the end!!

Nicole's way of thinking and willpower are amazing!!"

Original Tweet CR | 335sweet

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[Vids] 12.02.25. '91 Line & FC Men featuring Nicole

tip off | martina @ KH

Cole is of course, in two of the most desired idol organizations/clubs :D
Oh FC Men was voted #1 while '91 line was voted # 3 !!

[Fan] 12.02.19. "Beat It" Solo Stage by withKARA

What ankle sprain?

Girl is running on adrenaline and probably painkillers lol

She worked it out :D

[Fan] KARASIA Fan Pics by wolfskins


[Tweet] Dry throat

Since yesterday, my throat is getting dryer and more painful little by little... What is the reason for this TT Uhen, even though I drank lots of water TT  

My throat hurts and I'm fully awake ㅜㅠ Eehin ㅜㅜ

* For Nicole's tweet: drier** Her throat isn't turning into some machine with fans or anything >__< sorry for that..

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Cole seems to have had a rough week starting with "I'm frustrated" to " my throat is getting dryer and more painful" XD

[Vid] 12.02.19. SBS Inkigayo MC Cuts (Eng Subbed)

[Pics] Kappa Update: Cole & JoKwon + Group (HQ)

^^ click for full size

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[Tweet] Internet Problems & Taylor Swift

  Fuu~ I want to watch movies and dramas~ ㅜ But my internet has problems and I keep seeing "Unable to download" in front of me... But, because I know this is the last ㅜ
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 I received a CD live version of "Drops of Jupiter - Taylor Swift"! It's a song that I really like >_< I'm listening to it right now
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[News] 12.02.24. The Social Group That Most Idols Want to Join Is?

MBC Everyone’s “Idol Weekly” revealed a ranking of the “7 Most Popular Recreational Groups” under the “Real Chart! Idols Self-Ranking” segment, which idols themselves participated to vote in.

(irrelevant portions omitted) 

FC MEN soccer team was chosen as the group that the most number of idols would like to join. FC MEN is a recreational soccer team formed by JYJ’s Kim Junsu, as well as other charismatic idols including, B2ST’s Doojoon , Gi Kwang, Yo Seob, Kim Hyun Joong, 2AM’s Jin Woon, Seulong, and Changmin. 
It is not only the male idols who love sports who hope to join FC men, many female idols who hope to be the next manager of the team taking over KARA’s Nicole, and also voted for FC MEN. 

The results will be revealed during the broadcast of MBC Everyone’s “Idol Weekly” at 2pm on 25 March.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Sports World via Nate]
Translated & Shared by:

Tip off | martina @ KH

I doubt they'd let another female idol take Cole's position :P
The last time Cole was mentioned on the list, she was voted # 3 for the idols fellow idols wanted to be friends with and top female :D

[news] Forbes Korea rans the 'Top 40 Celebrities of Korea'

In celebration of their 9th year of establishment, Forbes Korea has reported this year’s list of the top 40 ‘Power Celebrities’, and Girls’ Generation has topped the list for the second year in a row.

‘Celebrity’ refers to an individual who is widely known by the masses, and Forbes takes 100 of these celebrities and ranks them based on income, influence, fame, and professionalism.
This format is the same that Forbes in the United States uses for their ‘Celebrity 100′ list, and the list is reported on an annual basis.

The interesting thing to note about this year’s list is that 10 of the top 20 celebrities are idol singers. Here’s the breakdown of the idols in the top 20: Girls’ Generation in at #1, Big Bang at # 2, IU at #3, KARA at #4, B2ST at #9, 2PM at #11, JYJ at #13, TVXQ at #15, Super Junior at #16, and T-ARA at #17. The reason why these idols have made the list is because they have played a huge part in spreading K-pop awareness all over the globe. Flash mobs from New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, and more began requesting performances from their favorite K-pop artists in their home countries, and cover-dance teams emulating K-pop choreographies have grown in number.

The only celebrities from last year’s list who made it within the top 10 this year are Olympic Gold medalist figure skater Kim Yuna, actor/singer Lee Seung Gi, and Manchester United soccer player Park Ji Sung. Of all the celebrities, Kim Yuna has had the most media influence.

