Saturday, October 31, 2015

[Vid] 15.10.31. 2015 International Campus Song Festival (MC Nicole)

[Pics] 15.10.31. MC Nicole @ 2015 International Campus Song Festival Photos

[Twitter/Instagram] Keep Warm & Eric's Hello

My #Colling, it was very cold but thank you for being together with me. I'm sorry I was unable to greet you. ㅜ Get home quick and warm your body and rest well. Don't catch a cold ❤️

Translated by yooniqda_

@realericnam #adele#hello#ericnam#아델릭남

[Pics] 15.10.30. Nicole Gimpo Airport Arrival Photos

Sunday, October 25, 2015

[Fan] 15.10.25. T-SPOOK Parade Fancams

This user has posted up fancams:

[Fan] 15.10.25. T-SPOOK Parade Fan Photos

Posted up some of my favorites! Nicole looked so pretty and happy. She had tons of fanservice too! I retweeted a many photos, check them out :)

[Pics] 15.10.15. T-SPOOK Event Photos

[Nicole_Japan] Princess Nicole

[Twitter/Instagram] Black Magic

#mezamashi#tspook#halloween #めざまし

#halloween #tspook #mezamashi #めざまし #blackmagic #littlemix

Saturday, October 24, 2015

[Twitter/Instagram] Japan Diaries


#puregummy #puregummycandy #ピュレグミ  

[Nicole_Japan] Photo Shoot

今 撮影中です〜^ ^何の撮影なのかはお楽しみに〜♡

Friday, October 23, 2015

[Nicole_Japan] See You Tomorrow @ the Halloween Parade

皆さん楽しい週末を送っていますか?私は撮影中です♪明日ハロウィンのパレードであいましょうね〜♡ #ニコル #nicole #니콜

[Twitter/Instagram] Autumn Girl

난 가을여자 #가을#autumn#秋

[Scans] Star1 Photo Shoot (Nov. 2015)

[Twitter/Instagram] At Night

Bbang! Ang ! Chu! I stayed up all night, where is my mind?

Filmed through the night… I haven’t mentally collapsed

徹夜で撮影。。。私じゃない メンタル崩壊

Translated by girlgroupinstagram

I love her new look, so pretty! 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

[Twitter/Instagram] Who am I?

Who am I? Who are you? Who are we?

Translated by yooniqda_

[Fan] 15.10.23. Nicole Arriving at Airport Fan Photos (Japan)


[Info] 2nd Japanese Single News!!

Watch from the beginning Eric explains it
Great news! :)

also saw this on twitter but the original acct has deleted the photo since..

Might be from the PV filming, not sure.

tip off: lilac_kara

Also Taesung, one of Nicole's dancers, uploaded this video of Melly. You can hear practicing going on behind the video.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

[Info] Japan Comeback Delayed

We’d like to thank you for always kindly supporting Nicole.

We had put out a notice at a recent event about her second single due for December, but the CD release has been delayed due to the production schedule.

Because of this, the scheduled CD sale commemoration event for October 24th in Tokyo is also postponed.

We hope everyone is still looking forward to the CD release, as well as meeting Nicole again.
Please accept our sincerest apologies.

●December 2015 – CD release ⇒ sale postponed
●October 24th – CD sale release event ⇒ date postponed

We are putting in the effort to meet everyone with a better piece of work.
We will post a notice on the Nicole Japan Official Site when the CD release date has been determined.

Additionally, October 25th’s scheduled “Mezamashi TV presents T-SPOOK 〜 TOKYO HALLOWEEN PARTY” will continue as planned.
As Nicole is always looking forward to meeting everyone at her different appearances, by all means all are welcome to come.

We apologize again to everyone who was looking forward to the CD release and CD sale commemoration event.
Thank you for your continued kind support for Nicole.

Source: (thanks to Lupang for the point out)
Translation: dubious

Taken from Karaholic 

Maybe these delays have something to do with the merger between CJ E&M and B2M. Nicole's Japanese agency, Victor Ent is also part of CJ E&M...

[Fan] Nicole for star1 (Nov. 2015)

[News] Nicole to MC 2015 International Campus Song Festival

Nicole and Eric Nam will be hosting '2015 International University Music Festival' together.

The festival organizer said,"Both of them are fluent in languages as well as having a global images. We think that they will add more fun and raise the quality of the event".

'2015 International University Music Festival' will be held in Yeoju on October 31st at 6PM KST.

src| dkpopnews

Nicole will be wearing princess gowns as the MC. She will have 3 costume changes, the gowns are sponsored by Ken Takami.


Monday, October 19, 2015

[News] Nicole dresses in lingerie for her shoot with ‘@star1’!

Nicole is bringing sexy back! Nicole recently did a photo shoot for the lingerie brand “Sexy Cookie” and magazine ‘@star1’ for a concept called “Oh! Sexual Day”.

In the interview she had, the former KARA member stated:

“My mother is so glamorous that I inherited the gene from her.  My back muscle line is pretty, but it’s a shame I can’t appeal with it.”

In addition, when further asked if there were any parts of her that she wasn’t confident in she replied:

“Of course. My stomach. Seeing as how I drink, I stated gaining weight in my stomach. It went from my most confident body part to my least confident.”