The list of Top 20 is as follows :

1.) Girls’ Generation

2.) Big Bang

3.) IU

4.) KARA

[Info] KARA on Forbes Korea Top 40 Celebrity Rankings for 2012


Before clicking the picture I was wondering if KARA were even listed.



2. Big Bang

3. IU

4. KARA !!

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[Fan] Je t'aime Photo book Fan Pics


[Tweet] KARA's Stylist Song tweets of Nicole @ KARASIA


During 2 days of KARAsia, it was very hectic so I didn’t save any pics on my phone ㅠ but I have this one pic! Kori who prayed before going to the stage with hurt legs.~feels sorry and showing eagerness!!for doing it greatly, thank you~ you were the best ♥

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[Pics] Kappa Update: New Blog Picture Updates

^^ click for full size.

Tip off | Zephyrean

[Vid] Kappa Making Film

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[Tweet] Mir & Nicole's Convo about KARASIA

Mir: Today’s fan meeting really thank youㅠㅠ
It was interesting but it was only me who was interesting~? Kyahaha~~ I started to cried like a fool..ㅠㅠ I cry with a heart full of thanksㅠㅠ anyway, those who came today and who stayed at home and also every A+ Thank you!!!

Nicole @ Mir: Cutie Mir Thank you ^^ kekeke touched kekeke

Mir @ Nicole: Kol-ahㅠㅠ because I caught by my schedule I couldn't go (to the concert)ㅠㅠ heugyu (I think like someone sobbing?) ㅠㅠ sorry ㅠㅠ

Nicole @ Mir: No it’s alright it could happen to anyone!! When I saw the wreath I was surprised~~~ kekekeke

Mir @ Nicole: It was nice right~+_+!? keke

Nicole @ Mir: Yes it was full of charming sense Thank you ~~~ you will get a lot of good fortune kekekekekeke 

Translated by Yooniqda_
Thanks to Christine!!

Cole's friends 

[News] DSP Media denies Goo Hara's contract expiration rumors; KARA signed until 2014

Rumors have circulated online regarding KARA Goo Hara's contract expiration in August 2012 with her agency DSP Media. DSP Media has announced their official position and denied the rumors of Hara's contract termination.

Through a press release sent out by DSP Media on February 22nd, "Rumours of Hara seeking termination of her contract are unfounded. KARA signed a contract with Universal Music Japan for their Japanese distribution in August 2010 and that contract would will expire on August of 2012."

"Currently, DSP Media and Universal Music Japan are in discussion regarding renewing KARA's contract with them [Japanese agency]. KARA is still under contract with DSP Media for another 2 years."

Source: Newsen
Taken from Koreaboo 

DSP Clarifies All Members of Kara Signed With Agency Until 2014 

 A representative from DSP Media has denied reports that Goo Hara has opted out of extending her contract and says all of the members are signed with DSP until 2014. According to DSP, Kara’s contract with Universal Japan ends on August 31, and the contract extension is currently being negotiated. 

 However, the agency says all of the members, including Goo, are signed with DSP until 2014, which is contrary to earlier reports stating that Goo was the sole member of Kara who had not re-signed with the agency and could potentially be a free agent in August.

Taken from  enewsworld

[Info] KARA's contracts end 2014.

Waiting for translations... but gist:

DSP said KARA's distribution contract with UMJ was for 2 years, that ends at the end of August. Has nothing to do with Hara. KARA's contracts end in 2014. These are embarassing allegations and are false.

source: Edaily & Star

Rest assured Kamilia! 
iamme_yoon even tweeted this: 


She is fluent in Korean, so there. No worries.. until 2014 :)

[Fan] KARA's New Japanese AD Picture


Cube 3 or something?...

[Fan] 12.02.18. KARASIA Fan Pics by Nine

[Fan] 12.02.18. KARASIA FAN Pics (Nicole) by Toto

[Fan] KARASIA Fan Pics cr as tagged

[Tweet] Grandma's Cookin

Yesterday night I kept saying that I'm going to eat some rice cakes and this morning our grandma went to get me some while saying "Eat 2 only! Because you have to eat rice (later)" kkk Our grandma even gave me hongsam (type of ginseng)~ There's no other like our grandma as expected


It's been...8 years? (since) I get to eat the miso soup that our grandma makes >_<

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